It’s Now Or Never For The Lakers And Dwight Howard Reviewed by Momizat on . Did Orlando Magic GM Rob Hennigan really have to travel 2,500 miles from Orlando to Los Angeles to hear what the rest of us could have told him without him ever Did Orlando Magic GM Rob Hennigan really have to travel 2,500 miles from Orlando to Los Angeles to hear what the rest of us could have told him without him ever Rating:
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It’s Now Or Never For The Lakers And Dwight Howard

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Did Orlando Magic GM Rob Hennigan really have to travel 2,500 miles from Orlando to Los Angeles to hear what the rest of us could have told him without him ever leaving the comfort of his own home? Apparently he did. Dwight Howard reiterated to Hennigan in a face-to-face meeting that there’s nothing the newly-hired Hennigan can do that would persuade him to back off his request to be traded.

The only thing new to emerge, according to reports, is that Howard wants the Houston Rockets to know that if they were to trade for him, he not only would not sign an extension but he would flee to their in-state rival Dallas Mavericks next July.

**If you get a chance, Sports Illustrated’s Zach Lowe does a great job breaking down how Dallas’ road to Howard via free agency next summer isn’t as easy as it sound.

These latest reports about Dwight come on the heels of ESPN’s Chris Broussard reporting that the Magic were willing to wait  before moving Howard, in hopes of convincing him to stay.

On Tuesday night, Broussard wrote:

“The Los Angeles Lakers and Houston Rockets both covet Howard, but each team has come away from trade discussions thinking the Magic — at least for now — are not interested in trading the six-time All-Star, according to sources.”

I’ve already outlined all the reasons I don’t think Howard would be traded to the Lakers. These latest events only swayed me slightly into believing that a Howard-to-the-Lakers trade is coming.

So how have things changed since Wednesday night? The Magic should be more convinced now than ever that it’s in their best interest to trade him before the start of the season. It seems Howard is even more upset at the Magic than he was before.

According to Adrian Wojnarowski of Yahoo!:

“When told that the Magic had tried to honor his desire to be moved, Howard probed Hennigan on why the GM hadn’t accepted deals that could’ve sent him to the Nets or Lakers before those teams used valuable trade assets to acquire Joe Johnson and Steve Nash respectively.”

Dwight’s got a good point. If the Magic were so insistent on getting players and picks back in a trade, why’d they allow teams to use all of their available cap space and to trade future picks before trying to get a deal done? Was this their strategy from the get-go? To deliberately stall so that they could turn to him and say they tried, even if they had no intention of really trying? I doubt it, but you never know.

Here’s what we do know:

  • Dwight wants the Magic to trade him to the Lakers.
  • Dwight doesn’t want Houston to trade for him because he’ll just leave for Dallas at season’s end.
  • If the Magic won’t trade him to Los Angeles then they he wants to be traded to Brooklyn in January.
  • If the Magic won’t trade him by the deadline then he will join the Mavericks as a free agent, leaving them with nothing.

The Rockets have plenty of picks and players they can mix-and-match to make the Magic happy. I’m guessing the hold-up stems from the Rockets and Lakers resistance to taking back all or most of the Magic’s undesirable contracts.

As far as the Lakers are concerned, I really can’t blame Mitch Kupchak for not wanting to take back a bad contract in a trade for Howard. He knows that he would not only be giving up the second-best player in the trade but also the second-best player in the league at his position. He also knows that the closer we get to the start of the season, the more Hennigan might not have a choice but to move Howard in a deal where the Lakers get away with giving up nothing but Andrew Bynum and taking back nothing but Howard.

So if the Rockets are included as the third team in a trade that would send Bynum to Houston, the onus is on the Rockets to satisfy the Magic — not necessarily on the Lakers. Furthermore, you need to realize that what the Rockets want to give up is based on what they feel Bynum is worth and not Dwight, since  he’s the player they’re getting back in the trade. The difference in packages between the two could be a draft pick, a player, and a bad contract for the Rockets to take on.

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About The Author

Andrew Ungvari is a Los Angeles native and a Lakers season ticket holder since 1989. Follow him on twitter @DrewUnga.

