INSTAGRAM: DeSean Jackson Takes Shot At LeBron With Kobe, Jordan Picture Reviewed by Momizat on . [new_royalslider id="184"] A couple of months ago, DeSean Jackson became a major topic of discussion in the sports world with the controversial wide receiver be [new_royalslider id="184"] A couple of months ago, DeSean Jackson became a major topic of discussion in the sports world with the controversial wide receiver be Rating: 0
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INSTAGRAM: DeSean Jackson Takes Shot At LeBron With Kobe, Jordan Picture

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A couple of months ago, DeSean Jackson became a major topic of discussion in the sports world with the controversial wide receiver being cut by the Philadelphia Eagles. Jackson being cut by the Eagles was rumored to be in the works, but no one thought it would really happen.

Unfortunately for Eagles fans, the three-time Pro-Bowler signed with the division rival Washington Redskins shortly thereafter. News surrounding the elite NFL receiver has died down as of late, but it may ramp up after his latest Instagram post.

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Apparently, Jackson seems to be a fan of Michael Jordan and Kobe Bryant and not all that fond of LeBron James. Jackson posted the following picture on Instagram in on Wednesday in an attempt to make a point about James’ current situation in Miami:

Jackson isn’t alone in his opinion of LeBron and the Miami Heat. Even though many have put “The Decision” behind them and have backed off criticizing LeBron, the superstar and the team filled with Hall of Famers still has its critics.

Outside of Scottie Pippen, Shaquille O’Neal and Pau Gasol, Jordan and Bryant were surrounded by the perfect combination of role players that propelled the Chicago Bulls and Los Angeles Lakers to a total 11 NBA titles. Karl Malone and Gary Payton joined Kobe and Shaq before the team was ripped apart, but both players were well beyond their prime and hoping to win a title before calling it a career like many veterans do.

Both Kobe and Jordan have their fair share of haters, but it’s nothing in comparison to the hatred people have had for LeBron and company.

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LeBron’s decision to sign with the Heat alongside Dwyane Wade and Chris Bosh will be criticized for years to come. Many believe LeBron simply took the easy route to win titles, but the fact of the matter is that he was able to dominate competition since landing in Miami winning two rings so far.

Ultimately, if LeBron ends up with two titles to his credit, Jordan and Kobe will continue to soar above the Ohio native in the grand scheme of things. LeBron still has a ways to go before being put in their category in terms of championships, but he’s also only 29 with potentially a lot of basketball left to be played.
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  • Jim213

    Good point but no need to diss LJ. After both Kobe and Lebron hang it up it may be sometime before another NBA torch barer superstar shows up. Enjoy it while it last.

    • http://rantsofascorpio.wordpress.com/ Evan

      Right? I’m sure if Kobe or Jordan had the option to bring in one of the best players to add to their team they would have. Luckily, they had good management who surrounded them with talent. Cleveland is inept. Chicago and LA weren’t.

      • JohnSmith00

        “surrounded them with talent”…. you mean like how it took the bulls 7 years after drafting MJ to build a contender good enough to win a championship. Or maybe you mean like how the Lakers squandered Kobe’s prime years.

        Don’t kid yourself with that bullshit both Kobe and MJ had the same opportunity that LeCramps did, except they toughed it out and forewent the easy route. Lebaby is a discrage to the NBA hell the current NBA is a disgrace to the NBA.

        Gone are the days of great basketball and we are left with much like the current generation, nothing more than spoiled children who have everything handed to them. I wonder how long it will be before the NBA starts handing out participants trophies.

        • joey

          Declaimer here, Im a die hard Kobe fan. That being said he came into the league on a team stacked with talent including four all stars one year (E. Jones, Nick Van Axel, Shag and Kobe) so lets not act like he didnt have a squad around him. Yes they did screw him when Shaq left but that what a rebuilding process is all about. And Jordon, welp needless to say that last team he was with had Kerr (top 3 shooter), Pippen (1st team defense and all star), Rodmon (Rebound and D king) and Tony K. and Ron Haprer. Not exactly slouches.

          • Jean Moke

            You forget that the year Kobe was traded to the Lakers he was benched. He didn’t get to play with Jones and Axel cuz they left when he became a starter. When Kobe took over the reign alongside Shaq, is when they started winning rings. Lebron on the other hand started with all these guys. LeBron did not have to make his mark in that team, Jordan and Kobe did. Kobe had the weight of former high school student new to the nba, he had to work to get where he is right now in the lakers, lebron was handed all that. Not even saying that LeBron sucks or anything, just that the decision was a rather dumb ass decision

          • joey

            I didnt forget anything. Kobe was an all star with Jones, Axel, and Shaq in Kobes 3rd yr.

