GIF: Lakers’ Steve Blake Hits Game-Winning Three Against Rockets Reviewed by Momizat on . The Los Angeles Lakers were fresh off an embarrassing loss to the Dallas Mavericks on Tuesday night, but there was added motivation tonight: the first game agai The Los Angeles Lakers were fresh off an embarrassing loss to the Dallas Mavericks on Tuesday night, but there was added motivation tonight: the first game agai Rating:
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GIF: Lakers’ Steve Blake Hits Game-Winning Three Against Rockets

The Los Angeles Lakers were fresh off an embarrassing loss to the Dallas Mavericks on Tuesday night, but there was added motivation tonight: the first game against Dwight Howard and the Houston Rockets.

Without Kobe Bryant, the matchup was intense and after Howard spurned the Lakers over the summer, it was time to show Howard what he’s missing after he left. Leading the entire night by double digits, the Lakers saw their lead deteriorate in the second half and fourth quarter as the Rockets went ahead by six.

However, the Lakers implored the “Hack-A-Howard” strategy as Howard finished the night hitting just 5-16 from the free throw line and the Lakers trailed 98-96 with 10 second left. After a botched inbounds play, Steve Blake caught the inbound pass from Jodie Meeks with three seconds left and rose above Howard, hitting the game-winning three-pointer.

With under two seconds left, Rockets guard Patrick Beverly missed a shot and the Lakers beat the Rockets and Howard, 99-98. Here’s the shot that Blake hit against the Rockets:


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  • LakersHeatBeef

    Steve Blake Hero,Dwight Howard Zero!

  • hookedonnews

    Well, maybe that will silence the people who have been screaming about MDA playing Nash and Blake together. Glad to see someone else dealing with the FT shooting of Howard. Good team win. Liked the effort. Great clutch shot by Steve Blake.

    • Daryl Peek

      The haters will continue to lurk

      • hookedonnews


  • Daryl Peek

    Uncanny form similarity

    • Jim213

      Good pic but (consistency).

      • Daryl Peek

        Let it go Jim. Blake is who he is. A really good back up PG with ice water in his veins who defends and will fight no matter what. This is why Kobe respects his game so much.

        Blake will never blow you out of the water as a dominant player. That’s not who he is.

        • Paytc

          Enjoy it while you can ! But realize it was only one early season road victory.
          Yes, there are a lot of positives to take away from this game,but you must be ready to “STEP UP ” in the next game,the season, and playoffs.
          I thought the gamble almost cost us the game, but Hack-a-Howard left the door open and Blake “STEPPED UP ” and knocked down the shot.

          By the way Daryl I was impressed with Meek’s play on “both” sides of the ball. Credit is due and players who “STEP up ” deserve props. I was surprised but happy to see Nash’s gritty effort(keep him healthy for crunch time). Pau had a horrible shooting night, but he did frustrate Howard a bit with his size and footwork. Hopefully next time we see them we have a full and healthy squad. My guess is we won’t be that hot from the 3 point range ,but Gasol won’t shoot as poorly. Plus Kobe should provide extra energy and scoring punch when it counts. Good job pulling out the “W”

          Go Lakers !

          • Daryl Peek

            The only Laker I’m disappointed with early this season is Gasol. Heart; Pau needs to go see the wizard of OZ and take up the lions character. Other than that everyone is giving us what I expected so far.

            It’s still very early, STEPPING UP with consistency is a work in progress and no one is always consistent. Kobe has bad games also. The only consistency I demand and expect is constant effort regardless of how bad one may be shooting or turning the ball over.

          • Paytc

            You can step up consistently without having a great game. Kobe always “STEPS UP” Kobe does’nt take games off. Stepping up means give me massive effort on both sides of the ball consistently. You “STEP UP ” At home and on the road. Know one in the league has “STEPPED UP ” as often as Kobe. Perhaps know one in history has “STEPPED UP ” as often as Kobe out with the exception of Kareem who battled for 20 years. Kobe is most likely gonna play 20 plus years of “STEPPING UP “.STEP UP means bring it !
            Who in todays game has brought it more than Kobe ?