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  • http://www.facebook.com/cQaShb Charlie Brown

    This article was like math class lol great one tho

    • Andrew Ungvari

      Ha! Thanks, man.

  • ToNeLoC804

    Good article bra just a little complexed lol

  • Shakeil

    I think the Lakers will take back a undesirable contract in Jason Richardson because he would be the backup shooting guard behind Kobe. But they will only do so if Houston or Orlando takes back a undesirable contract of the own whether it’s Metta, Steve Blake or even Josh McRoberts!

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_EB7A5MPGJ5DFPMFFWFZ6WLVKD4 Malik

    First of all, like a lot of these articles that have a “Lakers bias,” Howard never, I repeat, Howard never verbally said he wouldn’t play for Houston. His agent, “Dan Fegan” said that. It’s Fegan that’s unconvinced that the Rockets is an undesirable place for Howard.

    Howard doesn’t know enough about Houston to say he doesn’t want to come here. In fact, the Rockets a perfect fit for Howard considering Dream would be on aboard to work with Howard for one season. Texas has no state income tax. Lin just brought the Asian Market back to H-Town —– you mean to tell me Howard would turn down all those endorsements, a fat contract not eaten up by massive taxes, like playing in L.A.?

    That’s one point. Point two. Why would Houston help put Howard in a Lakers uniform and knock the Rockets off in the Western Conference for years to come? It doesnt make sense anyway you look at it. The best position for the Rockets is to acquire Howard. Take a chance on him leaving and if worse come to worse, we can deal him to the Lakers for Bynum if we still want Bynum.

    It make no sense to send a package to Orlando for Bynum while L.A. get Howard for literally nothing. If we are the ones giving up assets, we get the bigger prize. Not L.A.

    • Pogs226

      As a Laker fan I agree about the bias. But you are in Laker Nation. But you did make a good point. Which also makez sense fod LA. Let’s see how Dres plays with a true point guard. Someone that knows where to get him the ball. Which was the problem last year. Majority of the time he was getting the way too far from the basket. If his attitude and play doesn’t changs in a year. Then make that Howard trade. You can throw in Gasol in the process and pick up one of the Utah bigs.

      • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_EB7A5MPGJ5DFPMFFWFZ6WLVKD4 Malik

        Dont fool yourself, dude. It would never be an issue of how to get Howard the ball. Howard would be a 3rd option behind Kobe and Pay, just like Kobe said he would. I doubt Howard want to be treated like chump change. This is why he’d consider the Mavs and the Nets where he’s the Alpha Dog, not at Kobe and Pau’ mercy.

        The Rockets would make Howard Lord over our entire squad.

        • keenanjen

          Its funny how you can bring up something that the media said Kobe said to D12 about him being the 3rd options. But say earlier that him saying he didn’t want to play for Houston was made up by the media come on which one is it LOL.

    • Bedb

      first off, DH doesnt want to play for the Rockets for obvious reasons….The Rockets = rebulding and give us a few years to put a contending team around u..same situation wit the Magic..who the hell you think DH is gone tell how he feels first?…his gotdamn agent DUUHHH!!!….the man team and agent has TOLD yall that he does not want to play there..this aint coming out fuckin thin air……Houston best bet is getting Bynum aka the second best thing and work from there..or work wit Asik(good luck wit that!)….LOL when  the last time the Rockets have knocked off the Lakers anyway?

      playing and living in New York or LA shits on living and playin in Houston…..this man aint worried bout no damn taxes WTF

      • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_EB7A5MPGJ5DFPMFFWFZ6WLVKD4 Malik

        Nope. As I stated, Howard never said he wouldn’t play for Houston..in fact, Howard is cool with playing with Lin. Of course the media refuse to print that because they controlling the information circulating on the internet and keeping it in favor of only the Lakers.

        Dallas came out because Howard VERBALLY mentioned Dallas. Again, he never said he wouldn’t play for Houston. His agent said it. His agent is known for causing a lot of problems and issues and personally trying to run the whole deal when he got nothing but his mouth and pulls with the media.

        Rob Hennigan is the one with the ultimate power to move Howard. As it stands, he still favors the Rockets package above all other. In fact, he’s waiting until August, so one of the Rockets rookies can be available for a package. L.A. are forced to play the waiting game. That’s all they can do. They do not have control over the trade. Only Orlando and the Rockets.

