INSTAGRAM: Julius Randle Shares Childhood Photo In Kobe Bryant Jersey

INSTAGRAM: Julius Randle Shares Childhood Photo In Kobe Bryant Jersey


On Tuesday night, the Los Angeles Lakers selected Kentucky’s Julius Randle with the seventh overall pick in the 2014 NBA Draft. After being selected, the new Laker posted a childhood photo of himself in a Kobe Bryant jersey on his personal Instagram account:

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Before and during pre-draft workouts, Randle did not hide the fact that he is a huge Kobe and Lakers fan. With the Kentucky forward finally a Laker, he should be able to provide an immediate impact for the storied franchise as he is perhaps the most NBA-ready prospect.

And yes, we knew you grew up a Lakers fan. Welcome to Los Angeles, Julius Randle.
Lakers Forward Julius Randle First Phone Conference

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  • Nate

    You can’t help but to admire this guy, bring such positive attitude & energy to the team. A breath of fresh air.

  • Josh

    Um, you’re wearing it wrong…

    • LakersOverEverything

      Lol that was a style several years ago

      • Josh

        I guess I’m too old (34)…

        • Al Haldie

          No to YOUNG…ha ha ha 75 YRS YOUNG..

          • Josh

            I’m a lot older than Julius Randle…

    • comrade24

      i was wondering about that myself. i don’t ever remember that being a style.

  • egjsixthree

    wearin’ it kriss-kross style?

  • TY_Bas3d_God

    I’m glad to have someone who wanted to be a Laker in the first place. His game is pretty well developed already and that should only improve more with the help of Kobe. Look at what happened to Jodie Meeks over the past year because of the pride and playing time of wearing a lakers jersey. Sure his game is not the prettiest or most finesse but, he was a hell of an improvement over his previous seasons. Cheers to the future of the Lakers organization!

    • Al Haldie

      One thing about MEEKS he never gives up — he is a LAKER..

  • Al Haldie

    Now do we have a real LAKER for life or what —GREAT PIC…

  • wangkon936

    He was a cute kid. What happened to him?… 😉

    • richard

      he became a man.. that is all… and an NBA player.


    Dang everybody is a Lakers/Kobe fan lol. Glad he actually wants to be here. Did anyone see that punk Zach Lavine’s reaction to going to the Timberwolves? Dude has a big ego for someone who isn’t that talented, in his mind he should have went #1.

    • Jim213

      What does Nick going to clubs have to do with the NBA and the Lakers? Yeah Meeks is God, best defender, best shooter of all time. Yeah but facts say otherwise. So you’re using the media and analyst as your argument? That sure did effect his basketball skills. LMAO!! Your argument is weak…**********************************

      Damn, you’re one dumb ass fuck who lacks education. Dumb mutha fucker, it’s a business. You think FO is going to roll with shit like that when it could hurt their own brand. LMAO You seriously are one dumb ass peace of shit. smh. Damn and if you have some education you need to get yo ass back to school given your stupidness. Boring lol, how about texting while doing shit dumb ass. You don’t have an argument here, who say’s Meeks is a God fucking crack head. At best a role player tho if you dissing Meeks so much then apparently you’re on Young’s ball sack.

      LOL… dumb ass you’re using last year’s 18 pt avg to back up your argument LOL. Get the fuck out here piece of shit. The proof is in the
      pudding idiot, damn you’re dumb. Young can even land a stable job for a franchise bouncing back and forth from team to team a few years.

      We can argue for days b/c trust me you ain’t got shit on me and if all you got is Young as opposed to the other 5 players I’ brought up to help the future starters you ain’t got shit bitch. Feel sorry if you work for a sire or are in the business cause you lack serious common sense LOL. Damn
      you’re a dumb ass. You real stupid dumb ass lol all you fucking argue is what I’ve posted rather than argue why need should be a Laker for the next few years? lol Throw something into the conversation stupid ass.

      You must be the stupid person I’ve blogged with on this site LOL. Young’s better than any other possible role player on the roster. Brag what bitch, you can’t even post your name thinking you gots some type of wits peace of shit. Young won’t be better than this past year given he’ll have a limited role. Expect a decline in stats stupid. But you believe he’ll put up Kobe #s?! lol stupid ass mutha fucker here man. You ain’t got no balls bitch. LOL You seriously need to go back to school stupid. Hopefully you don’t work for a Lakers site piece of shit.

