Game Recap: Lakers Suffer Sixth Straight Loss To Bobcats At Home Reviewed by Momizat on . http://youtu.be/O0PzPBMFZyA The Lakers looked to get back on the winning track as the faced up against the Charlotte Bobcats at Staples Center. Here's the game http://youtu.be/O0PzPBMFZyA The Lakers looked to get back on the winning track as the faced up against the Charlotte Bobcats at Staples Center. Here's the game Rating: 0
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Game Recap: Lakers Suffer Sixth Straight Loss To Bobcats At Home

The Lakers looked to get back on the winning track as the faced up against the Charlotte Bobcats at Staples Center. Here’s the game recap.

First Quarter

While Pau Gasol got the game off with a basket, both teams struggled to shoot on the offensive end. The Lakers didn’t start having some success getting easy baskets until the second unit came in and pushed the pace. After making only one of their first eight field goal attempts, the Lakers went five of their next six to cement a lead. The Bobcats attacked the interior early, and scored most of their points inside the paint. As a result, the Lakers trailed at the end of the first quarter.

Score: Lakers trail 31-27.

Second Quarter

The Lakers second unit failed to defend in the early part of the second quarter, as they fell behind by 12 points. The Bobcats were consistently getting to the basket, and as a result they were able to force the Lakers defense to collapse. The lack of consistent rotations and communication led to more points given up. On the offensive end they continued to struggle with shooting. The Lakers finally got some life when Nick Young came into the game and got hot from behind the arc, but that still wouldn’t prove to be enough as they failed to close the half.

Score: Lakers trail 62-49.

Third Quarter

The Lakers traded baskets with the Bobcats for the first four minutes of the second half, as they failed to put a dint into the 13 point deficit at the half. Toward the midpoint of the quarter the Bobcats began to pull away from the Lakers, stretching their lead to 20 points. They seemed like the more desperate team, as they hustled for loose balls, crashed the boards, and made a consistent effort to get out in transition and run. Al Jefferson had a field day against the Lakers, and had surpassed 20 points and 10 rebounds by the end of the third quarter.

Score: Lakers trail 86-74

Fourth Quarter

The Lakers closed the lead to eight points early in the fourth quarter, as the second unit found a way to fight back and compete. A unit of Kendall Marshall, Manny Harris, Nick Young, Ryan Kelly, and Robert Sacre would quickly turned things around as they played with the effort and energy that was lacking earlier in tonights game. Despite that, the Bobcats still found a way to weather the storm and maintain their lead. A career night from Al Jefferson would put the nail in the coffin, as the Lakers failed to get a victory for the sixth consecutive game.

Final Score: Lakers lose 110-100

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  • e3bonz

    Third quarter shooting woes with 38% shooting overall.


    Wow. I know Al Jefferson’s good, but the Lakers made him look like Shaq or Kareem. And I know we have had injuries, but that’s no excuse to play bad defense game after game. Mike D’Antoni is JUST NOT a defensive coach. Period. It’s been 14 games where we have allowed 100+ points and it’s the same story every night: the Lakers allowing easy basket after easy basket right in the paint. At the end, the Bobcats weren’t even playing D, cause they knew they would score right back on the other end. lol.

    • e3bonz

      That little soft hook in the paint is unstoppable.


        If it’s unstoppable, then make him do something else with it. Make him dribble or take outside shots, better yet, make someone else shoot it on their team. But throughout the whole game, it was just him 1 on 1 against Pau, and Pau isn’t exactly the toughest defender. And I know he’s good, but I don’t see Al scoring 40 a night against any team.

        • e3bonz

          He didn’t get his season high which, I think they said, was 42. Pau got 5 fouls and Sac got 3 at least they were trying, in vain…perhaps. When they double teamed him that helped a couple of times, but in left the back door open. Still the third quarter shooting slump is what did us in.

          • NODEFENSE

            haha. His season high which was one game. And it exactly, the double teams were terrible. I remember one where Manny came over and there was a wide open layup. But those are the things the coach is supposed to explain and go over different defensive schemes. And I’m sorry bro, I know poor shooting is very costly, but we could score all the points in the world and it wouldn’t mean a single thing if we’re giving up points right back at the other end. And if the other team is continuously scoring, we have to play off half court sets, and as you know, D’Antoni’s system is more of a running/transition offense.

          • e3bonz

            Good offense creates good defense. LA got a in a few good defensive stops, pulling within 8, but gave up way too many easy buckets as you mentioned.

          • NODEFENSE

            Bro, it’s the other way around lol. Good defense leads to good offense haha. And exactly right. Imagine if we had that same defensive intensity for at least half the game. I know it’s frustrating on the players cause we come close and then BAM! They go on scoring runs for our lack of defense.

          • Daryl Peek

            It goes both ways actually. If you make shots offensively you have a better chance to set up defensively. If your out of whack offensively like they were tonight you can set up you D and cannot keep up as your always playing catch up because your not scoring,

            Good pressure D can turn into fast break O like we saw from the bench mob early in the season. The team has just lost the will to fight for 48 minutes. The loser mentality has taken root.