    • David Stern

      Soo houston texas is better for marketing than hollywood california? Dwight wouldnt want to come work with kareem and all the other people that developed bynums clumsy ass? Dwights agent is risking his job and future jobs by lying about what his client is saying? No. I’ll answer tht one for you. And jeremy lin is more attractive to play with than nash kobe and gasol?…with possibly jason richardson bolstering the bench even more.. Hype or hall of famers and rings? Im sure thts worth paying state tax especially with his bird rights genius. & ya cant complain about the laker bias articles houston fans shouldnt be on LAKERSNATION. Houston fans will have to accept either you throw your future away for a season(or less) of dwight, or you can help bring him to los angeles and settle for our sloppy seconds :). Laker fans are the only ones with any kind of sense I swear.

      • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_EB7A5MPGJ5DFPMFFWFZ6WLVKD4 Malik

        Lin, a younger PG. Nash, a 38 year old. I think any sensible Superstar can look at that and see which PG make the most sense. And if Howard doesny know much about Houston, he would logically ask his Agent. His agent could have other agenda at work and hide it from Howard to line his own pocket, not so much Howard.

        And Howard actually had issues with Fegan in the pass. He’s aware Fegan looks for his own deal (commission) to line his own pocket when the best thing for his client would be both teams: The Rockets and the Mavs.


        Both teams are in the state of Texas and Texas has no state income taxes. I guarantee you it matters to Howard how much his taxes get eaten up by playing in L.A., and he can’t make that up in L.A. like he could make double and triple that in Texas, and with the Asian Market by teaming up with Lin.

        • David Stern

          Meaning he gets the key to the city of LA sooner since kobe and nash will be done sometime soon, or at least have their contracts reconstructed to add pieces. The lakers have proven to rebuild around there superstars and still win I dont need proof of that, and everybody including dwight knows. Why would he invest his future in jeremy lin? Just reallyyyy ask yourself that. I think you like the idea of the”asian market” more then howard does. New york apparently didnt like it enough to base their future off of it. Houston would have no young talent granted they would probably have to give jeremy lamb up & the top 10 protected pick from toronto AT LEAST. (terrance jones and royce white will be bonified role players at best in the nba) and take back some bad contracts while already bringing over asik & lins ridiculous contracts(while having no amnesty provision). If dwight hasnt said he wouldnt play for them, I sure havent heard him say he would, or houston would have probably given up an arm and leg to get howard already. Why would he go to a team that is rebuilding but would give up there rebuilding pieces and brought over some of the magic roster to play with him when he is trying to get away from them and that situation. He Will leave. Dallas is a backup plan if he doesnt go to brooklyn or los angeles, or ends up traded to the rockets, but thts IF LA isnt a choice. The extra bird rights money he will be making, I believe somewhere from 20-25 million more altogether, would make him forget what a state tax is sir, dwight has been payed max for the last few years, he’s not broke or desperate for money. I know he could receive that in houston if traded there, but he’ll have half of his magic team signed long term and a weak cast of role players players, and will constantly be losing. They would still suck if they got dwight howard because of orlandos asking price,  And if that isnt enough along with winning titles, he’ll have a career in the industry when he is done, or while he still plays ex:(lamar odom, shaq, rick fox, even artest was just in a movie). Houston cant offer this luxury. Only LA or New York. That is why he’s pushing so hard to go to either. Houston truly would be better by keeping their young talent and team and adding depth to the needed positions next season with the multiple draft picks and the top 10 one included while letting the rookies develop and get their feet wet this season. Houston is not and will not be even thought of as a potential playoff threat or contender with or without dwight howard unfortunately. Gotta come to grips with the situation

          • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_EB7A5MPGJ5DFPMFFWFZ6WLVKD4 Malik

            This is all fantasy, and of course, coming from delusional Lakers fans. Let’s be realistic. The Lakers have no leverage. In order to get D.Howard, they need the Rockets to be the 3rd team. In other words, they need our assets going to Orlando just to make the trade work.

            The Rockets brass are no fools. We know what L.A. can and can’t do. At this point, only the Rockets are in play for Howard. The Lakers are literally at the Rockets’ mercy.

