Game Recap: Lakers Unable To Close Out 76ers At Home Reviewed by Momizat on . After a 103-105 loss to the Utah Jazz on Friday, the Los Angeles Lakers were back at home to face the Philadelphia 76ers. With Pau Gasol out of the lineup again After a 103-105 loss to the Utah Jazz on Friday, the Los Angeles Lakers were back at home to face the Philadelphia 76ers. With Pau Gasol out of the lineup again Rating: 0
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Game Recap: Lakers Unable To Close Out 76ers At Home

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After a 103-105 loss to the Utah Jazz on Friday, the Los Angeles Lakers were back at home to face the Philadelphia 76ers. With Pau Gasol out of the lineup again due to an upper-respiratory infection, the Lakers looked to earn their 14th win of the season and avoid a five game losing streak.

First Quarter

The Lakers came out very active early in the first quarter. As a team that was looking to get their swagger back, this team showed  great continuity on the offensive end, and excellent effort on the defensive end. Perhaps playing in front of a home crowd was what the Lakers needed, as they jumped out to 12-2 lead in the first three minutes of the game.

D’Antoni brought Ryan Kelly and Chris Kaman off the bench early, possibly as an effort to keep the front court depth fresh with Gasol out tonight.

The Sixers went to a zone defense in the latter half of the quarter and the neutralized the amazing start that the Lakers had. After jumping out to lead as high as 10 points, the lead by only two at the quarter’s end.

Score going into the 2nd quarter: Lakers lead 22-20

Second Quarter

The second unit got off to a sluggish start, and quickly surrendered the Lakers lead that they had at the end of the first quarter. The Sixers defense  forced the Lakers to turn the ball over at a very high clip, as they committed 11 turnovers through 14 minutes of gameplay. As a result, the Lakers fell behind 33-24 with a little under eight minutes to go in the quarter.

To make matters worse, the Lakers lost Xavier Henry for the night after he suffered a strained right knee.

Turnovers ailed the Lakers for almost the entirety of this quarter, and the Sixers made it their duty to capitalize. However despite some  poor play, the Lakers managed to tie the game up going into half-time.

Score at half-time: Lakers tied with the Sixers 52-52

Third Quarter

The Lakers collected themselves, and came out with some effective play on the offensive end, but they failed to get stops. Because of that, they traded baskets with the Sixers for the a bulk of the third period. Towards the latter half of the third, turnovers began to haunt the Lakers again, as the Sixers went on 16-2 run to pull away. This Sixers outplayed the Lakers for the full length of the third as they opened up a commanding nine point lead going in the the fourth.

Score at the end of third quarter: Lakers trailed  the Sixers 86-77

Fourth Quarter

Somehow, a unit of Kendall Marshall, Nick Young, Ryan Kelly, Shawne Williams, and Robert Sacre  got the Lakers back into this game. They fought on the defensive end, and knocked down open shots. Their efforts would ultimately allow the Lakers to take a one point lead with seven minutes remaining in this ball game.

The Sixers wouldn’t die down though, as they found a way to weather the storm and regain the lead with under four minutes to play. Evan Turner and Thaddeous Young closed the game out for the Sixers, and the Lakers dropped their fifth game in a row.

Final score: Lakers lose 111-104

**To watch our Lakers post-game videos, click here!

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Ryan Cole is a student at the University of Southern California (USC) majoring in Broadcast Journalism and minoring in Sports Media Studies. His past experiences include interning for ESPN and Fox Sports. He is huge sports fan that loves to talk all kinds of sports. You can follow him on twitter here: @JustRyCole

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  • e3bonz

    I’m at a loss on this one, where did we come up short, other than turnovers?

    • kobe24

      Defense I believe 40 something points in the paint while 76er’s only gave like 20 to the Lakers

      • e3bonz

        That doesn’t help for sure.

  • Dan

    I’m beginning to think the Laker FO is actually secretly on tank mode. They will never openly admit it, but hey , they aren’t making any moves to pick up some serviceable PG ( Marshall? Really?), and looks like they will run with this roster the entire season. Normally, I deplore tanking, but it’s a lost season, so I’m not overly upset with every loss since it increases the odds of landing a top 5 or higher pick.

    • 3339

      of course they’re on tank mode. They kept dantoni for this year.

      • kobe24

        @3339 LOL your comment made me laugh more than it should have haha

        As to you Dan, serviceable PG? Okay please give me 3 names that seem “serviceable” to you.

