How Many Points Does Kobe Need to Score to Win Scoring Title?

How Many Points Does Kobe Need to Score to Win Scoring Title?


The NBA Scoring title has come down to the last game of the season for both Kobe Bryant and Kevin Durant, two of the best scorers the league has seen in a very long time.

So far, Kevin Durant leads Kobe Bryant 27.97 to 27.86, so the natural question is – how much does Kobe have to score to beat Kevin Durant? Well, here you go:

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The crazy thing to notice here is that if Kevin Durant scores 30 points, Kobe Bryant could tie him at an average of 28.0 ppg if he scores 36.


Let’s take a look at how Kevin Durant has done versus tomorrow’s opponent, the Denver Nuggets:

  • March 15 – 24 points
  • February 19 – 51 points
  • Average – 37.5 ppg vs. the Denver Nuggets

Now let’s take a look at Kobe Bryant vs. the Sacramento Kings on Thursday:

  • March 2 – 38 points
  • Dec 26 – 29 points
  • Average – 33.5 ppg vs. the Sacramento Kings

Granted both players are on teams who have already locked up their playoff position, so there would be no reason for both players to get an extended amount of time in both games.

Kobe will have the advantage as Kevin Durant goes up first at 6:30p pst on Wednesday, so Kobe will be able to know before the Sacramento game how much he has to score to win the scoring title in his 16th year in the league.