Game Recap: Lakers Win First Preseason Game Since 2011 Reviewed by Momizat on . The Lakers preseason started off tonight in a matchup against the young and talented Golden State Warriors. So far throughout training camp, the Lakers have mad The Lakers preseason started off tonight in a matchup against the young and talented Golden State Warriors. So far throughout training camp, the Lakers have mad Rating:
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Game Recap: Lakers Win First Preseason Game Since 2011

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stephen-curry-steve-blakeThe Lakers preseason started off tonight in a matchup against the young and talented Golden State Warriors. So far throughout training camp, the Lakers have made it known that they planned to improve their effort and production on the defensive end, well what better test in the preseason than to start of against this Warriors team which ranked in the top 10 in offensive production last season.

The most important aspects of the preseason are that this team continues to build chemistry, and develop an defensive identity. So while getting a win tonight would be great, it’s not necessarily the main priority for this team, hence why Steve Nash, Kobe Bryant, and Pau Gasol sat out.

Not much star-power from the Lakers tonight, but the provided a good show to the fans out in Ontario in typical purple and gold fashion.

First Quarter

To start the Lakers preseason off, Chris Kaman converted on midrange jump shot from the top of the key. That basket would initiate a 7-0 run to start the game after a Nick Young three-pointer followed by another Chris Kamen basket. The Warriors would then race off quickly on a 15-0 run spear-headed by Andre Iguodala’s energy and intensity on the offensive and defensive end. Following the quick run by the Warriors, Steve Blake would have a mini-run of his own by scoring six consecutive points to bring the Lakers back into the game by the middle of the first quarter.

The first substitutions off the bench for the Lakers were Wesley Johnson, Jordan Farmar and Robert Sacre. Farmar would come into the game and quickly change the pace, as he got three quick assists during early offense opportunities and in transition. Xavier Henry came in during first quarter and was sort of surprise. He capitalized on a few open jump shots, and drew a few fouls while driving to the rim.

Defensively, the Lakers looked like a work-in-progress to say the least. While they made a consistent effort to close out on the Warriors sharp-shooters, they failed to get back in transition, allowing the Warriors to get plenty of early offense opportunities.

At the end if the first the Warriors led 29-28.

Second Quarter

In the second quarter, the second unit would continue to push the pace and capitalize on their chances to score early, and perhaps there wasn’t a player that took advantage of that pace more than Nick “Swaggy P” Young. Young would go on a tear, scoring off the dribble, in transition, and in the pick-and-roll. He would score 14 of his 17 first half points in this quarter, and one highlight in particular that stood out was his step-back fadeaway over second year forward Harrison Barnes. It was also good to see a player on the Lakers roster that had the ability to create their own shot from the perimeter and draw fouls. Those are two things that will be key for the Lakers as they continue to build team chemistry.

The most impressive takeaway from the first half other than Nick Young was the Lakers ability to shoot the ball. One thing head coach Mike D’Antoni has been mentioning during camp is that this team is significantly better at stretching the floor. This first half justified that statement as the Lakers would shoot 20-40 from the field, making 4-10 from beyond the arc.

At half-time the Lakers led 60-57.

Third Quarter

The second half started off very slow for the Lakers as they would score only three points through 10 minutes into the third quarter. The flow and continuity on the offensive end that they had in the first half was non-existent, and that’s to be expected during preseason basketball. A lack of ball movement, and offensive fluidity would make the bulk of this quarter very difficult to watch.

Fortunately for the Lakers, Jordan Farmar and Xavier Henry would come in and provide another spark, as they would generate a 7-0 run in the final few minutes to keep the Lakers in the game.

Despite a 25 percent shooting quarter, the Lakers went into the fourth quarter trailing by one point, 71-70.

Fourth Quarter 

The energy and effort from Farmar and Henry would carry over into the fourth quarter, as they would score the first two baskets. Henry in particular would show off his scoring ability in this quarter, netting 10 of the Lakers first 14 points in the quarter. Farmar would control the pace in great fashion, as he continued to distribute the ball and set up his teammates.

The fourth quarter would also give Laker fans their first opportunity to see Elias Harris and Marcus Landry. Landry and Harris would connect on a beautiful out of bounds play, and may have given an indicator as to where a few of the end of the bench guys stand in the eyes of Mike D’Antoni.

The combined work of Farmar and Henry would help the Lakers secure a comfortable win in their first preseason game, 104-95.


