Jeanie Buss Tried To Convince Phil Jackson To Coach New York Knicks

Jeanie Buss Tried To Convince Phil Jackson To Coach New York Knicks


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Phil Jackson made his first major move as the new president of the New York Knicks recently by firing head coach Mike Woodson and his entire coaching staff. The move sent a message that Jackson is dedicated to making changes and won’t have owner James Dolan standing in his way of doing so.

Apparently, Jackson was given a push by fiance Jeanie Buss, president of the Los Angeles Lakers, to take over the head coaching responsibilities for the Knicks according to Alex Kennedy of

Jackson admitted that if anyone could change his mind in terms of returning to coaching it would be Jeanie via Kennedy:

With Jackson unwilling to return to coaching and Woodson sent packing, the search continues for a new head coach of the Knicks. Plenty of potential candidates have started to get mentioned from Jackson’s former coaching staff like Jim Cleamons and Kurt Rambis, but the leading candidate appears to be Steve Kerr.

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Even five-time NBA champion Derek Fisher has been mentioned as someone Jackson might reach out to in the off-season. Fisher is currently with the Oklahoma City Thunder and hoping to win a sixth title before calling it a career.

Needless to say, Jackson will not be returning to the sidelines anytime soon. Jackson will continue to call the shots in New York while attempting to change the culture with the right man leading the way as the new head coach of the Knicks.
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  • Forrest Gump

    Why jeanie?? your only concern should only be the LAKERS not well being for the knicks :(

    • ra

      Jeanie ‘already’ wanted Phil as the coach of the Lakers (two years back), and the Lakers didn’t want Phil.

      Jerry Buss wanted to make sure Phil was on the ‘outside’ of the Lakers decision making process (i.e., Jerry’s kids), so why shouldn’t he (Phil) make the most of what he has now?

      Also, Knicks are in the East, and I’m sure that Knicks / Lakers finals won’t happen anytime soon (for various reasons).

      So in the end, Jeanie is just being supportive of her fiance, that’s all.

    • Josh

      Her only concern should be the Lakers? What about her fiancee? I’d say she should care about him and his career as well.

  • ra

    Here’s how it will play out: Phil hires a coach (maybe Steve Kerr?). Phil sees how well it works out for the first 2-3 months.

    If the Knicks don’t improve, Phil contacts owner and says he (Phil) will be ‘interim’ coach until they get another coach. That way, Phil only coaches 1/2 season (or less), sees how he likes it, and then if he does, comes back the following year.

    Or not.

    • Daryl Peek

      Solid possibility but not sure if he’d do Kerr like Riley did SVG.

      • ra

        you’re right. He wouldn’t do that to Kerr.

  • Dino Madness

    The Knicks already fire their coach and are on their way to better days. The Lakers appear to want to keep D’Antoni so they can continue their loosing ways. The Knicks are looking like the team that will most likely win a championship in the future because the Lakers are looking more like those old Clippers teams that year after year it was one disaster after another.

    • Josh

      The Knicks are not on to better days until the bad contracts Dolan gave out come off the books next summer. The Lakers are able to start building this summer.

  • truth24

    These buss kids are idiots

  • The Witch

    To me Jeanie Buss is a lot more naive and stupid than Jim Buss.All the Buss kids are idiots.No doubt the Lakers have a bleak future.Why the hell would stupid Jeanie Buss try to force the greatest NBA coach arguably ever to go against her team that is just retarded and it defeats the purpose.The Lakers need to get their shit together.Nothing can make the Buss kid smart they are idiots.Tough times ahead.

    • Joseph Apohen

      Jeannie and Phil will split this year. Phil will not get married again.

  • Nalin Shukla

    Best case scenario is that lakers suck for 3 years and the buss kids decide to sell team to somebody who knows what they’re doing

    • Josh

      Best case scenario: the Lakers get enough quality players on team-friendly contracts this summer to compete for and win a championship. How can any scenario be better than winning a championship?

      • Nalin Shukla

        That sounds awesome! But the decisions that kupchak buss kids and dantoni in all reality are horrible..constant mistake after mistake..there is no championship in the future what a waste of kobes legacy

        • Josh

          We disagree on front office decisions being mistakes. Hiring Mike Brown was the only mistake I’ve seen. Choosing MDA over Phil made sense to me because he was coming in to coach what was supposed to be the greatest pick-and-roll combo ever in Steve Nash and Dwight Howard. Phil had already retired from coaching twice, didn’t want to travel to road games anymore, wasn’t sure if he wanted to coach again, and too many were viewing him as bigger than the Laker brand–that’s why Dr. Buss didn’t want him back the second time or this time. The Steve Nash trade was a great move at the time, because he was healthy and instantly put the team into championship contention.

  • hookedonnews

    Interesting. Apparently Jeanie hasn’t accepted the fact that Phil is through coaching. There’s something bordering on inappropriate or unethical in this situation. Does it strike anyone as appropriate for someone in her position to be encouraging Phil to coach another team? She should not be involved in that IMO.