Injuries to Steve Nash, Blake No Excuse for the Lakers Reviewed by Momizat on . The only thing in LA that shines brighter than the sun are the stars, especially on the Los Angeles Lakers. But with all this star power is it possible that the The only thing in LA that shines brighter than the sun are the stars, especially on the Los Angeles Lakers. But with all this star power is it possible that the Rating:
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Injuries to Steve Nash, Blake No Excuse for the Lakers

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The only thing in LA that shines brighter than the sun are the stars, especially on the Los Angeles Lakers. But with all this star power is it possible that the Lakers players and coaches have been blinded by their own light?

Don’t get me wrong; the Lakers have a right to be confident. They have arguably the most talent of any team in the NBA. This is a team of veteran and well-established athletes. Individually, an All-Star case could be made for each of the starting five (with a healthy Steve Nash). But as a team, sitting at a 9-11 record behind the not-so-little-brother Clippers and Golden State Warriors (excuse me what?), they can’t seem to get it together and keep it together.

The defense is lackluster. The energy is ludicrously inconsistent. Despite Kobe’s best efforts, the Lakers are letting wins slip away faster than you can say Hack-a-Howard. Where is the disconnect? Where is the accountability? Is it D’Antoni that should take more responsibility?

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Contrary to preseason critiques that the Lakers lacked depth, they have found themselves with a pretty decent bench. Starting in place of an ailing Pau Gasol, Antawn Jamison had 15 points, nine rebounds and pair of assists at Houston. Chris Duhon stepped up with 10 assists in the Lakers win over the New Orleans Hornets, playing his point guard role sufficient enough to get Kobe over the 30,000-point milestone (congrats Mamba). Yet, D’Antoni hasn’t been able to find a rotation that really works. In Sunday’s abysmal loss to the Orlando Magic, the ‘starters’ blew the lead late in the fourth and allowed Orlando a 12-2 run, giving the Magic a total of 40 points in the fourth quarter to win by convincing double digits. In Tuesday’s rollercoaster debacle at Houston, the Lakers led by 13 with ten minutes left in the game and- stop me if you’ve heard this before- with a 9-2 run, the Rockets fired past the purple and gold to victory. Glimpses of the potential this team has were seen in the Lakers roll over the New Orleans Hornets, but honestly New Orleans didn’t play all that well.

Perhaps it is too much to expect a three-week-old coach to be able to code this Lakers team properly. Maybe we still have to be patient while D’Antoni plugs in his playbook algorithms and crosschecks them with player stats to come up with a magic formula that will take us to the championship. Everyone seems to be holding their breath that the key number is in fact 10. That Nash and Steve Blake’s return will bring the Lakers team we have all been waiting for. That the dazed and confused look will be erased from D’Antoni’s face as his golden boy takes over. D’Antoni is lost without Nash. Just go review his accomplishments, or lack thereof, in New York.

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Carmen is an Editorial Columnist for Lakers Nation. She may be a Chicago transplant but you'll find her yelling at the TV during Lakers games with the best (or worst) of 'em. Follow her on Twitter @CarmieV.

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  • http://www.facebook.com/fernando.rivera.75436 Fernando Rivera

    I have to laugh at some of this doom and gloom so- called Lakers fans yes Nash is old barely defend and have a bad back but he almost took a bad Suns team to the playoffs last year, the thing is that the team needs Nash and what he can do running the offense far out weights

    • http://www.facebook.com/fernando.rivera.75436 Fernando Rivera

      His liabilities, he is a dead eye long distance shooter almost perfect at the ft line and a floor general, lets not get into his passing plus he is not asked to carry a team anymore.lets see opposingteams triying to double team Howard with a deadly 3 point shooter like Nash lurking behind the line. When he comes back the Lakers will get the balance they lacking this team will be fine

  • Chris Shahinian

    I still say Kobe needs to share the ball more often with everyone else and get everyone involved. We all know Kobe can score but we want to see a team effort and start racking up some wins for crying at loud. I don’t see Howard becoming the elite center like everyone else is saying. He needs to learn to make FT’s and stop smiling before he gets my respect.

    • Dr. Rasheed

      I agree with you partly. Yes Kobe has to consistently spread the ball.
      But, recently Kobe did great job by spreading the ball (haven’t you seen the recent game with Thunder?). Other players/teammates are not hitting the shots. So he has to take over when everything starts piling up. (Complement is the issue b/w Kobe and teammates)

      Secondly, Howard is howard. You can’t change the man’s identity and personality. (Smiling is good for health and good for people around you. It creates positive vibe around).
      Respect: Talk about a guy who is coming off from his back surgery earlier then expected. Trying to give his best in each game. Appreciate what he is doing for Lakers. His has one weakness in FT’s which we all criticize only when it is affecting the game in 4th quarter.
      I respect D12 already what he had done for Lakers so far.
      Thank you Dwight so far!

  • carlo

    i’m shaking my head while reading this, really? Mike D ( coach ) is not suitable to coach this team, he’s a good coach don’t get me wrong but we need a championship material coach, Mike D is an OFFENSIVE COACH but the lakers are DEFENSIVE TEAM.., anyone can shoot the damn ball. DEFENSE is always the answer, DEFENSE wins CHAMPIONSHIPS

    • Dr. Rasheed

      I only agree with one thing: Defense wins Championships.

  • Dr. Rasheed

    Article sums up most of the fans thoughts.
    But as fans we should have patience. At 1st I was stubborn/critical and didn’t see my Lakers doing this bad. But, now I understand it is a process.
    We need to support Lakers in any way we can.

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