March Madness: How Marcus Smart Would Fit On The Lakers Reviewed by Momizat on . [new_royalslider id="140"] One of the most glaring needs for the Lakers the past few seasons has been a starting point guard. If the Lakers are unable to choose [new_royalslider id="140"] One of the most glaring needs for the Lakers the past few seasons has been a starting point guard. If the Lakers are unable to choose Rating: 0
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March Madness: How Marcus Smart Would Fit On The Lakers

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One of the most glaring needs for the Lakers the past few seasons has been a starting point guard.

If the Lakers are unable to choose Andrew Wiggins, Jabari Parker or Joel Embiid come draft time, there are two solid point guard options available.

While one of them is Australian Dante Exum, the other will be playing in the NCAA tournament, and that is Oklahoma State’s Marcus Smart.

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To be a lead guard in the league these days, you need to be athletic. Smart is freakish in that regard.

He is a 6’4″, 220 pound monster who can get out in transition and finish over anyone. Smart gets up and down the court in a hurry, but always seems in control of the pace and not wild in the least bit.

As with you would want with any point guard, Smart can be very creative and isn’t hesitant to get his teammates involved. He isn’t in the mold of just a scoring point, but more so as a true one. This is perfect for the Lakers as Kobe will be coming back and Smart will have no problem getting him the ball where he likes it.

Off the dribble in a half court set, Smart can also get his own shot at any time. Though his jump shot is still developing, he is a menace in the paint and has a solid mid-range game.

Smart isn’t just a scorer, but is a competitor on both sides of the ball. He is a pesky defender who uses his feet well to stay in front of ball handlers and rebounds very well for a guard. This is huge for the Lakers since they play against tons of talented point guards in the West.

Some might say Smart’s biggest con is his attitude, but I would disagree. We all saw him push a fan in Lubbock, Texas, but he hasn’t been in any off-court drama other than that.

We may never actually know what was said between the fan and Smart, but Smart should expect to be heckled nightly for the entirety of his career.

On the court, Smart needs to continue working on his jump shot from outside. Though the percentages have gone up a bit, this is definitely his biggest weakness.

If the Lakers end up liking Smart more than Exum and can’t draft one of the big three, he would be a good pick at four.

Smart isn’t going to come in and save the Lakers by any means, but can be their starting point guard for the next 10 years and has the talent to be an All-Star.

To achieve this and be a good fit for the Lakers, Smart must continue to work on his jump shot. The rest of his game is ready to be a factor at the next level, and if his shot does improve, he would be a great fit for the Lakers in the 4-6 range.
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  • DJ

    Mr. Cook, with all due respect… I read your pros and cons… and you didn’t list his real pro and listed No cons whatsoever and he has a lot. This is what NBADRAFT. net said about Marcus Smart.. and these are the reasons why the Lakers need to stay 1000 ft away from him.. and focus on Dante Exum:

    Strengths: Combo guard with a team oriented, winner’s
    mentality. A strong, determined competitor … Tremendous versatility and feel
    for the game … Creativity. Great vision and passing ability. A natural
    playmaker. Strong one on one skills. Adept at creating shots for himself and
    others … Strong shooting ability with a polished pull up jumper. Textbook form
    on his shot. Generates a nice rhythm on catch and shoot getting good elevation.
    Elbow extended. High release point. Consistent mechanics. Deep range …
    Consumate leader … Unselfish passer …. Seems to always be a step ahead of
    his competition. Great anticipation … Extremely confident … A tank. Strong
    frame and enjoys using his physicality to overpower opponents … Can take the
    ball into traffic and finish with contact … Explosive leaping off 2 feet …
    Shows a willingness to get after it on the defensive end. Takes pride in being a
    guy that can lock you down defensively. Quick hands lead to a lot of steals …
    Polished and advanced all around skills. Has a chance to be a difference maker
    the instant he steps on the floor for the Cowboys …

    Weaknesses: Solid athlete, but not spectacular. Not the
    quickest or most explosive guard … Not likely to finish above the rim in
    traffic, but utilizes his athleticism well … Uses hustle, brains and will
    power over sheer athletic prowess … Lateral speed isn’t the best … Doesn’t
    have a precise fit at either guard position. Undersized at the 2 and not a pure
    PG. A combo guard in every sense … Can be a little too ball dominant at times.
    But that comes with the territory in high school when you’re the star player …
    Needs to learn how to run off of screens and play off the ball a little better,
    for times when he’s asked to play the 2 position …

    Notes: Developed a reputation in high school for being one
    of the strongest competitors and top guard prospects …

    Aran Smith

    • Zimmeredge

      don’t take NBA draft as a reference.

      • DJ

        I would refer to it before I look at Mr. Cook’s lack of a real evaluation of Marcus game… what I read is right on the money…

        • Zimmeredge

          nba draft is silly website that exposes strenghts and weaknesses…. when you draft a player (or bring in any player whether it’s from fa or via trade) you brought him in based on what he can do and not what he can’t do. and with time you recognize his flaws and try to erase. you never recruit a player based on what he can’t do and can’t bring to your team. because if that’s the case you won’t bring anybody in.

          • nlruizjr

            How in the Hell did we get Kwame Brown ????

          • Josh

            A meaningless trade. Chucky Atkins and Caron Butler for Kwame and Laron Profit. No one ever said, “Hey, you know who we should get? Kwame Brown!”

