James Worthy On Kobe: ‘He’ll Be Back At All-Star Level’ Reviewed by Momizat on . [new_royalslider id="282"] The debate rages on about whether Kobe Bryant will bounce back after two serious injuries in consecutive years. Kobe is as confident [new_royalslider id="282"] The debate rages on about whether Kobe Bryant will bounce back after two serious injuries in consecutive years. Kobe is as confident Rating: 0
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James Worthy On Kobe: ‘He’ll Be Back At All-Star Level’

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The debate rages on about whether Kobe Bryant will bounce back after two serious injuries in consecutive years. Kobe is as confident he’ll be a force to be reckoned with once again, but even he has admitted that he won’t be the same player.

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Despite the doubts surrounding Kobe’s ability to return to form next season, James Worthy believes the face of the Los Angeles Lakers franchise will continue to play at an All-Star until he calls it a career. Worthy recently said the following in an interview with Time Warner Cable SportsNet:

“I think he’ll be back at all-star level. He’s an all-star as long as he’s in the league, but he might have to make a few changes of his game. He’s got a lot of miles on that body, so I hope he’s willing to accept that. Byron understands him very well, and I think Byron will be able to convey the proper message to Kobe.

“Then when we need him down the stretch he’s still going to have that bump-and-fade-away game, below-the-rim type of game. He’s still a strategic player so he knows how to play the game.”

Kobe will likely see his first action on the basketball floor with the Lakers on Oct. 28 against the visiting Houston Rockets. There’s been no word on whether Kobe will play during the preseason, but it can’t be ruled out at this point. Kobe is as eager as ever to get back to work and will likely make a case to play at some point in the eight games on the preseason schedule.

The preseason will get underway for the Lakers on Oct. 9. Byron Scott will make his coaching debut for the purple and gold against the Denver Nuggets in San Diego at the Valley View Casino.

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It is anyone’s guess whether Kobe suits up for the first preseason game or watches from the sidelines like he did for the majority of last season. Kobe only played six games last season before going down with a knee injury. The five-time NBA champion has yet to play a single game in 2014.

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  • Zach

    Worthy is right, since fans vote for all-stars and Kobe will get voted in. But in terms of his actual play, he’s well past his prime and is going to have a long and difficult season, assuming he even stays healthy.

    • Joe Haeberle

      He has been well past his prime and still played better than others who were and are in their prime. I’m not saying he is going to put up league mvp numbers but he isn’t going to be bad. He will still be above average and possibly even at an all star level.


        Not really. He sucked last year but that’s D’Antonis fault ;)

        • Joe Haeberle

          Here we go with your “coherent” comments. Let’s here your uneducated rant now. Come on troll I’m giving you the attention your parents never gave you.

        • Kenz

          Lol he played 6 games…

        • Uncle Bob

          And your Blake was great in his first season riding the pine, huh? You should change your name to Clippers run Seattle! BTW, your new owner is just as much of a douche as your last one. Possibly less racist, but more of an overall douche.

        • tony

          Lmao @ this bandwagon idiot who knows nothing about NBA
          Clippers need to win at least 10 titles before they can claim anything in LA,,

        • Tiiger

          He played 6 games after having been out for the longest time since he entered the league. You’re ignorant if you think those numbers have any importance when assessing how Kobe will be when he’s back.

          The last full year he played he was averaging 27ppg, 3rd in the league, with 5 rebounds and 5 assists to go with that. He was still making clutch plays and playing at a very high level.

          Anyone who thinks he won’t be at least an all-star caliber player is delusional and doesn’t know what kind of player and person Kobe is. Hell I’ll say it right now, he won’t just be all-star level, he’ll be one of the best in the league once again. He’ll still average over 25ppg and he’ll get a personal record number of apg this year, mark my words.

        • Vernon McClain

          He only played 6 games last year. The season before he averaged 27: not even a point away from leading the league on scoring.

      • tailormade

        This… ^^^ how many times do we have to do this to the man. unless you think he’s not fully healed. then if thats the case, lets pack up and go home now. if you think he’s 100% healthy and will remain healthy all season long. then you should know the guy will be an allstar level SG. even if he cant play a lick of defense, his defense will still be better then james harden’s defense. because kobe knows HOW to play the angles. (MWP was slow of foot and he still kept up with guys until he got to slow, kobe on his death bed is faster then MWP right now)


          How many minutes per game you think Kobe plays? Critical question

          Guys on am710 say he should only get 28-29 mpg to stay healthy. If he plays 38-39 minutes per game then he’s likely to get hurt.