            On the earning potential, Howard base salary of 116 million (if re sign with the Rockets for a 5 year deal) will see most of that money intact. If he was to play in L.A., a whopping 20% to 30% of his salary will be eaten up by taxes. This is precisely why he’d go to the Mavs and use the Lakers as a launching pad to get out of Orlando.

            This is where the Rockets need to come in play. Howard must not realize Houston is a big market, just like Dallas. In fact, Houston is the 4th largest city. Dallas is 7th. While his base salary won’t be effected by taxes with either team (Rockets or Mavs), only Houston would be a better choice because of the Asian Market.

            You cant sit there and discredit the earning potential on Jersey sales for a Howard/Lin duo all you want. He certainly won’t get that as a Howard/Nash duo — a 38 year old on the down side of his career. A 34 year old Kobe. A 32 year old Gasol. A 30-something Metta World Peace. At those ages, injuries heals slower. The prognosis for playing for the Lakers is a big thumb down.

            Turn over to the Rockets. The average age: 23. Probably one of the youngest teams in the NBA if not the youngest, period. Upside potential with our guys are huge.

            If we deal with Orlando, we will not be giving up valuable assets. It’s a Lakers’ pipe dream, because that would ensure a 3-team trade to save some of our assets. As I said, the Rockets brass are no fools.

            With the Howard camp threatening to bolt to Dallas if traded to Houston, that make any deal with Orlando to our favor. If we can’t get a guarantee extension from Howard, that lowers the trade package.

            We talking here, a top pick, maybe Motiejunas as the centerpiece along with Parsons and K.Martin. K.Martin is a given to make the numbers work. And since we signed Asik and Lin, we can’t take back all of Orlando’s toxic contract therefore they have to be reasonable. J.Rich and a smaller bad contract…say Duhon or G.Davis. thats about it.

            We can do this trade in many different scenarios and come out keeping our critical assets like Lamb and Terrence Jones.

            We just have to get Howard’s camp to understand, Houston is no joke. We have a rich tradition of big men, even better than the Lakers’ tradition of big men. And if you think Howard rather get post-moves tip from Jabbar than Dream, you just delusional.

            Howard attends Dream Big Man camp in the summers. so did your Kobe. So did LeBron. Olajuwon is credible than all your big men. Facts!

          • http://www.facebook.com/misterallen10 Deonte Allen

            You lost me when you said Houston has a better history of big men rather then the Lakers….. Name one center other than Hakeem? **crickets**

          • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_EB7A5MPGJ5DFPMFFWFZ6WLVKD4 Malik

            Elvin Hayes, Moses Malone, Ralph Sampson, Yao Ming, Dekimbe Motumbo.

            Besides the Lakers’ Wilt Chamberlain and Kareem Abdul Jabbar, the others are average — Walton, Vlade Divac.

            Stack your best 4 against our best 6, its clear my Rockets’ Big Men will come out victorious.

            No team topple the Rockets’ history of big man.

            Anything else……?

          • Andrew Ungvari

            Remember Shaq?

            Hahahahaha. Wilt, Kareem, Shaq, and Mikan. Sampson and Yao were huge disappointments because of injuries and Mutombo was 50 when he played for the Rockets. Even if you put Chris Mihm in for Mikan the Lakers history of big men is better. I thought you were kidding but it seems like you’re serious.

          • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_EB7A5MPGJ5DFPMFFWFZ6WLVKD4 Malik

            I guarantee you, if Dream play Chamberlain, Milan and Jabbar in a one-on-one, Dream would win, hands down. Dream, to this day, is the best post player for his agility — remember what he did to Robinson after he accepted his MVP. Dream schooled Robinson and made a mockery of the NBA voting Robinson as the MVP.

            He could have done it to Wilt too. Wilt played at a time when there weren’t many big men until Russel came on the scene.

            The only guy Dream would have serious problems beating one-on-one is Shaq. Due to his massive size.

            All the others would be a joke: Divac, Mihn, Mikan, Jabbar and Walton. It’s not even a debate.

            I bet Yao could beat every last one of them one-on-one too because of his missive dive and height except Shaq.