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About The Author

Ryan Cole is a student at the University of Southern California (USC) majoring in Broadcast Journalism and minoring in Sports Media Studies. His past experiences include interning for ESPN and Fox Sports. He is huge sports fan that loves to talk all kinds of sports. You can follow him on twitter here: @JustRyCole

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  • cj

    i see everyone that played tonight but gadzuric making this team. lakers – big three better then warriors with all their players.

    • Jim213

      Many Laker FA’s outplayed many players of the GSW but Klay Thompson could likely be the 2nd or 3rd player for the Warriors depending on how Iguadola fits into the system. He carried the team the 2nd half basically.

      Nice to see Jerry West catching a game too, though with Warrior execs.

  • vdogg

    good win, but that’s all it is.. a preseason win. henry was great. want to see more from wes johnson. but overall, it was great to see a bunch of guys who want to be lakers playing hard for one another. good riddance, dwight!!!

    • cj

      a preseason win vs a contender that was at full power and we were missing 60% of our starting lineup.

      • vdogg

        actually, you make a good point. well done.

  • Chyeah

    Lakers did really well and I noticed that they were better with Farmar on the court. And well done to Xavier he played really well. Go Lakers go!

    • cj

      farmar is great but some of them threes smh

      • Paytc

        I would be willing to go out on a limb to say Famar will probably “STEP UP’ and knock down a few big 3′s both at home and on the road for us eventually.

        Yes he did play well and has the guts to not hesitate to pull the trigger.
        Now imagine Kobe being on the floor… how much easier it will be for Famar to find himself a wide open 3 pointer to knock down.

        And before the Kobe haters chime in with the Kobe won’t pass him the ball non-sense…. if Kobe trust you to “Step UP” and knock it down like Fisher did, you’ll get the same green light Fisher had.

        Why should Kobe ask someone less capable to do what the more capable player is more likely to do?
        I am pleased with Famar’s play at this point. Although I was skeptical coming in having not seen him play in the NBA in a while. He looks like he belongs!

        • Eddie Lazaro

          How many times has he diss the ball to Meeks, Metta, d12, etc. where he got no assist since they are throwing bricks.

          • Paytc

            Too many times! And Kobe wants to win more than anyone on the floor.
            That’s why he pays close attention to his teammates body language. If he sense’s your not gonna put out enough effort to “STEP UP ” and deliver he’ll look elsewhere. Or take charge himself.

          • Eddie Lazaro

            That’s the Kobe we know. He will get everyone involved to do their heat check, but if they keep on shooting bricks all the way to 3qtrs, he will take over the game before it’s too late. He has been bailing out the Lakers even during Shaq’s tenure, it was just not recognized and biasedly not credited to him. The same can be said with the Regular MVP (2x) & Finals MVP (at least 1) that he got robbed and was given to Shaq (2002,2003) and Nash (2006) that could have been him easy. Media (bspn) has been on him since the Colorado incident, wanting him to fail, that’s why he worked his butt off to prove them wrong. He never want to kiss their ass, but when someone comes in who does, they crown him even before the guy played his first professional game.. Pathetic.

  • tara myricks

    Lets do this B yotch!

  • vdogg

    farmar was quietly very impressive..

  • Kathy Urmot

    The guys really seem to be enjoying themselves! Took down a team that gave us hard games last season. Though it’s only a preseason game, it’s good to get a win after all those losses same time last year! Go Lakers!!!

  • Jim213

    • Jim213

      I know, first preseason game but you still going with Blake over Farmar as backup to Nash?

      From watching the ENTIRE GAME and without looking at stats, Farmar managed the game better than Blake which aids in my belief that Farmar will backup Nash (especially if he shows his hustle and contributes on both sides of the court). Lesser turnovers also took place with Farmar on the floor.

      At first, the team seemed out of cohesion which can be somewhat expected given that players are buying for a roster spot. Ball distribution also lacked when Blake was on the floor as the team struggled offensively until 2nd team was brought in the 2nd quarter as certain players were mixed in the middle 3rd quarter to help overcome the point deficit.

      Young also seemed to be trying to do too much rather than pass the ball which may have resulted IMO in more stagnant team play/ball movement given that the ball seemed to only be passed once or twice on occasion which may have led to bad shots at times given the lack of ball distribution/movement.

      Kaman also had trouble controlling the ball at times SMH, as others within the paint struggled to obtain offensive and defensive rebounds (got out hustled). Young also appeared to take too many quick shots (rim hitters) rather than pass the ball around which may had led to less minutes during the 2nd half (given his 1st half shooting) as X Henry proved to shoot more consistently out of the two, aside of showing more aggressiveness on defense but it’s just the 1st game.

