Game Recap: Third Quarter Troubles Continue To Haunt Lakers In Loss

Game Recap: Third Quarter Troubles Continue To Haunt Lakers In Loss


Los Angeles Lakers v Houston Rockets

The Los Angeles Lakers remained in the state of Texas for the second night of a back-to-back against the Houston Rockets. After a loss to the Dallas Mavericks the night before, the Lakers are looking for just their second win in the last nine games.

Nick Young was a game-time decision after injuring his back but ultimately decided to play. It is the second game against Dwight Howard since he left the team this past off-season, with the Lakers taking the first game on a Steve Blake game-winning three-pointer at the buzzer.

First Quarter

To start the game, the Lakers came out with good energy and established a 17-11 lead midway through the quarter. Led by Pau Gasol and Nick Young, the Lakers established an inside-out game, but had difficulties defending the paint. Unfortunately, Los Angeles couldn’t close the quarter as they committed numerous turnovers. Gasol, Young, and Wesley Johnson had seven points as the Lakers led 28-24.

Second Quarter

Young continued his strong play from the first quarter to help the Lakers push the lead to eight points halfway through the quarter. The Lakers worked hard on both sides of the floor and maintained their lead the entire quarter. Sloppy play towards the end of the quarter put the Rockets down by five after being down by as much as nine. Gasol and Young finished the half with 15 points apiece to lead all scorers.

Third Quarter

To start the second half, the Lakers got off to a poor start as Gasol turned the ball over on the first possession. However, the Rockets couldn’t take advantage and only led by one midway through the quarter. While the Lakers continued to struggle, the Rockets made a run and took a 10-point lead, 77-67. After the timeout, Lakers couldn’t put together their own run and trailed 85-72.

Fourth Quarter

In the first five minutes, the Lakers only scored three points and the Rockets were able to extend their lead to 20. Midway through the quarter, Jodie Meeks’ three cut the lead to 13. After a timeout by the Rockets, James Harden took over and Lakers couldn’t cover. While the Lakers tried Hack-A-Dwight, it didn’t work as they couldn’t convert on the other end.

  • kobe24

    First half looked decent however 3rd quarter shots weren’t going down and really poro defense. Oh look MDA finally decided to add Chris Kaman and in just 14 minutes he went 5 points 5 rebound 3 assist 1 steal at 2-4 shooting..smh

    On the other hand KM didn’t play that well. 5 points (2-13)8 assist 5 rebound 1 steal with 6 turnovers. He still has a ton to develop. And although he had 6 TO, with more game time that will decrease like i’ve said before. However he really has to improve his shooting. 2-13 is really atrocious and many of them were open shots that he could have knocked down. He can be a really great player but if his FG% don’t improve the next couple season hes going to be a limited player.

    • Apex

      Keep in mind Kaman has barley any time to play this year to get into any rythm not to mention he fucking hates it here, and we put him in half way through the third quarter….just saying, they should have playing him this whole season!!

  • The Lakers Tank Commander


    • Jim213

  • R4LA

    Rose to lakerssss i know hes out for this season buttttttttttttttttttttttttttt lakers can offerrr gasoft and our first round pickkk for roseee 😀 then we’ll have him with Kobe + Rose duo ye ye?

    Since D.Rose doesn’t seem to happy with bulls decision heh he’ll be glad to come to lala land

    • Derrick Lee

      Rose doesn’t want to be a part of a rebuilding team which the lakers are.

  • Jim213

    Pau had a strong game but the team needs some consistent shooters (old news) as they live and die by the three (7-24). Aside of bad long distance shooting the TO’s are over 15+ pg as Meeks and Marshall combined for 10 TO’s. Have to give coaching staff more blame as they consistently avg. double digit TO’s.

    Young took a lot of shots too for 25 pts but he’s the only one assuming a leadership role now aside of Pau whatever the role. IMO, the biggest issues aside of injuries and being out hustled inside is 3P%=36% and TO%=15+ pg. They’ll likely struggle to reach 500 ball again given the best they’ve done is a 3-4 game win streak as it may/ will take 25-30 games to try to reach 500 if possible with the way things are now IMO.

    Young also had a sore back as mentioned prior SMH but given the coach’s concern Nick played 37 minutes. Guess as long as he could breath he gave him big minutes while Kaman only played 14 minutes SMH.

  • hackahoward

    Hack a Howard + Lakers fans holding Acme brick placards made me chuckle 😛 … #lakersforlife

  • Sylvia Ross

    Can you guys believe that this idiot of a coach would wait until the Lakers were down before he finally decided it was time to put Chris in the game? I think he owes it to the fans to play whoever can help the team in the game. I don’t know what kind of problems he’s having with Chris but for those of us who support the team and buy the nba pass just to see the Lakers he should put his petty differences aside until contract time. dantoni is such a butt hole.

  • Rikki M

    During the interview after the last game before facing the Rockets, Kendall Marshall was asked about the next game facing against Jeremy Lin, he arrogantly answered Lin as no big deal.

    While on the other hand during Wednesday shoot around before facing The Lakers, Jeremy Lin complimented Marshall as phenomenal passer.

    Tonight even though Jeremy played very badly, he still come on top. It is OK to enjoy a little bit of fame but don’t start to get all big and let it mess with your head. Humility goes a long way.

    • richard

      I don’t think he said that arrogantly… He just said that it was no big deal, and what’s wrong with saying it’s no big deal? That only means that he approaches every game the same, which is how any player should approach every game. ????

      • Dragon7s

        Nothing like a little context to clarify what was actually meant…thanks!

        The Lin-lover above is like too many other people on these boards that are just looking for a reason to level negative criticism.

  • richard

    Last game it was rebounding that did us in… this game, turnovers…. this team is finding a way to lose every time…. we direly need a leader on the floor.

    • kobe24

      Bad teams find a way to lose!

      • richard

        would not disagree with that… we are a bad team because we have limited players on the floor due to injury… we are actually a good team when every body is healthy. FO knows this, that is why they are looking to wait till all is healthy before making a major move.

  • JohnC

    The story around Pau – for many fans (mainly the dunk-lovers) is exemplified in:

    Howard: 38 minutes played in which he produced 20 points in 5/14 + 13 rebounds + 1 block + 3 assists + 4 steals.

    Pau Gasol: 36 minutes in which he produced 21 points in 8/13 (vs. ‘the best defender center) + 12 rebounds + 2 blocks + 3 assists. And yes: 3 turnovers (does the ball movement go through Pau in the Lakers much more than through DH in Houston?).


    1. Howard had an ‘overall strong game’.
    2. ‘trade Gasoft’.
    + Howard is the best defender center in the league.
    + Does it give Pau credit? noooooooooo… he’s ‘soft’ (but he blocked ‘Superman’ twice).
    + Does Howard’s 5/14 give any credit to Pau defensively?… I doubt it.
    + Does anyone remember the last games against De Marcus Cousins?
    + Hate this comparison, because a game is just that, a game: but does anyone remember last performance by Howard against Cousins?

    … after respiratory infection + after last year’s injuries + after summer surgery Pau is averaging 20/10, so…

    … trade Pau!!!!

    I wonder if Pau Gasol reads about what many fans say about him. I hope he doesn’t. All I can say is IT’S GREAT for any true basketball fan to see Pau playing. Just for the sake of basketball. The skill set is impressive, more impressive even being a 7-footer. As it is to watch nowadays Aldrdige, Cousins, Tim Duncan or Kevin Love. As it was to see Olajuwon or Kareem. Pau is in that ‘league’.