Jeanie Buss On Kobe Bryant’s Extension: ‘Worth Every Dime’ Reviewed by Momizat on . [new_royalslider id="281"] Back in November of last year, the Los Angeles Lakers made a bold and somewhat questionable move by signing Kobe Bryant to a lucrativ [new_royalslider id="281"] Back in November of last year, the Los Angeles Lakers made a bold and somewhat questionable move by signing Kobe Bryant to a lucrativ Rating: 0
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Jeanie Buss On Kobe Bryant’s Extension: ‘Worth Every Dime’

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Back in November of last year, the Los Angeles Lakers made a bold and somewhat questionable move by signing Kobe Bryant to a lucrative two-year contract extension.

Kobe had yet to return to the floor after suffering the Achilles injury the season before with a lot of uncertainty surrounding his future. Regardless of whether he’d be the same player, the Lakers locked him up anyway with an extension worth $48.5 million.

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With Kobe going down with a second consecutive season-ending injury this year, the contract extension continues to look like a bad investment in the eyes of many. Despite that being the case, Lakers president Jeanie Buss sticks by the deal saying the following during a seminar for UCLA Institute of Molecular Medicine according to the Daily Bruin:

“(Bryant) was a great investment for the organization,” Buss said. “To me, he is worth every dime that we’re paying him, and we’re going to have the opportunity to show how much we appreciate everything he’s done.”

Although many have criticized the franchise for re-signing Bryant with such an enormous contract, the fact is Kobe brings in a lot of revenue for this team on an annual basis. The 35-year-old may have an uncertain future ahead, but the merchandise continues to fly off the shelves with the superstar in the fold.

Not only is Kobe a global brand who is highly marketable, but his presence will almost certainly continue to fill the Staples Center on a nightly basis over the next two seasons.

From a business perspective, Kobe is worth his weight in gold. Only time will tell if the new contract will pay off with his play on the basketball floor as well.
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  • Ted

    Dr. Jerry Buss, God bless his soul, would’ve waited and not been so gung-ho to re-sign Kobe. He would’ve waited to see how he comes back from injury.

    • Lakerforlife

      Are you ted from the movie?? The doctor would’ve done the same thing his kids did!!

      • HOOPS LV

        I have to agree with Lakerforlife…Dr. Buss loved Kobe like a son. If it were up to him I think he would have given Kobe part of the team.

        • kieraeastedi321

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    • Nexzen

      He would’ve signed him faster and prob for more. Legends come by once a generation. It’s about respect.

    • Jay Newiger

      If the good DR was still alive he would of given him more!!

  • ra

    yes, and the Buss’s get $1.00 for every dime, as long as Kobe’s around.

    He’s not just a ‘basketball star’, he’s a ‘media star’, a ‘world star’, and more importantly for the Lakers, a ‘brand star’. When he’s around, $$ just rolls in (I’m sure Kimmel ratings bumped up a bit).

    We learned this year, that Kobe makes basketball ‘better’, more competitive, more real. Ask LeBron. Media isn’t using the “King” nomer as much. That’s because Kobe is not around. The media (espn, etc.) always try to build up LeBron over Kobe. Now, there’s no ‘Kobe’ with which to compare LeBron. LeBron himself made statements months back, like it’s ‘not the same’ with Kobe missing.

    Kobe = $$ for the Lakers, and for the NBA.

    • TheTruthKills

      Yes. Kobe means money for the league and for the Lakers. As a team owner the bottom line sometimes takes precedent over winning.

      And why are you bringing LeBron into this? The media still calls him King no matter who’s around. In case you forgot, the cHeat will be headed to the Finals for the fourth straight year. He’s easily the best player in the league right now. They don’t compare Kobe and LeBron anymore because they’re too busy comparing Durant and LeBron. The days of Kobe being in the same sentence as LeBron are long over.

      • kookiebuger

        The Heat aren’t going to make it to the finals and Kobe, LeBron,and MJ will always be compared to one another.

      • Jed

        Agreed. And last I checked, the Lakers throw parades for championships, not sales and revenues. Will they start raising rosy financial spreadsheets up in the rafters in Staples center now?

      • ra

        LeBron is boring. Unlike Kobe. And if you read what I said (which you apparently didn’t), not only did LeBron himself comment that not having Kobe in the league was a big downer, but the media hasn’t been ‘calling’ LeBron ‘the king’ as much since Kobe has been out.

        LeBron and/or Durant are the face of the league now. Not as exciting. Ratings down.

        Speaking of which, more people watched the NFL Draft than LeBron’s game.

