Gerald Wallace Believes LeBron Doesn’t Have ‘Attitude’ Of Kobe, Jordan Reviewed by Momizat on . There will always be continuous comparisons between Michael Jordan, Kobe Bryant, and LeBron James. Each amazing player has their own faction of fans who will ar There will always be continuous comparisons between Michael Jordan, Kobe Bryant, and LeBron James. Each amazing player has their own faction of fans who will ar Rating: 0
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Gerald Wallace Believes LeBron Doesn’t Have ‘Attitude’ Of Kobe, Jordan

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There will always be continuous comparisons between Michael Jordan, Kobe Bryant, and LeBron James. Each amazing player has their own faction of fans who will argue why their favorite player is the best.

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The comparisons between Kobe and Jordan have been ongoing for years now, and it makes sense as the two share a number of traits. In an interview from his basketball camp with Fox News Alabama, Boston Celtics forward Gerald Wallace spoke about how one of those traits separates them from James:

I think the only thing that separates LeBron from Kobe and Michael Jordan right now is that he doesn’t have the attitude or the fight that those guys had. For me, he’s not willing to take over games [...] right now I don’t think he has that and that’s what Michael Jordan and even Kobe has.

This has long been a criticism of James’ game and he has shown the ability at times to be able to take over games. But the fire that Kobe and Jordan had are unlike any other.

The comparison between all three will rage on regardless of what anyone says. People simply want to know who’s the best.

(H/T Slam Magazine)

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Corey is currently a full-time staff writer for Lakers Nation. He is a passionate follower of the Los Angeles Lakers and Dallas Cowboys and can usually be seen arguing the merits of Kobe Bryant or cursing the decisions of Jerry Jones. He is also a former producer and associate producer for Sirius XM Sports Radio. Follow him on twitter @TheeCoreyH

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  • Flip

    Duh Gerald, duh…

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  • sena

    lebron james will join mamba,wait and see

    • rival

      Lol Bron will never be Kobe like our Jordan like.

    • rival


      • Kobe Gagnon

        You can edit a post

        • rival

          Cool didn’t know. im someone who’s never face booked or tweeted kinda new to this blogging thing

  • lbjTHEKINGofhype

    What REALLY separates them is offensive capabilities. . .

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  • Lakers Rebuilding

    I’ve been hearing that LeBron is going to make his decision tonight. Can anyone confirm that it’s true?

    • GOD Chri$$$
      • Lakers Rebuilding

        interesting I think its a toss up where he goes could be Cleveland could be Miami heck it could even be the lakers guess we’ll see.

        • speed

          I don’t care how much money my ex-boss throws at me…if he talked crap about me and my family, I’d never accept another penny from the idiot. If Lebron goes back to Cleveland, I’d lose whatever respect I have left for him. I know I’m not alone in feeling this way, so are million of fans outside of cleveland.

          • LakersOverEverything

            I don’t think it’s really about the money or the owner for him. I think it’s more about pride for his home, and love for the people

      • Badazztj12

        If Lebron is making decision tonight. We will see Bosh and Melo decision soon after

      • Jim213

  • http://people.ign.com/ltsjoemama ltsJoeMama

    Can anyone get on LeBron’s website? It keeps crashing for me.

  • GOD Chri$$$
    • SD

      Completely agree…when his athleticism wanes…his scoring will decrease, he doesn’t have their footwork or offensive fundamentals and if he intends to be DOMINANT well into his 30′s, that’s how he must improve. He’ll basically be a rich man’s Metta World Peace at 34.

    • A Fan

      Agreed. That’s why I hate it when people compare Lebron to MJ or Kobe. If LBJ played in Jordan’s era, he’d be putting up numbers that are way more similar to Magic Johnson simply because it was a lot harder to drive to the paint and score in the paint (hand-checking, no defensive 3-seconds, big men camping in the paint), thus Lebron would’ve been forced to play more point guard/point forward while making his mark on the defensive end with his ridiculous athleticism

  • Michael

    Lmao that’s random. Also who cares? The guy has gone to 5 title appearances in 7 years and won 2 straight. Success is success no mater what way you spin it, look at Magic, he never had that “killer” instinct MJ or Kobe had but he still got his.