          • BigFern

            Aside from Shaq the others on that Laker team are not hall of famers. Miami has three future hall of famers. Not a legit comparison. Just because they might have made a few all star teams, you can’t put them in the same class as Bosh, Wade and Lebron. So your comparison doesn’t work.

          • xkabumx

            Do you forget that he was 18 then?

          • molly

            LeBron definetly took the easy way,I have no respect for that heat team

          • JohnSmith00

            You missed the point this isn’t about Kobe, MJ and Lebron having talent around them, because all of them had that, just not to the degree Lebron has in Miami.

            The point here is that at some point in their career both Kobe and MJ found themselves in the same situation as Lebron, only they didn’t run off when things looked bad.

          • Tune

            It’s really about the fact that LBJ created it, he talked to Bosh and D Wade then made a super team. He wasn’t drafted into it, he wasn’t traded into it by force, and they didn’t suddenly develop into those kind of players like the Spurs have with Leonard, Tony Parker, and Ginobili.

          • http://rantsofascorpio.wordpress.com/ Evan

            This I can definitely agree with.

          • Tune

            Except Kobe was a rookie then and not that good. Kobe in his prime had no team around him until MWP, Fisher came back, and Gasol.

          • aname2

            Kobe didn’t have Ron Artest in 2008 and 2009 finals. The only particularly notable players were Gasol (all-star/top 5 PF) and maybe Bynum. All the rest were role players (Fisher, Farmar, Vujecic, Ariza, etc). Lebron has Wade (all-star/top 10 SG all time), Bosh (all-star/top 5 PF), and Allen (3 point king). Plus not to mention a decent role players, good coach, and good GM/staff/ownership amongst other things. The criticism comes because Lebron could have created one of the greatest legacies in basketball history (if he had stayed with Cleveland and won a few titles there along with all the MVP’s he would’ve snagged. Eventually, just like Chicago did with Jordan, another star would’ve came to Cleveland (maybe Wade or Bosh would’ve even came given another year or two). Now, the 2 titles he’s already won are almost “tainted” in a way. A franchise player shouldn’t have to leave his team the way Bron did.

          • Lee Harrison


          • R8RsKingsLakersDodgers

            When you leave the franchise you were no longer a franchise player

          • R8RsKingsLakersDodgers

            Only in hindsight

        • michael

          Dude….lol shaq ran from one contender to the lakers and teamed with the best talent out . And MJ and Lebron could be compared..only if wade had been traded to the heat and a decent coach had been moved in. AND A KERR LEVELL SHOOTER #ALLEN AND A GREAT DEFENSIVE PLAYER #RODMAN.

          comparing the mid2000 cavs to the mid 80s Bulls? Great? So what did they do to fix their superstars support? Smh

        • znc03

          dude slow your fucking role its not that big of a deal

        • R8RsKingsLakersDodgers

          True story

      • box5

        Nope, kobe didn’t say hey give me Allan Iverson and ray allen, he fucking played against them!!!!! And don’t speak on nash or samaki freaking walker, jordan didn’t beg to have Barkley and hakeem or stockton, you baby compare this pussy I need help star to the legends, is he great yes, but when you put him next to these guys in the grand scheme of things his now I want melo and paul pierce we are the world ass is just no in their league! I perfer players who took the Prince approach to we are the world lol, like if you are the best why don’t you not want to play against the best players? At your position too! Hell he even got beasley now and rashard lewis! And had mike miller lol, that punk likes to play with all his comp yet have the nerve to claim king, foh yell

        • Mike B.

          Who’s ALLAN Iverson?Lol you mean Allen Iverson?

          • box5

            Wow a bad spelling excites the LeBron ball gogglers smh the internet You got to love it yell

        • VillainKing

          Ray Allen Iverson how about that?!instead of Allan Iverson…heheheh

      • DKWTTY

        So why couldn’t Lebron have just had D Wade and Bosh come to Cleveland. Or lured any other players? Stop the excuses. It took Jordan awhile before he got a ring. Lebron just jumped on the easiest way possible.

      • Mad dog

        Cleveland surrounded him with enough talent to win the Finals. LeBron’s immaturity and lack of killer instinct was the problem.

        • Lee Harrison

          Yessir!Its funny how everyone forgets that for 3yrs straight this clown avg 60+ wins a yr with those same “BUMS”n used to blow other good teams off the map while taunting them by takin phony pictures on the sidelines and dancing like he was on 1of those stupid talent shows, everyone was good enough then but come playoff time when he couldnt beat 3fossils in Beantown(btw anyone else noticed how all of sudden Ray Allen got his 3pt stroke back in Miami after bricking enough shots to build project buildings in Boston)n a another clownstar in Orlando, then all of sudden his teamates wasnt good enough??Bottomline the king is a Fraud!

