Game Recap: Spurs Too Good Down The Stretch, Close Out Lakers

Game Recap: Spurs Too Good Down The Stretch, Close Out Lakers


Tony Parker Steve NashThe elation following the impressive opening night win against the Los Angeles Clippers was quickly extinguished thanks to a drubbing at the hands of the Golden State Warriors the following night. Tonight the Lakers look to gain revenge on the team who swept them out of the playoffs last season, the San Antonio Spurs.

The Spurs will be without starting center Tim Duncan tonight so the Lakers must look to take advantage. The Spurs still have the speedy Tony Parker along with up-and-coming wing Kawhi Leonard so the Lakers will have to be on their game to come away with the win.

First Quarter

Couple of early misses by both teams before Gasol starts the scoring with a three pointer. Tony Parker comes back with consecutive baskets to give the Spurs a quick 4-3 lead. Great pass from Blake to Gasol gives the Lakers a three point lead. Spurs can’t buy a bucket and four Nick Young points give the Lakers an 11-4 lead. More missed shots and a traveling call on the Spurs followed by a Nash midrange jumper who’s extremely aggressive early. Parker wide open for a midrange shot to cut the lead to five at 13-8. Wesley Johnson enters the game for the Lakers. Beautiful pass from Ginobili to Leonard for a layup. Lakers very active on defense challenging every shot. Neither team shooting well from the floor. Bench mob on the floor after the timeout with Henry, Farmar, Kaman, and Meeks joining Wesley on the floor. Ginboli three is followed by a Farmar layup and the Lakers lead 19-13. Great pick and roll with Farmar and Kaman leads to Kaman jumper. Beautiful ball movement leads to a Johnson layup. AMAZING block from behind by Wesley Johnson. Couple more missed shots by each team ends the quarter and the Lakers lead 23-16.

Second Quarter

Spurs start the quarter with a turnover. No scoring until back-to-back threes from Farmar and Meeks followed by a steal and easy dunk from Meeks to push the lead to 13. Couple empty possessions by each team. Delay in action as Henry runs into Johnson’s leg and opens up a huge gash on his forehead. Great give and go to Parker followed by a Parker runner cuts the Laker lead to 11. Danny Green hits a three pointer to cap a quick Spurs 7-0 run and the Lakers lead 33-25. Nash, Blake, Gasol return and Johnson gets a layup on the pick and roll. Consecutive three-point plays by Leonard and Splitter cut the lead to four as the Lakers have lost all of the energy since the Henry injury. Parker getting every shot he wants as the lead is down to two thanks to a 15-2 Spur run. Gasol with a Nash-like finger roll and the Lakers lead by four. Splitter grabs his fifth offensive rebound of the half and his putback cuts the lead back to two. Splitter runner cuts the lead to one as the Spurs end the quarter on a 23-11 run.

Third Quarter

The Lakers get a couple of three pointers to start the half from Shawne Williams and Steve Blake, but their defense is not sharp to start the half and a Kawhi Leonard layup ties the game at 50. Some sloppy play by both teams full of missed shots and turnovers. Parker and Gasol trade jumpers and we’re still tied at 52. Parker puts Nash ‘in the popcorn machine’ for an easy layup but Blake answers with a three pointer and the Lakers are back up one. Bench mob in after the timeout with the Lakers down by three. Two Leonard free throws give the Spurs a five point lead but Kaman’s jumper brings the lead right back to three and the Lakers force another Spur turnover. The gash does not affect Henry as he immediately attacks the basket and draws a foul. The teams trade missed fast break layups as the offenses have stagnated for both teams before a Diaw three point play. Jodie Meeks with a fast break layup at the buzzer but still trail the Spurs 63-61 heading into the fourth.

Fourth Quarter

Wesley Johnson with a huge three right before the shot clock expires to get the scoring going in the fourth. Johnson with another layup to give the Lakers the lead but Diaw puts the Spurs right back on top. Jordan Hill enters the game for the first time and gets a layup on a broken play. A turnover and Patty Mills layup puts the Spurs back ahead by two. Johnson is heating up as he hits another three pointer but goaltends on the other end. Hill is active as he grabs another offensive rebound and a layup on consecutive possessions before drawing a loose ball foul. Hill hits one of two free throws to cut the Spurs lead to one. Gasol with a wide open jumper and the Lakers lead by one with four minutes left. Meeks with an impressive runner and the foul to give the Lakers a two point lead. Hill with another offensive rebound but travels and we remained tied with less than three minutes. Johnson with a great block on Leonard that leads to a jump ball which the Spurs control and Parker knocks down a jumper to give the Spurs the lead followed by Gasol drawing a foul and knocking down one of two free throws to cut the lead to one. Diaw with a huge three to push the Spurs lead to four. Splitter with a tip in to push the lead to six with only one minute left. The Spurs held on against the Lakers for a 91-85 win.

  • joe23

    nash should be in the second unit on this game, and put farmar as a starter, to keep up with parker.

