INSTAGRAM: Iggy Azalea Hits Trick Shot At Lakers Practice Facility

INSTAGRAM: Iggy Azalea Hits Trick Shot At Lakers Practice Facility


Nick Young and rapper Iggy Azalea are inseparable. The celebrity couple are an odd pairing that could’ve easily been a romance that lasted only a few months, but the relationship seems to work.

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Iggy and Swaggy P have been seen all over the City of Angels enjoying everything Los Angeles has to offer, but their latest sighting took some by surprise.

Apparently, Young brought his rapper girlfriend the Los Angeles Lakers practice facility on Saturday night to get a few shots up. Iggy then proceeded to hit an impressive trick shot from behind the basket while being filmed by the Lakers star.

So not only do Swaggy P and Iggy enjoy the nightlife this city has to offer, but also don’t mind hitting the court together from time to time.


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  • GuitarJam


    • GazLondonBoy

      She is the realist she’s never pretended to be anything other than Australian from day one I like the fact she raps in a different accent makes her more interesting.

      • Mike Adams

        as fake as her booty

        • Brian Jensen

          Iggy’s ass is real.

          • Realwomenonly

            Real, as in its not an illusion, it is right there in to see in front of your face, yes. If that’s her real ass though, untouched by shots and or implants she needs to tone and tighten that ass up…I’d hate to see what it looks like in 20yrs

      • Realwomenonly

        Brothers and sisters! I don’t know what this world is coming to! She’s pretending to be a rapper, and pretending that azz is real..we need some back in the day battle when a rapper was called out and dissed hard for being a biter, a clone, and just plain whack..everybody’s on some nice shit, go along to get along..that’s whats killed the game, to much phoney industry marketing, promotion, and hype…I’ll be glad when her 15 minutes are up, but then again the next in line will be just as whack.

  • richard

    slow day in the NBA…. wake me when the season starts… yawn!!!

    • Realwomenonly

      Just like her booty..just like her career..that was fake…FAKE! Her booty is a lot faker though, fake, fake, fake, fake, fake, fake, FAKE BOOTY!

      • GazLondonBoy

        You mad or nah #jealous #bitterbitches lol

        • Realwomenonly

          Jealous? Mad? Hater? Nah, I’m neither of those, I’m just making a statement. I’m a man that likes a real dignified woman that’s all. She can take her no talent fake ass back to Australia. Yeah she may be getting fame and money but at what price? You sit between a little boys legs in a song called “pussy”..then you trot around stage showing you’re fake ass and complain about getting fingered while you body surf…your whole persona his based on skankism, then you go on interviews trying to act classy like your supposed to be taken seriously as a so called artist…you may have money and fame but you can’t buy class or dignity…oh your Also an unoriginal biter, a lil kim, nikki minaj, Madonna clone…the lakers should show more class and keep her out of the light that shines purple and gold..but hey at least her breasts, lips, and nose (maybe) are real, for now anyway…

          • Guest

            Dang you’re a hater.

          • Realwomenonly

            But I love you, muuuuuah!

      • angie

        Nicki Minaj is fake! I betyy’all listen to her!

        • juggarnaut

          she not fake but her botty is

        • Realwomenonly

          I can’t stand minaj’s fake azz…don’t listen to her either..but if it’s about the music, but it’s the video that gets me with her between the boy, who’s at most 9yrs old. She’s between him talking about pussy, that’s lame as he’ll. the parents of that boy need to be slapped. The beat is bangin though, I can’t front, to bad it was wasted on a terrible industry manufactured clone rapper..they both should have a fake booty contest. That would be interesting, I’d throw quarters at there asses and watch them ricochet back and forth..

  • Voidwalker

    Swaggy Piggy

    • GazLondonBoy

      Salty #Jealousy

  • Yasiel


  • rocket625

    she looks 14