    If james gets a solid team with a good hall of fame partner(Gasol,Pippen,Parker,Kobe,etc.), he will win more. Plain and simple.

    • Lander Diaz

      So wade and bosh aren’t good enough partners eh?!

      • Michael

        They are hence the 4 straight finals appearances and 2 straight wins. All I’m saying is for the first 7 seasons he had no one in that calibur and once he got them he won.

    • SD

      magic also LEAD a Lakers team to a Finals win in his ROOKIE season. THAT is how good he was. He was a FIERCE competitor like MJ/Kobe..plenty of stuff out there about that. LeBron is great, but he HAS struggled w/ his on-court fierceness…however the year he won his 1st title, a different LeBron appeared. He showed this focus/fierceness that he had never had. He’s a great player…but he’s playing with the 3rd best SG to ever play and guy in Bosh who was averaging 20-10 in Toronto and is easily the most important player to LeBron’s future.

      • Michael

        Magic always had Kareem(arguably the greatest ever!!!) and eventually Worthy. My point is when one wins they eventually earn that “killer” instinct, yet this guy doesn’t have it even tho he led all his teams to the finals.

      • Michael

        Also the reason I say Magic didn’t have the “killer” instinct is because he’s more of a passer like Lebron is and I feel that’s why they say LJ isn’t as fierce as say MJ or Kobe. I know Magic willed his team but the same could be said of Lebron.

    • Ahron

      Magic had just as strong a killer instinct as Kobe and Jordan; he just did it with a smile.
      Gasol a hall-of-famer? That’s just plain ridiculous.

      • Jeremy Esposito

        If you dont think Gasol is a future hall of famer you are ridiculous.

        • Ahron

          A couple of rings as a sidekick mixed in with a couple of playoff no-shows does not make you a hall-of-famer. I like the guy, but he will not go to the Hall.

          • joni

            ur a dumbfuck

          • joni

            U can go to the hall and get buttfuked

  • Spade

    Does it really matter? LeBron is still great in his own right.


      Labron is not even the best PF or SF (Karl Malone) everyone should stop comparing him to a guard position he’s a different player and changing the game as we know it period like all sports times are changing soon sports will have people floating in air lol

      • rival

        Changing the game to allstars agreeing to taking paycuts to win rings so they don’t retire like Barkley Malone and others with no championship rings lol I prefer the old fashion way.

        • Jeremaine Prieto

          so true, i have no admiration
          for players who “connive with their friends” or are “willing to take a pay cut so they have the team build a roster around them” just so they’re in a better position to win. Old school wins everytime.

          • Spade

            You must really hate Tim Duncan with that logic. He took many pay cuts to help the Spurs build a perennial contender. With the new CBA you either take a pay cut and compete or get as much as you can and enjoy mediocrity. The Heat and Spurs decided for rings. Can’t hate them for that.

          • rival

            2 totally different situations, Duncan has only played for the spurs and is loyal to them. Bron doesn’t even know the word loyal.

          • Spade

            He said he hated guys who took pay cuts to compete. Tim Duncan has done it for years. So everyone else who joins the Spurs on a pay cut aren’t loyal? Or do you just hold LeBron to a different standard in an attempt to stain his legacy?

          • rival

            He stained his own legacy sorry you can’t see it. I guess your waiting for Bron’s press conference to announce his decision lol. Something Duncan and Kobe never did, two players that are the face of there teams and a legacy, team and NBA wise.

          • Spade

            Just a simple question. I don’t care what he does. But I’m not going to pretend he’s garbage just because he’s played for more than one team. I’m not gonna trash a man I hardly know because he’s a threat to my favorite player’s (Kobe) place on the all-time list. That’s completely asinine and silly. It’s just basketball. When it’s all said and done he’ll most likely be recognized as a top 5 player of all-time. He’s already the best Small Forward ever. But I understand though. People expected him to do things a certain way, but since he bucked conventional thinking it’s the cool thing to hate him.

          • LakersOverEverything

            It just feels different with Tim for some reason….can’t quite explain it

  • Truth B Told

    Kobe’s game mimics MJ’s….even the attitude….LeBron’s game mimics Magic’s….but not Magic’s attitude. That being said…He’s a great player.