            Gasol is gonna be a plus once he gets in rhythm offensively. There is a lot of inconsistency in what the team is doing offensively that in time will become chemistry. Gasol does have to be a little tougher out there,and show a little more emotion to provide the spark for the new players. Gasol is a respected veteran who’s healthy so he does have to shoulder more of the leadership role. I think we will be ok. You notice I have been steady in my belief this team will make it to the playoffs. They do have a long and tough road, hopefully they continue to “STEP UP ” to the challenge.

            Go Lakers !

          • Daryl Peek

            You just basically said exactly what I did. I didn’t say Kobe takes games off. I just pointed out even he has off nights, and his effort can be down at times also. Amazing as Kobe is and has been he’s still human also. Just saying.

          • Paytc

            No read my post . I never pointed out any negatives in Kobe’s game. I did not see the need to bring Kobe’s imperfections into the conversation. And I don’t believe Kobe takes off many plays or games. His high level of play on both sides of the ball , consistent effort, and longevity is what makes him an active legend. Kobe always eagerly “STEPS UP ” the challenge.

            Is Kobe perfect, no.
            Has Kobe ever come up short, yes. But because he has given the Lakers and the game so much I don’t see the need to kick him when he is down and battling to return to the game.

            Cheers to Kobe’s successful return to dominance and more Laker championships.

            Go Lakers !

          • Paytc

            It’s not fair to Kobe or the rest of the Lakers to compare his game and theirs.
            Kobe is that rare exception. That rare breed. His game stands alone IMO over any active players to include Lebron James who had to seek out and team up with D.Wade to even be in the conversation IMO.

          • Daryl Peek

            It’s absolutely fair because it shows team humility. Kobe himself eludes to this in his role as team leader. “It boggles my mind that “I” had 10 turnovers”

            If he were to ignore this it would destroy any credibility he has as a leader. Leaders face the flaws head on. This is the point that when questioned about directly makes them who they are. This is the thing Howard doesn’t understand. Constant heaping of praise without the balance of critiques checks leads to a superiority complex that exasperates one from those on the team. This is still a team game.

          • Paytc

            That is what I appreciate and respect about Kobe as a leader, his accountability and willing ness to Step up, His willingness to take ownership of his own game. But that is perfectly ok for Kobe to do. I respect that about him. I have a tougher time respecting critics with little or no talent than I do respecting great players. I don’t think however you are trying to slight Kobe’s game. I think your using the best as an example or excuse for others to strive towards or find limits to their own game.

          • Daryl Peek

            We’ll agree to disagree. I absolutely love Kobe’s game. I choose to not overlook issues tho. It serves as a means of constant inspiration. No ones perfect and if you can see that it becomes a tangible reality that you too can do what they do in your own rights. The desire to overcome obstacles and doubters seems less daunting to less talented.

            This is not a slight to Kobe in any way shape or form. It’s a disservice to his greatness to not have the balance of the two polar opposites of his game. He is who he is simply because he overcomes, in spite of doubt or criticism.

          • Paytc

            I can respectfully agree with that .

            Go Lakers !

        • LakersHeatBeef

          I agree bro.I actually told my buddy right before the inbound went in that the only Laker i trust shooting a game winner is Steve Blake,that’s why the other day when me and you were discussing things regarding Steve Blake i mentioned him as a John Paxson,Steve Kerr type of player,i meant what i said about Steve Blake he is a cold blooded shooter with ice water in his veins just like John Paxson and Steve Kerr always were,Blake the same.

          If he made that shot in OKC from the corner a couple years back Lakers might have made the Finals again,he is not afraid to take a big shot.But all is forgiven he came through like a boss last night.

          Steve Blake hit the game winner last night,hell yeah!

          Bro do you remember his Portland days?He was always giving it his all with the Blazers as he does still now.

          Yeah he is a hella of a backup guard.Not a star just a role player teams need to win a championship,he is a pro that is pesky and a fighter he is scrappy and a great 3 point shooter.

          Go Lakers!

          • Daryl Peek

            He succeeds because he’s not afraid to fail. This is a little known fact most don’t see in Blake because he’s not a big time star. I too called the shot last night.

