Is Pacers’ Paul George A Feasible Lakers Option Next Off-Season?

Is Pacers’ Paul George A Feasible Lakers Option Next Off-Season?


Paul GeorgeEvery Lakers off-season seems to start with Lakers fans believing and knowing that management will do everything in their power to improve the team.

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While the Lakers have a very important decision to make this off-season with Dwight Howard, Indiana Pacers forward Paul George has Laker fans salivating about the possibility of the Los Angeles product becoming the heir to Kobe’s throne.

On ESPN Radio 710, Mark Willard and Mychal Thompson discussed the possibility of George coming on-board in 2014-15, when the Lakers have ample cap-space to accommodate his contract needs.

So, what needs to happen for George to be a Laker in two years? George is eligible to get his contract extended after this season from his rookie deal and if he were to decline that offer, which could be for four-years and $40 million, he would become a restricted free-agent in the summer of ’13-14.

George has enjoyed a breakout season and postseason as the former Fresno State forward averaged 17.4 points, 7.6 rebounds and 4.1 assists during the regular season.

The Pacers head into the off-season with several question marks. David West is set to become a free-agent and Danny Granger’s contract expires at the end of the season. It’d be hard to imagine that George would decline the Pacers offer in the off-season, but he might think he could get more money.

If George does reject the Pacers offer, the Lakers would be in prime position to offer him a contract as a restricted free agent. To ensure that the Pacers wouldn’t match the offer, the Lakers could put a “poison pill” into the contract, making it detrimental to the Pacers if they were to match the offer.

While a lot has to be done for George to get to the point where the Lakers could offer him a contract, there’s no doubt his representatives will mention something to him.


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  • Terrence

    The Pacer’s are not letting George go. Granger will be gone and George is the future of their franchise.


    So … You’re saying … there’s a chance >:]


    I’d rather get LeBron.

    • Crenshaw on my shirt

      I’m sure most Lakers fans like myself would prefer LeBron but Paul George is a good Plan B

      • Cash

        no true laker fan wants lebron. you must be a w
        wagon fan

        • Crenshaw on my shirt

          U know me so well huh? I grew up a Lakers fan. I dont hate LeBron because of Kobe, which is what most Kobe fans do. Anybody with eyes can see LeBron is the best player in the league. U mean to tell me you wouldnt want the best player on your team? Give me a break.


            would u want larry bird to be a laker? Thats like saying kobe goes to the celtics next year. Lakers and Lebron just dont match ill take paul george over lebron to be a lakers any day.

          • Eleven

            Yeah, that’s exactly the same. How many times has Lebron faced the Lakers in the finals? Better yet, how many times has he even faced them in the playoffs? Zero. Zip. Zilch. A better analogy would be to ask if you would have wanted Shaq to be a Laker when they traded for him and we know how that worked out.

  • Marty Susman

    We need to think of what can be done NOW with trading Nash, Dwight (12/15/13) Peace, Ebanks, Blake, Duhon, Meaks fordraft picks & Gasol for Williams plus two first rounders…

  • Jose

    Don’t waste your time…. He’s going to get the max deal…… if doesn’t matter if he want to stay or not… he’s a restricted free agent….. Indiana will match any offer…… he will be a Pacer for at least another 5 years……

  • Nappie N. Naptown, Esq.

    PG isn’t leaving Indy. He’s the franchise player and he knows it. Plus the Pacers will match any offer to keep him. Lakers fans, as usual, think they can/should/will get every decent player. Nope.

  • rigoo

    Bring Phil Back Period!! Enouhh saidd goodnight!

  • Rob

    Paul George is the next Kobe period! Lakers should get this guy..