  • Henry Martinez

    He will be back with a bang! Great player is always great.

  • David

    “I think he’ll be back at all-star level.”
    I am willing to accept that if he stays healthy but I don’t think he can be.
    “He’s an all-star as long as he’s in the league,”
    Yes, they will vote him in whether he deserves to be in there or not and to be honest there are way better players who should be there instead of old leg Kobe.
    “but he might have to make a few changes of his game. He’s got a lot of miles on that body, so I hope he’s willing to accept that.”
    This quote is to hoping the stubborn KB will listen to B. Scott otherwise it’s trouble. James Worthy is being as diplomatic as he can in saying this but I don’t have to.


    Lakers had no All Stars last year. Lol.

    • Joe Haeberle

      JusT A THOUGHT?!!!??

    • SuckOnTheseNutz

      Listen here you little fucking monkey “Scarface”, if you know how to count, how many championship banners are hanging in Staples Center. How many Clippers players in the history of the team have made the All Star game? I’ll do the math for you “11 players” compared to 30 for the Lakers. I admit, the Clippers have a better team right now, but they are bound for a second round toss from the playoffs. When you attend their games this year, take a moment to cherish the LAKERS championship banners that have been covered up by you embarrassed Clippers organization. CHEERS BROTHA!!

    • Dwayne

      Clippers have no championships lol

    • tony

      Maybe Clippers should hang a banner for that,, God knows it would be their first.. LMAO

    • vdogg

      clippers “fans” spend all their time on the lakers’ website. lakers fans couldn’t care less about the clippers’ website.


    • Devon Samuels²⁴

      Member Sparks got their 2 Banners and 2 Retired Jerseys you in no place to run your mouth here! GTFO!!!

  • Unit The Lakers

    Kobe is capable of 24 PPG and 6 APG AND 6 REB. next season.All Star Level ya.

    • vdogg


    • Kb24

      Lil correction, 26.5pts(13pts per game last yr isnt his 50%),5.5 reb,6.5ast(he gives a clue he will not be d same(ballhog) player as espn thinks),1.2stls(likes to gamble on stls while letting his man loose),0.3blk(he will b a lockdown D in last2 min,why?he said he can play D, just a matter of when not how…search kobe blocks lbj not once but twice,due to smallballs,jumpshooting era,can easily block a shot since his size is for SF in 2days game,except in cavs,okc,nyk(though cavs and okc coaches will still play their man at the 4 spot, kd plays center against the spurs yknow,lbj plays the PF which plays
      Ike a point

  • Eroc

    Agree with Worthy – He has to change his game, otherwise he’ll get hurt pretty quickly. Don’t believe me? Take a look at some footage of him playing in the playoffs in 2008-2011, and see how rough he was with his body, then ask yourself if you think he can pull that off today. No way. He doesn’t have to score a ton of points to be effective. When he wants to he is an excellent facilitator.

  • Kb24

    I wonder when lbj can score 10points or more w kobe’s age

    • Zach

      I wonder how many MVPs LBJ will have by then? Already leads Kobe 4-1.

      • DKWTTY

        Kobe already leads 3x Finals loser Lebron 5>2.

        Actual rings you EARN >>> MVP’s based on opinion.

        • Zach

          So you’re claiming Horry is better than Kobe. Interesting. Rings are a team deal, MVP is given to the best player. And 4 is much better than 1. Bird won more, Magic won more, Kareem, etc etc…

          • DKWTTY

            Nope cause Horrys a role player faggot. Learn basketball if you’re going to troll so you don’t end up embarrassed. KOBE 5 RINGS>>>LEBRICK 3x Finals LOSER.

          • Zach

            Yet Horry hit a big buzzer-beater vs. Kings in 2002 WCF, something Kobe has never done. Did you know he’s statistically one of the worst ‘clutch shooters’ ever? But you’re so in love with him I know that doesn’t matter, LOL. You’d do anything to please him and we both know it.

          • DKWTTY

            Yes Kobe has never hit a buzzer-beater. Thanks dumbfuck for that incorrect information. No he isn’t. I’m not the one who thinks and talks about Kobe constantly. Is he the only Laker? Nope but that doesn’t stop you from riding his dick. No wonder you keep mentioning the “rape” you wish it were you. You wanted Kobe’s babies all over your face. Why aren’t you dead yet? I hope your mother gets cancer.