        • TheTruthKills

          LeBron is boring? I guess a 6’8″ freight train who can put up a triple-double at any moment while shooting nearly 60% is boring to some of you kids. LeBron said it was a downer because he misses competing on the court against Kobe. I don’t know what rock you’re living under, but the media still calls LeBron the King. Most of the time they call him the best player on the planet, but still refer to him as King.

          Ratings took off for the NBA when LeBron left for Miami and have remained high ever since. That’s why the NBA is negotiating new TV deals and franchise values have soared. The NBA is fine with Durant/LeBron being the face of the league. Business hasn’t been this good since the Jordan era. Clearly you’re uninformed.

          Lastly, the NFL is king when it comes to sports in our country. So expect them to have higher ratings. Why do you think the NBA holds off nationally televised Sunday games until after football season? Seriously, smarten up before you type such BS.

          • Francisco

            Get real, the reason they call him the Kung is because he wrote on his jersey now, he is now king James. If Kobe would be same age as James, it wouldn’t be no king James, it will be servent to Kobe’s name on his jersey, like it or not Kobe’s is and always be better than James.

          • TheTruthKills

            But Kobe isn’t the same age as LeBron now is he. I love Kobe. He’s a top 10 all time player. LeBron just happens to be a top 5 all time player.

          • nlruizjr

            I’m a Laker fan and I like/respect Lebron but before you can label him top 5 he has yet to reach the accomplishments of Kobe or MJ and LBJ nearing 30, I think he will fall alittle short but only time will tell and plus there is only 1 king in my life (JC) and keep that up and you will have a little “splaining” to do !!!!

          • comrade24

            I hope you mean John Coltrane.

          • nlruizjr

            Blasphemous !!!!!

          • comrade24

            and proud of it.

          • nlruizjr

            well you certainly have the right to believe what you want to believe, far be it for me to try to convince you otherwise !!

          • lakermatt84

            As great as Lebron is, I think it’s disrespectful to call him top 5 of all time. That’s disregarding some absolute NBA legends. Top 5 Small Forward of all time, yes. Let’s wait until he’s a bit older to assume he’s better than anybody to ever play the game.

          • comrade24

            I was totally with you up until this part. WTF? You would actually put Lebron in the top 5 all time??? that’s ludicrous IMO Lebrons not even in the top 10 of points, assists, rebounds, anything yet. Maybe in 5-6 years if he wins a few more titles and gets high up on some of these lists i would consider him in the top 5. Kobe IMO is already on the Mt. Rushmore along with Jordan, Magic, Kareem, Russell, and Oscar Robertson. The top 5 is debatable. A lot of people might put Bird in there etc… but putting Lebron above the likes of anyone in the top 5-6 i just mentioned is something only a die hard Heat/Lebron fan would say.

          • TheTruthKills

            The debate spun off into LeBron talk. Didn’t mean for it to happen. But if the Heat take it this year it’s going to be hard to keep him off any list. Just my .02.

          • comrade24

            i see your point. only teams to have ever 3peated are Bulls, Celtics, and Lakers. But there’s a pretty big disparity of talent in the Eastern Conference. The Heat pretty much get to take a leisurely stroll to the Finals each year while 50 win teams in the West don’t even make the playoffs. They maybe get challenged each year in the ECF but that’s about it. If Miami could be transplanted into WCF i doubt they would be in the same situation.

          • ra

            Yes, LeBron is boring and predictable. Run to the basket, lay up. Run to the basket, lay up. Boring. He’s been doing that for a long long long time.

            Kobe: shoot from 30′ – swish. Triple team him, another 3 pointer. 2 defenders at the basket, slam. Kobe is a more ‘complete’ player, and more interesting to watch. And his level of competitiveness brings the NBA up a level, or many levels. His level of expertise on footwork is phenomenal. Nobody like him. Not even MJ had that level of footwork. It’s legendary and people like you will appreciate it years from now, since the media doesn’t.

            LeBron was supposed to work on his post up game, but it isn’t there. Not much of a mid-range shooter. Occasional 3s. Just .. run to the basket … offensive foul (charge) … slam. (if anyone touches him when he goes to the basket, THEY get called for a foul).

            And back to point: The most exciting basket in the last 3 weeks was Lillard’s shot against Houston. Very “Kobe-like”. The most exciting games were NOT involving Miami, and they’re still not involving Miami.

            No, I watch ESPN (the enemy, except for Keith Olberman) and TNT, and nobody hardly ever uses the nomer ‘king’ much anymore, not like they used to when Kobe was around.