            “Pee Chee; but honestly DP…I was reading your blake for 3 to win it post as blake was catching the ball. after he hit it I had to check my DVR to see if I was like 5 seconds behind and I was Live” LOL

            Blake got killed for missing that shot in OKC. He had just come off making a game winning shot in the previous series against the Nuggets in game 6. I was pissed off at the level of vitriol Blake received over missing that shot. Death threat to his wife and kids?!? This is why I defend him so avidly. Blake has too much heart and is a very good role player as you state.

        • Jim213

          Take a deep breath Daryl, it seems that Blake would serve best a the 2 than the 1. If he’d show consistency we wouldn’t be bringing him up but let’s see what the Pelican game brings up.

          • Daryl Peek

            Your consistency point is moot. Yes Blake is a career back up PG at this point of his career. He’s clearly best suited to be our starting PG if Nash is not available or SG til Kobe comes back. The one consistency is his ability to show up in big moments when needed… see last season when Kobe went down.

            Kobe would not give Blake this kind of props if he didn’t believe in him. Phil, Brown and MDA wouldn’t either if they didn’t see the same thing Kobe and many others in the game do. That speaks to his consistency. Just saying, exhales LOL

          • Jim213

            Consistency is key to find the right combo of starters andto playing competitively ball. He’s better suited at the 2!… though Meeks has been one of the most productive players.

          • Daryl Peek

            Blake has the starter intangibles that this team needs til Kobe’s back. That’s what the coaches all see, that’s all. Blake can do almost whatever is need for the team. That trumps all…

          • Jim213

            There’s your back up Daryl. Although, Farmar stunk too, once again they need shooters as the coach’s rotation today leaves many questions.

          • Daryl Peek

            We have shooters. Blake and Farmar both did what they needed to do for the most part. Yes they had a few turnovers and didn’t have the greatest night shooting. But it was not so bad it cost us this game.

            The Pelicans shooters were marginally better than ours. The turnovers were not that bad either, 14 us, 8 them. We lost this game on EFFORT pure and simple. And it was not the guards fault.

            Pau is the team leader on the court. As he continues to lack in effort and energy, so to will those that follow him. And you better believe everyone is following his lead over 4 quarters in a game. As I wrote on the other article, Pau’s lack of resolve is destroying the first teams rhythm. His refusal to man up in the post is a bigger issue than most realize. He has to be the offensive and defensive focal points when he’s on the court. Hill and Kaman are battling their asses off trying to make up for his lack of resolve in the offense.

            Nash showed life the other day against the Rockets. Gasol was off but he knuckled up defensively against Howard. This is where the follow the leader energy came from in that game on the defensive side of the ball once the early hot shooting stopped. No Nash last night meant one less leader on the court to follow thus Gasol was the one who needed to set the tone. Blake tried and did a decent job but again, he’s not that dude long term on big picture. Blake can lead at times but he’s still a role player. If Pau were on or at least giving half an effort Blake likely has less turnovers and lights it up a bit more due to connecting with Pau VS constant miss communications that lead to bad possessions.

            Pau played 27 minutes and didn’t make a shot in he second half while getting absolutely torched by Davis and Smith consistently! Davis, Smith and reserve Morrow were the only Pelicans to shoot over 50% in the game, Which shows how well all of our guards played defensively.

            I hate to play the blame game with Pau or anyone but this is to clear cut right now. The rotations MDA is scrambling with right now are a direct reflection of the low team energy due to no leader on the court. Again Pau is that dude and he’s failing us. This is why the bench is outscoring the starters most of the season. If folks can’t see that their not paying attention. It’s not that some of the bench players need to start, our leader needs to STEP UP or be benched. (Sigh)

            Mark my words, as Nash gets better our offensive flow will regardless of Pau. And his glaring decencies will be further in the limelight as others begin to STEP UP if he continues to struggle. I hope he gets right soon.

          • Jim213

            Agree, the team lacks a floor general but whoever can fill the role for now will need to get plenty of time with the whole team to mesh them together. This isn’t Nash especially since he’s playing less minutes and games. Farmar and Blake have so far been so so with their shooting.

            Daryl, the avg NBA FG% for guards stands at close to 44%. Blake’s current avg. is just over 34% while Farmar’s is at close to 41%. FG% for Nash is at close to 28% while Young 43% and Meeks 49%! are the most consistent guard shooters thus far for the team,.

