Game Recap: Marshall’s Double-Double Leads Lakers Past Jazz

Game Recap: Marshall’s Double-Double Leads Lakers Past Jazz



The Lakers have dropped six in a row and continue to deal with injuries as Jordan Farmar suffered another tear in his hamstring in Tuesday’s loss to the Milwaukee Bucks. Tonight, they take on the Utah Jazz for the second time in four games and look to avenge the road loss suffered on December 27.

The team will be without Farmar and Kendall Marshall will be making his first start for the Lakers. Head coach Mike D’Antoni will be using his 18th different starting lineup with Marshall joined by Jodie Meeks, Nick Young, Pau Gasol and Robert Sacre.

First Quarter

The Lakers took an early 7-2 lead with five quick points from Marshall, who hit a three in the opening possession. The starters kept up the pace to push the lead to 26-8 with Marshall and Gasol leading the way. The Jazz started 4-20 from the field, while the Lakers started 10-14 and 2-4 from behind the three-point line. Marshall led the way with seven points, five assists, and three rebounds as the Lakers had seven different players score. As a team, they had just two turnovers and ended the quarter leading 30-12.

Second Quarter

A tough putback by Jordan Hill, a steal and layup by Wesley Johnson, and a three by Shawne Williams capped a fast start to the second quarter by the Lakers. The Jazz cut the deficit to 12 before a Sacre dunk and consecutive Gasol baskets pushed the score to 43-27. The Lakers put the Jazz in the bonus about midway through the quarter, as the Jazz continued to chip away at the lead. Gasol began to heat up and ended the quarter leading all scorers with 16 points on 8-11 shooting. A Meeks three at the end of the quarter pushed the lead back to double digits and the Lakers headed into the half with a 52-40 lead.

Third Quarter

To start the second half, Marshall continued his strong play with two baskets to put him into double digits for the night. The Jazz battled and cut the lead to single digits with 8:30 left in the quarter. A Williams three put the Lakers back up by 14 and gave Marshall his 11th assist of the game. The lead reached 21 points before a Richard Jefferson three-pointer stopped the run. The Lakers had five players in double digits, led by Gasol’s 19 points. A Meeks’ layup gave the Lakers an 83-67 lead heading into the final quarter.

Fourth Quarter

The Lakers struggled to begin the quarter and allowed the Jazz to cut into the lead. Marshall scored two more baskets to push his total to 15 points but the Jazz got within six points with just over five minutes left to play. The Lakers fell to below 50 percent from the field before Gasol and Young made consecutive shots to push the lead back to eight. Meeks sealed the game with a three-pointer to put the team up 99-92 with 1:14 to go. Led by Marshall’s 20 points and 15 assists, the Lakers snapped their six-game losing streak with a 110-99 victory over the Jazz.

  • Boricua

    Good Job KM.. thats wat we need….

  • Gregory Choa

    I know it’s just the Jazz, but the Lakers looked really good tonight – nice bounce back effort by the team, featuring an exceptionally effective inside-outside game with Kendall Marshall (in his first start) and Pau Gasol (finally shedding his upper respiratory infection) leading the way. Wes Johnson’s return also helped, with his defensive mentality energizing the team.

    • e3bonz

      I stated before in this forum, to play Pau with Sac together and see what happens. KM was great tonight led the floor.

  • LakeShow

    Well, what did I say? Read my comment under “Kendall Marshall To Start At PG Against Jazz” article. Granted it was against Jazz but if you look closely, he is talented but lacks of confidence.

    The best part is we have Steve Nash – one of the best PGs of all time. He should become Marshall’s full-time mentor to build his game.

    Even Pau looks good with Marshall running the floor.

    • e3bonz

      Doesn’t the MDA system rely on a strong PG?

    • Lakers Fan

      Hopefully Nash will help him even more by retiring and giving him a chance to still get PT. We all know MDA’s obsession with Nash, so I’m hoping Nash just call it quits. Once all 3 of our other point guards come back, it will be interesting to see how MDA handles that situation. I know this is one game, but I like Marshall a lot. He is a true point guard, and could really become legit. Although it has it’s flaws, this is what MDA’s system will do for you.

  • Apex

    That was actually fun to watch. But reality sets in and you realize we just beat the jazz lol. It was nice to see Gasol go beast mode, probably one of the last times we see that in a laker uniform. Kendall Marshall was lights out!! He may just be the break this team needs. If he is gonna hold down the point that relieves alot of pressure, and we can just focus on grabbing up some serious PF and C

  • Lakers Fan

    I was a little skeptical of Kendall Marshall at first, but man did he have himself one hell of a game. All be it against the Jazz, he still had a great game. He is a true point guard. He looked to set up plays, and was tremendous with the PNR tonight. Let’s see if he can keep this up, and if he can there will be major issues with PT at the point guard position when Farmar, Blake, and Nash(hopefully he retires) comes back.

    I don’t want to get fooled by Pau’s performance tonight, but I can say he had one hell of a night also. But the team played great as a whole. They were having fun, and it resulted in a win. I’m not making an long term predictions, so I’m just taking it game by game to see where this team is headed. They have been so up and down that I have come to accept any outcome, win or lose. It’s still feels good to get a win, even if it is against the Jazz lol. Anyways, go Lakers!

    • e3bonz

      You said it…they played like a team.

      • Lakers Fan

        Defensively and offensively.

  • kobe24

    Ahh I’m torn here. I didn’t watch the game however I read the commetns and overall it was a pretty good game. And granted its the Jazz a win is a win.

