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Jeanie Buss Won’t Draft Redskins On Fantasy Football Team

Over the past few years, fantasy football has become a large part of popular culture in America with everyone from all walks of life taking part in the experience.

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Lakers President Jeanie Buss recently drafted her fantasy football team, but also decided to make a little protest while doing so:

There has been a major controversy regarding the Redskins name and mascot over many years. Many organizations and influential people have spoken out about the need to change the name as it is viewed as derogatory towards Native Americans.

Buss is apparently one of those who feels its time for the Redskins name to go away, and although it is a small protest, the fact that she wanted to announce it to the world via Twitter shows that she does want her voice to be heard.

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Washington owner Daniel Snyder has continually refused to change the name of the team, stating that it was chosen as a way to honor Native Americans, and that the fans have a personal connection and history with the team.

It takes a lot of courage to voice your opinion on controversial topics, especially when you are in control of another franchise. But Jeanie Buss clearly has no fear about supporting what she believes to be right in the world.

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Corey is currently a full-time staff writer for Lakers Nation. He is a passionate follower of the Los Angeles Lakers and Dallas Cowboys and can usually be seen arguing the merits of Kobe Bryant or cursing the decisions of Jerry Jones. He is also a former producer and associate producer for Sirius XM Sports Radio. Follow him on twitter @TheeCoreyH

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  • C*HarrisTHEboss

    This is as worthless a political statement as being a vegetarian

  • Eman94

    Being a Cowboy’s fan I hate the redskins but I hope they don’t ever change the name and mascot. I’m not Native American so some people might say I don’t understand but the redskins name and mascot is not offensive. The name and mascot depicts a Native American but it’s in no way being used in a hateful matter that’s supposed to be offensive or hurtful. Not everyone will agree with me but I think people are just too sensitive nowadays and try to protest something now when they get the chance only because they feel they’re fighting for a good cause and they have the freedom to protest. I think the Native Americans who are protesting this should be stoped that they have a football franchise practically dedicated to them. I’m Mexican and if there were some sports franchise dedicated to Mexicans like that then I would totally love it I wouldn’t even care if it had an offensive name like the beaners or wetbacks. Lots of Mexicans don’t even get butthurt or offended when their race is made fun of or called names

    • Iysoh

      Tha “Washington Redskins” is jus as offensive as Tha “Washington Niggers” in tha eyes of native americans

      • Amazed

        Thats the dumbest thing i haave ever read…Redskin is a term of respect…The n-word is not…get informed…DUMBASS

        • Amazed

          And who jives a s*%t who she drafts…slow news day

          • Guest

            Apparently you did enough to make one comment in response to your previous comment.

        • Tune

          Not really, back in the day it was the same as the N word, but nobody remembers it as well since it wasn’t slavery. Both words are played out now, but the connotation is still there.

          • Amazed

            I have to disagree…The term Redskin was created by a native as a term of respect and pride…the n-word was created by white men and we all know how that went

          • Amazed

            Back in what day are you talking about ? Natives always used the term with pride !

          • Tune

            The films where redskins are portrayed as savages

          • Amazed

            Again…white man portrayal…not native…no one cares what non-natives think …this is about a football teams name offending NATIVES

          • Tune

            Isn’t that exactly what the issue is? They used redskin as a derogatory film when they portrayed them as savages. There are Natives who take offense to it.

      • hookedonnews

        Actually the majority of Native Americans have no problem with it. There’s a small group pushing this with the help of the media. The name never referred to skin color. It’s about red paint that warriors wore. A little research will tell you that there are plenty of Native Americans who support the name.

        • Brian W. Hastings

          Actually, with my pale, short, round nosed tribe, it was a descriptive word for the dye that was used on the “pants” (I don’t know what we called it because our language does not completely exist anymore), not the paint or the color of the skin. The reason why some take offense is because it insinuates that we all looked like the plains nations. The Red Road we say with pride, but not Redskin. Not much different than red nig around here. A lot of us though, the younger ones who did not suffer the extreme prejudice our elders did in this town just kind of see it as offensive, but believe not everybody knows what the term means because of misrepresentations. But yeah, John Smith originally described the leggings in his journal, but it was quickly adapted to mean our skin by others reading it. and used in a derogatory manner.

          • hookedonnews

            I’m certainly no expert on the origin of the name, but that’s not what I heard about it. I think the bottom line is that there is no consensus that it is a racial slur and the majority of people of every ethnic group believe the name should be kept. There is some feeling that a small group of people are trying to push this, and there’s a political element to it. This is one of those polarizing issues that you’re never going to get total agreement on.

