INSTAGRAM: Ryan Kelly Training MMA In Off-Season

INSTAGRAM: Ryan Kelly Training MMA In Off-Season


Ryan Kelly had an extremely promising rookie year averaging about eight points and four rebounds in 22 minutes per game. But Kelly knows he has a lot of work to do to turn that promise into production on the floor.

Kelly has been working hard in the off-season and on his Instagram page, he posted videos of himself in the gym — the MMA gym.

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The videos contain Kelly throwing some punching combinations with a little foot work thrown in. There is also one of Kelly doing toe-touches as his trainer slams his abs with punching mitts.

MMA is a great way to get in top physical condition and it looks as if Kelly will have no excuses for being in the best shape possible by the time training camp rolls around.

After missing most of camp last season due to recovery from an injury, Kelly is looking to make an impact from day one. He will have his work cut out for him as the Lakers are pretty deep in the frontcourt. But Kelly looks to be up for the challenge.


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  • Hafamoll .

    maybe this will make his defense better lol

    • richard

      I believe he will be better just from the point of overall health coming into training camp… remember that last year he wasn’t available for training camp due to foot injury… so that alone will be a good indication that Kelly will be better at both ends of the floor…

  • independentbynature

    As long as he doesn’t tap out.

  • Truth B Told

    Hope he keep his fists bawled up on defense……Yeeoow.

  • Al Haldie

    Better not call him soft this yr -at least not to his face -this KID wants to win….go get i’m KELLY

  • Lou

    Steve Blake versus Ryan Kelly NBA MMA Dream Match.Octagon match YA!

  • Kevin

    That looks like Ken Shamrock training.Ken was my UFC,WWF hero.

  • lakeshow

    lol He making sure no one punks him this season.

  • Brandon Leong

    still a little slow haha..needs more explosiveness but good to know he’s working hard! let’s go lakers! im sure we’ll do better this year!

    • Shane Michael

      You try being fast at almost 7 feet. Kelly has to duck awkwardly to accommodate the smaller trainer.

  • Andy L

    Maybe he can find some courage to stick up for his teammates this season then…

    • stucktrader

      That could get dangerous… if he is one who actually has a short fuse…

    • Al Haldie

      Swaggy P is the only one who causes that problem – and just for TV – to get attention – its time to grow up..and play ball..

      • box5


  • savi

    Yea, I was thinking he would bulk up too, Maybe leave that for next season!! he has already had a busy off-season, marriage. Congatulations Kelly! Go LAKERS!!

  • Lakers4Eternity

    Good job Ryan, now go watch Dirk Nowitzki’s video and try to copy his game just like Kobe copied MJ.

    • JohnnyHomeless

      THAT might be the best advice of all! Sure, he needs to bulk up and get fast, but a pin point fade away 15-20 footer will make this guy deadly!

  • cheeky

    Love the effort. He is addressing a weakness of being soft and finesse type. If he becomes more of a beast, watch out! That stuff also helps improve speed :)

  • glmus

    This is sensational. Teams (players) need an edge. Chip Kelly, the genius coach of the Eagles, had his players train like special forces do this year to give them an edge is conditioning. I hope that Byron reads this and installs some conditioning to give his team an edge – we will need it.

  • Brett

    This is more mental than it is physical. Training something mma keeps your mind sharp, keeps your mental game on your toes, he’s already a pretty smart player.

  • Diego Linares

    Well, this was surprising considering I thought he’d ask his father-in-law (Bill Cowher) for some tips on how to bulk/toughen up so he could be better at rebounding and defense (joke). This is great though, I want to see Ryan Kelly win playing time among Ed Davis and Jordan Hill; simply because Davis and Hill seem like the possible bright spots on defense for the frontcourt (with the wildcard being Julius Randle).

  • box5

    Trade bait, send him nash, and that pick for rondo, lin and young off the bench would be rush hour, and we add beasley yell

    • vdogg

      F rondo. seeing him in a lakers uni would make me nauseous.

  • Captain DC

    Glad we got him.The Lakers need that height.