            Although, Kaman is avg the best FG% at 59%, while Hill at FG 19-30 is averaging 63% (though not shooting enough as the others). Yet Gasol is averaging a FG% of close to 35%!. Clealy Gasol needs to come in from the bench and allow Kaman (more consistent) to play at the 5. But the coach still keeps playing favoritism, probably trying to make up for last year.

            It’s rotation Daryl. Gasol and Young shouldn’t have played in the final few minutes given that both have problems with ball handling that gets worse when facing pressure defenses. Numbers speak volumes too Daryl!

          • Daryl Peek

            Your consistency argument is fools gold looking at this season. To gauge consistency you need to look at the players career averages. Nash will not continue to shoot that low of a percentage. Look at his three point shooting. Blake will not stay that low either. Same three point model.

            The numbers for this season are far too small of a sample size as I’ve told you before. Consistency as you put it is something that represents a longer period of works body. Every HC in this league uses that as the gauge because they know full well of the fools gold theme.

            Again, until Pau steps up the rotations will fluctuate. Keeping Kaman on the bench was a big problem IMO. We were struggling offensively in the 4th. Hill is not an offensive force. Love his energy on the boards but that battle had already long been lost. We were still in striking distance and needed Kaman’s offensive punch not Hill’s energy. Davis and Smith were abusing all of our bigs so cleaner O was the answer last night.

          • Jim213

            Agree and disagree Daryl, agree that their shooting % will get better down the line but it sounds like your buying the keep those players as is until they manage to play better or develop chemistry.

            It’s still about WINS and LOSSES Daryl. IMO, this is one of the biggest problems the team has, the differences between both the 1st and 2nd group. It should be 1 unit as a whole not two different groups playing half games most of the time.

            Especially since the second group seems to be outplaying the first group so far. You know how many feel about the coach including myself but we don’t have a choice. Many blame him for the rotations and the players lack of play but forget that he should be given credit for bringing in many of the players that play for the second team not the first.

            Nash, Gasol, Blake,had been acquired before the coach got the job. IMO, I believe he’d rather play with the second team than the first given his offensive preference but is trying to make the most of the situation. However, it’s his team now so he’ll get the blame during the good and bad times.

            So given the difference of styles between groups, leave the 2nd group as is and fill the first with the best options that can help the first team though this doesn’t fix the problem in the long run being having two different teams that prefer to play under different styles.

          • Daryl Peek

            No, the chemistry is already there with the current crop of starters. This is what your not getting. Look at the win loss column compared to a much more talented team we had last season. The Bench chemistry is there also. Mixing that up only creates more confusion. Keep in mind they’ve practiced with the starter we see and bench since training camp.

            The second team has better cohesion all because of Pau’s inconsistency coupled with Nash’s struggles which he seems to be coming out of. his limited minutes is a given and makes no difference. His limited minutes and back to back sitting already gives Farmar and other reserves increased PT.

            Style is the main reason Farmar will not work as a starter. Pau is flat out not gonna work at the pace Hill will with Farmar, Kaman wont either but has a little more gettyup than Pau.

            There is no fit in with the starters option outside of Meeks or Johnson. The PG roles are absolutely defined baring further injury. The SG and SF position is adjustable. PF will be defined shortly IMO. Kaman will settle in with Gasol with Johnson and Williams rounding out the small ball line up. I would be highly surprised of any deviation from this. Injury is the only blow it up X factor, that coupled with Kobe’s eventual return.

          • Jim213

            I’m correct, two different groups will be on the floor at different times. IMO, the first squad lacks more chemistry than the 2nd group, otherwise the coach wouldn’t be making constant rotations that seems to affect the flow of things. Solid chemistry can work miracles. Look a the Celts beating the Heat yesterday. That’s exactly the type of hustle that many expect from this roster..

            However, they’ve struggled to play competitively and consistently night in and out. In my humbling opinion this roster is not the future of the Lakers though they have many players that will help the team in the long run (depth). Not seeing the type of overall play and chemistry aside of defense that gives many hope for the long run.