      You ain’t got no argument except Young’s 18 pts. get the fuck out here LOl. texting while living life lol.You ain’t got shit on me but give respect but when meet stupid ass fools like yourself damn… you break the
      mold of stupidity. You’ll likely come back with re-arguing something that I’ve posted like before without showing something to why Young should be a Lakers for the next few years. LOL You set the standard for stupidity.

      Lol we can do this for days but you haven’t brought shit to the argument :O if going to reply bring something valid stupid so I can text back lol… For some reason you can’t comprehend that there’s at lest a few players that I’ve brought up who can do more than Young smh. There’s your names dumb ass lol. But why the fuck argue about Young? You’re on his ball sack.

      • DKWTTY

        This butthurt loser reallyyyyyyy mad right now that you had to reply on a totally different article. LMAO! Damn your fragile male ego is really bruised huh?

        You think Nick Young is the only Laker in the HISTORY of the Lakers to go to clubs? WTF? That is the dumbest thing you’ve ever said and TRUST you’ve said A LOT of dumb shit! Magic was fucking bitches raw and got HIV, them 80’s ballers were worse than ballers today and you think Mitch and the Lakers FO give a FUCK about Nick partying during the offseason? God damn you one stupid son of a bitch!! Yeah I can tell you’re a boring ass, ugly ass, fat ass dumbfuck who stays home, gets no bitches and who likes his own comments. You fucking JEALOUS? Who complains because a professional athlete PARTIES when he’s not working? You act like Nick is parting during the playoffs and stumbling out of clubs the night before he has a game. Are your parents siblings cause you one slow ass motherfucka.

        You seriously slow, it’s hilarious. Your argument is irrelevant. You have no argument. You have no facts. You saying Nick is bouncing from team to team when your butt-buddy Meeks did the same thing. Get his dick out your ass faggot and try and think logically for once!! 18ppg>>8ppg. Simple math. Simple facts you dunce!!

        LMAO!! We can argue for days cause you ain’t got shit else to do! My last comment burned your soul slow. That fucking ETHER! You so angry and banging that keyboard in a rage that nothing you are saying is making sense. Spelling errors and all! LOL!! Xavier Henry is trash, so is Marshon Brooks and you gotta be the DUMBEST nigga on this website to think they are our future. Kill yourself. YOU ARE THE DUMBEST MOTHERFUCKER ON LAKERS NATION! You fucking paranoid schizophrenic! Talking about I have multiple aliases! Are you off your meds? Couldn’t even argue my factual points instead ranting off about how I work for LN! BWAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Idiot. You gotta be Jodie’s lover. Ain’t no regular ass dude would be THIS passionate over fucking basketball and some scrubs.

        How exactly is showing FACTS that Nick is a better player, his stats, not showing he’s better? What FACTS have you given that the scrubs-Xavier, Marshon, Kent, Jodie, etc are better players? LMFAO! I definitely need to write my next reply in BRAILLE because you stupid as fuck! Like you gotta be a FAS baby or some shit. Do you ever wonder what life would be like if you had enough oxygen at birth? I’m STILL waiting on your facts and who is going to replace Nick……tick tock. You mad I’m a woman and can out debate you in sports? I bet you’re a MRA too huh? Never engage in a battle of wits when you are unarmed okay? Some nice little life advice for you lil man. You talking about posting names when your screen-name is Jim213! LMAO! Damn you stupid! You are the reason Lakers fans get a bad reputation. Don’t claim us in public, in fact go play in traffic. We don’t need you breeding and passing down your stupidity to another generation.

        • Jim213

          Lol… just went back and erased my 20 paragraph post when I found out you’re female. Apologize, that explains why you want to have the last say smh. No diss, but you haven’t provided crap to the conversation. The other post has closed as you’re likely aware of… but I’m not the one posting at 9pm on a Saturday night…lol If you believe I live a boring life. Not out of shape too. In my prime tho will start the journey downward. I’m one of those crazy people who runs in over 100+ degree when it burns up too while being in great shape. It’s a mental challenge thing for me since you’re talking about wits 😛 .

          Hurt?… your the butt pirate tho this was going to be a foul post. Not African American too since you bring up the N word but don’t believe you’re black too? smh Guess you’re just trying to sound cool while trying to be in with the in crowd to use it loosely. But haven’t shown squat with regards to why Young should be signed long term. But rather than a #stayswag campaign LN should’ve done a #staypau campaign given his contributions but you probably can’t remember that too.

