Gear Report: Adidas To Re-Release Kobe Crazy 1s


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    This week has been all about Kobe Bryant. The Laker great finally made his long-awaited return to the court, and even though the Lakers have failed to pick up a victory, hopes are high for Laker fans.

    Bryant has also had a lot of news regarding his shoes lately. Nike recently unveiled the new Kobe 9s and there was even a report that Bryant has specific messages stitched into his Prelude 1s that he wore in his return. Now comes news from Kicksologists that Adidas will be re-releasing ‘The Kobe’ shoe from 2000 and re-naming it the Crazy 1.

    These were the first Kobe Bryant shoes and were modeled after Audi’s TT Roadster sports car. The bright yellow color of the shoes is something that will always be remembered by anyone who grew up around that time.

    These shoes will be released on December 26 and will be priced at $125.

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