Is Brandon Jennings Really Calling Out Kobe Bryant? Reviewed by Momizat on . Last night, Kobe Bryant went down to the Drew League and dropped 45 points along with a game winner in the face of Oklahoma City Thunder Shooting Guard, James H Last night, Kobe Bryant went down to the Drew League and dropped 45 points along with a game winner in the face of Oklahoma City Thunder Shooting Guard, James H Rating:
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Is Brandon Jennings Really Calling Out Kobe Bryant?

Last night, Kobe Bryant went down to the Drew League and dropped 45 points along with a game winner in the face of Oklahoma City Thunder Shooting Guard, James Harden. Apparently, Compton Native, Brandon Jennings saw Kobe’s performance and wanted to get in on the internet craze as well last night, sporting a t-shirt that says

Nobody Likes a Snake

Note the small Under Armour logo underneath, so you know this is a shot across the bow from Under Armour who’s been wanting to get into the basketball sneakers game for quite a while now.

We all know that Jennings along with Under Armour needs to make his mark, so why not call out the best player on the planet?

You tell me – Young Buck vs. Black Mamba



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  • http://www.tomthespursdude.weebly.com Thomas

    As a Spurs fan I have a lot of mutual respect for Kobe Bryant, watching him do things on the court that other players can only dream about doing. I know greatness when I see it but Brandon Jennings by no means is going to out smart, or out play Kobe Bryant in any way fashion or form. This is nothing more than jealousy setting in for a guy who plays on the Milwaukee Bucks and only wishes he could play on the Los Angeles Lakers with Kobe Bryant. Although his shirt may say “Nobody likes a snake” the shirt may not be telling the truth on this one. Did he not see all the fans rush the court after Kobe hit the buzzer beater? did he not see all the Kobe/Lakers jerseys on the court? Drew League commissioner Dino Smiley had this to say about Kobe’s appearance at the game. 
    “He was fresh,” Smiley said. “His spring, his jump shot was nice. Getting to the basket. His jab steps and his footwork. Everything was very good.” Smiley kept the possibility of an appearance by Bryant under wraps, but once the superstar showed up, the news immediately hit cyberspace. “That’s when the line went about 75 yards out the door,” Smiley said. “We had to have a sheriff at the door to keep crowd control. We knew it was going to be an unusual amount of people there.”The fans, who’d been chanting “Kobe” as Bryant dribbled the ball up the floor for the final play, stormed the court to mob the 13-time All-Star.  
    To Smiley’s recollection, that reaction was a Drew League first. “We’ve had guys hit game-winners where their teammates run on the floor. Some of their friends may run on the floor,” he said. “But that right there was mind-boggling. That trumped everything.”  
    So with that said Brandon Jennings should just stay quite and not say anything that might result in a future Bucks Lakers game showdown with the “Black Mamba” I wouldn’t want to ruffle Kobe’s feathers up for no good reason. That’s what Brandon Jennings is trying to do but then again Kobe is probably just laughing this whole thing off, after all the man can torch just about anybody he goes up against. I doubt Jennings is immune to Kobe’s venom, so he better go get vaccinated before the Black Mamba decides to strike not only him but the entire Milwaukee Bucks organization. 

  • Diandra_M

    Yeah, he needs to have a seat! Kobe will run circles around him!

  • N CHIesa

    That’s my man! Nobody can sneakup on the the Black Momba ssssssssssssss

  • John Alcala

    Ohhhh Puuuuuhleeessss! Jennings who? Exactly!!!! I can’t wait till the Lake-Show and Kobe whoop their butts, and like every other Bucks game, I’ll be turning it off in the first quarter when Kobe either dunks on him or he makes a his patented move on him and Jennings breaks his ankles and Kobe drill a 3 pointer! Plus after looking at his picture, Sears won’t even give him a sock deal!

  • Lucky420

    Win at least one ring and we’ll talk buddy

  • Lucky420

    brandon jennings suck

  • benji

    who the **** is you brandon jennings? dont nobody give a damn about you attention thirsty girl

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