      But aside of Farmar managing the game I’s still thinking what type of
      offense will this team be next season as they got OUTSCORED in fast break points. Given the Run and Gun relies on fast break points, I was trying to get a better sense of the team’s offense which just led to more questions.

      But this is only the 1st pre-season game as there’s sufficient time for
      coaching staff to figure out the best offense for next season. However, given the hustle of certain players that I have making the final roster: optimism, should be high given the many so called expert beliefs about the Lakers being a 12th seeded team. One year contracts may eventually benefit the team this upcoming season.

      Players like Shawne Williams (didn’t get a lot of playing time) seemed
      better suited for the coach’s offensive as X Henry and E Harris hustle shows the type of aggressiveness and attitude that the team needs especially from a defensive sense to help overcome next season’s obstacles.

      IMO, Game 1, has shown some of Farmar’s overall growth (overseas) as aside of managing the game he was the most aggressive player for the team which likely resulted in better team ball/play in the end while helping the team to come from behind. Thus, allowing players the opportunity of obtaining better shot selection aside of stretching the floor.

      • cj

        agreed if henry and farmar play as well as they did tonight consistently meeks and blake can become trade bait. i would not be surprised if a trade of blake and meeks for arzia came around.

        • Jim213

          It’s best if the team gets under the cap this season as it’ll hurt them in the future as well as with possible future pick ups given they’re repeat offenders.

          • cj

            there is no way to get under the tax this season with out killing our team.

          • Jim213

            IMO, very possible,

            Both Blake and Meeks salary is just over $5.5 mil and if they happen to be placed on the trade block it still wouldn’t be enough to get out of the cap.

            Thus, a three player trade is more likely to take place and given that word is the team will likely go with a 14 or 15th player roster this season a trade shouldn’t surprise anyone. Especially when it’ll hurt the team in the long run if they keep being repeat offenders.

          • cj

            but theres no way to cut the 8 mill we need to enless we trade blake, hill, and meeks and get nothing. that hurts us more this season. this only happens if we suck.

      • Chyeah

        You’re right the team was better with Farmar on the foor, he may not have scored as many points as Xavier but I don’t think Lakers would have won with Farmar (third quarter showed that). Also they seemed to rely heavily on their outside shooting, I think they should integrate some post-play into their offense in case the defence strips away their outside shooting. Hopefully they’ll be able to do this when Gasol comes back. All in all, Lakers played really well and like you said this performance gives reason for doubters to be optimistic and also proves no one should take this team lightly. Only time will tell if Lakers can keep this type of performance up throughout the rest of the season

      • Zimmeredge

        haven’t watched the game now but Farmar is a true point guard while Blake is more a combo guard. he’s particularly good without the ball. So he’s the good lad to play alongside Farmar, Nash or Bryant because he can pass sometimes, he can shoot and drive to the basket.
        pg: Nash/Farmar
        sg: Bryant/Blake

        that’s the ideal rotation.

        but without having our 3 stars it’s a good victory for our young lads.

        • Jim213

          Observe both players under the position (PG) it’ll show Farmar’s growth which applies to his mentality too. This is the first pre-season game but the overall hustle of players wanting a spot on the team say’s a lot. Ain’t hating on Blake but if the battle regards backing up Nash, Farmar appears to be a solid fill in IMO.

          Although, Game 2 is tonight.

          • Zimmeredge

            i didn’t argue with you on who’s gonna be Nash’s back up. Farmar all the way. I think D’antoni consider Blake as Bryant’s back up. Meeks was a non factor offensively I don’t know about his defense but Blake offers more consistency than Meeks in every aspects of the game.
            nonetheless, blake will be our first option behind Bryant (he’ll start the season alongside Nash until Kobe gets back)as a sg and third option as pg.

          • Jim213

            Aint arguing just informing you about how I observed things. Meeks did alright but didn’t do enough for his time on the floor.

          • Zimmeredge

            yeah yeah and i didn’t say your point of view was wrong. i agree with your point. Farmar over blake as a pg.

          • Paytc

            We pretty much already know what to expect from both Blake and Meeks.
            I realize they have already made the team. I hope they both have the best seasons of their lives. But it’s clear Famar and Henry are upgrades.

          • Paytc

            Agree with all that !

        • Paytc


          I agree with your Nash/Famar as I think Famar is good enough to start based on the point guards I have seen at this point. There will not be a drop off when Famar steps on the floor(he my actually cause a few more problems). And a healthy Nash late in the season could pay dividends.

