George Lopez Gives Ron Artest a Laker-fied Hyundai

George Lopez Gives Ron Artest a Laker-fied Hyundai


We all know George Lopez of the George Lopez Show on TBS is a HUGE Lakers fan and has guests like Kobe Bryant on all the time. George has also had Ron Artest on the show a couple of times, including this time when he performed Champions:


I guess George wanted to thank Ron for doing such a great job or maybe for coming out this 2nd half of the season like a monster with this Laker-fied Hyundai Genesis:

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  • Kevaughn

    man wish i could have that car….looks sweeet!! LA for 3peat!!

  • Yvette351

    George Lopez gave Ron Artest a Hyundai because he promised him one when he was on his talk show. When Khloe bought Lamar a Rolls Royce as a gift because the Lakers won a championship, George Lopez asked Ron about Lamars lavish gift and Ron said he’d be happy with a Hyundai. So George said he’d buy one for Ron Ron Lakers style.