    • Jeremaine Prieto

      Can’t compare players of different positions is my opinion that’s all…MJ right now, greatest SG all time, Bryant greatest active SG, we’ll see when he retires if he accomplishes more than Jordan. Bird greatest all time SF, MJ greatest active for now.

  • LakerSpartan117

    Well no duh… he’ll probably proclaim his greatness over MJ/Kobe just like he proclaimed he was the “King”. Such an ego on that one.

  • Cassandra Marino

    here are the best options left at the pg postion for the lakers belsdoe,sessions,chamlers,isaiha Thomas,fredette,barbosa. you obviously pick belsdoe but if they cant get him than I would chamlers or session.the sg postion is not a problem cuz we hav kobe but he the only ones left still on the market that are decent lance Stephenson and nick young and maybe x and baazemore,CDR chris douglas Roberts. if we get lance than I would put kobe at SF and lance at sg, if get any of those other guys than they’ll just a back up sg for kobe. the SF postion is a problem. here are the best options left at the SF postion for the lakers. ariza,deng butler, Al f Aminu,shawn marion,mwp, earl clark or even lance. there are a couple of good ones there my best pick would be ariza or butler and sign a player from last year or get earl clark as your back up SF. the PF and C is also a problem were lacking size and athletiscm. here r the best options left at PF and C. JORDAN HILL, Kelly, ED DAVIS,glen davis,boozer,dejaun blair,greg Monroe,ekpe udoh gasol, okafor andray blatche, kris humpries, Jason Collins, Jason smith,jason maxiell,bryon mullens and Elton brand. those are a lot of names look closely at which ones who would bring energy and defense and that would give the lakers impact right away like randle. if we can keep gasol that’s great but we should go after 1 or 2 of these guys like in my opinion out of all of these players I would take hill, and try and get both okafor and ed davis. okafor is a good player and he hasn’t played like in 2 years so hes fresh

    • nash is a thief

      Our best PG option is Thomas not Bledsoe. You can’t move Kobe over to ST unless you’re going to drop his minutes significantly because he’ll end up hurt or burned out playing D on the athletic wings all season. Our best bet is to bring back young, Kelley, hill, and Kmart. Sign ariza to a 3yr deal along with Monroe. Then try and grab guys like blatche, Crawford, and Brooks on 1 yr deals. And hope young, Kobe, Monroe, ariza and our rookies are our only garaunteed contracts in the next FA. Heck if we sign enough of the summer league roster we can maintain max flexibility again, and guys like Clarkson, Kane, and Ross will be good players

      • Badazztj12

        Our realistic options are Thomas, Sessions, or Chalmers

      • TheZuluNation

        1. Our best PG option is Bledsoe, but Thomas is our most realistic option.
        2. Kobe has a better chance of holding up at SF than SG. At SG he’s gotta deal with Ellis, Thompson, Harden, Beal, DeRozan etc. They’re not as many starting elite SF’s.
        3. Ariza is asking for WAY too much. Lakers might be better off signing Deng on a 2-yr deal as a stop-gap.

    • RandomLakerFan

      I agree the BEST option is Bledsoe at pg. Whether we can get him or not is another question.

  • nash screwed the lakers

    This is about to get real ugly with his delayed decision. Fans parking outside his empty homes in Miami and Akron.

    I sense one of his homes about to get burned down.

  • Black Belt

    LeBron has tons of fans camped outside of his house in Cleveland according to Sam Amico and they have cops protecting his house.Well he is supposedly making a announcement today.LeBron should enjoy this experience instead of hiding like a chicken go yell,scream,holla get a microphone says stuff to the fans dance have fun enjoy the fans enjoy the attention.LeBron should be a peoples person much like Shaq was or much like Charles Barkley is a peoples champion.Instead he cowards away from being a real dude.He acts fake and he is a big fraud.

  • nash screwed the lakers

    Why the fuck is Arash Markazi on the fucking Lakers hoopshype page? This fucker is live tweeting (spamming) about the Sterling case. Who the fuck cares?

  • Dana Douglas

    WTF is wrong with LeBum, anyway? How long is it going to take him for The Decision II? He knows the entire league is waiting, and there are a lot of guys whose jobs are on the line. Is he such a weenie that he can’t decide? Or does he just like making everyone else wait for him?

