Is Phil Playing the Right Rotations?

Is Phil Playing the Right Rotations?


The proper rotations can make or break a team. It’s one of the most underrated aspects of coaching in NBA. It’s what can separate mediocre coaches (see: Doc Rivers and Mike Brown) from venerable ones (Phil Jackson and Gregg Popovich). Some people think that it’s just putting your best players out there and it will work itself out from there. As the Lakers have shown at times, flooding the floor with talent doesn’t necessarily produce results. Remember the Odom-Gasol-Bynum experiment? That lumbering front-line produced nothing but awkward, cramped, and sloppy basketball.

Phil Jackson, the cliche saying goes, has forgotten more about basketball than I will ever know. Indeed, he owns 10 more NBA championship rings than I do. (That number will change, however, when I buy Adam Morrison’s 2009 NBA Championship Ring off E-Bay when he inevitably hawks it to pay off creditors in six years!) With that being said, let’s take a look at my ideal rotations.

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