          Me butt hurt? don’t think so butt pirate. Jealous of Nick? have better qualities which goes for looks and a better mind (really). Use your brain but know you’re on the defensive right now. Will let most of your bs post slide but not all 😛 Again this is a business and doubt FO won’t pay attention to players likely getting high/hurting the brand’s image. Different times than before. No privacy anymore to end your post to why would FO not care.

          Smh, 18 pts avg last year lol (seriously laughing) given the bad season and he should be re-signed long term smh. No diss, he’ll get limited minutes being not the same as this past season and you expect him to out do this past season’s stats? That’s what we’re talking about here (next year’s expectations) that we’ll be discussing upon the half way point of next season if he returns.

          I know your upset but have to think about this logically (no diss). I don’t have anything to do? it’s called a smart phone… convenient LMAO. But who’s posting at 9pm on a Saturday night? thank you… You need to get laid lady seriously. You have a lot of stress and resentment inside but will let your foul post go 😛

          Who’s talking about keeping X or Brooks long term too? They play defense if you go back and check out last season’s vids as if they don’t pan out then place them in a trade package to acquire better players. They have more hustle than Young that’s why I’d prefer them over Swag. Kent and Meeks are better rounded players than Young for sure and should be considered before him.

          Don’t have any breathing problems too tick tock tick tock lol. Who’s going to replace Nick? How about who’s going to replace Meeks (good role player) b/c Bazemore is the better option over Young but given he’s UFA (as of today) they’ll have to pay slightly more for him now. Wits? really you haven’t provided any evidence or solid info to support your argument smh. But you started the foul language bs which I could care less and play the game too but being you’re female will be polite b/c it would’ve gotten ugly (seriously).

          I’m stupid?, while providing informative stuff yet you’re name calling :( (lol). Know you’re angry but will take it down rather than really piss you off. Hopefully this isn’t who I think it is SS? first and last name ends with S b/c she puts in hard work and given here past bad experiences she’s overcome bad times which likely led to anxiety and insecurities. MMA good tho…. yet kooks talk bad about her and one stands up for her… smh

          Stupidity? as opposed to #stayswag when #staypau should’ve been utilized while being in fantasy land believing Lebron is the answer with #24 around is plain moronic, obtuse. I’ll give you the final say without replying more than one paragraph next time if you can provide me info, or vids, to why Young is considered better long term than Bazemore or Meeks (18 pts isn’t enough given he won’t be playing consistently as a starter).

          Expect a competitive product on the floor not a less than 30 win season if you think I post crappy stuff. Seriously tho provide some information not going back and trying to dissect my post given your unsubstantiated replies. Cut that N word crap too b.c it’s offensive to others. But you likely don’t care tho you should know if you had good marbles? Kept my post mostly clean too but hopefully this isn’t the one diehards respect on this site 😛

          • DKWTTY

            Don’t refer to me as a female. I’m a grown woman and yes I’m very stubborn but if I love to have the last say because I’m “female” what does that say about you wanting to have the last say? You walk right into it.

            The other post closed so you had to search for another post of mine to reply to…on a Saturday night. I know you’re stupid but there is this thing called time-zones-you might want to look it up! Well if you don’t have a boring life why are you mentioning Nick Youngs personal life? You think Shaq didn’t party? Metta World Peace wasn’t crazy and partying? You think Mitch and Jim sit up and debate on who to sign based on their personal life? If you can’t see how that’s stupid then you are truly a lost cause!

            You just called me female…now I’m a butt pirate? Wow you truly are a mental midget!! Amazing. You erased your post because it was dumb. I am black but apparently your paranoid schizophrenia is kicking in and you probably still think I’m some undercover worker for LN posting! LMAO!! Do you proofread your paranoid rants before hitting post because they never flow and never make sense. It’s like a crackhead rant.

            I did show why Nick should be signed, you haven’t shown why those scrubs you want instead of him should be signed long-term. I love Pau and want him back so try again booty bandit. Wipe Jodie off your lip before you talk shit to me little boy!!!

            NO SHIT we are talking about next year so how would he not be able to contribute next year when he’ll still be coming off the bench. Let me say this for the 100th time IF HE DID THAT WITH “NO EXPECTATIONS” WHY DID JODIE DO WORSE THAN HIM AS A STARTER WITH NO EXPECTATIONS? I’M WAITING ON THE ANSWER…

            Let me obliterate your post one last time. You said this 3 months ago:

            “IMO, since Blake is gone Meeks has earned his spot on the roster for next season tho HAS to improve on the defensive end.”

