Is Ramon Sessions Worth Re-Signing Long-Term for the Lakers?

Is Ramon Sessions Worth Re-Signing Long-Term for the Lakers?


After the NBA trade deadline on March 15, the Los Angeles Lakers had made some controversial moves to improve the roster and save money in the process. The goal for the Lakers’ front office was to bring in an upgrade at the point guard position and they were able to do just that by trading Luke Walton and Jason Kapono to the Cleveland Cavaliers in order to acquire Ramon Sessions and Christian Eyenga.

With Sessions spinning his wheels in Cleveland behind Rookie of the Year Kyrie Irving, the Cavs didn’t hesitate to trade their backup point guard to Los Angeles. Sessions heading to the City of Angels was a forgone conclusion and an absolute steal of a trade that gave the Lakers the speed and youth in the backcourt that had been sorely lacking with veteran Derek Fisher as the starter.

During the regular season, Sessions played well after the trade to Los Angeles and had Lakers fans excited that the team may have found the missing piece to the puzzle. Unfortunately, the success of the regular season for Sessions didn’t continue over to the playoffs.

In the second-round series with the Oklahoma City Thunder, Sessions may have shown that he isn’t the right man for the job in Los Angeles. In five games, Sessions shot 35.3 percent from the field while averaging 6.8 points per game. Along with the poor shooting, the 26-year-old point guard committed 11 turnovers and failed to make an impact defensively against Russell Westbrook.

As a result of Sessions struggling in the second round, the Lakers had no answer for Westbrook as he clearly dominated the series and was the difference of the Thunder.

In the first round against the Denver Nuggets, Ty Lawson was also the difference maker against the Lakers with Sessions having little impact in that series as well.

With Sessions failing to live up to expectations in the playoffs, the Lakers’ front office might have a tough decision to make in the off-season. Sessions has made it known that he intends to opt-out of his current contract in order to ink a long-term deal with the Lakers or another team.

As of July 1, there may be some intriguing free agents available on the open market. Veterans Steve Nash and Deron Williams (player option) will become available, but the Lakers might not be able to afford to acquire either superstar.

Other point guard options via free agency:

  • Aaron Brooks, Phoenix Suns (restricted)
  • Raymond Felton, Portland Trail Blazers
  • Kirk Hinrich, Atlanta Hawks
  • Chauncey Billups, Los Angeles Clippers
  • Jameer Nelson, Orlando Magic (player option)
  • D.J. Augustin, Charlotte Bobcats
  • Jordan Farmar, New Jersey Nets
  • Goran Dragic, Houston Rockets
  • Derek Fisher, Oklahoma City Thunder
  • Mo Williams, Los Angeles Clippers (player option)
  • Jonny Flynn, Portland Trail Blazers
  • Jeremy Lin, New York Knicks

Even though Sessions would like to sign with the Lakers, the team might explore other options like the names mentioned above. The big fish like Nash, Williams and Lin may be out of the question with all of their current teams looking to re-sign them, but the draw of playing in Los Angeles alongside Kobe Bryant might be enough to lure them in.

  • Ne0

    Nay, rather let the rookie get his play time, what we need is a solid point guard like deron williams.

  • Marty Susman

    The Lakers need to get rid of the whole starting line up… (Kobe will not want to stay in a rebuilding mode so he goes as well)  We should also NOT go after big money guys, we should trade some of these guys for expiring contracts & first round draft picks in this coming draft, not pay old guys like Nash or anyone else over 25 years old….

    Pau, Drew, World, Blake, the whole bench of worthless guys except for maybe Morris, G-Lock & the two new guys we got in the trade. The rest GO & don’t let the door hit you all on your way out of LA…. Go to the teams below, get their draft picks & not only get fast, young guys but slash the payroll as well….

    Portland,                6th, 11th & 41st,                   

    New Orleans,        4th & 10th                             

    Washington,          2nd, 32nd & 46th                 

    Cleveland,             3rd, 24th & 34th                  

    Sacramento,         5th, 35th                                

    Detroit,                9th, 39th

    Boston,                 21st, 22nd, 51st

    Houston,               14th, 16th                               

    Charlotte             1st      

    • Osorio2009

      Are you fucking high!?!??! Can you say rebuilding for years!?!?! Trading away the 2nd best center in the league only cause he is being the rich 24 year old he is?!?!?! I remeber another 24 year old that was arrogant and can you guess his name? His name was Kobe Bryant. What we need is a point guard Session got destroyed by Lawson/miller, Westbrook/Harden. 

  • Lindasngltn

    Ramon Sessions was not afforded the opportunity to jell with Mike Brown’s “system” and he was coming off the bench in Cleveland.  I don’t think it is fair to say that he shouldn’t be given the opportunity when the season starts.  None of the players worked well within Mike Brown’s “system”.  I read where even Kobe said when they were on the floor, he would come up with changes, so you are always “on the fly”.  I think they should either give Brian Shaw a chance or they need to make other arrangements because if Brown stays, and I don’t care what players you bring in, if he is not going to nail down just what it is he is calling defense, you will see the same result.  Andrew and Pau never fit in his “system” and Pau had a running complaint with it. So management needs to really re-assess what they are going to do about the coaching situation … Brown would sit key players in crunch time and then when the lead was almost gone, he would let them off the bench.  Kobe complained about sitting in a crucial game 5 and before he could get back on the floor, the guys Brown had out there got whipped.  It is frustrating.  I think Sessions needs a chance to prove himself because he surely fit in when he first got to the Lakers.  They need to keep Marvin Hamm and Chuck Persons because they are good with the workouts.    I will have to pull for the Spurs because I sure would hate to see Fisher get a 6th ring before Kobe.