            Moses Malone would punk Jabbar and Walton. Deke would have fun waging his finger after a block.

            Just sayin, man.

          • Andrew Ungvari

            I’ll tell you what. Scour the internet and show me one list of the greatest centers of all-time that has Yao, Moses, or Sampson ahead of either Shaq, Kareem, Mikan, or Wilt.
            Then go ahead and find me any list that has any of those Rockets, including Dream, listed higher than Jabbar. Take it from someone who saw every one of those guys you or I listed play except for Wilt or Mikan. The only stipulation is that it can’t be a Bleacher Report article. Just sayin’.

          • David Stern

            All your comments are invalid now just for that last one hahah. Kareem, shaq, bynum, mikan, gasol, chamberlain, karl malone. And we’ve gotten most of them through trade :). And how many rings do all those big men for houston have? Wasted talent. Dwight isnt trying to be part of houstons losing tradition just because lin is there to embrace it with him. Shaq and wilt chamberlain have been the two most dominant big men to ever play. Period. Except we bring in players like jerry west kobe magic and nash(should of been chris paul) to play with our big men superstars, and thats a whole other conversation you dont want to get into. Bottom line is yes houston has the leverage, thats not a secret buddy, but theres more to it on the business end for orlando. Houston fans should realize houston started talking the three way deal and was considering it with the lakers for a reason, whether the fan base likes it or not. They have to still put a decent package together, orlando wont just accept anything because theres not much better out there, stop fantasizing, it must be getting delusion type of hot out there in texas.. He’s still the best center in the nba. Houston will not get away with building a package around a guy who wasnt even much of a standout in the summer league(montejunas). They’ll hold him and deal him to brooklyn for their previous offer if its comes down to it, the lakers help houston out by giving a couple young pieces like goudelock or ebanks or both, while taking back a contract or two, meaning houston doesnt have to give up some of their young players or potentially keep a draft pick or two while still getting a superstar who will be more easily persuaded to stay(bynum), and have a more well rounded team and still have some kind of a future if bynum decides to leave. If you get dwight and he leaves, despite this “feeling” houston fans are basing their future on, all you will have is a couple draft picks mid first rounders, and lin asik and the magic throw aways. Bright future. Why are you arguing with laker fans about getting dwight anyways like its a game changer. Even if you miraculously do land him and he stays, houston still will be worse than the lakers, and five other teams in the conference. Sooo? Is there a big plan after that? Or is htown just bringing him over for some excitement no rings like all of houstons other good bigs in the past for the most part? Houston needs a big man much more than the lakers do/will, and the lakers will be better than houston either way no matter what happens with dwight. Houston you have a problem

          • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_EB7A5MPGJ5DFPMFFWFZ6WLVKD4 Malik

            Man, I’m not trying to hear that. The Rockets have no interest taking any of the Lakers players after sending us that one-dimensional weakling in Trevor Ariza.

            The Rockets current squad is more attractive than Lakers’ Gettin To Be Old Men.

            And we don’t need to deal for Bynum when he could come to us next summer Sydney he test free agency. Howard is a must-get, now.

          • Andrew Ungvari

            The Rockets signed Trevor Ariza has a free agent. The Lakers didn’t send him there. Blame your overrated GM for that one. Don’t hate on the Lakers just because Dwight wants nothing to do with the Rockets. Nothing.

          • Him1

            Do the math on what you just said. Howard goes to olajuwans camp yealry and works with him already, kareem works with bynum. Who’s offensive game/post game is better? Bynum. & it hasnt always been that way.Genius. Get off the internet dude.

          • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_EB7A5MPGJ5DFPMFFWFZ6WLVKD4 Malik

            Bynum have Jabbed everyday of a season. Dream teaches a class with several players in a summer.

            Let Dream stay a full season on the Rockets staff to work with Howard. You honestly think Bynum would still be the best big man. He’s second to Howard with just fundamental post-move tips from Dream. You don’t want to see Dream focus all his attention on Howard, alone. Lolololol!

