Jarrod Rudolph Interview: Any Truth to Dwight Howard Trade Rumors?

Jarrod Rudolph Interview: Any Truth to Dwight Howard Trade Rumors?


This morning RealGM columnist Jarrod Rudolph released a report titled, “The Brooklyn Nets Are Preparing to Make Another Run at Dwight Howard.” Clearly, this created havoc within the Lakers community, spiraling rumors of a potential Dwight Howard trade. Is there any truth to these rumors?

Join Serena Winters in her exclusive interview with Jarrod Rudolph to discuss his report and the Dwight Howard trade rumors.


Reporter: @SerenaWinters

Big thanks to Jarrod Rudolph for the interview. You can follow him on Twitter @JRudolphSports.

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  • JohnC

    The most repeated expression by LA players is “We have to sacrifice part of our game”. That starting point for any sort of team work is a COMPLETE DISASTER. An effective coaching staff makes the necessary adjustments to make everyone play according to their strenghts, not according to what they sacrifice. Honestly, if something, anything, such as this system, is not working AT ALL: do you keep insisting on and on, and on, and on, or would you rather introduce whatever changes are necessary?

  • lakers_824

    The problem is not dwight its not kobe its not nash its not pau its MIKE DANTONI. Why not change ur system if its not working mike is too stubborn and he just wants to make everything his way he wont change anything. Mike needs to feed the ball more in the post to dwight and pau, play sort of inside out and they need more plays for kobe and nash like coming off screens or back screen they need multiple plays in one so if one doesn’t work they go to the other. Mike also doesn’t know how to manage players minutes he giving nash and kobe about 36 min a game thats just way to much and then your asking kobe to play d on the best player Then in the post game you just laugh and say hes not gonn die, wtff like seriousness are you fukin retarded. Then you put pau on the bench wtf its ur job to make the bigs coexist and if u cant do that then leave, honestly i think mike brown would’ve been better cause he was actually implementing plays and obviously it was gonn take time but all mike does is give nash the ball and thats it no plays not noting just pick and roll. PHIL WOULD NEVER OF LET THIS HAPPEN.