INSTAGRAM: Nick Young Thinks He Looks Like Michael Jackson

INSTAGRAM: Nick Young Thinks He Looks Like Michael Jackson


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Sixth man Nick Young loves the spotlight in Los Angeles. Young sacrificed money and potentially his future in the NBA to sign with the Los Angeles Lakers in the aftermath of Dwight Howard leaving for Houston. Los Angeles is his home and he’s got no problem letting people know it.

On August 29, Young paid tribute to the King of Pop wishing a happy birthday to the late Michael Jackson on Instagram:

Even Kobe Bryant took to Twitter to dub Jackson the “greatest” on the birthday of the legendary pop star:

As for Young, the entertaining Lakers star added a little extra to his Instagram post saying the following:

“Happy bday to the king Michael Jackson #Me&MikeKindaLookALike #Lol #SwaggyMike #MrThriller”

Does Swaggy P look like the King of Pop?

Maybe. A little.

Young has his ties to the music industry dating one of the most popular pop stars in Iggy Azalea. Young and Azalea have been seen all over Los Angeles together and appear to be as happy as can be.

Although many believed Young would jump ship in free agency this summer after a career year in purple and gold, the veteran guard/forward agreed to a four-year deal with the Los Angeles Lakers securing his long-term with the club.

Young and Kobe will attempt to turn things around in Los Angeles next season while playing alongside newcomers Jeremy Lin and Carlos Boozer.


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