Game Recap: Late 12-0 Run Pushes Lakers Past Pistons Reviewed by Momizat on . After splitting the first two games, the Los Angeles Lakers look to finish the road trip on a high note against the Detroit Pistons. Both teams met in Los Angel After splitting the first two games, the Los Angeles Lakers look to finish the road trip on a high note against the Detroit Pistons. Both teams met in Los Angel Rating: 0
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Game Recap: Late 12-0 Run Pushes Lakers Past Pistons

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Wes Johnson

After splitting the first two games, the Los Angeles Lakers look to finish the road trip on a high note against the Detroit Pistons. Both teams met in Los Angeles less than two weeks ago where the Lakers dominated them, 114-99. Without Kobe Bryant and Steve Nash, these Lakers have played well and will look to go above .500 for the first time since opening day.

First Quarter

The Lakers got off to a poor start as they were slow to get back on defense and committed three turnovers. Andre Drummond and Greg Monroe quickly combined for 13 points and established a nine point lead. Midway through the quarter, the Pistons already had six fast break points and 16 points in the paint. After a timeout, the Lakers responded with an 8-0 run led by Shawne Williams’ two three-pointers. Both teams went back and forth for the remainder of the quarter as the Lakers trailed by one, 32-31.

Second Quarter

Jordan Farmar and the Lakers bench got off to another strong start, but could not stop the Pistons from scoring inside. Despite 30 points in the paint with more than eight minutes to play, the Lakers took a three point lead. Midway through the quarter, the Lakers were sloppy with the basketball and gave up easy baskets to the Pistons once again and trailed by nine. However, the Lakers fought back with a 6-0 run to cut the lead to three. While the Lakers’ turnovers and Pistons’ points in the paint would continue, Wesley Johnson’s 18 points helped Los Angeles lead at the half, 56-55.

Third Quarter

After scoring all their points in the paint or at  the free-throw line, Lakers made a conscious effort to clog the paint. Unfortunately, the Pistons still got easy opportunities around the rim. Without Jordan Hill who appeared to sprain his left ankle early in the quarter, the Lakers gave up numerous offensive boards and the Pistons extended their lead to eight. With less than three minutes, Johnson kept the Lakers within striking distance as he converted on his sixth three-pointer of the game to cut the lead to three. To close the quarter, Lakers turned the ball over on numerous possessions and were unable to secure any rebounds. At the end of the third, the Lakers trailed 87-77.

Fourth Quarter

Timely baskets by Shawne Williams and Nick Young cut the deficit to six points to start the quarter. While the Pistons maintained their lead around 5-7 points, the Lakers bench made their push and cut the deficit down to two points midway through the quarter. After a timeout, Brandon Jennings and Jordan Farmar made their own individual runs and the Pistons still led by three. With less than two minutes to go, the Lakers went on a 12-0 run to earn a four point lead. However, Farmar fouled Jennings on a three-point attempt where he missed two free-throws with 18 seconds remaining. With a chance to tie or win the game, Young drew a charge on Josh Smith to seal the victory.

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  • Gregory Choa

    Shawne Williams really starting to impress, not unlike Earl Clark last season…and stepping up his game as Jordan Hill goes down with a (minor) ankle injury, with still no Kaman sighting, and Sacre seeing some more PT…interesting stuff…

    • e3bonz

      Some lingering back pain, or MDA rath?

      • Gregory Choa

        Dunno, I don’t think it’s MDA wrath ’cause he’s been injured, so I’m not sure what there’d be to be wrathful about…and he’s been medically cleared to play, so I’m not sure about any lingering physical issues…and he doesn’t seem to be pouting on the bench…yeah, this one’s a bit of a head scratcher…

        • Art Batu

          MDA did say that he’s playing Sacre for defensive purposes and that he works hard. Maybe he’s outplaying Kaman in the practices and has better chemistry with the team right now.

    • Daryl Peek

      Kaman, interesting indeed?!?

  • Lakers Fan

    I’m happy we got the win, but we have to do a better job defensively. There is no excuse for Detroit having that many points in the paint. Our front court just watched Detroit get to the rim at will. And can someone explain to me why Sacre is playing and not Kaman? We needed him badly tonight, but D’Antoni had him glued to the bench. I don’t know what’s going on, but Kaman is a valuable piece to this team and we needed him playing tonight.

    That being said, I am loving Wesley Johnson. He gives us everything we needed last year in a small forward. I think he has finally found a home with the Lakers. He plays great defense, he brings nonstop energy, he don’t take absurd shots like MWP did last year, and most of all he knows his role. He will be great for us in the near future.

    Shawn Williams played extremely well tonight as well. He was raining three’s all night. If he can keep this up, he might have found a home in LA as well. I’m not jumping to conclusions because I know he has those night when he leaves you scratching your head. But if he can continue to stretch the floor and play well defensively, we might have something in him. The bench was great as always. Overall, it was a GOOD not GREAT win. Go Lakers!