            Oh and this little gem here about Nick:

            “However, given his newly found stardom which goes applies to personal life too (Iggy) best to play in another big city (Chicago/NY?) to keep good fortunes rolling. Not too many teams should pass up a four point play specialist.”

            CHECK MATE! Now all of a sudden Meeks is a defensive specialist and better rounded player!! Oh and Nick is now trash when 3 months ago he was a 4 point play specialist. You mention his girlfriend, again noting his personal life. I’d say you were jealous and since you aren’t BLACK you are probably mad that he’s fucking a white girl aren’t you?

            I NEVER SAID GET RID OF MEEKS! THIS IS WHY I CALL YOU STUPID BECAUSE YOU ARE ARGUING JUST TO ARGUE!!! Go re-read my post and YOU were the one who said KEEP X, Brooks, Meeks, etc over Nick. Are you dumb? YOU SAID THAT! Here is YOUR quote, “For some, but I’d prefer signing Bazemore, Meeks, Farmar, Brooks (camp invite), and X Henry, better consistent players all around.” WHY ARE YOU LYING? I gave you stats to back up my argument. All you’ve given is crap like “he has better upside”, “he’s more mentally focused”, yadda, yadda, you don’t have proof of ANY OF THAT!

            Do you not remember when Meeks couldn’t even get off the bench? That’s because he was trash and inconsistent and horrible on defense. He was lost out there. He put up a measly 8 points off the bench. How is Nick putting up 18 in comparison not a logical argument??????? I was being nice until you decided to be an asshole and accuse me of false shit! You wouldn’t be annoyed by that you crackhead?

            I’m not angry. I’m annoyed by your utter lack of intelligence. I’m seriously baffled. You have to be some mentally disabled adult who has to be cared for on a daily basis. Do your care takers know you are playing on the computer??? Your little threats don’t scare me. Nothing will get ugly because you aren’t smart enough to engage me in a debate so you resort to name calling. Where have you made even ONE good point? Name it. Who the HELL is SS? There goes your paranoia again. I thought I worked for LakersNation??? Please take your meds!

            Since you like to stalk my comments you would realize I was and am totally opposed to that stupid #stayswag campaign. It was stupid and embarrassing, much like your comments. Try another irrelevant red herring tactic because Pau is one of my favorites. Don’t try and say I don’t like him and that I support that campaign because I DON’T! TRY HARDER! Neither do I believe we’ll get Lebron you stupid fuck!! Stop bringing up irrelevant shit I didn’t say! Wow you can tell you aren’t a real fan. Nick didn’t average 18 points as a starter moron! He was our bench player you dunce!

            You’re a loser, a liar, a moron, a clown. You can’t read. You can’t comprehend what you read. Why are you arguing with me? I bet you can’t answer that because I’ve said over and over my views but you still can’t grasp it. I also agreed with you on a few points but you still can’t grasp it. You’re a real weirdo. Go and delete your posts so no one has evidence of your stupidity and so the “die hards” will respect you? What are you even talking about? Again you are the reason Lakers fan get a bad rep.

          • Jim213

            Lol, walked into what? still haven’t proven your argument that’s what this has been about really. Nick hanging around and buzzing up with homies isn’t a problem as could care less about it but when it’s caught in the open (filmed) dumb ass should be more concerned about his image aside of hurting his FA possibilities with other teams (BUSINESS smh).

            You sound more caucasian given your usage of awkward words. Going around in circles, re-read the posts.. trade bait if players don’t pan out. You started talking the foulness but I’ll keep it polite given your gender. Nobody’s saying Young will not contribute but not like this past season given he’ll get limited minutes and won’t be as valuable as this past season with a better starting lineup. Yes, Young brings offense but struggles with defense which is important especially coming off the bench but you know this already.

            Both have close to similar numbers this past season but defensively (overall) not one stat, Meeks played better defense. Let’s not forget the former coach’s constant mixture of lineup rotation too which resulted from injury. “IMO, since Blake is gone Meeks has earned his spot on the roster for next season tho HAS to improve on the defensive end.” LOL, true that tells me you’re not who you say you are but cool roll with it.

            So another lie came into the forefront b/c you do read my post 😛 even if you say they’re far out in left field. However, awhile back Meeks was still the better option rather than trading him to which Blake ended up being traded to try to get the most out of Farmar and Marshall (smh). So if had to chose Blake or Meeks… I’d go with Meeks today still given he can keep up with players.