      • Daniel

        Remember when the NBA blocked Chris Paul from coming to the Lakers just to prevent the Lakers from having a dominant team with an injured Howard?

        I didn’t see them having a problem with the Heat having Lebron, Wade, Bosh, and Allen on the same team.

    • ra

      actually, what LeBron should do, logically, is come to LA to be teammates with Kobe, just to continue his legacy of pairing with superstars. It makes complete sense. Then, Kobe can take some of LeBron’s workload, and when Kobe retires, LeBron can continue doing what he does, and maybe bring a few more rings to the Lakers.

      This is a golden opportunity. If he pairs with Melo in Miami, it could be much the same drama as there is now, in Miami. Also, Melo is a ‘notch’ below superstar. He needs at least one championship to get there. He has the chops, but needs a ‘bit more’ cred.

      LeBron can’t do it on his own. Had years in Cleveland to do that. And now, DWade is just a ‘fading star’, not a superstar anymore. Bosh is an all-star, but never a superstar. It makes sense to come to LA, while Kobe is here, actually.

      • Tune

        The best thing LBJ can do for his career is go to the Knicks with Melo gone and getting them a championship. Or go to the Bulls/Lakers.

      • Jim213

        He’d never reach Mt Rushmore that way. It’s about ego’s.

    • baplaya

      Thon Maker is coming

      • TJ

        And Seventh Woods and Dennis Smith Jr.

      • Jim213

        Yeah shared a vid with DP a few months back about him. But it’s just another tank excuse for those lame franchises

    • LegendInMyMind

      Durant’s young. Also, hell, look at what Kawhi Leonard has been doing. If he can do it on THIS stage, how long is it until he’s doing it consistently? Especially given that Duncan’s and Ginobili’s careers are winding down.

      • Jim213

        Possible but he has to show more when it counts being playoffs. Don’t get me wrong he’s one of the league’s superstars but not the face of the league. That’s left to those who reach the pinnacle of success in the league IMO.

        Although, I’d only consider Kobe, Lebron, Dirk, T Parker, and Durant as the only superstars in the league. The rest at best are all stars. T Duncan has accepted a smaller role now and Wade is too inconsistent nowadays given his constant knee problems to be held in a similar regard.

  • VillainKing

    That was nice..heheheh

  • chris b

    Tho jordan had pippen grant kukoc. The key thing is they all developed through the bulls. The heat were bought. Which is why MJ will always be the best player of all time.

  • NYLakerJ

    Bosh will join Kobe in LA…win titles and start getting props as a top PF…Go Lakers!

    • Diggi

      Not if we don’t get a decent coach.

  • daireck

    There was actually a time when jordan was offered the idea of playing along side of magic and he declined. So throw away that “add em if he could” next l is a great player yes. But you can’t respect him because he’s not a man of his word. That’s really the bottom line of it all. Had he stayed in Cleveland talent would’ve came along and he would have gotten his ring the right way. But instead he chickened out and left the 1st chance he got. No respect from me at all.

    • myJasper

      You would rather live in Cleveland than Miami?

      • Joe Builder

        Cleveland im in Miami now what a dump site

      • Tune

        I’d rather live in Cleveland, Miami is pretty garbage. That’s one of the cities I’d never want to live in. Miami is where you go for vacation or visit throughout the year if you have the money, not live. Cali is where it’s at to live.

      • LegendInMyMind

        It’s his home. No place like home. Those people loved him. He could’ve spent all the time in the world on the beach in the offseason. You’re at work during the season anyway. Not that Lebron owed Cleveland anything, but it’s nice to see loyalty and a will to win where everyone says you can’t instead of jumping ship to form some ‘super team’ BS that isn’t even all that fun to watch.

        • myJasper

          Go Spurs!

  • Misses Kemp

    come on evan coming and joining a team is different than promising to bring a ring to the city you grew up in and then say im skipping teams cuz i cant do that…kobe or jordan would have never went to another mans team and bring another superstar to help you win a championship that you otherwise couldnt do ijds

    • Mark

      I disagree, if Mitch hadnt made a serious move when he did, Kobe would’ve been a Bull.

      • Tune

        The only rumors were Kobe going to Clippers and I’d hardly call that running to superstars. In the end Kobe stayed and was just making wave to force FO’s hand into doing what he wanted like he’s been doing forever. That’s just Kobe’s way of motivating people. Look at Pau and Dwight, Kobe called them out a lot to try to pressure them into working harder.


    Ryan are you a Lakers fan or a Lebron dick sucker? Perfect combination surrounding them? I suppose Lebron is surrounded by scrubs. Fact of the matter is he did take the easy way out and it’s made worse by the fact that’s he repeatedly called the best, not to mention the east is weak. I’ll never give him full props.