        I agree that Marshall has a lot to prove but he was a lottery pick and he was the best PG in the D – League. There are no out of sea players that want to come for the Lakers (except maybe Gilbert Arenas but hes too old)

        And don’t name random guys from random teams and Shannon Brown is not a PG

        • James

          I think that was the OPs point. Rather than make a mice in a veteran journeyman guard that can add something to the team right now no matter how small, they decide to go for a young D-leaguer hoping he blooms into something. Shannon Brien is no PG, but he will help thus team now more so than Marshall. I think he fits MDAs run and gun system

          • kobe24

            Lakers don’t need any more wing players no matter how well Shannon Brown fits the “MDA run and gun system” the Lakers don’t need him. You saw the past couple games before Jordan Farmar came back when Lakers had no true PG they struggled offensively will Brown help? I don’t think so.

            Secondly, I would rather take a young guy like Marshall who wants to prove to the whole NBA and he is something rather than a washed up veteran PG. My point is this there is literally no PG that can “add something to the team” in this market and Marshall was the best decision (at least that’s what I believe)

    • Al Haldie

      Marshall played a good game last nite-he will be just fine–he needs more play time….[REALLY]

  • e3bonz

    oops, there it is…

  • Jim213

    LN post 7/29/13

    Lakers News: Mitch Kupchak Insists Tanking Is Out Of The Question

    SMH, posted a comment about the team’s current status during the off season.

    • Terrence

      Of course. What idiot gm would come out and say it point blank? I’d pay to hear what they say behind closed doors.

      • 3339

        ya I would love to hear the logic behind dantoni still being here. They’re 2 smart to think he’s best for us.

        • kobe24

          Personally I think people have to give MDA a break.

          Its frustrating when Lakers give so many points in defense and his rotation of players sometimes cost Lakers games but hey these guys weren’t meant to be good.

          With Nash, Kobe, Gasol (to a degree) most of the guys playing are draft “bust” (Johnson, Henry, Marshall) and mediocre guys (I love Farmar, Young but lets be real they aren’t superstars nor franchise players)

          And MDA is great with developing players and finding “hidden gems” he has done a great job with Henry, Johnson, Kelly (to a degree), and perhaps even Marshall

          • 3339

            dude you’re giving him way to much credit for that. What hidden gems has he developed? The Lakers are doing exactly what people expected.
            Bottom line, he doesn’t know what he’s doing. He’s only knows 1 way to coach and thats all.
            When the Lakers bring in better players, hell when Kobe returns dantoni won’t know what to do. He is the most overrated coach. He had brief success because of Nash in phoenix ( yet didn’t win anything except division titles which aren’t worthy of being hung @ staples) but when actual adjustments and legit coaching is needed he fails and gets out coached all the time.
            He would prefer not having Kobe like he preferred not having Melo in NY.
            Lakers are wasting Kobe’s final years by keeping this guy.

          • Lakers Fan

            You’re confusing me. Are you two different people, or the same person?

          • 3339


          • kobe24

            Idk man… ill just name a few but I mean I understand the frustration but here goes

            Guys who played their best under MDA:
            Shawne Williams, Xavier Henry, Wesley Johnson, Steve Nash, Amare Stoudimre, Jeremy Lin, Shawn Marion, Eddie House

            and more I just can’t remember off my name.

            I’m not saying MDA is a great coach and that Lakers FO did the best in hiring him but all I’m saying that is MDA is doing a respectful job, obviously 13-18 isn’t anywhere near good but given the players that he has? I’ll take it

          • 3339

            he has no idea what to do with Kobe.
            had no idea what to do with dwight. Still has no idea what to do with Pau.
            all he knows is that bullshit run and gun, not championship style. He’s turned the Lakers into a circus.
            This team is better than 13-18.

  • kobe24

    I know many people here are frustrated and I am also. Once again they had to many points in the paint and too many TO’s (23? or was it 22)

    Honestly though I do not really care about wins (funny eh)? Lakers are not getting anywhere this season and its better for them to tank. (I believe they are 9th or 10th pick if NBA ended right now)

    However what I do look at during games are the players Lakers could develop. We know Blake, Meeks, and etc all have been doing well and are going to get good offers by different teams and they will sign with them.

    I think right now the best things MDA can do is to develop the players that we have (Ryan Kelly, Kendall Marshall, Xavier Henry lets hope hes safe) even those 3 guys if Lakers can develop them they will become a solid supporting cast in the future after-all they are only 19~22 years old and so much potential and room to grow

    • 3339

      dude the rate they’re going with losing to the worst teams in the league, and dantoni still around, #1pick isn’t a long shot

    • Trever

      Yup, around 10th pick right now. If they go belly up in Jan when 10 and 11 are on the road, their odds go even higher.

  • Dominic Nicolas

    Tank, fire dantoni and kick out Jim buss

    • 3339

      Jimmy isn’t going anywhere, hopefully he’s learning from all this. Our only chance with him is to hope he starts thinking about what’s best for the Lakers, not his reputation.

