James Worthy Says Next Lakers Coach Must Preach ‘No Defense, No Ring’ Reviewed by Momizat on . [new_royalslider id="279"] The Los Angeles Lakers are on the verge of another transition period at head coach following the resignation of Mike D'Antoni. Althou [new_royalslider id="279"] The Los Angeles Lakers are on the verge of another transition period at head coach following the resignation of Mike D'Antoni. Althou Rating: 0
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James Worthy Says Next Lakers Coach Must Preach ‘No Defense, No Ring’

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The Los Angeles Lakers are on the verge of another transition period at head coach following the resignation of Mike D’Antoni. Although there are plenty of viable options for the storied franchise, three-time NBA champion James Worthy believes the next head coach needs to emphasize a few things.

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The current Time Warner Cable SportsNet analyst recently expressed his opinion on what the next head coach must preach via Mark Medina of the L.A. Daily News:

“It’s got to go back to somebody who preaches, ‘No rebound, no ring. No defense, no ring,’” former Lakers star James Worthy said recently on a Time Warner Cable SportsNet telecast, repeating Pat Riley’s well-known mantra.

Worthy had the pleasure of playing under legendary head coach Pat Riley in Los Angeles and won three titles in the process during the Showtime era. Riley led the Lakers to four titles during his stint with the Lakers and earned the distinction as one of the best head coaches in NBA history as a result.

Even with all the stars and different egos on the Lakers squad during the Showtime era, Riley was by no means a pushover and had the Lakers firing on all cylinders on both ends of the floor for almost a decade. Magic Johnson and company were as tough to beat as any team in the league during the ’80s due to their dominance both offensively and defensively.

Ideally, a coach of Riley’s caliber would be the just what this team needs moving forward. Unfortunately, there’s no telling if there’s a coach out there that can make such a culture change in order to get this team back to title contending status.

Among the current candidates already linked to the head coaching vacancy in Los Angeles are Byron Scott, George Karl, Roy Williams, Kevin Ollie, Derek Fisher, Tom Thibodeau, Jeff Van Gundy and Mark Jackson.
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  • Daspin

    No scoring, No Ring. No inside game, No Ring. Play small, No Ring. Idiot front office, No Ring. Idiot coach, No Ring. Championships are won on both ends of the floor. Championships are won by a front office who lead with a championship mentality. The Lakers already have championship fans.

    • kookiebuger

      I don’t understand, what’s wrong with the front office? It’s not in shambles, it lacks direction, but it can honestly be a million times worst.Jeanie is letting Jim run it who brought us Howard and almost CP3 he messed up hiring Mike over Phil but we don’t know what Phil was demanding from the Lakers.

      • alekesam

        to be fair to jim buss, if that cp3 deal hadn’t been nixed we’d likely be in a far different place as that was our guy to build around, who knows how to play team ball. howard wasn’t really all that bad a choice either. it got bynum off our hands/books while taking a chance on howard. that howard bucked/still bucks the pick n roll (statistically what he’s best at) was a curve no one saw coming so i don’t put that on mda, i put that on howard.


        jim’s ability to put his ego aside cost the lakers. not only did he not bring back phil, he cleaned house on any n everything/one related to phil, purely because he can’t stand phil dating jeanie. no shaw, triangle, assistant coaches etc. gone. which is how we got stuck with mda n brown over phil.

        • kookiebuger

          That’s true but hey if his ego does get in the way of the team and the Lakers aren’t contenders in 3-4 years Jim Buss will give the ownership to Jeanie, so there’s that.

          • ra

            Kobe might not be here past 3-4 years. We don’t have time to wait.

          • kieraeastedi321

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        • Maui Laker

          There is a lot of truth here about Jim Buss, one other piece of truth that is forgotten – is that according to Phil Jackson, it was Dr. Jerry Buss that made that choice to go with D.Antonio. I wonder why, maybe Dr. Buss got tired of Phil quitting, maybe they had a falling out that we are unaware of. So let’s stop raging on Jim and realize what alekesam mentioned, he has done quite few right things to this point, they just have not worked out. Now they are really in prime position do do some great things and hopefully we will get a wonderful draft pick and snag a great star in the next year or tow that will bring us another 4 or 5 rings. Damn, have faith!