  • Seis Nueve

    LeBronze is on the verge of being 2/5 in the finals. Hahahahaha. He needed to join 2 top players in his conference to win a ring. He doesn’t have any competition in the Leastern Conference and has an easy ride to the finals every year.

    • J dubb

      lets remember the nba vetto chris Paul to play with kobe

  • They call me Pringles

    As an Eagles fan, we no longer need DJax’s services. He took a dump on our final game against the Aints last season. We still have Cooper, Ertz, a will be healthy Maclin and we upgraded to rookies Josh Huff and Jordan Matthews. This upcoming season will be fun as we signed free agents Nolan Carrol, Darren Sproles and Malcolm Jenkins. Sproles and McCoy will do a lot of damage. Not too happy about signing Mark Sanchez, but at least we have Foles healthy.

  • Karen

    LeBron plays in the Eastern Conference which has 2 good teams and a couple average teams and the rest of the teams are sorry as heck. He plays with 2 other top players in the NBA and also plays with the guy who leads the 3 point record in NBA. If the Heat were in Western Conference they wouldn’t have achieved half of what they have. Stop giving him extra credit he doesn’t deserve! He proved how “great” he actually was in Cleveland when he played with a sorry ass team.

  • They call me Pringles

    Don’t care too much about LeBron and Miami other than Pat Riley. Riley’s a Laker for life. He learned a lot from being a Laker and from Jerry West. Miami’s success is a product of the Lakers.

    • Shaqtin’ a fool!

      This is a way too funny discussion. It’s simple, it’s just a GAME. You watch it, you enjoy it then move on your life. Are you getting paid to comment? I think not. Anyways, it’s your choice to waste your life with people who doesn’t even know you….

      Just Sayin…

      • Big Fern

        So why comment!!!! Take your own advice.

  • Kobe Most Overrated All Time

    Let’s be clear, Shaq was surrounded with Kobe and role players. Shaq has 3 Finals Mvp’s in the those 1st 3 finals and was by far the best player on the team. That would be like saying Pippen was surrounded by Jordan and role players. Just look at what Kobe did after Shaq left. Missed the playoffs, and didn’t make it out of the 1st round next 2 years. Shaq won a title the very next year. Check out these playoff stats during their 3-peat. 42% FG…that’s garbage!!!!

    Finals 3-peat stats:
    Shaq=36 PPG, 15.4 RPG, 3.7 APG, 3 BPG, 209/351 60% FG, Double coverage
    Kobe=20 PPG, 6 RPG, 4.6 APG, 1 BPG, 113/266 42% FG, Single coverage

    • TPC

      42% is not garbage. Kobe also guarded the other team’s best player every game. After Shaq left the Lakers lost a bunch of other players. Lakers went back to the Finals only after one year of missing the playoffs. Get your facts straight. And he won 2 more rings after that. Quit trolling Laker nation.

    • VillainKing

      Fuck you!!!

    • Big Fern

      So why did Shaq only win one more, while Kobe won two? Hmmmm

  • Some dude

    Lets count the (future) HOF’s each played with:
    Kobe: Shaq, Gasol, Payton, Malone, Nash, Howard. Greatest coach ever
    MJ: Pippen, Rodman. Greatest coach ever.
    Lebron: Wade…maybe Bosh…maybe Spolestra.
    “But Lebron needed to be sign as a free agent”….so did every single HOF’er Kobe played with…and Shaq led the way on the first 3 titles. Without joining forces with Trades/FA’s, Kobe has 0 tittles.
    The celtics got their titles in trades/FA’s as well…The point is about winning, you do whatever it takes to make it to the championship. There’s no way you can say Kobe and to a lesser extent MJ didn’t get help

    • Big Fern

      Peyton, Malone end of there careers, basically role players by the time they got to LA. Nash, did he even play a full season, same thing end of his career. Just because they are on the team doesn’t mean they played for the Lakers in there prime. The only one I’ll give you is Howard, back surgery and all, but did he really want to be there. Besides they all didn’t play on the same team at the same time. Nice try. Also why didn’t you add the greatest three point shooter to Lebrons list. Just saying!!!

  • Rp

    First of all, MJ and Kobe were drafted by organizations that wanted to build around them and not ride them to do it all by themselves. Lebron gave the Cavs 7 solid seasons with bums around him and no sign of the organization trying to correct this. The Cavs took advantage of him because he was from Ohio and thought he would never leave on this fact. MJ had Scottie Pippen added to his squad and thats when the rings started and Kobe was handed Shaq before his started but they were groomed and not thrown in right away with high expectations that Lebron did. He did what he had to do and I don’t blame him one bit. The Cavs should have did what the Bulls and Lakers did for their young stars; build around them!

  • B. Someone

    It’s funny though… a top 5 pick in Kobe’s draft class and the greatest three point shooter ever are the same person

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