  • Lakers Fan

    Once again, we lose a must-win game. This season just continues to get worse. These last two games were suppose to be games we should have won, but we lost. The injuries are piling up at an alarming rate. We are already short-handed as it is, and injuries continue to happen. Although they can’t be prevented, this season is beginning to turn for the worse(if it wasn’t already there). The defense around the rim is atrocious at best, and the amount of turnovers tonight was absolutely unacceptable. Oh well. I’ve come to accept games like this from this team this season. Hopefully I can wake up from this nightmare soon.

  • Jim213

    Only caught the last 18 official minutes of the game.

    • e3bonz

      Jim get League Pass.

      • Jim213

        SMH, but don’t need to… :}

    • kobe24

      Jim I see you post alot about saying we should trade Gasol but who…exactly…will take him?

      The only team that will think of taking him are teams wanting to rebuild. On the top of my list there are the Cavs, Celtics, Raptors, and thats pretty much all I can recall as major rebuilding teams. Would any of these team want to get Gasol’s $19 M contract? I don’t know man

      • Jim213

        IMO, a 3 team trade will likely need to take place for Gasoft. But given that Kobe is around for another 2 yrs FO needs to focus on acquiring STARTERS not another franchise player come 2014. A starting rotation that can help the overall team foremost which would make the team more appealing come 2015FA for a franchise player given FO will likely put this off another season.

        The Celts have made it known that they’re still looking towards the future and likely want draft picks aside of younger players. Hear they’d consider trading JEFF GREEN (3 & 4 player). I’d find a way to try to acquire him in a 3 team trade while sending Gasol to the other team for their future 1st rounder sending it to the Celts with R Kelly, or any young player on the roster I’d keep Farmar, Hill, and possibly X and Wes Johnson (for now if can be resigned for cheap down the line), Everyone else should be considered (trade).

        I’d also try to trade for Iman Shumpert (2&3 player) which may likely require a (future draft pick) too. Looking at Green’s and Shumpert’s pay both will be owed about 12 mil total! next year. These players would be very promising to a starting rotation together aside of the talent level. Given this, a team can tryout Green come 2014 too and if he doesn’t pan out then he can be traded before the deadline = (PLAYER VALUE) as the same would go for Shumpert (value).

        Green has a player option come 2015 season. Overall a win win for the team, being eliminating the cap tax while acquiring young players who play with heart aside of being hustlers and who’ll have value if things don’t pan out down the line with them,IMO. While 2014 FA can be focused more on a PG as currently this is the position with the most depth in the league today.

      • GM Jack

        Nets will. They want to unload some contract at the end of the season.

  • Lakers24

    These past few games are really frustrating me. Kobe needs to be on that bench & get on his team & motivate them. They need a vocal leader.

  • Stamos

    Lakers need to trade Pau, sit Kobe and tank….

    • Jim213

      Trade Pau but the TEAM WON”T TANK b/c they still lose games which won’t be due to effort (hopefully down the road).

  • LakersHeatBeef

    Lakers FO need to just try to fix what’s broken.Nothing is impossible.Sucks to suck.

    • Jim213

      ? everything is screwed up. FO, Coach, Team. Just a matter of time before they turn the franchise’s value into a hundred million dollar business as opposed to the billion dollar value it currently has today.

  • Lakers Fan

    If the Lakers don’t win one of the next 3 games, there is a possibility they will go on a 15+ game losing streak. After these next 3 home games, they will be on a brutal schedule on the road and at home. IMO, Kobe should sit this season out. There is no saving this team. They should let these young dudes do their thing, and focus on the 2014 Draft/ FA. Kobe will be at full strength, and will be able to live up to that extension he just received.There is nothing Kobe can do that will help this team do anything this season. Let this season go, get a high draft pick, resign the most productive players on the team, focus on getting a player to play along side Kobe, find any way to get rid of Nash, let Pau Gasol walk, and fire D’Antoni. That should be the plan going forward.

    • Jim213

      No diss, but this roster won’t win 40 games unless some trades take place (TODAY) not 2/2014.The schedule will turn up another notch for this roster to compete.

      • Lakers Fan

        Honestly Jim, we have nobody to trade and the FO hasn’t made any efforts to take this approach. The only hope we have is to look forward to the 2014 offseason.

        • Jim213

          Yes we see this but given all the bad moves by FO it’s doubtful they’d solve this during the off season.

  • Qv

    I know we lost but Jordan hill should be resigned as the starting center. Look at his numbers; he has dome this a few times when given the appropriate minutes

    • e3bonz

      JH had some good numbers in 26 minutes, but he look spent towards the end of the game. I agree, he should be re-signed.

  • Troy

    Seems like the Lakers should just swallow pride and ego and tank. The basketball gods seem to be giving them every reason and excuse they could use to do so. Kobe injured again, injuries to all Pgs, Pau is softer and worse than ever and now out too, Kaman hurt, and Henry now banged up. The Front Officd gas all the excuses they need that REALISTIC fans could digest even though it is hard.

