INSTAGRAM: Jeremy Lin Posterizes His Mom In The Kitchen Reviewed by Momizat on . The Los Angeles Lakers made a bold move this summer by acquiring point guard Jeremy Lin from the Houston Rockets in a trade that took everyone by surprise. Alon The Los Angeles Lakers made a bold move this summer by acquiring point guard Jeremy Lin from the Houston Rockets in a trade that took everyone by surprise. Alon Rating: 0
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INSTAGRAM: Jeremy Lin Posterizes His Mom In The Kitchen

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The Los Angeles Lakers made a bold move this summer by acquiring point guard Jeremy Lin from the Houston Rockets in a trade that took everyone by surprise.

Along with giving the Lakers an upgrade at the point guard position, Lin brings a personality to the Lakers that will be seen off the court all season long on social media. Lin recently appeared in a video with YouTube stars and now has made a video that raises the bar.

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As a part of Lin’s Fan Appreciation Week, the star floor general posted a video on his Instagram account of him posterizing his mother in the kitchen. Lin apologized to his mother for the posterization by simply using the hashtag, #sorrymom, on his video post.

Kobe Bryant’s message to Jeremy Lin

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  • x

    lol have as much fun as you can because when its showtime thats what we’re going to expect from you

    • Mambanation

      he is pretty efficient so we already know he will be a 20-5-5 player if he gets enough mins even if he doesnt start.

  • Eman94

    I don’t know if that’s his house or just his parents house but I would of thought they’d live in a nicer neighborhood and a bigger nicer house

    • Leonel CuffyoChick Pierre

      just cuz u have money don’t mean u have to be flashy. Thats smart.

      • Devon Samuels²⁴

        Well said!

    • Nexzen

      Home is home, you can have all the money in the world. Doesn’t mean you have to move.

    • PoweredByRice

      That’s his parents house. They live in Palo Alto, so that little shack of a house is probably worth more than most of the million-dollar McMansions in Texas.

    • July 5th —————- Juni

      Good is fine.
      Nice is fine.
      Don’t need more; don’t need nicer.

    • O_O

      Doesn’t Warren Buffet still live in the same little house as before he became a Billionaire?

  • Duckathon

    Funny video. Save those for the real thing Jeremy.

  • Mike B.

    Maybe instead of suggesting things like “have fun now because it’s going to be direly serious when you step on the court”, we can just appreciate the man for being totally awesome. I’ve watched this video five times now, and my smile just gets bigger each time. I am elated that Jeremy Lin is a Laker.

  • Dana Douglas

    Right on, Jeremy. I laughed (harder than your mom did). :D

  • lakers32

    i love it…the more personality this laker team has…the more ill be interested.

  • Ming Cheung

    He needs to stop all the foolery! He’s a laker now, this isn’t dwight coward and the houston rockets. Get to the gym and work on your game young fella.

    • Sti1lmatic

      Finally, someone who feels the same about this matter.

      • guest

        I guess the right thing to say is “Lin, why dont you make a video where you at the gym and working out your butt like mambamentaity thing” for that NO AS**** complaining and bugging out your funny video, which is hilarious though.. hahahaha

        • Sti1lmatic

          I have no problem with the poor videos. I’m sure he’ll have one or two opportunities to make these videos when he’s Tim Tebow’d out of the league.

          I guess I’m just upset that AGAIN we have no quality point guard. Nash is available but hanging by a string.

    • Ultimate187

      Lin has more personality in his pinkie finger than James Harden has in his entire body.

    • Hanna Park

      Why do you think he doesn’t go to the gym and work on game?? Do you think all pro athletes should live in the gym for 24 hours?? Someday, you will appreciate your time with your siblings and parents when you are away from home.

      • Kishan

        its because everyone thinks he spent 24 hours dunking over his mum

    • LAL4Life

      I think you should try work off your butt 24 hours in gym.. lets see your mambamentality.. you think kobe “fathertime” came out from his mouth?! of course, and spend quality time with your friends and family. its bigger than basketball AS*****!

      • Ming Cheung

        U mad. Lol

        • Mambanation

          LOL thats hella funny bro hahahahaha

    • Tune

      Yes, he should be spending 18 hours in the gym destroying his body and being unfit for playing in the NBA. Please use logic when you voice your opinion. Nothing wrong with having fun. Did you say the same thing about Kobe when he was in Brazil or Swaggy P throwing the first pitch or at the Kings game?

      • Ming Cheung

        Yao Ming is the greatest Asian player of all time! Lol

    • Ming Cheung

      Yao Ming is the Asian G.O.A.T.
      Sun Yue was here first, you JLin bandwagon fans

  • Mushu

    “Dishonor to your whole family! Dishonor to you! dishonor to your cow!”

    • Duckathon

      Heh, that’s quote brings back memories.

  • Jake

    If I were Jeremy, I would spend hours and hours at the court and gym doing conditioning, weight, skill and strength trainings. I would prepare myself to be 200% ready to be the starter and help the lakers to clinch the playoff. I would stay away from Facebook, Instagram. Working on my game, learning the system and building chemistry with my teammate are my priorities. It is not a crime to be ultra excited as a lakers. However, winning is everything, You goofy and showboat after you win. This is just my thoughts. I would not celebrate when there is nothing to celebrate.

    • Hanna Park

      Some people have fans who follow them all the time. Lin has fans all over the world. I would say he appreciates fans by showing a little bit of his time with his family. Besides, I am sure he’s smart enough know basketball is first, and the most important in his career right now and spends hours daily at the gym.

      • LinsanityLakers

        Well Said.. somehow there are people here are simply ASSHOLES!

        • Ming Cheung

          Linsanity laker? Bandwagon fan! Were you linsanity rockets last year? Haha

    • Nalin Shukla

      I bet your a bore

    • Ming Cheung

      Agree 100%

    • Duckathon

      I…don’t get this.

    • nlruizjr

      It’s called living life, you know there are other things in a persons life besides work, were you at work when you typed up that stupid comment, if not why not ??????

    • Mambanation

      LOL thats hella funny bro

    • yoeddy

      Jeremy’s work-ethic is very strong…posting to Instagram is actually pretty simple and doesn’t take much time.

  • Mambanation

    Pretty funny. Lin is probably the coolest dude on the team right now. but he has to do well as a player thats his job to perform.

    • vdogg

      he should be the starter.

      • Mambanation

        he should….but there is a steve nash lol that cost more than him.

  • Devon Samuels²⁴

    lol that’s funny have fun Lin glad you enjoying your self!

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