Grant Hill Disapproves of Nash’s Departure from Suns to Lakers

Grant Hill Disapproves of Nash’s Departure from Suns to Lakers


The Phoenix Suns were one of the best teams in the NBA several years back and leading the charge was Steve Nash. Nash was named the MVP twice during that reign and he gave the franchise some of its best years. However, Phoenix eventually became irrelevant, but Nash stayed on the team.

In recent years, Nash teamed up with Grant Hill and they formed a nice tandem. Although both players may be in the twilight of their careers, both had very productive seasons with the Suns last year.

Nash is now a  member of the Los Angeles Lakers and he is hoping to win his first NBA title with this team. As for Grant Hill, he also decided to leave Phoenix for Los Angeles, but he will be suiting up for the Clippers.

Still, Hill does not approve of Nash’s trade to the Lakers, a division rival of the Suns.

“That’s like transferring from Duke and going to Carolina.”

Hill is obviously a former Duke Blue Devil and it seems as though he finds the Lakers-Suns rivalry on the same level as Duke and North Carolina one. Hill was a Duke legend and did some great things for that institution. He is a player that understands loyalty, but that doesn’t mean Nash doesn’t.

Steve Nash played his heart out on every given night and there was never a time when he complained about the team’s performance. Although the Suns had to fight just to make it to the playoffs, Nash kept a smile on his face. He never publicly criticized his teammates and there were never times when he clashed with the front office.

Grant Hill may have a gone a little overboard with this comment as the Suns owed this to Nash. Nash did everything he could for the Suns and it was only right that the franchise did something for the future Hall-of-Famer.

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  • honestly

    im sorry grant hill but u were only there for 1 out of 3 times the lakers-suns faced each other in the playoffs… raja bell, nash, amare, marion and tim thomas started the rivalry against the lakers… NOT YOU, shut your mouth dude, u just want to take a shot at nash coz youre with the clippers now… u fucking moron

    • Xkingzero


  • Davismichelle3

    So he leaves and goes to the clippers and it’s ok, but Nash leaving is wrong? Who the hell is he or any other one of these haters to say what he or Dwight should of done? Why did you leave Detroit grant, you hypocrite?

  • Dj Quest

    LOL… Grant… GRANT HILL??? Grant Hill is talking about someone else leaving a franchise?  The same Grant Hill who took the money and ran to Orlando from Detroit?  Played about 10 games over 4 seasons (i.e .stole money from Orlando and doomed that franchise to the point where only Tracey McGrady was a viable option) flirted with SA, LA, Mia, BOS, & ChI during free agency and decided that the Clippers gave you the best chance to make the playoffs but not have to put in maximum effort due to your poor knees/ankles????   I’ve been fan on Grant since forever but dude… SHUT YOUR PIE HOLE!!!

    • Apple1060

      grant got traded to orlando dumbass these men a are millionaires do u really think they get on laker nation and read ur pathetic comments haha shut your pie hole

  • Lakerfreak

    That’s funny considering he went to LAC, you know one of the other 4 teams in the same division as PHX haha

  • Eddie Inman

    Grant Hill’s just jealous Steve Nash signed with a contender. 

  • Betto

    Disapproving of Nash coming to L.A. Lakers has been rejected!   Suns, Lakers rivalry?  That’s like the other article saying there’s a Lakers……………/…clippers rivalry.  Sorry Grant but just cause the Suns had a few good years doesn’t make them a great team, they got zero championship trophies or banners and before Nash was on the Suns, he was with the Mavericks..

  • J.lee

    Hill did not joint the Lakers because he never like Kobe. He doesn’t like the idea playing for Kobe’s team…and now he is bad mouthing Steve Nash???
    Everyone said that he is a classy guy…but I actually he is NOT.

    • Richard

       Jealousy can do many things to a man…

  • Sussman44

    hill just put down his new team  BIG TIME , thinking going to the CLIPPERS is not a threat to anyone. nice job !

  • Linda Singleton

    I think Grant Hill is a litle jealous of Steve Nash.  He didn’t hesitate going to the Clippers because I don’t think Phoenix was going to resign him.  He would have gone to the Lakers had they wanted him, so he has a lot of nerve wanting to see Nash stick with a team that never made it to the finals … it was like Garnett with the Timberwolves.  Hill is lucky to still be playing.  I am glad the Lakers didn’t sign him.  He is not that great of a player.

  • Jacien

    Grant Hill drinks Sprite?

  • Joe B

    Every time we get good players, everybody whines.  Gasol, Nash, D12…whomever.  I hope we play the way everyone fears.  I want Kobe, Nash, and D12 to play like future hall of famers, so all the haters can go beat their dogs every night and cry foul because we are the best.  Why does grant hill have an opinion anyway? Is he still with detroit or even orlando (whom he fleeced for millions)?  He sounds alot like the owners who expect star players to ruin their aspirations to win in order to help some winless franchise remain credible.  Why doesn’t grant go back to phoenix to keep them relevant?

  • Jeffrey Pan

    Rivalry? What rivalry?

  • Richard

    i love Grant Hill… I thought coming out of college that he was the best that we have seen since MJ. Anyway, that being said, his comment on Nash’ loyalty is off.

  • Nicholasrohn

    Haha i am a huge suns fan and I am happy for Nash. He will get the title he deserves for sure. He made the right choice. I just had to comment because of the Guy who said Nash was with the mavs before the suns. True, kind of. Nsh was drafted by the suns, rode pine for a few years, got traded to the mavs and then returned to phx. So essentially he started i phx. Just spittin some knowledge for you my dude.

  • Nicholasrohn

    And a few good years? Suns are one of the all time winningest franchises in the NBA look it up. And that other dude said the suns have never been to the finals?? Are you people just Lakers fans or fans of the game as well? I don’t understand hoe you get in here talking all this shit bit have no clue what it is yonicholasrohn@yahoo.comur talking about.