INSTAGRAM: DeSean Jackson Trolls LeBron James Using Kobe Bryant Again Reviewed by Momizat on . Superstar LeBron James has taken a lot of criticism for the Miami Heat's collapse in the NBA Finals. Although it could be argued that it was LeBron's team that Superstar LeBron James has taken a lot of criticism for the Miami Heat's collapse in the NBA Finals. Although it could be argued that it was LeBron's team that Rating: 0
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INSTAGRAM: DeSean Jackson Trolls LeBron James Using Kobe Bryant Again

Superstar LeBron James has taken a lot of criticism for the Miami Heat’s collapse in the NBA Finals. Although it could be argued that it was LeBron’s team that fell apart against the San Antonio Spurs, the leader of the squad has taken the blame for failing to pull off the three-peat.

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One NFL star has gone out of his way to troll LeBron on Instagram recently using Kobe Bryant and Michael Jordan as examples of how to get it done in the Finals. DeSean Jackson of the Washington Redskins, clearly a passionate Los Angeles Lakers and Kobe fan, posted the following picture on Instagram taking a shot at LeBron:

With the Heat losing in convincing fashion to the Spurs and all the speculation surrounding the future of the four-time NBA MVP, the trolling will likely not stop for quite some time. Many believe that LeBron can redeem himself if he elects to opt out of his deal with the Heat and return to the Cleveland Cavaliers as a free agent, but that scenario might be nothing more than a dream for Cavs fans and owner Dan Gilbert.

As LeBron’s future hangs in the balance, the speculation will continue with what might be “The Decision Part II” in the coming weeks.

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Los Angeles has also been mentioned as a possible destination for LeBron in free agency, but it seems more likely that he might favor the Clippers rather than the Lakers.

It has been rumored that the Lakers might make a run at LeBron and that could be the main reason for the coaching search taking so long. Even if Mitch Kupchak and company make a pitch to arguably the best player in the league, it’s doubtful he’ll be wearing purple and gold next season.
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  • Tune

    It’s funny reading the comments on the instagram post, people are so butthurt over a joke.

  • iEATcelticBabies

    they dont call the black mamba , Mr 4th quarter for nothing…. it’s called the killer instinct…kobe might be the only NBA player with the killer instinct. !

    • http://rantsofascorpio.wordpress.com/ Evan

      There are a few out there no doubt, but few with the talent that Kobe has. Garnett was always an intense player. I’m curious to see what Smart does in the league, too.

      • VillainKing

        I think Marcus Smart had the same killer instinct like Kobe Bryant..

    • Cassandra Marino

      no theres a couple that come to mind

  • itsmarvinyo

    LeBron said “follow my lead” before starting game five, so what did the rest of his team do??? Choke..

    • VillainKing

      Correct buddy!!heheheh:-)

    • David

      He scored 31 points…… Get off the dick.

    • Get over it

      3 pts in the 2nd qtr? outplayed by leonard 3 straight games lol lefraud

  • VillainKing

    That was nice, the Heat really needs Kobe..heheheh..

    • Cassandra Marino

      that’s the diffrerence between kobe and LeBron. LeBron can’t deal with adversity going through the tough times being there for your teammates through thick and thin he’s always trying to find a way out when he’s not winning. kobe shuts everybody up and goes out there and plays ball. kobe’s a laker for life it’s in his blood that’s what makes him the greatest of all time that’s make him special that’s what diminishes from everybody else that he’s played for one team his whole career even when times were rough. LeBron is just a wuss he cant take the pressure

      • David

        Lebron is a team player…….. He’s the main reason why the heat has been winning for the past 2 years is because his all around skill. Not his scoring but him just playing team basketball. If you think lebron can’t take the pressure, then how do you explain game 6 vs Boston in 2012, how do you explain game 6 and 7 vs spurs last year? He’s teammates didn’t show up this year when it counted anyone could see that except an ignorant lebron hater. Just face it lebron is an all time great just like kobe.You haters are just as bad as the lebron fanboys saying lebron is better than mj.

        • 8605lb

          Hop of lebrons dick now are u done

          • CC

            He has the right to state the truth 8605lb. Kobe can’t do nothing for the Heat, but ball hog. Let’s see Kobe couldn’t even make it to playoffs w/out Gasol or Shaq. LeBron really had no good players playing with him in Cleveland and still took them to the playoffs. Since LeBron left they haven’t even made it close to the playoffs.

          • Manny

            What are you talking about Kobe has never missed a play offs in a single season he has played leading up to them, not sure what you mean.

          • sheezy

            I love kobe too but he didn’t make the playoffs the first year shaq was gone.

        • jayy

          People understand this, the spurs did the same from last year.they took away LeBron strength and made him a shooter which is his weakness. Lebron should have lost back to back titles. What he avg scared nobody, mj and kobe changed the game with their killer instinct, which feared an opponent.LeBron is one dimensional and that would be he’s too passive, which is not what a leader needs to lead his team.LeBron has alittle bit of heart, and the spurs ecposed that he is the same player from his Cleveland days…my advise to LBJ, stop partying and work on changing your game.

          • shane m.

            4 consecutive finals appearance with 2 rings and 2 finals mvp yeah right i dont call that a leader! kobe 5 ring 2 finals mvp, kobe is getting the recognition that he wasnt even the supertar in those 3 rings! smh!

          • sheezy

            Kobe 5-2 in the finals Lbj 2-3. true kobe had shaq but lbj does not have 2 rings without dwade being his guidance counselor and holding his hand after another finals choke job against dallas. Dwade would’ve been mvp but Lbj the greatest player ever peed in pants during those finals. And he really should have one ring


    I don’t know who Desean Jackson is but I like him already.

    • Shirley

      He is a football player in the NFL. I think he went to Washington from the Eagles. See if he make those comments SUPER BOWL time. I would like to see what Lebron would tell him. People need to watch out they let their mouth make a fool out of them.

      • CC

        Thank you Shirley

  • Rusty Morris

    Can anyone explain how we could even afford Lequeen James with 28.2 million dollars left in cap room to build a whole team.

    • LakersOverEverything

      You give lebron 20mil a year. With kobe and lebron, $8mil is plenty left to build a contending team. No bs

  • john rambo23

    finally, some of the fake, bandwagon heat fans will have to find some other popular crap to support

    • CC

      I am still going to support Heat as long as James is still there.

  • Linkdeville

    I feel what DJ was saying, but let’s keep it a buck. The Mamba is a Laker 4 Lyfe!!!!

  • The Raider

    Kobe = 5 Rings, Lebron – 2 Rings. Hahahahahahaha !!!!!!!!

  • The Raider

    The argument of Kobe Vs Jordan will always be a debate. Two of the greatest. Lebron, has officially been eliminated from this discussion. The Spurs have always been Lebron’s cryptinite starting from his Spurs days. A healthy Kobe and dominate Lakers team only got eliminated by the Spurs once. Just goes to show you who the man really is. Until Kobe retires, this is his league. Lebron is just a young face that the NBA can market.

    • shane m.

      eliminated once? hey kobe dickrider fan dont be butthurt that lakers not making the finals for the past few years now, he cant even carru his team in the finals just accept the fact that he is done! 1 mvp title in how many years in the nba? 2 finals mvp in 5 rings??? cmon i say overrated!

  • The Raider

    I meant to say starting from Lebrons Cav days.

    • shane m.

      spurs eliminated the lakers with superstars around him and coming from a 3 peat! when spurs eliminated the cavs it was all lebron and now the spurs eliminated ghe heat bec we all know the other big 2 didnt show up in the finals and hats off to spurs bec they played as a team!

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