    • kobe24

      Its not tanking when they lose because they are bad …sadly

  • Apex

    I just saw on Facebook that d’antoni and cupcake are in a meeting behind closed doors. I’m not exactly sure what that means…..
    I got nothing to say about tonights game, playoffs are looking outta reach this year and now X is injured, I don’t remember a team this depleted ever!

    • Jim213

      Playoffs??… DON’T TALK TO US ABOUT PLAYOFFS?! (familiar?)

      • Apex


        • Jim213

          Jim Mora back in the mid 90′s if correct.

    • Doug & Wolf

      Hopefully the Lakers FO are firing his ass.FIRE MIKE D’ANTONI!Garbage!

      • Apex

        I don’t think were gonna find out tonight what exactly is going on, better find out tommorow though. I don’t remember ever hearing anything like that happening after a game….I wonder if it’s serious or not???? Maybe D’antoni is getting axed?

        • JIM BOSS

          Step in the right direction IMO.

          • Apex

            I really don’t see how any of this has to do with D’antoni, too me pointing fingers at a guy when he hasn’t even had a full healthy team since he got the job is like cowardly kicking someone when there down. But I can’t help but feel like the laker FO has something up their ass and all Mike D’antoni really is, is just a patsy…..unless the Zen Masters is coming back to replace him, no other coach is gonna come here with the roster we got and do any better.

          • 3339

            I disagree. A better coach would do better with this team. I think dantoni is responsible for all these injuries, especially Kobe’s

        • Jim213

          Probably just congratulating him on a job well done while asking him about X Henry and his injury. Given Kupcake will likely resign Andrew Bynum to a max contract if X is out. ?l SMH

  • Sti1lmatic

    We can’t always be on top. We went through this before after Kobes 3rd championship. Who could forget the glorious starting lineup of Smush, Kobe, Luke, Cook and Mihm.

    • Jim213

      Sounds like another 500 ave rotation IMO. It’s about playing competitive ball that’s what this is about foremost (Lakers hx of competitiveness).

    • jeremy

      oh who could forget those great line ups. but this team has much more talent then those teams in the past. we just cant play defense!!!

  • LakersHeatBeef

    @KevinDing: D’Antoni comes out of postgame news conference and into a closed-door meeting in his office with Mitch Kupchak.

  • GM Jack

    Considering, Lakers Kobe ($30 m), Nash ($9 M) and Gasol ( $19 M), that is $57 m worth of the team’s assets not playing, the Lakers played well with a group of “no name brands”.

    The group did the best they could. And, It was A plus.

    • jeremy

      cant be too happy about it because it was vs the sixers who very bad on the road. they only had one win i believe before they beat the lakers

  • GM Jack

    If there is a way to unload Gasol and Nash, that is $28 Million dollars right there.

    As, I have said, Brooklyn is looking to unload asset.

    Paul P. has a short contract, he is still productive and we can use him. Gasol and Nash are not giving any thing much any way.

  • rik


    • jeremy

      so bring in hollins and just forget about kurt rambis.

  • GM Jack

    All right: Everyone is going to hate this post:

    Fans pay money to see Wins. Especially Lakers Fans.Wins and Rings.

    I respect that Kobe revived his contract as a good will gesture and “thank you very much for the service”. Even this year, @ 30 million dollar. Wow, the best player in the NBA is paid $20 m.

    These policy of over paying players as good will gesture does not help in getting HELP ON THE ROSTER at the weak spots.

    There has to be other ways to pay players bonuses rather than coming off the Salary Cap.

    You make the call: as money paying fans, do you want to see an old legend play at the level of old legend, or get a super star for the money precious money under the CAP.

  • jeremy

    lakers are a mess lakers have all the weapons to win but like every lost the defense kills us. also i would love to see kelly try to score a little more instead of just standing there or passing it all the time. another thing look what happens when marshall gets a chance he has a decent game. sadly it took henry getting injury for marshall to actually play.

  • jeremy

    anyone see pregame show it was the best thing ever when they called out mike to why they play willams when he is struggling and not doing much to help the the team. yes he did ok today but let not get too happy since it was vs the sixers

    • Jim213

      No, mostly concentrate on the 2nd half but though Williams hustles on defense his offense is the real issue. Took the last shot today too..

      • jeremy

        well they didnt really talk about this defense they just talk about like you said how his shooting is a problem and they talk about his rebounding.

  • Al Haldie

    HAY NICK: if you would not turn the ball over-and stop crying about the ref”s and maybe pass the ball some times-and stop trying those trick shots-and dribbling the clock away—and dont worry about BYNUM—u have problems of ur own-try playing team ball and shut ur mouth–everything might get better…

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