    • Gregory Choa

      Yeah, the interior defense was literally non-existent, and that was a tremendous bummer, but you HAD to love the 12-0 run to close this game out while going 2-1 on this road trip.

      • Lakers Fan

        Yea that was awesome. The one thing I love about the them this year is their fight. Last year that was non-existent. That fight showed at the end of the game when they went on their run. My main issue with this game was the interior defense. Detroit is a hard team to keep off the boards and out of the paint, considering their front court are all rebounding juggernauts and they do most of their damage in the paint being one of the top scoring teams in the paint. But there should have been some type of effort. The fight kicked in at the end of the game, but my issue stems from the defensive side of the ball.

        • e3bonz

          I was pleased Pau got 3 offensive boards in one possession late in the fourth.

    • Chyeah

      I believe Kaman is was injured thats why he didn’t play.

  • e3bonz

    I thought the Lakers came out a little sluggish, good thing Detroit didn’t have any points outside the paint until the third quarter. We may have gotten hammered inside, with more than one missed rotation, but it’s still a win.

  • Jim213

    Wes Johnson and S Williams held the fort down today. Looks like W Johnson has taken advantage with regards to being a starter given that though his offensive needs to be more consistent (defensive hes shown consistency). it’s been awhile since Williams has impacted the team as he did tonight though he seems to be playing better defense these past few games which maybe a likely reason why the coach has raised his minutes.

    Hopefully Hill doesn’t miss too many games if he has a minor injury. IMO, this just shows that the team is still struggling to assert an inside game aside of fighting for in the boards. But a win is a win so #rollwithit and move on to the next game. Although, they took too many three’s tonight (14-31) = 45% 3P%, they helped to win the game. IMO, could’ve used Kaman’s presence inside today as he could’ve helped to limit 2nd chance opportunities. The team did manage to play better defense in the 4th to pull off the win.

    Like Pau mentioned on another channel, Young taking the charge against Smith was as good as shooting the last shot. Although they struggled IMO this 4th quarter comeback will help them team’s confidence aside of increasing team chemistry.

    • Gregory Choa

      Josh Smith is such an enigma – he’s obviously so physically gifted and athletic, but boy is he dumb…it wasn’t just that bumbling move to the hoop at the end that Nick took the charge on, but just completely falling asleep at the wheel at the end of the 1st half to allow Wes to complete that inbound dunk off the lob from Blake at the buzzer too…

      • Jim213

        Shows the Pistons lack reliable shooters.

  • LakersHeatBeef

    The bench played very well scoring 52 points tonight,best bench in the NBA,i been saying that since day one.Shawne Williams was red hot shooting the ball.Jordan Farmar was huge down the stretch,he made some big time plays.Nick Young was good again off the bench.

    For the Starters Wesley Johnson had a huge game scoring a season high 27 points tonight,he was making all kinds of 3 pointers,Wesley ended up shooting 9-11 from the field tonight.Pau was decent tonight with another double double.Steve Blake with yet another 10 assist game,good effort from our quarterback Steve Blake.Mike D’Antoni and Kurt Rambis are coaching the team as best they can.

    The defense was not as good as i would like it to be but giving up 102 points is not too bad.Lakers got a much needed win.The Lakers have won 5 out 6 games,just keep on playing good defense and all good things will happen.

    Go Lakers!

    • cj

      they got 102 points on 100 shots. thats very good d. 1.02 points per shot would be leading the nba. the lakers are 7th in pps in the nba. the lakers give up a lot of points because of pace but the lakers are a good defensive team.

      • bill

        and black is white and up is down.

        • cj


  • LakersHeatBeef

    .Robert Sacre is getting playing time.He plays hard,Sacre is a big body a banger.

  • kramzy

    shawne williams can be an asset at offense.. but he is a burden on defense… dude doesnt have any speed on his feet.. although he’s showing much worth that what i thought he would be.. give respect when respect is due.

  • JohnC

    What’s wrong with Kaman? Injuries????

  • cj

    heres what i would do if i was the lakers. 4 team trade.


    raptors- nash, lavory allen, pope, kaman

    phil- villanueva, Aaron gray

    detroit- rudy gay

    lakers- monroe

    reason raps do it- get out of gays contract, and gets them nash for a season or two wile getting worse so they can get the first pick in this years draft. keeps them under the tax.

    reason phily does it- they need to add salaries to their team they are to low at this point and both contracts come off the books next year.

    reason detroit does it- they need to get something for monroe and they need a true sf gay fits both very well.

    reason the lakers do it- they get a future pf in manroe. this cuts about 8.4 mill of the books so the lakers are not a tax team. the new lineup would be.
    blake, kobe, wes, monroe, pau
    farmar, meeks, young, will, hill
    ?,?, henry, kelly, scare

    the way i look at it every team gets something they need.

    tor gets worse and gets cap space if nash retires. phily gets to keep their cap space but add some this year so they dont get fined. detroit gets a true shooter/sf that they need and can push them selfs nto the playoffs. las but not least the lakers get a young star and might be a new contender after this trade.

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