          • comrade24

            It seems like the mentality of Dr. Buss was that he wanted to go back to the Showtime Era, a faster pace of basketball. He saw the league moving in that direction, and MDA was the obvious choice as he pioneered the resurgance of that style of basketball. While it’s true that MDA didn’t preach defense and he should have, D-League players just simply can’t guard real NBA players which is mostly what happened last season. Their just wasn’t enough talent to win. The CP3 debacle set us back several years. Don’t forget at that time Lamar Odom was the reigning 6th man of the year, and when he got his feelings hurt and demanded to be traded we basically gave him away for nothing. The plan was to pair Howard with CP3 and Kobe. Had that happened, who knows, we may have raised banners number 17 and 18, or we may be in the same position we’re in now. The point is, there is fault to give to everyone involved, but also a lot of it was just pure bad luck.

  • independentbynature

    If you don’t play defense,you don’t play.That’s what I would say.

    • truth24

      True yet these dumbass fans want to see those weak lousy ass no heart FA fools on the roster again next season. Bitches need not apply.

      • independentbynature

        About half the team needs to go.The other half are role players.

  • independentbynature

    Worthy should be one of Byron’s asst. coaches.

  • Elmore

    Yes hire a great defensive coach like Thibs or Hollins.Then make sure every penny spent in the off season is on defensive players.Get rid of all the guys that are soft and don’t play any defense so GTFO Steve Nash,Pau Gasol,Nick Young,Kendall Marshall.Also because of money needed for other guys Jodie Meeks,Kaman,Hill Try this defensive roster out.

    Lakers All About Defense And Rebounding 2014-2015

    PG Marcus Smart Rookie Contract/Shaun Livingston $3 million per,Jordan Farmar veteran minimum
    SG Kobe Bryant $23 million per/Thabo Sefolosha $ 3 million per/Kent Bazemore Qualifying Offer Cheap Deal
    SF Luol Deng/ $7 million perWes Johnson veteran minimum/Xavier Henry veteran minimum
    PF Chris Bosh $17 million perEmeka Okafor veteran minimum/ Ryan Kelly Rookie Contract
    C Marcin Gortat Full Mid Level Exception/Robert Sacre Rookie Contract

    • http://www.haveslot.com/ richard

      Chris Bosh, an all defensive players????… you’re joking, right?..if we can get Livingston… why would you draft Smart…better yet draft Randle and let him and Kelly man the PF position.

      PG: Livingston/Farmar/Nash
      SG: Bazemore/Meeks/Henry
      SF: Kobe/Wes Johnson
      PF: Deng/Randle/Kelly
      C: Gortat/Sacre/Hill

  • Elmore

    Defense wins championships.

  • ra

    Not just ‘preaching’ defense, but having the team ‘practice’ defense. Practice what you preach, man …

  • noyb

    Wait, didn’t LAL just get rid of a “no defense, no ring” guy in Brown…?

    • comrade24

      The princeton offense combined with injuries signed his fate.

  • carew10

    dante exum(or smart)-kobe bryant-ariza-luol deng-hill

    marshall-farmar-meeks-n.young-w.johnson-xavier henry-humpries-kaman


    2015 kevin love!
    2016 kevin durant!

    • comrade24

      That’s actually a pretty realistic lineup. Pretty small lineup too though. Who’s going to guard Dwight Howard when we play Houston? i don’t see any of those guys doing it. Also, i don’t see Kevin Durant leaving OKC.

      • carew10

        without ring within the 2016…kevin durant will aband oklahoma!

        • comrade24

          idk, did you see his MVP acceptance speech? it sounds like he’s pretty comitted to OKC. Now, i don’t see the Westbrook/Durant duo lasting long. I think they’re going to figure out that dynamic just doesn’t work and trade Westbrook. Their problem is there’s no team ball when they get in a crunch. it’s all iso, and westbrook makes terrible decisions. I could see them trying to execute a Melo esque trade and trade Westbrook somewhere for a host of talented role players.

  • roseducanna


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