Game Recap: Los Angeles Lakers Get Blown Out By San Antonio Spurs Reviewed by Momizat on . [new_royalslider id="249"] The Los Angeles Lakers played the San Antonio Spurs in the second game of a back-to-back, which is a situation the Lakers haven't far [new_royalslider id="249"] The Los Angeles Lakers played the San Antonio Spurs in the second game of a back-to-back, which is a situation the Lakers haven't far Rating: 0
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Game Recap: Los Angeles Lakers Get Blown Out By San Antonio Spurs

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The Los Angeles Lakers played the San Antonio Spurs in the second game of a back-to-back, which is a situation the Lakers haven’t fared well in throughout the season. Riding an eight-game winning streak, the Spurs jumped on the Lakers and never let up.

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First Quarter

As a result of playing the previous night, the Lakers got off to another slow start Friday night. They shot 18.1 percent en route to a lowly 14 points in the opening quarter and struggled to slow the Spurs down. During one stretch, the Spurs made 10-of-12 baskets as they continued to extend their lead. Tim Duncan scored seven points, with all three of his field goals coming in the paint and he added six rebounds as the Spurs finished the quarter with a 29-14 lead.

Second Quarter

Trailing by 15 points at the start, the second quarter was much of the same for the Lakers. The Spurs continued to score in the paint at will and led by 20 points three minutes into the quarter. With the Lakers trailing by 22 points, Kent Bazemore went down in a heap of pain after being struck in the throat by an Aaron Baynes elbow. Bazemore immediately went to the bench, but returned for the final minutes of the quarter. Danny Green hit consecutive three-pointers and Matt Bonner later added another three-pointer to give the Spurs a 28-point lead. With a 32-point second quarter, the Spurs held a 27-point lead at halftime.

Third Quarter

Green continued his hot shooting at the start of the second half and had another stretch of consecutive three-pointers, which gave the Spurs a 70-36 lead. Gasol attempted to keep the Lakers in the game, but defensive lapses kept them from putting together any semblance of a run. With their bench players playing much of the quarter, the Spurs maintained a comfortable lead heading into the fourth.

Fourth Quarter

The Lakers began the quarter trailing by 29 points and managed to put together an 8-2 run, which cut their deficit to 25. However, the Spurs responded with a 10-0 run out of the timeout and were able to empty their bench, which resulted in every player in uniform scoring. With the Spurs leading the entire second half, the Lakers lost 119-85.

Kobe Bryant On Phil Jackson To The Knicks, “I Don’t Really Get It”

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  • Marty Susman

    I want to know what would happen if the Lakers & the Nicks made a trade, are you telling me that’s not a conflict of interest when the two team leaders are living together ??? How on earth can anyone think that if the Nicks & Lakers do anything together it has nothing to do with the relationship & whom ever s stronger in it gets the better of the trade deal….Sorry, I am as confused as Kobe & I am waiting for Adam Silver to say/do something…..As for Jim Buss, you sir are a total, absolute DIP shit & I would say more if this was not a public forum……

    • Daryl Peek

      You that mad? LMAO

      • Chrmngblly

        I you were not a lady, I would, too.

        • Daryl Peek


          • Chrmngblly

            Yeah, yeah. I know….slow day. I will try to work on some new material, I promise…:-)

            All this is going to keep coming back up.

          • Daryl Peek


          • Chrmngblly

            Why do you use that “Sanitary Manhole” abbreviation, SMH, for? I know you use a lot of similes and metaphors when you write

          • Daryl Peek

            Sometimes I don’t have the energy to entertain more than the simplicity of mundane in reply. *blank stare*

      • Marty Susman

        Might have listened to Keith Obemann last night, saying the same thing jerk.

        • Daryl Peek

          The IRE you have for Jimmy is really off base. Dr. Buss put all of this into place and the Buss children all agree with his plan. Of course Jeanie has a soft spot for her future husband and does not want to see him move halfway across the country to work. Phil left the Lakers three years ago. He’s been at peace with that ever since. Fans, media and a few players have not moved on. Obemann is a tool. You don’t have to repeat his foolishness.

          • Chrmngblly

            DP, just because the

          • Chrmngblly

            The first thing JB needs to do is deal with Nash and unclog that snafu.

        • Chrmngblly

          Daryl gets hung up in his underwear sometimes over trivialities. He can know every little detail and not get the big picture.

          Me? I am never wrong…LOL

  • X

    Lakers got no choice. They need to lose as much as possible if they want to retain the bottom 4 spot. With Celtics, Jazz and Kings are right on our tail, the Lakers can’t afford to win another game. As a bottom 4 team, the Lakers have better chance at landing a top 3 pick.

    • michael

      So we should lose 17 games remaining? Come on dude…

  • Lakers Fan

    Same shit. Different day. Bring on that top 5 pick.

    • Countin’AllDay



    Here is some true honesty Lakers fans and this is all my opinion, but the pressure has been put on Jim Buss as of now and i truly believe Jeanie Buss has went to Jim and said look. you need to either get Phil here or go get somebody to help get us back to championships other than trying to do it yourself or you will bring what dad help build into flames look at the mess you put us in, Chris Paul couldnt come, fired Phil Jackson got Mike brown got rid of Mike Brown got D’Antoni, from Dwight Howard, Nash, artest, Lamar Odom, Bynum could’ve got phil twice to having the worst record which the lakers aren’t known for and a whole list of problems which are clearly his fault so now Jeanie Buss have Jim by the balls Kobe Bryant has spoke out a first ballad hall of famer the face of your franchise the one who will put tickets and asses in those seats because kobe can go for the all time scoring record and he has questioned your decision making now their is a high possibility if you don’t get things right soon Kobe can demand a trade and lets say GO PLAY WITH PHIL AND MELO, or clippers now who wants to come to L.A. or the lakers that is Jim, and Jeanie Buss can say you know what Jim i am resigning you can have the team i am going to work with Phil in new york and now the lakers go from 22-60 to 2-80 and the Knicks will be on their 2nd championship and kobe will have his 7th ring. damn Jeanie you are brilliant baby..

  • Phil

    Lakers a freaking terrible they beyond suck they are putrid this season.No more excuses Jim Buss and his apologist ran out of excuses a very long time ago.Mike D’Antoni is totally a bitch and he must be getting paid off to be in LA.Absolutely pathetic display of coaching.Lakers suck they are not tanking they just stink.Honestly Jim Buss plays for ping pong balls and Jerry Buss played for championships i rather have the guy that plays for championships.And you?

  • Phil

    STFU Jim Buss and get to work you slacker retard.

  • truth24

    Reminder to Jim buss you are a fucking idiot. You better get rid of this coach and hopefully get a better supporting cast for kobe via quality veteran players. You can not move forward with what we have now. I’m talking about guys like marshall, henry, kelly, bazemore, brooks, sacre, young. Gasoft, hill, Meeks need to go i’m serious. Keep farmer and wes johnson. I may be overboard but this is the truth. I’m riding this ship with kobe and he knows the guys he has suckkkkk. That’s just the fucking truth. The fucking Clippers are on a rise ffs, we need to fight fire with fire. We need a stronger and more athletic pg to keep up with the likes of cp3, westbrook, parker. Marshall sucks I don’t care what he does you can not have him as your starting point guard he’s too fucking slow, he just can’t hang with the big boys it’s a proven fact that’s why sun’s got rid of him, dragic is way better….. you got what you paid for bringing in these cheap players. They suck like shit that’s just the fucking truth. You laker fans stop coming up with your weak lineups you’ll never make the playoffs with this roster. The defenders can beat what we have on our roster…..

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