  • Lakers Fan

    If the Lakers can’t get Exum/Lowry/Bledsoe, I would say they should give Marcus Smart a good look. Not only does he have the fire power and confidence that Kobe loves in a player, but he can lock down opposing point guards. He is quick with his hands, has a big body, and can stay in front of his opponents. That is what we are really lacking in our back court right now. He is also an offensive threat and can light you up if he gets hot. He can get to the rim by overpowering opposing guards, he can push the ball on the fastbreak, he can light you up from distance, and has a solid mid-range game. Although he can be a shot-launcher and be ball dominant at times, I think he will think twice about that playing along side Kobe. He could also learn a lot from him. Kobe could teach him how to keep his attitude in check, which is what I believe is what most teams are alarmed by when it comes to him. He would also be playing for one of the greatest franchises in sports history, and he has the attitude to take on this type of spotlight/load. So that should help him when it comes to making smart decisions and taking advantage of that opportunity. I think he could be a solid player, who can also play the two if necessary(he is better at the 1 because of his size and ability to defend opposing point guards). But like I said, they should only think about him if Exum/Lowry/Bledsoe are not available because we desperately need a point guard for the future.

    • Zimmeredge

      isn’t Eric Bledsoe injury prone?

  • JB

    If the Lakers don’t get one of Wiggins, Parker, Exum, Embiid or Randle the Lakers should either trade the pick for an established player or trade down for Zach Lavine. Smart is probably at best a slightly more athletic Andre Miller I guess. PGs that play alongside Kobe are more successful when they can spot up and shoot and the perfect one, probably can also create off the dribble (EXUM) but this is a PG who doesn’t dribble very well (I’ve played him), can’t shoot, and isn’t really a facilitator he kind of fumbles around into assists. Now defensively he’s really good, but in this draft the Lakers really need to attempt to go big. They don’t have other picks in this draft nor do they next year so they need to get better help than Smart, with a league in which Russell Westbrook, Damian LIllard, CP3, Jrue Holiday, MIke Conley, Goran Dragic, Eric Bledsoe, are PGs and this is just the Western Conference he won’t be able to touch these guys. His ceiling can’t touch them, go with a guy who’s ceiling is superstar status not sixth man or solid contributor.

    • vdogg

      respectfully disagree. smart is a strong PG, especially defensively. i for one wouldn’t mind at all if he becomes a laker.

      • DJ

        He’s a combo guard not a point not really a two…he’s ball dominate which aint happen with KB24 coming back for 2 more years..

        • vdogg

          just because you’re a ball dominANT (that’s the word you’re looking for) guard, doesn’t mean that you can’t work with kobe. kobe will bring it up sometimes and sometimes the PG will.

          • imbwar

            I agree with DJ, I think youre missing his point… Marcus can shoot a lot… he’s not very good playing off the ball and we all know Kobe doesn’t like having to set players up for shots, that is why he was hoping to play with Nash..

          • Zimmeredge

            kobe doesn’t like to set players and kobe is not a spot up… damn kobe can’t play with anybody?

          • imbwar

            The Lakers will not draft Marcus Smart…. I promise you…lol..

          • Zimmeredge

            Shabazz Napier is good, Tyler Ennis is good, Maybe Russ Smith. Jahii Carson is pretty good. and maybe Elfrid Payton. that’s about it. those are the best pg imo
            but none of these guys have the ability to defend like Marcus Smart. With energy. have you watched his game?

  • LakersHeatBeef

    Yes Marcus Smart fits the Lakers 100% here is why to all his haters talking smack.

    Big Point Guard with speed.6’4 HT..WT.. 225 Pounds.

    Strengths Fiery competitor and natural leader.NBA caliber strength and athleticism.Could play either guard spot.Has All Star potential can be a superstar.

  • LakersHeatBeef

    The projected top lottery picks have teams that either have been knocked out in round one or about to get beat in round one by crappy teams.Jabari is out.

    • imbwar

      and so is Smart…. great competitor, good kid…he CAN play…just doesn’t fit with the Lakers…

  • Jim213

    IMO, after watching more than several games Smar has quickness but lacks ball/game management. Let’s his emotions get the best out of him while often times trying to do too much by himself rather than get others involved. Needs to improve his shooting and play more stable as often times seems as he plays loose/awkward on the floor.

  • Lakers4life

    everybody here super hyping exum, yes his height as a pg is advantage compare of todays nba pg and hi’s only 19, IMO he is like michael carter williams look,russel westbrook or drose sensation but best player today is WING POSITION,. if we have a chance to draft wiggins and parker we pass it and take exum??????!! WOW . see KD35, PGeorge24, honorable mention TMAC, KoBe i know this 2guards were always SG. best prospect this 2014 draft are ANDREW WiGGINS AND JABARI PARKER not saying this guys will be the next kobe,mj or tmac..but men i have a feeling with this guys. DO NOT SLEEP on this GUYS NCAA march madness lets watch..

    • X

      I think you are missing the point. Based on projection, the Lakers most likely will end up with no 4, 5, 6 or 7 pick. If that’s the case, there is NO WAY Wiggins, Parker or Embiid are still available. The next best player after them is Dante Exum (based on his ceiling).

      If the Lakers end up with the top 3 pick, most likely they will pick Wiggins or Embiid.

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