  • Renz Carl Supnet

    Paint should have been the target especially when the spurs are over the foul limit. I was hoping gasol do some post moves. Kaman is underused in my opinion. Still take my word without any value at all. XD I have no background to back me up.

  • kobe24

    Personally I think D’Antoni has to do a better job with managing the bigs. We have so much talent with them Kaman, Gasol, Hill and yet we aren’t using them too the fullest. We jacked up too many 3’s we need more consistent shooters, too many easy in the paint points.

    Still, I like the energy the Lakers were showing for the most part and hey only 3 games and it was a close one!

    Go Lakers can’t wait for Kobe 😀

  • The Stig

    Steve blake jacking up the 2nd most shots after Pau is ridiculous. Having him close out ahead of farmar is even more boggling. And seriously, playing jordan hill only in the 4th????? Chris and pau are amazing together use the 2 bigs to your advantage. This loss is on Blake and especially Dantoni.

    • Terrence

      Hill’s our best rebounder, but he can’t play 48 min. a game. D’Antoni’s trying to find another lineup without Hill that won’t get beat on the boards. If the starting unit continues to rebound poorly, I’d expect to see Kaman starting over Williams.

  • ra

    Actually, this game was very encouraging. I know that the Big Fundamental wasn’t there, but neither was Kobe, so we can dispense with that excuse.

    Otherwise, other than ‘adjustments’ for future games, the Lakers play ‘at times’ looked pretty good against the Spurs. And the defense was pretty good too, for much of the time. The Rambis style is working.

    Also, during the game (esp. around the last few minutes), Pop looked seriously worried. Usually he adjusts well to others’ D, and the “Spurs Way” kicks in, and then it’s over. But I don’t think he had a complete answer for the Lakers D this time.

    Very encouraging. The speedy style of play works well against the slower teams, like the Spurs.

  • LakersHeatBeef

    Jordan Hill is a monster rebounder and a good defensive player.He should be starting IMO.The Lakers bench scored 45 points tonight,still proving to be a top tier elite bench in the NBA.Now the problem is Boris Diaw and Tony Parker the French Connection was too much down the stretch for the Lakers to handle.A great sign of things to come was Wesley Johnson got hot in the 4th quarter.

    Xavier Henry took a big knee to the head,ouch headache of the night that was 9 stitches and several asprin worth type of head injury,he bled a lot it was sad.Pau Gasol stepped up and did all he can do to help out.Steve Nash sat out the 4th quarter he never pouts he is a true pro.Shawne Williams has been off his game and he is in need of a confidence booster to help him relax and play much better.

    Nick Young has been playing bad really needs to play much better.Steve Blake is just a pesky player and he is a role player that has been hit and miss from 3 point country his whole career.Jodie Meeks is playing very good basketball,he deserves a lot more playing time.Caveman needs more PT.Lakers have no true go to go other than Pau Gasol.It’s a team with no expectations to win a championship so they got time to develop.

  • Daryl Peek

    Expect us to lose grind it out games like this until Gasol decides to get his azz in the post and help stabilize better offensive rhythm for inside out balance. Our shooting percentage as a team will suffer also long as Pau refuses to go below the free throw line. Hill and Kaman are manning the post and getting offensive rebounds . It’s early but I’m really getting tired of Pau on the perimeter!

    Williams, Young and Nash need to find their grooves also. The defense was fairly solid tonight. Losing Henry hurt the bench mob flow and the rotations. MDA deviated away from Hill for Kaman and Johnson as I expected. Mad scientist mode will continue to be frustration. Hopefully he finds a rhyme and reason in the rotations sooner rather than later.

  • loyaldem4646

    This loss was on shooting. D’Antoni’s system gives you open looks but you need to hit them at a high percentage. Other teams are knocking down their open looks but under pressure Lakers can’t hit anything. Gasol has all the outside looks he wants, but he has to knock down the shots. His post up moves simply aren’t working and he loses the ball most of the time or puts up bricks. He’s much better catching and shooting or finding the cutter in a pick and roll.

  • Eddie Lazaro

    It is a very poor distribution of playing time. Farmar and J Hill are both aggressive and effective but very limited minutes while Nash and williams are non factor playing most minutes. also blake is off his shooting and should provide offensive settings, not shooting too much. I still want to see a more of Gasol/Kaman combo to set and offensive assault in the paint

  • LakeShow


    79 games to go!

    Come on, let’s be serious here. Even if Lakers made it to the playoff, they won’t win the title. Why wasting the opportunity to get lottery pick from one of the loaded drafts since 2003?

  • JohnC

    There is no good balance perimeter – post. Kaman + Hill can replace Pau and give some offensive results when Gasol is on the bench. Other than Pau, until Kobe is back and Nash gets fit, LA Lakers will struggle unless they receive an unexpected contribution from someone who steps in – something very unlikely to happen. Is there another perimeter top-shooter arriving in LA soon?