GIF: Kobe Gives Mike Brown Glare of Death From Bench Reviewed by Momizat on . When the Lakers lost to the Jazz on Wednesday night there weren't a lot of happy campers in Laker-land. Kobe was particularly upset following the game, and cryp When the Lakers lost to the Jazz on Wednesday night there weren't a lot of happy campers in Laker-land. Kobe was particularly upset following the game, and cryp Rating:
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GIF: Kobe Gives Mike Brown Glare of Death From Bench

When the Lakers lost to the Jazz on Wednesday night there weren’t a lot of happy campers in Laker-land. Kobe was particularly upset following the game, and cryptically mentioned that the reasoning was something he didn’t want to talk about.

Unfortunately nobody asked him about this;

That’s the Mamba staring down head coach Mike Brown from the bench during the final minute of the game on Wednesday. No wonder he’s developed a caricature of being a murderous, cold-blooded sociopath. Mike Brown might want to sleep with one eye open after this one.

Then again, the Lakers should be encouraged that they have a player that would unsettle the stomach of Regan MacNeil. At least, I think so.

Thanks to Twitter user @CJZero for this tremendous piece of evidence that is sure to be used against Bryant if Mike Brown never makes it back from Salt Lake City.

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  • http://www.facebook.com/austin.r.brown.7 Austin Reed Brown

    If I saw Kobe Bryant looking at me like that… Oh god. I’d want to never sleep again.

  • Marius C Macias

    He looks like he’s literally going to strike like a Black Mamba. o O

  • A True Lakers Fan!!!

    Thats right Kobe get down that coach needs to get on fire his ass he fuckn sucks, I thought so as soon as they got him…call phill back!!! NOW!!

  • http://www.facebook.com/legaleagle825 Donna Lenore

    Good God! Bring back the Zen Master!!!

  • http://www.facebook.com/nate.wilburn Nate Cthunder Wilburn


  • http://coachdesignz.wordpress.com/ Jay Dayuday

    Expect the ‘The Black Mamba’ mode. So much for the ‘efficient Kobe Bryant’.

  • Tresclub

    Mike Brown… get out of town, and take that sorry ass Princeton offense with you.
    Sloan… Shaw… as long as his name isn’t Brown.

  • bussanutt

    sorry but i played it back… that wasn’t mike brown he was staring at…

  • j Lee

    Please Mitch…Fire Mike Brown before its tooooo late. He can’t coach now, he can’t coach in the post season and he can’t coach the Lakers to Championship.

  • http://www.facebook.com/kevin.real1 Kevin L Pitre Sr.


    • retard


  • http://www.facebook.com/samantha.star.7 Star Samantha

    Wow!!! I only see that look during the 4th qtr, when he’s ready to put a team away… Look out now !

  • Dee

    Bring in Jerry Sloan ASAP before this team falls apart!! We need Old School Coaching material,not some coach dat use to coach a lame ass Lebron James!!

    • Chris

      He really didn’t coach LeBron, LB did whatever he wanted in Cleveland…We could have coached him like that…

  • Lakers4Life

    You Lakers Fans need to be patient…I’ve been a Lakers fan for many years now but I think that the time will come for the Lakers to get going and start winning games.Remember when LeBron,Dwayne,Chris got together in 2011.They lost their first couple of Season Games at the beginning without winning for a while.But later that season they had one of the best records in the NBA and got to the finals.Obviously I’m disappointed of the Lakers losing games but at the same time I’m not.I think they should keep Mike Brown and keep on going forward.Just because they’re doing a horrible job in the start doesn’t mean that they need to fire Mike Brown already.I just really find it annoying when TONS people for the past week have been wanting to fire Mike Brown.You guys need to be patient.

    • http://www.facebook.com/arenato.chua Arenato E. Chua

      okay we will wait until next season,, that the patience you are telling us? this is 4 loses and 8 preseason,, when is this going to stop. the system doesn’t work, the leadership is non existing, the coach panic when opponent get closer trailing 24 points. I think we have to change as soon as possible before it is too late.

    • http://www.facebook.com/arenato.chua Arenato E. Chua

      we have to go back to triangle and pick and roll that is where the strength of these talented players not following princeton. this system is for college play where everyone is not that good yet. i don’t expect winning if i don’t have Howard, Nash, Kobe, Pau, Meta, Antwan, Meeks, Hill. Take the coach out they would probably do better as their own. they are so talented and great basketball IQ, they can figure it out among themselves rather than following Princeton not suited for their size and all star skills.

    • G1

      Lakers4Life First off The Laker expectation is ALOT different than Wade, Bosh, James. The Lakers have a 3 billion Dollar deal with Time Warner. The Heat doesnt have a deal like that. Laker ticket prices at Staples are the highest in the league. They have to stick to that to offset these high contracts. Basically the fans run the Lakers. If the fans keep booing the Lakers at home then Buss will finally FIRE BROWN. Jerry Sloan has alot of interest in the Lakers because 1 it is a big payday and 2 he has a chance for that ring that he has never won. They have one of the best pick n Roll tandems in the game and they are not utilizing the pick n roll. Instead here comes Brown with some new offense that is supposed to keep the scores of the games low and the other teams under 85 points per game HOWEVER the only thing low about it is the Lakers points. And teams are playing us like there is noone in the paint. Bring in Jerry Sloan. The pick in roll worked well in Utah and you can pick in roll with Gasol Or Howard. John Stockton only had Malone. Can you imagine Nash in a free offense? Now thats DEADLY. GOOOOO LAKERS!!!!!!!!!

  • Butch Espi

    Princeton offense is not for the Lakers talent. I think the Lakers boss should call Jerry Sloan to coach( if Phil Jackson hesitates to be the coach once more), such talented players specially with Nash who is good in pick and roll type of games so he can be Stockton n Malone style with the dreaded triangle offense which Kobe and Gasol are so adept with.

  • Frantic

    no way phil comes back….triangle is too hard to implement during the season without camp….Jerry Sloan would be perfect….Nash/Howard…new Stockton Malone. Pick N Roll. BShaw is same as Brown if you ask me…plus he’d probably run the triangle too. Sloan is our only option

  • http://www.facebook.com/dphowen Pierre Hovenski

    If Kobe can get away with rape allegations towards himself, why not murder Mr. Mike Brown?

    • http://www.facebook.com/people/Linda-Singleton/100000221405027 Linda Singleton

      Why don’t you put that negativity to rest … if Kobe raped that girl, you did … get over yourself and take that crap and stuff it … maybe somebody will lie on you and you will know how it feels … Kobe was stupid for opening the door, but he sure as hell didn’t have to rape her … look at her record … that is why she dropped it …

  • lakerglory

    I did not see t he game but why is Kobe on the bench with that much time down by only 2 possessions

    • SirGrey

      Two possessions ? Maybe two 4-point play’s for the win if you count those.

  • Danny Mendez

    Get rid of Brown.

  • Crystal

    If looks could kill, that person would’ve dropped dead right there -.-

  • jff

    Trade Paul Gosal He plays when and how he wants to play. he can play hard and sometimes not he can defend and sometimes not. Trade him as well take somebody else who will play hard all the time. With Gosal trust me no Championship to lakers land

  • lakers sucks

    bring sloan after 1-15 record lmao

  • lakers sucks

    lakers will never gonna win a champs..nuff said

  • lakers sucks

    lakers old nuff said..kobe gay is pissed off lmao

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