          I dis-agree with your Bryant/Blake rotation. I would prefer to see
          Bryant/Henry. Henry is too skilled to sit on the bench too long IMO.

          • Zimmeredge

            Henry is a good, decent player but he has to prove himself to D’antoni. D’antoni really likes Blake because he can do everything. His defense is “okay”. You can send him on a mission. offensively he can do so much. pass the ball, drive to the basket and don’t forget that he’s a 39% from the 3. that’s why I put him over Henry in the head of D’antoni.
            Henry will have to prove he can shoot behind the arc.

            I’m excited about Harris and Landry. I thing they have something to give to our team.

          • Paytc

            Trust me Henry won’t take as long as Blake is taking. You can see Henry is a “standout player”. He just has more ability than Blake has period. At SG, I think Henry can do everything Blake does and much more. I just can’t see leaving a player as gifted as Henry on the bench. Blake may find more opportunity at the PG position than SG especially upon Kobe’s return. I know Kobe will play some small forward,but he will most likely play SG a bit too. And Nash’s age and health concerns leaves some minutes to be filled backing up Famar.

          • Eddie Lazaro

            I like having Farmar on point. with his championship experience, and with his chemistry with Kobe and Pau on their last 2 Championships.

          • Paytc

            There is a lot to say for “championship experience” .
            You can clearly see Famar has more heart and ability. I would put Famar on the floor based on what we have to chose from.

      • Paytc


        I agree with you that Famar is a total upgrade from Blake. Hopefully the coach will consider making the right decision with regards to play time. But it should not take long for Famar to out perform Blake and win out the position anyway.

        Famar will pick the tempo up when he replaces the slower older Nash. Not to slight Nash (he is the starter at this point),but the sudden increase in tempo should drastically impact the games momentum in our favor.

        I agree X. Henry and E. Harris should be leaps and bound improvements to last years subs. See my post above for more….

        Go Lakers!

      • Daryl Peek

        I’ve been out of town and unplugged this weekend. Will get back to you’all when I get a chance to review the games.

    • tara myricks

      i think i saw him.. “PEEKING” behind that tree on the left! lol

  • Lakers Fan

    Lakers actually run faster then last season and yes, Lakers has better offense when Jordan Farmer on the court, 2-times Champion experience don’t lie. He has speed, ball handle, 3 pts shot, athletic and hope he can be second D.Fish effective to this Lakers team. Wesley Johnson need do more contribution but love his defense , overall Lakers is much better then last season!

    • cj

      wes to me looked like a guy who is not sure about his role yet. i think he will look much better sunday when nash and pau play.

  • Lakers Fan Fan

    Lakers did a great job at first win in Pre-season. However, still too much turnover and I don’t see any post play by the center or forward which mean Lakers depends on out side shooting too much, and rebound is a big trouble for Lakers!

    • cj

      our 2 best rebounders missed the game tonight. pau will get ten+ a game and kobe is a lock for 5+ a game. the turnovers should go down when kobe and nash are out there. pau and kobe are our post players but this team is much more of a jump shooting team. thats not a bad thing we have a lot of great shooters in nash, kobe, meeks, young, and blake. then there are the shooters that could surprise us henry, williams, wes, pau, kaman, and sacre who showed a much improved jump shot.

    • Zimmeredge

      rebound a big trouble?
      we have lost Dwight during the summer and we get Kaman instead. Even without Gasol the team was able to catch 44 rebounds…

  • http://www.haveslot.com/ richard

    IT’s still the first game of the preseason… the goal is not to win… but get better feel of who will be the best fit to complete the team going into the season taking into consideration the kind of offense and defensive philosophy installed.

    I was a little happy with the way the lakers defended the half court sets… much is needed to improve on transition d. But the effort was there, which is already a plus considering last season.

    • Jim213

      Disagree with winning, given this season’s so called low expectations and the team currently on the reloading phase (will bring it up later) I’m certain some players buy into the hoopla.

      Although, this is pre-season the overall hustle and play of players buying for a future spot should still be shown. Given the lack of group cohesion what better way to tighten bonds (team wise) than by winning a challenging game that resulted from finding finding the right combination of players.

      Given the circumstance this is a good thing as it’ll help to increase the team’s confidence along with chemistry aside of trying to find the best players out of the FA’s to fill the roster.