    • mexican

      U r not mexican stop frontin they call it brown pride for a reason were not spineless ppl. Mexican werent condered mexicans until the land was named. So wat were they called b4 that. Indians smart guy!!!

      • Eman94

        I’m not saying Mexicans are spineless people I’m saying many Mexicans don’t get easily offended like other races do particularly white people. It seems more white people get offended by the N word than black people do these days. You obviously didn’t read my comment carefully or you just misinterpreted it, just because someone doesn’t get offended doesn’t mean they’re spineless.

    • Guest

      “I wouldn’t even care if it had an offensive name like the beaners or
      wetbacks. Lots of Mexicans don’t even get butthurt or offended when
      their race is made fun of or called names…”

      Speak for yourself.

  • jt3z

    Jesus this is one of the stupidest things i have ever heard of. Enough with this shit.

  • Jim213

    Breaking news…

  • Scott

    So when Jeanie says that she won’t choose anyone from the Redskins “in deference to those offended by team name,” I can only assume that Bob Costas and Keith Olbermann are in her fantasy league, as few Native Americans seem to care significantly about this. Based on all public evidence I’ve seen in recent few years, with a tone increasingly shrill by the day, it has been, for the most part, well-to-do white people that are MOST offended by this issue. Native Americans have far more pressing issues, I’m sure.

    As for Lakers Nation, this almost reads like a state-run press release. (And I thought ESPN 710 was bad!) “It takes a lot of courage”? She “clearly has no fear”?! She’s doing exactly what nearly every other high power executive in sports, not named Daniel Snyder, is doing with this issue- pandering to popular opinion, or at least what she perceives it to be. Where was she the previous 82 years of this franchise’s existence on this matter, or at least during the time where her existence overlapped with theirs?

    The bottom line is that until Jeanie takes a stand against Columbus Day, Thanksgiving, the twenty dollar bill, or the fact that she’s living on stolen land like the rest of us, I’d suggest she worries less about what kind of statement she makes with her fake football team, and more about the current troubled state of her real basketball team.

    • Tune

      I don’t think that means much. I’m black and not offended by the N word, but I don’t think I’d want a team named the Washington N*ggers.

      • tina silvas

        How is this for some of you ignorant fans. Im a lakers fans, but im also native american…chumash tribe fron the california coastal region. All of us find it very offensive. Every tribe and tribe members. It was a term that was used to call us savages. Like the gentleman said. Washington n*ggers. Not cool

        • FK

          Ok guy pretending to be a Native American…..

  • TheZuluNation

    It’s called FANTASY football for a reason. It doesn’t matter whether you draft a player from that team or not. I drafted DeSean Jackson. So what? I don’t understand why all of a sudden the team name is a big issue. It’s been that way for many yrs and I never heard any complaints. I guess they might as well remove the names of the Atlanta Braves, Chicago Blackhawks, Florida St Seminoles, and Cleveland Indians while they are at it.

  • hookedonnews

    There has not been a major controversy for many years. This is a media driven story. The vast majority of people (including Native Americans) have no problem with the name. There aren’t that many great players on the Redskins anyway, so it’s not going to be a great sacrifice to bypass them in fantasy football. She’s entitled to her opinion and to do what she pleases with her fantasy team.

    • Tina Silvas

      Look up AIM guys before you speak please. . . Redskins has always been offensive. Im sorry its annoyance is linked to football. Sheesh

      • hookedonnews

        I’ve heard this discussed extensively, along with figures about the %’s of NA’s who object as well as the public in general. No one is saying that everyone approves, but everything I’ve heard indicates it’s a small minority that is offended. Not everyone is going to see this the same, but to compare it to the N word is going a little far. There’s no disagreement about the inappropriateness of that word. I’m sorry that some are offended. The Redskins have put some information about the history of the name in connection with their team on their website I believe. I haven’t looked at it myself. Now some will say that if someone’s offended, it should be changed. At some point you have to realize that’s not realistic because there is no consensus on the fact that it’s a derogatory term.

  • FK

    So you didn’t hurt them by that….that was lame…..

    However, you probably made your fantasy team better by not drafting any of the players….

  • FK

    I find it hilarious that the few Native Americans that are trying to get them to change their name actually paid millions of dollars for tv ads instead of helping out their poor needy tribes…..

    This whole thing is a media circus for attention and publicity – no one really cares about the name except for the people that try to make an issue out of everything….

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