  • JohnSmith00

    I was watching some Kobe vs Jordan highlights yesterday, man I miss the old NBA….

  • ra

    LeBron’s style: charge to the basket, slam it home. Maybe a 3 pointer or two. He’s not the same type of player Kobe or MJ are. BTW, for those who think that Kobe just ‘mimic’s’ MJ’s game (is that why he is great??? really?). OK, you know, not anyone can just ‘mimic’ someone’s game and do as well or better than them. Kobe has his own style. If he ‘pouts’ like MJ does, or makes a gesture that MJ makes, that ain’t gonna help his scoring.

    So, by the ‘mimic’ theory, anyone can just ‘mimic’ a great player, and become great instantly, right? So, just imitate Wayne Gretsky, and you’ll become just like him, or better. Just imitate Joe Montana. That’s all it takes, right?

    Kobe has demonstrated footwork that not even Michael had. Kobe has his own style, and many of the shots he made (those ‘triple team’ off one leg 3 pointers) may not have been MJ’s forte (although, I’m sure he could have done it too).

    LeBron is a basketball player with a football player’s physique. He will ‘never’ have the type of footwork, coordination that Kobe has, period. (or, MJ). That’s not his game.

    But it’s ok. Yes, he is a great player. If he sticks to ‘his way’, he will do fine, but he will rely ‘more’ on a complete team than Kobe or MJ. He needs certain types of role players. I think if Mike Miller stuck around in Miami, the story would be different. LeBron needs a ‘perimeter’ of 3 point shooters to complement his ‘run to the basket, charge, slam it home’ style. That’s it.

    Kobe doesn’t need that. A good center works for Kobe. He’s a mid-range – 3 point shooter who can get complemented by a good center (or, great one, like Shaq). Kobe – Shaq should have been ‘forever’ unstoppable. Anyway, MJ had Pippen (not the greatest player, but complemented MJ). MJ needed more that type of player than a center (c.f., Luc Longley).

    LeBron needs perimeter shooters, and he’ll be good. He might win another Championship if he lands on a team with those shooters. DWade was supposed to complement LeBron with his mid-range, but didn’t do well (lately). Ray Allen wasn’t enough to help pull LeBron over the top. But he’ll be back someday.

    • rival

      I didn’t read all your shit but I’m assuming like bosh hanging on brons right one, that you’re hanging on the left one. To all of us that have enjoyed watching greatness in Kobe bryant , lebron James will always be a good player that had to join two all stars in taking pay cuts to join forces to win a ring. In just one paragraph.

    • rival

      Oh shit my bad I thought you were dising Kobe lol maybe I should of read it first I just hate when people post a fucken book

    • Truth B Told

      Yes Kobe mimics MJ….Kobe do not deny it….MJ also says “Kobe stealing all my moves.”…..That’s not a knock on Kobe……Statements are “He’s the closest thing to MJ that we have seen.”So mimicking is a statement saying he reminds us of MJ…..As we know MJ is the G.O.A.T.It’s the Ultimate compliment to Kobe.

  • Rinnie

    I don’t think Lebron is the greatest player in the world. He doesn’t have that killer instinct and he is not as mentally tough as Kobe/Jordan/Melo or Wade. Running up and down the court like a football player and slam dunking does not make you the greatest. His confidence is not big enough.

    • TheZuluNation

      Right now he is. I don’t know any other player that is better than him currently. Maybe eventually KD can compete w/ him for that top spot, but KD still needs a little more experience in the playoffs and what not and he needs to get stronger and add a post game to his arsenal. But I definitely agree w/ the mental aspect for LeBron. He’s not a mental assassin like Kobe or MJ.

  • Brandon A. Benitez

    The city of Cleveland is riling up by the minute and the rest of the basketball-loving world is in shambles meanwhile, fuck boy LeBron’s playing pick up games with high schoolers

  • VillainKing™

    I hope the Crash play alongside with the Black Mamba!!

  • KB24

    Lebron keeps on winning coz of ray 3s…you know that

  • Deone

    If Lebron goes back to Clevland then Andrew wiggins is getting traded for Kevin Love.

    • Deone

      And Randall hasn’t signed his rookie contract so we can’t even see him participate in summer league…C’mon Lakers!

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