      • http://www.haveslot.com/ richard

        I am not saying that we should not go for a win… at this stage of the preseason, the most important thing is the process of improvement and finding the right balance and energy within the system. Winning creates excitement, confidence, and optimism and that is invaluable. But winning the game within the premise of what the team is trying to do is better. However, I don’t mind the team losing the game as long as they worked hard on executing what they set out in training camp in a competitive game against players not wearing purple and gold, for after all, that is what preseason is all about, isn’t it?

        • http://www.haveslot.com/ richard

          Last season,even though we went 0-8 in preseason, and 1-4 in the regular season, I was a firm believer that eventually, the team will start winning by mid-November as they get comfortable in the offense they were trying to run. It was not about losing 4 out of 5 games that did M.Brown… I think it was more of his style being not a good fit for HOllywood. It was just plain boring to watch.

          But again, there is no substitute for the optimism you get when winning. It is just wise to put things in perspective, being that, this is the first game of the preseason.

      • Paytc

        I agree because we got a chance to see several players “STEP UP” in crutch time. Even after they thought inserting Curry late in the game would steal the victory. No we had a few big shots. Landry hit one of them.

        And I saw a bit of good defensive team defense with regards to the rotations. But of course we saw a few areas of concern. It’s very early. I don’t think anyone expects the team to be in mid season form. Good job team!

    • Paytc

      Richard, while it is true it’s more about player evaluation than winning….. Based on the fact that winning fuels confidence, we needed the win. We actually have not won a preseason game in quite some time.

      Based on the sheer fact that our 3 so call super stars were not there and players “STEPPED UP ” anyway, it was a very positive sign ! Many of these players will only be asked to be complimentary parts.But they showed they may have the heart and talent to even be more.

      Go Lakers!

      • http://www.haveslot.com/ richard

        right, agree on that… as my response below shows… but as fans, we can’t allow ourselves to get over hyped by preseason wins… perspective is the key.

  • tara myricks

    HOUSTON ROCKETS LOST!! LMFAO!! ‘to the pelicans!!!!!!!

    • Jim213

      DH, thankfully yesterday’s news. He did get ejected towards the end of the 3rd quarter. Just starting where he left off.

  • SpringBreakers

    Lets get it ya’ll!LAKERS GANG!

  • Paytc

    Here is my assessment …..

    This is already an improvement from last years team. My call out to the team was for someone other than the two or three we could count on consistently at home and on the road last season(without calling any names).

    In all fairness I tuned in with about 3 minutes left in the 2nd quarter. But what I did see I was somewhat impressed with. I thought the following players were most impressive……

    Kaman put a smile on my face with both his defensive presence and offensive abilities. He actually has a few offensive moves :-) He also just seemed to look comfortable out there.

    Nick Young was a player that I already thought had some outstanding offensive skills so although he was very impressive I was expecting him to be impressive.

    Xavier Henry Please put this player on the team immediately. It does not take me long to recognize talented players with skill and playmaking ability. He just looked like he belonged on the floor. I see a spark and a major upgrade to the bench with us being able to insert Henry in for major minutes.

    Jordan Famar was a breathe of fresh air. He was clearly head and shoulders the guy I would prefer running the point guard position hands down.Should Nash not be able to play quality minutes for any reason Famar looked totally capable of stepping in and “STEPPING UP” in his replace.
    The biggest holes we needed capped IMO are a young quality Point guard,and an able body stout big man. Famar and Kaman if healthy appear to be very capable.

    I will take Famar over Blake and Henry,Young over Meeks.

    Yes it is only the first preseason game and I need more time to evaluate other new additions.
    But there was not one new addition who did not impress me. I do not need to evaluate any player returning from last season. I know what they can and can not bring to the table already.

    Good job Mitch and company !

    Go Lakers!

  • ra

    For those who think that we don’t need to play to win in the preseason: this win was retribution for losing all pre-season games the last season. It was a ‘must win’ (actually, 1 win in any of the pre-season games would be better than last year).

    This is a proving ground for D’Antoni. If he shows that we ‘can’ win, then it’s good moving forward into the season. If they lose close games, it’s ok. If they get ‘handily beaten’, then we can say that we have low expectations, and that’s the way it goes.

    But if we win, it’s icing on the cake. These are younger guys, who are in the ‘hustle’ stages of their career. I believe we have already solved the ‘bench’ problem. Starters can rest more, and rely on the bench, and not have to play catchup when the starters return. Recall years ago when Farmar led the bench, and the Lakers had the highest scoring bench in the NBA, for a few weeks. One game, I believe, they scored 60+ points, which is remarkable for the bench.

    Then, the starters can play full speed for 20-30 minutes, and leave the rest to the bench, who will be ready to hustle. I can see it happening.

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