            If management doesn’t make the appropriate adjustments and pickups before Kobe’s departure then it’ll be sometime before they turn things around and like Jerry West has mentioned you have to take risks by making the best decision for the long term prosperity of the franchise. The team won’t contend with this lineup they’ll need athleticism, hustle, and depth at the positions to remain relevant.

          • Daryl Peek

            If and when Nash and Gasol start playing better the first team will be fine, IMO. Miami losing to lesser teams this season just shows the any given Sunday theme on any given night in the NBA, especially this early in the season where every team is working on becoming more consistent.

            I’m sure the FO will make the necessary moves to secure the future.

    • lakers_824

      kobe taught em well…….COLD BLOODED!!!!!!!!!!

    • LakersHeatBeef

      As far as regular season game winners go,the shot Steve Blake hit last night to beat the Rockets is one of the best game winners in Lakers regular season history.The reason being the Dwight Howard drama involved and how he left the Lakers only to get beat by Mr. Underdog Steve Blake .Lakers made me proud by winning tbh.Nice picture bro,i dig it.You have defended Steve Blake,now he came through in a big way.

      Go Lakers.

  • Tina Moran

    The game was a treat but we can’t go on winning like that. I always cringe when Pau loses the ball on a steal or blotches an easy lay up and notice how he just stands stiff when an opponent attacks the basket aggressively. He is just not built for tough plays. Any chance we can trade him for brother, Marc?

  • savi

    bar some off nights from Gasol, The guys on team are giving in what they were brought in to give!! Last year team couldn’t rely back on anybody to contribute when they were called upon(don’t really know why it was so, can’t really blame Howard or injuries or Kobe even, I mean guys just have to step up at the moment), But this season everyone is doing what they are called for! Nice game GO LAKERS!!

  • Paytc

    Take a look at Howard’s body language after Blake knocked down the game winning shot over him…. :-) LOL……. That was the highlight moment for Blake’s career to this point. I think Blake once knocked down a playoff game winner…. but it was with Kobe on the floor? This was big because we needed to find a player willing to “STEP UP ” without Kobe leadership and presence on the floor. Blake did it “on the road” at Howard’s expense, which made it all the more sweeter :-)

    Go Lakers !

    • Paytc

      After you laugh watching Howard’s reaction take a look at Jeremy Lin’s body language :-0 LOL…. Classic thrill of victory… agony of defeat footage :-) LOL ………..

      Now let’s get ready to “STEP UP ” with the same determination.One game at a time for the rest of the season.
      Go Lakers !

      • Paytc

        Then look at James Harden… While D12 and Lin’s body language and reaction shows that of a defeated quitter… Harden is seen wanting to get the ball immediately to make a play not an excuse. That is the difference in an elite player and a role player. That never quit attitude. Howard has been a quitter and finger pointer on several teams. I don’t think it’s easy for a tiger to change his spots,especially when that tiger is not dedicated enough to put the necessary work in. And that tiger is satisfied with just dominating one side of the ball.

        • Daryl Peek

          The most telling part of Howard’s body language last night to me is, how he ran from getting fouled in the fourth. That speaks volumes to his heart and the nature of who he is as a supposed leader.

          Shaq was a horrible FT shooter also but he would never run from his responsibility.

          • Paytc

            I agree with you on that 100 % . And as Shaq has said and demonstrated Shaq knocked down many of those shots when they counted most.

            The guy had a chance to team up with Kobe Bryant ! As Shaq said it does not get easier than that. But the Heart, character,ego,and immaturity of Howard are spots he may never be willing to change. Will Harden still eventually be able to carry the Rockettes to a championship victory? If Howard gets out of the way…..plays his role, and lets the more complete player lead perhaps so? But I’ll be pulling for the Lakers to continue to dominate Houston,Howard,and the league in the years to come.

            Go Lakers !

          • Paytc

            If Blake senses he has more heart than you do, and pulls up and knocks down a game winner in your face what else needs to be said ?

            The question is will Howard ever be willing to humble his ego enough to be willing to respect players who are better than he is, and put in the necessary work to get better? Will he ignore idiots in the media who falsely label him as a great player,AND WORK HARD ENOUGH TO BE ONE? That’s the questions only he will be able to answer.

  • Rory Yu Pasoc

    Suck that Dwight Coward. :D

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