Jeremy Lin Discusses Difference Between Coach D’Antoni And McHale Reviewed by Momizat on . Jeremy Lin has had a unique NBA career. He came out of Harvard as a undrafted rookie and made a name for himself in the NBA Summer League. He was picked up by t Jeremy Lin has had a unique NBA career. He came out of Harvard as a undrafted rookie and made a name for himself in the NBA Summer League. He was picked up by t Rating:
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Jeremy Lin Discusses Difference Between Coach D’Antoni And McHale

jeremy-lin-3Jeremy Lin has had a unique NBA career. He came out of Harvard as a undrafted rookie and made a name for himself in the NBA Summer League. He was picked up by the Golden State Warriors. Lin had an up and down season with the Warriors that saw multiple stints in the D-League despite being one of the most talked about players on the team.

Lin would end up in New York and earn a chance to showcase his ability under Mike D’Antoni’s Knicks. Lin would completely outplay his expectations and sparked Linsanity helping the Knicks win the first seven games Lin started (and inspire a book written by a collection of Knicks bloggers). Lin recently traveled to China and discussed the difference between D’Antoni and his current head coach, Kevin McHale.

“They come from different backgrounds. I think Kevin McHale was a hall of fame basketball player — post player. Different philosophies, McHale is a hard nosed defensive coach. Coach D’Antoni definitely cares about defense as well, it’s just the offensive system is different. His style is more spread pick-and-role, four-out, one in — so different styles.”

D’Antoni hasn’t been the most popular coach in Los Angeles, but he has proven, at the very least, that he knows how to get the most out of his point guard. Considering we’ve already seen what D’Antoni has been able to do with Steve Nash, it’ll be interesting to see if he can form Jordan Farmar into the point guard everyone was expecting when he came out of UCLA.

You can watch the Jeremy Lin interview below.

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  • Jim213

    Defense, doesn’t take a Harvard grad to know this…

    • Paytc

      What I take from the interview is Lin thinks you need both defense and offense.
      I know the “defense wins championships” myth is what many blindly believe in. I think both defense and offense are equally important. I believe the “defense wins championships” myth was created because its harder to get players to buy into playing defense than it is offense.

      If I could give players one important bit of advice it would be to “play hard on both sides of the ball, and keep working hard to improve” ,Paytc

      “Don’t just believe everything you hear even if it’s popular ,challenge it”, Paytc

      • Daryl Peek

        Completely agree! No one gives the Showtime Lakers credit for being a defensive team. They never had any season where they held opponents below 109 points a game. Yet Magic and others on the team swear to this very day they focused on being a better defensive team every year.

        Riley was a gritty defensive player, that was his philosophy as HC of Showtime. Riley had the Knicks playing more to his personality. Same in Miami. As you said, the defense wins championships cliche is often over stated, and overvalued in the team concept.

        The winner always outscores their opponent.

        • Paytc

          Exactly ! Great points.

      • Jim213

        Lin talks about both coaches philosophies but K Rambis will likely balance things out for the Lakers come next season.

        • Paytc

          You are right. We have no choice but to rally behind, and trust in the team leadership.

      • http://www.facebook.com/eddie.lazaro123 Eddie Lazaro

        Like the analogy, and If I may add…Everything in life is about BALANCE. Right and Wrong, Black and White, Wet and Dry, Offense and Defense. They co exist but a successful formula is balancing equation to be potent, successful and/or destructive.

        Each and every NBA player have a natural gift about basketball, and like many of us, will try to do anything to be successful in life: in business, in relationships and others to keep & stay there.
        Superstars challenge everything and everyone to be successful, including themselves. They try to find the missing (often times it’s hard works &/or instinctive) elements to elevate their games to another level, get that potent ingredient to be unstoppable, be on top of the game & their hierarchy level.

        • Paytc

          That’s so true!

  • smugbill

    sad that a guy from harvard says nothing when he opens his mouth.

    • http://www.facebook.com/eddie.lazaro123 Eddie Lazaro

      I imagine how hard it is for anyone to say something disagreeable when they are at the bottom of the file. That will be totally different if he were their superstar.

  • 3339

    You can preach strategy all you want but the most important thing for coaches is to earn the trust of these million dollar egos. I bet the players listen when mchale speaks.

  • http://www.ecodrivecn.com/ Jil

    i dislike D’Antoni, and don’t think he is a good coach. Since he use the main players to play for too long time, resulting in the injury.

    • http://www.facebook.com/eddie.lazaro123 Eddie Lazaro

      So did I. I though he ran them to the ground last year with very limited line up rotation and the lack of player minute management. Since then, tho he did not openly admit his mistake, you can sense in his words now that he is trying to make up and be a lot more conscious by saying he is going for 11 roster rotation this year. He even encourage the players to develop their games, he is a lot warmer and accommodating, even opening up to Gasol, Hill, etc.
      With the situations he was put into last year & though made some misfired blunders creating some misfortune & unfortunate season, I can not put the total blame on him. The stress of taking over a team full of EGOS on an going season, not having a training camp and not even knowing his full roster can be somewhat grueling. Also, with the teams current financial situation, and the list of available HC on the market, he is the best shot for us to make it all the way, after all, he has the best offensive system available out there anyways. He also brought in Kurt Rambis to help him integrate team defense to his offensive system. I say give him a little room this season and see what else he can do with a full command of the team, he is our coach after all who is not going anywhere, and if he won’t make it up to his billings, he will not be deserving and that will be the end..

      • http://www.ecodrivecn.com/ Jil

        I hope he will use this season to change something. Hope it will make the team better in this following season.

        Anyway, he is the head coach. hope he will be better than before.

        • http://www.facebook.com/eddie.lazaro123 Eddie Lazaro

          I hope so too. I think we have reached the rock bottom last season and we are already in the upswing. There was another article where Richard and I both stated that we have 10 players from the lottery pick on this roster. Barring anymore unforeseen injury, we will be a very dangerous team once the synchronicity, chemistry and cohesion was addressed in the locker room. I also mentioned in another article that I have not seen these many long range shooters since the 2000, when they started a back-to-back-to-back Championships. Things are starting to get better again in the LAKERS LAND. All the way!

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