    I’m sorry if I’m pessimistic here but I still don’t see Lakers getting into the playoffs…its just too far out and the west is too good. I want the team to tank but I also want to see winning which is only going to end up being bad for the Lakers in the long run (14~15th place in draft is NOT going to help)

    • LakeShow

      I have the same exact feeling. I want Lakers to win but we all know the team is not capable of winning the title. We are 2 – 3 players away from contending and one of them would from the next draft. Nobody like Lakers tanking but that’s the only way to secure a franchise player at young age who can carry the team for years to come. No team going to let go their young stars to the Lakers.

      • Dragon7s

        It’s not tanking if you simply lose because 3 of your starting 5 along with your 7th, 8th and 9th best players are injured.

        We all know the Lakers would never tank but if they miss the playoffs because they don’t have the players to compete (due to the myriad of injuries) then it is what it is and as fans we can simply find joy in watching a bunch of hungry young players compete night in and night out.
        I think as fans, at this point anyway, that’s all we ask for…a team that plays hard and never gives up despite being out-manned. Amirite?

    • Lakers Fan

      As much as I want the Lakers to tank, this win was needed. I do agree with you about the playoffs though. If the Lakers do make the playoffs, they would have to play the rest of this season defensively like they did tonight. We all know that won’t happen, because they are too inconsistent. Not to mention, it was against the Jazz.

  • LakersHeatBeef

    I told everyone Kendall Marshall is a great player.I know it is just his first start but Kendall Marshall destroyed Trey Burke College Player Of The Year and Rookie Of The Month.Kendall Marshall is a very special player and he is a great young player.Everyone will grow to love him.I guarantee this is who he really is.

  • LakersHeatBeef

    One other thing Kendall Marshall got everyone free tacos tonight by making the layup at the end of the game lol hahahahaha.Lets enjoy free tacos.

  • honesly

    KENSANITY begins

    • Simon Says

      Not sure if i want to compare him to a joke like Jeremy Lin.No offense to Lin but Kendall Marshall is much more legit as a player.Sorry but enjoy you’re happiness my friend.Carry on Lakers Nation.

      • honestly

        laker fan since birth but b4 lin’s injury he was shooting 50% fg, almost 60% in 1 point and 40%+ from 3… well that was b4 the injury and james harden demanding the ball more. also Lin generates so much money for the team he’s on that any teams would be lucky to have him… and you just sounds like a hater… btw it was Vinsanity 1st so Lin wasn’t even the OG lol

  • honesly

    btw guys, dont sleep on coach d’antoni.. he made some adjustments and the offense looked less stagnant… all our coach needs is a healthy PG I swear! lol

  • Tar Heels Thriller

    Yes it was great seeing my favorite Tar Heels player Kendall Marshall put on a show tonight,it was a lot of fun.Kendall Marshall had 20 points and 15 assists and just 1 turnover tonight and he grabbed 6 rebounds while shutting down Trey Burke.Kendall Marsahall is the best passer i have ever seen in college basketball.Kendall Marshall passes the ball like a young Magic Johnson he is amazing at passing the basketball.He reminds me of Jason Kidd with a much better shooting touch.Kendall Marshall will be the second best Lakers Point Guard ever.

  • Suns Fan Suns Man

    Kendall Marshall is exactly like Tony Parker.Kendall best Lakers PG since Magic.Hey i got a suggestion to the Lakers FO they should have Magic Johnson train him to be just like he was as a player.Magic Johnson was the greatest IMO.Well Magic Johnson is the best teacher for any young Point Guard.

    Anyways congratulations Lakers fans on finally getting a great young Point Guard.The Suns already have 2 of the best Point Guards in the NBA Eric Bledsoe and Goran Dragic so they let Kendall Marshall go in a trade since they had no minutes for him.Great addition by the Lakers FO.Jim Buss is a genius for signing Kendall.Also yes Kendall Marshall fits the Mike D’Antoni offense perfectly.MDA loves this type of PG.Lakers finally got some good luck on their side.

  • Butter Ball

    Lakers passed the ball around much better now with a awesome PG like Kendall.Where can i buy a Lakers #12 Kendall Marshall jersey?I have a Kendall Marshall Tar Heels jersey already and i wear it around town all the time but i want the Marshall Lakers jersey now.And yes he is doing terrific as a Laker.Mike D’Antoni has the perfect offense for Kendall.

  • JohnC

    Standard basketball works better than all these experiments. All the bigs here struggle to be competitive and consistent under a system made for sprinters.

    If you’ve got a PG who knows his job & moves the ball well, without rushing things and creating opportunities for everyone, these guys respond. The percentage increases with good ball movement and drops with school-like games games full of sprints.

  • Renz Carl B. Supnet

    Am I the only one here that thinks Pau is under-appreciated? Being in constant trade rumors may take its toll mentally and his health is not yet that good even the fans are hard on him. I mean he gets most of the blame in defense but when they played without him the defense still sucked. I think he needs a defensive big man beside him. Because he is trying really hard but one man can do so much.

    • Dragon7s

      Yes, you’re the only one.

      The problem is that he only “tries” in spurts and lacks the mental toughness to ‘bring it’ on a nightly basis.
      While he shows flashes of his former greatness, he’s such a liability on D that it puts too much pressure on his teammates.
      Rather than inspire his teammates, his actions on/off the court (or lack of) tend to frustrate them.

      Please don’t confuse my comments as a lack of appreciation for what he’s contributed to the team in the past, it’s just that his game doesn’t fit the system that he’s playing in and because of that, he gets frustrated and quits on his teammates.
      Sorry but it’s time for the FO to generously find a team where he has a chance to once again contribute before his HOF career comes to an end.

      A trade to that type of situation would be a way for the Lakers to show their appreciation for what he’s done for the franchise.