How Many Games Will Metta World Peace Be Suspended For?

How Many Games Will Metta World Peace Be Suspended For?


In yesterday’s game versus the Oklahoma City Thunder, Metta World Peace aka Ron Artest was ejected from the game right before the end of the first half due to hitting Thunder guard, James Harden, in the head with his elbow.

The public outcry has been tremendous with some calling for a playoff ban, such as Dick Vitale while others are praying that World Peace will be judged on just what happened Sunday afternoon rather than his past transgressions.

According to JA Adande of ESPN, the typical punishment being handed out by the league for this kind of action is usually one to two games.

…elbow violations have been repeatedly subject to one- and two-game suspensions.

A few hours after the game, we decided to throw up a poll on our Lakers Nation Facebook Page and the response was overwhelmingly sided to a one game suspension.

Over 3,300 fans voted and 67.9% of them voted that Metta World Peace be given a one game suspension. Of course, a page full of Lakers fans are going to be biased to some point since it’s to their detriment that Metta World Peace miss more than one game with the playoffs around the corner.

Now it’s just a waiting game to see what the NBA will decide to do with the man they call World Peace.

  • Ghotramanjit

    Meta world Peace should not supspend with no games it should  be james harden 

  • Jay Dayuday

    MWP/Ron Artest will definitely be losing some games.

    I’m a Lakers fan but I can accept any penalties from the NBA up to non-appearance in the first-round of the playoffs + fine. More than that will mean NBA has judged MWP as Ron Artest.


    Dick Vital is a pure loud mouth who thinks he knows it all… the least credible of all the never-been-there, never-done-that human beings.

  • GQ45

     It would not surprise me if Metta World Peace is suspended for the
    remainder of this season! He has received exceptionally harsh punishment
    in the past, in my opinion. David Stern will once again show his
    disdain for Metta AND the Lakers! That’s my opinion!

  • Michael Comstock

    if they are going to use artest reputation against him they should use it in his advantage as well, Harden should have known what kinda player he was trying to chest up