          • David

            Ghetto idol worshippers

          • DKWTTY

            Racist white trash inferior subhuman haters.

        • David

          You might not like to hear this but my theories is Kobe shooting efficiencies are not that good each and every year has something to do with it, voters like to see players involved in a team game and not just play for individual glory which KB tends to do all those years. Also he has to compete against Lebron during LBJ’s four MVPs and lost four times while Lebron lost only one to KB. KB will not win another while most likely Lebron will win another three or four MVPs and possibly match that number in titles.

          I think that is the right perspective to look at.

          • DKWTTY

            Shut up Zach. Illiterate ass still can’t spell. What the fuck are you rambling on about? Get out of my replies.

          • David

            Come on now, KB will always be your idol and my statements about him never winning another MVP is almost a guarantee fact and so no need to get upset about that reality.

            Don’t let my statement break your dream before the season starts….just keep dreaming the idol will get his sixth ring and he will have an MVP season and he will get both at the end of the year.

          • DKWTTY

            What does that have to do with what I said? You act like you know me. Get a life Zach and get off Kobe’s dick for once. You’re a sad pathetic excuse for a human being and you’ll never amount to anything which is why you resort to being an online troll. That’s the highlight of your life. Accept that reality.

            I don’t have any delusional dreams fucktard. You don’t know what I THINK! Go jump off a cliff if another human beings success bothers you so much you inferior loser.

  • The stig

    Is that so? Lakers missed the playoffs TWICE within the last decade. Clippers only MADE the playoffs twice within the last decade. Talk to us when you get a few more years with a winning record. Otherwise right now you’re just a fad.

  • Devon Samuels²⁴

    Awww how so cute you got holidays games let me send you a cookie LOL still not gona get anything outta your franchise title wise even the Sparks have the right to say they run LA LOL LAS 2 > Selfies 0

  • Joe Haeberle

    You know what’s really funny? Kobe’s career assist average is 4.8. Not to bad for a shooting guard. Now let’s see another shooting guard who is pretty Damn good. Ray Allen’s career average for assists is 3.1. Pretty big difference. Both drafted the same year, both excellent players and both have played a lot time in the NBA. So your whole ball hog thing was just discredited. Maybe before you post a comment get some information that can back it up. Just a thought.

  • Devon Samuels²⁴

    Bet you can’t even name other players other then Paul & Blake Selfie Bandwangon you & Zack make a good lovers couple in Seattle LMAO

  • Gredenko

    The only FAs who wouldn’t want to join/stay are those who are afraid
    they can’t live up to the high standards in LA (such as Dwight). Lakers went from 45-37 with him (after no one expected them to get 40 wins that season) to 27-55 without him. He was a decent pick for MVP that year too. As soon as he went out due to injury, the Lakers got swept by the Spurs. It’s definitely all about Kobe.

  • Gredenko

    Lol I just noticed that retard posts like 8 comments against the Lakers in every article. Just ignore him I guess, he’s probably not even a Clippers fan. Just a troll.

  • David

    Does Ray Allen touch the ball as much? Now Kobe shoots about 25 times per game but his number of touches and more importantly how long does the ball stay in his hands per possession on offense is the key number that I’m not sure there is any record of but I’m sure by far he has the highest usage rate. Here is an example, there are 48 minutes in a game and Kobe plays about what 40 mpg in his last full season before he gets hurt. I would dare out of that 40 minutes the ball is in his hands 35 minutes. Now while he only shoots about 25 times per game; the reason it seems like so much more than anyone is because he holds the ball the longest and his touches are far higher than his attempts at FG. 4.8 assists is great for an SG but I’ve never been impressed just by watching a Lakers game to see how long KB dominates the ball in a 48 minute game.

  • Joe Haeberle

    It’s like when you see a child with mental retardation, you can’t just leave them alone. You go and talk to them and try to teach them something. Same with this guy. Yea this guy and another like to post on here and try to cause trouble and get under people’s skin. I like to do the same with them.


    Who gives a damn you idiot? You assholes criticize everything he does and when proven wrong you make up some other shitty ass excuse. You mean to tell me Dwyane Wade and James Harden don’t have the ball as much as Kobe? Two players who consistently have less assists? Kobe’s the ONLY guard who is criticized for being selfish and ball hog yet he averages more assists than others. FOH!

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