            “However, given his newly found stardom which goes applies to personal life too (Iggy) best to play in another big city (Chicago/NY?) to keep good fortunes rolling. Not too many teams should pass up a four point play specialist.” Yup said that too, being Young’s taken advantage of his opportunity (limelight) which couldn’t have hurt his personal life as we can observe.

            Know you do read my post 😛 but getting back to the four point play specialist… it shows I don’t dislike Young but given NY/Chi are large markets too Young would be foolish to not consider one of those teams especially the Bulls since they lack offense (truth) #uncheckmate

            Meeks is a better defender but Young isn’t trash too tho but wouldn’t consider him long term given his lack of defensive prowess especially if he’d like 3+ mil down the road. I could care less who Nick dates too b/c it’s his personal life and I’ve dated better looking girls so could care less about his personal life. However, he over indulges in the Lakers spotlight especially for last season’s results and all the talk that was said but you know that too.

            Your foul use of words initiated the use of language but have limited it down given I’m somewhat certain of your identity (respect you). Confidence and anger shows through too. Thanks for reading my posts given my lack of intelligence yet you recall old posts very well.

            Of course Nick was a bench player last yr and he did take advantage of the opportunity but don’t expect the same type of contribution from him next year given the last year’s lack of depth at the starting rotation. Expect a competitive product on the floor just as the past great players so it’s not giving the brand a bad reputation. You’ve read many of my post and don’t believe you feel that way tho your anger is clear.

            I give Laker fans a bad rep? Nah, keep it honest without the spin or fantasy. Let’s just say you favor Nick and I prefer if FO invested more wisely as opposed to a one dimensional player. That’s all. Couldn’t make this a one paragraph response given your comment. 😛 But myself and DP have argued longer that’s how it’s done. Valued info is transferred back and forth but the only thing you’ve managed to transmit was your foul language to no avail. Good luck, 😛 (will root for you)

          • DKWTTY

            Walk into the fact that you are a bitch. What type of “man” behaves like you? I did prove my argument. I can’t help it if you are slow. His was filmed doing what? WTF are you talking about? Get a life and stop hating. Mitch and Jim DO NOT care about what Nick does in his free time and neither should you. Does your boss have a right to know what you do in your free time?

            What does sounding Caucasian mean? Awkward words? You mean the ENGLISH language? Something you clearly aren’t very familiar with. I’m not but keep trying. You’ve accused me of being every race & gender. Everything. What else am I since you know me so well?

            I AGREED with that so WHY are you still arguing with me? So if Nick’s role will be smaller what about Meeks? Who you are vouching for. You still can’t explain that because by vouching for him and disliking Nick for the same thing that applies to Meeks is just stupid. You can’t understand that? Wow!

            3 months ago Meeks needed to improve his defense now you’re saying he’s this good defender? Played defense is your opinion. I asked to see the stats that you said you had to back this claim up and you haven’t provided them. I’m waiting. How does finding your old comments via google mean I’m not who I say I am? WHY are you so paranoid? Who am I supposed to be? You’re so weird. It’s truly bizarre.

            What LIE? What are you talking about??? Jesus you’re annoying! I googled your name to prove how much of a hypocrite you are and surprise, IT WORKED! Those were YOUR words! You can’t change your mind. It wasn’t to prove who was better out of Blake or Meeks moron. It was to prove you said he isn’t a good defender but here 3 months later you are switching up and lying. I posted the Nick comment to prove you said he was a good player, “4 point specialist”. It wasn’t about his personal life or new found fame. Once again your logical, critical and reading skills need work. It was checkmate because it destroyed EVERYTHING you’ve been trying to argue with me about for the last few days. The Bulls have no cap space and are already trying to clear space to land Melo. NY has the same issue so no, they aren’t options for Nick.

            Right so listen to me for the last time. I don’t think Meeks is some great defender and we know Nick isn’t either. I never said I hated Meeks. In fact I said I’d rather keep both. You can go back and see where I said it over and over so again, why are you arguing??? If you didn’t care about Nick’s personal life you wouldn’t mention it yet you’ve done it twice. About his partying and about his girlfriend. What does that have to do about basketball? Metta “over indulged” in the Lakers spotlight too. Did you hate him? I bet you didn’t. As I said I don’t CARE if Nick likes attention and being a clown so long as he produces on the court.