            LeBron’s not a bad player. Of course he’s the best now. But .. um .. just not as interesting as Kobe. And not as interesting as Allen Iverson, who was all of 6′, and did the same thing LeBron does, except he had to ‘avoid’ getting hit, and couldn’t bowl people over with a charge, like LeBron does. And he did that ALL the time. AI – one of the greatest and most interesting /fun to watch. Kobe – same. LeBron – no way.

      • HOOPS LV

        Are you kidding…obviously your BB IQ is off about a 100pts. The last All Star Game they played in together Kobe went into the huddle and said he was going to shut down Lebron and then he proved it in grand fashion. After just a couple of possessions and two blocks later the East quit going to Lebron because he didn’t even want the ball. Kobe can still go for 25-28 pts per game, and probably will this next season. And one other thing, Kobe finished top 3 in MVP voting before this last season…#getagrip

        • TheTruthKills

          Yes, let’s talk about how great Kobe was before the achillies injury and the fractured knee. And you say I need to get a grip lol.

  • TheTruthKills

    Kobe will bring in money for the Lakers, but not many wins.

    • EmperorKing

      No he can also bring many wins..

  • Lakers#1

    Time Warner Cable shelled out the money. They just took $48+ million out of the $3+billion contract Time Warner gave to the lakers n it’s a win-win for everyone!

  • Harvey Hirsch

    Have the Buss’ EVER admitted making a mistake? Of course she says it was a good move and maybe on a purely financial basis it is. But it will hurt the franchise long term because it handcuffed them next season and the year after that. Nobody is going to pay a luxury tax on a team that can’t make the playoffs. So how much do you want to bet while Kobe is making the Buss’ money overall they can’t rationalize spending it.

    How can other teams have 3 superstars and afford it while the Lakers can’t. Nash does not count, he was washed up when we signed him, it was wishful thinking and a reaction to losing out of Chris Paul (I’ll never forgive David Stern). Kobe should have accepted less in an attempt to help the team the same way Dwayne Wade did.

    • Terrell

      They should really change the name of this site to “Kobenation”.


      Why will he accept less if the offer is more. Only morons will do that to their employment. Will you accept your preaching if that was you in his shoes, so SORRY, TOO BIG FOR YOU TO FILL! YOU WILL NEVER UNDERSTAND.

  • PimpSav

    All you Kobe fanatics are retards – this contract guarantees that the Lakers will not be winning shit for at least 3 more years. Kobe is a selfish saggy ballsack and all of you fanatics are shit scarfing elephant ass warts

    • vdogg

      awww.. sounds like you have some issues there, young lady. might wanna get those checked out.

      • vdogg’s mom

        That doesnt even make sense – now go clean your room.

      • Devon Samuels²⁴

        Maby its time of the day for her LOL

    • HOOPS LV

      How old are you PimpSav??? Wow, that might have been the most intelligent post ever…uhhhhh, on another note, Kobe didn’t ask for the contract that he was given. He didn’t even negotiate the contract. They offered him a contract and he accepted…it was that simple. He never said he wanted anything other that wanting to win. #youreallytalkaboutballsacks

    • michael

      He brought us 7 final appearances! we won 5 of them. You don’t even know how good he’ll play when he returns.

      I rather see 3 years without a ring, then seeing kobe in an other jersey than purple and gold

    • nba lover

      Kobe Bryant’s, championships, MVP’s, charities, and appearances at LA,s “kids special needs” events makes any person special. (unlike you special K). What have you done? You should stick to your strength! Like playing with your balls, and your ass warts. (which you seem to know a lot of !!) Are you an NBA player? Most NBA teams, players and staff members at all levels and titles, know him better than you !! They have much respect for him! What have you done? By the way, retarded/special needs individuals are specials people too !! (unlike yourself !!!)

    • comrade24

      while as a writer i appreciate the colorful imagery, your post has no factual content whatsoever. The Lakers can win while still overpaying Kobe. They still have financial flexibility to sign another max free agent, they’re going to have a top 9 draft pick guaranteed, and knowing Mitch Kupchak can make savvy FO moves the future is looking bright.

  • LakersHeatBeef

    This was Doctors orders.

  • LakersHeatBeef

    This was the Doctor Buss’s order.Kobe is a legend stop disrespecting.

  • Ollie Holliewood

    Kobe Bryant is going to play great and win rings #6 and #7 that’s a happy ending.

  • Ollie Holliewood

    Kobe is the man and is worth every penny.

  • iDontCare

    The Future?

    • vdogg

      absolutely!!! exum is destined to be a laker!

  • William Isaacs

    Kobe was carried by Shaq and then Gasol. Without 7 footers Kobe is another over rated Carmelo. Really good but not great.

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