          • David Stern

            Youre right, if you guys got dwight and he worked with the dream, you guys would win it all! -_-
            Lol cmon man. & Shaq dominated against and tim duncan and david robinson if you wanna go there, neither of them could even hold shaq. And he DID actually win mvp over duncan and robinson when duncan was in his prime. Shaq isnt comparable to any of those players because no matter what they did on offense, they couldnt stop shaq. Let alone score on him with consistency. He didnt need the variety of post moves to get it done, numbers dont lie. His numbers were better than the dreams especially when it came time for playoffs. Do your research 

          • David Stern

            Just in case anybody is reading this now…Howard to the Lakers! If you argued w laker fans on here about where dwight would go, you were wrong. Thee end :)

          • Dennis Radman

            Tmac and yao? They did nothing with that. Blame it on the short window due to injury, but where have I seen this before? Lin coming off of knee surgery and dwight back surgery. Both could be very serious and leaves houston in a bigger hole than before. Gotta wonder..

        • lakers insider

           Texas no state taxes but damn what about those property taxes.See that’s where it all balances out.

        • lakers insider

          Besides Houston had a chance to build a dynasty around Ming and what did they do.They never got the right pieces together.Why.Not willing to spend to bring the championship or just don’t have the knowledge on how to build a championship team.He wants it now not trying to find another place where they are going to explore on how to win.LAKERland already knows how to win and are willing to do anything to get it.Now Nash,Kobe,Pau,Ron and Jamison or Lin, and who else in that team.Do you see the difference in teams now.I’m sorry but Houston is not at the level of L.A..They can try,but until they get there Future HOF will always choose L.A..NO BRAINER.

      • Byron

        Dwight needs to go to L.A. He will have as much fame as he wants, and be able to train with Kareem, and become an even better player than he is now. Dwight’s agent is tripping. Dwight wasn’t sure about going to L.A. at first, but he agreed to sign the contract extension if he was traded. He basically said that he will accept paying state taxes in California and sign contract extension to join Nash, Kobe, Gasol and the other Lakers to win championships. The Lakers are the best fitting team for him. I hope he goes to L..A., because the rockets, nets, mavericks, and knicks don’t have the fire power of the Lakers. No other team has a 2-Time MVP and All-STAR VETERAN PG Steve Nash, 5-Time NBA     CHAMPION, NBA MVP and 2-Time Finals MVP, All-Star VETERAN SG Kobe Bryant, and 2-Time NBA CHAMPION, All-Star PF Pau Gasol damn near the best PF in the league. Add 3-Time Defensive Player of the Year, All-Star C Dwight Howard BEST CENTER IN THE LEAGUE, The Lakers will be the team to beat. 

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_EB7A5MPGJ5DFPMFFWFZ6WLVKD4 Malik

    This article couldn’t be more wrong if the “onus” is on the Rockets to satisfy Orlando. All the Rockets have to do to deal with Orlando straight-up is to use Howard camp’ threat that he’ll bolt to Dallas and that change the offering of a package.

    Even with that approach (of a less than desirable package), the offer will be better than any deals out there. If another team come up with a better package, we can simply upgrade our package and still triumph any other package out there that Orlando would accept.

  • Romanbelaiy

    bynum is too lazy sometimes and very immatured, he should be traded for the good of the team

    • Mmitchel80

      I can tell you don’t play any ball and can’t play . Never call a pro player lazy it tells me you don’t know a damn thing about NBA basketball. Pro player which have 400 player out of millions of men,are a special breed and guys like you who call them lazy are wrong. while your their try running up and down the court for 48 min. 2 hour our time without that beer and sandwich in your hand,

  • Fliptip

    howard will sign extension for the dodgers 12yrs

  • http://www.facebook.com/luis.o.guerrero.9 Luis Guerrero

    juss get howard dats the last piece of the puzzle 2 a championship 

  • Marty Susman

    PLEASE make it NEVER !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Brunobubuza

    D12 is comming soon ! just 1 week – you will see !!!

  • lakers insider

    The Magic are just trying to make Dwight look bad.Cuz the Laker the Nets had good deals set up but they think they’re hungry for it.They forget the Lakers have Bynum and can keep Bynum for the long run and they won’t have Howard after this year.So at the end the Magic are the one’s that are going to loose more than what they could of gained.Once the Lakers get Bynum to sign a deal the deal with the Magic is over and the Houston Rockets will have the ball in their hands.Sucks for you Magic.

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