Lakers Rumors: If Amnestied, Metta World Peace Wants To Join The Knicks

Lakers Rumors: If Amnestied, Metta World Peace Wants To Join The Knicks


Denver Nuggets v Los Angeles Lakers - Game SevenWith several rumors swirling about the potential amnesty of Lakers’ forward Metta World Peace, formerly known as Ron Artest, there have been reports that the New York native would like a return to the Big Apple if he is indeed amnestied.

In an interview with Metta’s longtime friend, Jose Morales, he claimed that he would prefer to stay with the Lakers, but if he is amnestied, he would consider retiring.

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However, as first reported by ESPN New York’s Jared Zwerling, Metta reportedly would be ecstatic to play for his childhood team.

“Whatever he makes next is an added bonus. Playing with a team that has a chance with the championship would be even better. He loves the Knicks.”

Despite the fact that Metta wouldn’t mind being a Knick, his preference would most certainly be to remain with the Lakers according to Zwerling and Morales.

“Morales said World Peace would be “upset” if the Lakers amnesty him, and that he would even consider retirement if any team with room to fit him under the salary cap claimed him off waivers.”

In spite of all of the rumors, whether or not Metta will be amnestied remains to be seen. Even Laker superstar Kobe Bryant isn’t quite sure what the situation with Metta is, as evidenced by his tweets last night.

Regardless of what Kobe tweets, the Metta situation is certainly one to keep an eye on for the next few days as team can only use their one-time amnesty, if available, during the time period of July 10th through the 16th.


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  • Jim213

    There’s still time for an Elbow trade… no, I mean a trade if possible as the Lakers should try to get something in return… NO STOUDAMIRE though… this ain’t the Suns. Good luck where ever you end up MWP!

  • ra

    Would rather have MWP stay. It’s not my money, so I understand that there are financial considerations. However, if they kept MWP, it would only be for a year, and he would have a last chance to show how much he means to the Lakers.

    The money will still come off the books in a year, and the Lakers can still retool. And, if he is of value in the future, they could re-sign him. I think there are few ‘dedicated’ players left, like MWP, and it was clear that he really loved the Lakers. This is just about as much of value as his talent.

    I’m glad he’s playing the ‘trade me or I’ll retire’ card. MWP is a good guy. If the Lakers let him go, it better be for a good reason.