            Your sentences don’t make any sense so I’m not even sure what you’re trying to say or WHO you think I am. I’ll tell you for the LAST FUCKING TIME I have had no other aliases. I have never debated with you before. I searched for your previous posts. GASP what a foreign concept in 2014, right? I don’t recall old posts very well-google does. You started with the abuse and foul language with your misogyny so don’t be surprised when I’m offended by your caveman mentality. Do you drag your knuckles on the ground when you walk too?

            So if you know he’s a bench player WHY do you keep referring to him starting/being a starter? Okay so what do you expect Jodie to contribute next season with Kobe back when his minutes will be slashed like Nick’s would be? Same thing right? When Jodie had a smaller role he was VERY inconsistent and benched as a result. You don’t remember that? I imagine it’ll be the same next season. Although for the benefit of our favorite team, I hope not. I don’t see Nick sliding off as far as Jodie does when he can’t get over 25 minutes a game. I’m not angry.

            I do like Nick. I enjoy him, he’s entertaining but I DID agree with you and said if he requires too much money he can go elsewhere. You know I said that. You think I don’t want the Lakers to use their money wisely so that we fans get the best product? Don’t be ridiculous! If there is a better cheaper option I’m all for it! 100%. I said that a million times and then you wonder why I curse you out? I know males are bad communicators but damn you take the cake!

            Okay I’ll tell you like another fan told me when we debated. We are both Lakers fans. We aren’t enemies. We’ll agree to disagree. I just do not like being misinterpreted, lied on and words put in my mouth that I never stated. I am not whoever you think I am. That’s ALL I ask is you stop repeating lies. I don’t know who DP is or what you are talking about.

            I use “foul” language because as I told you I’m a grown ass woman and grown ass people curse sometimes. If you don’t like it then oh well. Don’t act like you’re an angel who didn’t do the same thing. I’ve yet to realize your point or what you’ve tried to say. It wasn’t well written. All you’ve managed to do is insult and lie. What I did obviously wasn’t to no avail because it rattled you enough to search out another post of mine to reply to with your misogynistic butt-hurts rants. At the end of the day we both want the best for our team as Lakers fans so lets just let it go.

          • Jim213

            Smh, for someone who say’s they have wits you’re slow on the uptake. Look it up for yourself. “Mitch and Jim DO NOT care about what Nick does in his free time and neither should you.” I don’t give a sh*t what Nick does but this is a business after all.

            Who’s arguing with you? Just replying to your long post, if Meeks returns he’ll get more play than Nick given he can play at both ends of the floor. Brought this up already smh, not spending time pulling up #s for you since you can’t bother to look them for yourself. Whoever, doesn’t produce from the role players next season ship them out .

            “IMO, since Blake is gone Meeks has earned his spot on the roster for next season tho HAS to improve on the defensive end”… let me explain it in simpler terms smh. We (bloggers) argued who should go or stay next season, some wanted Blake, I preferred Farmar over Meeks and Blake but Steve was traded so an opening came up for a player to be re-signed (both FAs 2014) as per CBA rules a traded player can’t re-sign with a team the following season. He’ll prefer Farmar over no D- Marshall but looks like Marshall’s still on the payroll for next season.

            Smh, ‘”However, given his newly found stardom which applies to personal life too (Iggy) best to play in another big city (Chicago/NY?)… to keep good fortunes rolling.” Yes said this and didn’t change my mind as Young’s a good player but should sign elsewhere. Did I say he should re-sign with the Lakers?… don’t think so smh. If the Bulls don’t land Melo then best if they consider a player like Young who can pop shots as the team in general can help him on the defensive end. Lakers don’t have that luxury being one of the worst defensive team’s this past season.

            Meeks is more efficient on the floor. Who cares and if they both return we’ll see what’s up down the road. Don’t care if you curse but it’s hard to decipher genders by post/blogs. You’re a female could care less but won’t take it up that road when making or arguing a point. It’s cool respect your opinion… blah blah here’s some stats from 2013/14 from the most productive TEAM lineups.

            Advanced stats, Meeks was utilized more heavily by the coach and was mostly involved with some of the highest winning % rotations last season (more than Young). But shows why I never liked the coach’s rotations. Too much experimenting as opposed to going/gambling with the best one to try to produce better results. Don’t intend on re-posting and neither should you.

    • comrade24

      what did Lavine do? I stopped watching after the lottery picks were over.