          • NODEFENSE

            Ok, I agree. But, the thing is (another part of D’Antoni’s system) that are offense revolves around shooting outside shots early in the shot clock. So we’re not getting free throws, points in the paint, or even offensive rebounds. So of course it’ll be frustrating. I agree.

            But tbh, this is just me, I’d rather see a team on there who focuses more on D.

            And yea, well if you’re not hitting anything and you’re getting destroyed, it’s hard to get motivated to play for MDA.

          • Daryl Peek

            He gives them the freedom to do that but that absolutely is not the meat and potatoes of the system. PNR is and we don’t see enough of that anymore. What we are seeing is too much ISO offense. Whenever the offense is clicking PNR is a big part of it…

            Jordan Hill rolling after setting a pick getting a dunk. Pau popping after setting a pick. Johnson or Meeks with the back door baseline cuts off a pick catching a lob for a dunk, Pau with a kick out to a wide open three point shooter off a double team. Swinging the ball side to side while setting a screen as someone dives down the middle for a layup. The Three point floor spacing is just to keep the floor open so you can do all of these things.

            The problem is lack of PG’s to help facilitate this style of play. We see flashes of it when Marshall is going good but he’s still a D-League player being overworked right now. We saw most of these things on a more consistent basis before all of the injuries. I know that sounds like a broken record excuse but it is the truth. Again, I can’t excuse tonight’s effort as EVERYONE SUCKED

            You’re putting a little too much emphasis on MDA when there are other issues at work or should I say not working as I showed. I’m not trying to defend him but piling on unnecessarily is disingenuous.

          • NODEFENSE

            Ok, those offensive situations sound perfect, but you and I know any of those situations only happen about 1 of 6 trips down the court. Other times, it’s Pau on a post up, with his teammates just standing still… and when he’s going against a good defensive player, it’s hard for him to score

            Or other times it’s a Nick Young iso. Don’t get me wrong he’s a great player but sometimes I feel he’s overworking (like old Kobe).

            And a point guard won’t settle the problem of jacking up 3′s. Kendall Marshall isn’t the best of PG’s but he’s definitely a great passer. But that doesn’t mean they’re getting easy baskets every time down.

            It’s just the system of MDA. It doesn’t fit LA. period.

          • Daryl Peek

            It’s Pau on a post up most of the time because the team is relying on a second year D-League player to lead the team offensively. We all love the effort KM5 is giving us but he’s not Nash from 06, and Nash has Barbosa, Dragic and others to spell him so he didn’t have all the pressure to run the show.

            Now couple this with your two best players not being sold out on the offensive system… coach Kobe and Gasol. Gasol is doing his thing in the post which is fine but it does create a problem because the others had brought in to the system and now are forced to play a different style of basketball than what they prepped for all off-season up til all the injures when Kobe returned.

            Steve Blake gave us a peek at the soon to come system frustration from the change in the way the team was playing before Kobe came back in the Toronto game. Kobe went out of his way to get the two man game going between he and Gasol. I would have a problem with that normally (due to it being championship proven) but it was overtly pronounced the way Kobe went about is and you could clearly see how it completely disrupted the chemistry of the team. No one is gonna challenge Kobe on that. Blake was hot after that game. He gave Mike Trudell a death stare that made Mike Brown say WOW even Kobe didn’t do me that bad 0_0

            The rest is history… So much has gone wrong you can’t pin all the blame on one person. Injuries is the biggest issue tho.

          • Rez

            You’re right. Early in the season , they were running strictly MDA ball with Blake directing things. They were 10-9 and playing unselfish team ball and it looked like everyone was on the same page. Then, Pau opened his mouth and cried and whined about his touches. That couldn’t be good for team unity. Then Blake and Farmar got hurt, and Kobe comes back and he and Pau does their own thing out there. At this point, nobody is coaching Kobe but himself

          • Daspin

            You are one of the few fans who gets it. Players play harder on defense when they are scoring. Throwing up a barrage of three point bricks makes playing defense hard for any team. Besides that style of basketball is not going to win a championship, it’s about attacking the rim.

          • NODEFENSE

            Definitely agree with you too. But as you said, we’re just chucking up outside shot after outside shot. And when we’re not hitting (which is almost every game) we start to fall apart mentally and physically while other teams take it to the hole against us

          • e3bonz

            I noticed Pau drew a double team on most plays into the post, but a lion share of the kick out shots were missed. Sac had some good defense in the fourth, Hill seemed…off somewhat.

  • Lakers Fan

    Once again, somebody turns Gasol into their bitch. I could care less bout what he does offensively. His defense is awful. Terribly awful.

    • asf

      their whole team d sucks ass lol.

  • Daryl Peek

    D’Antoni SUCKS as a defensive coach, and so does Rambis! This game was more about the lack off effort by the players. Jefferson SHITTED on Gasol. I head side line convo of MDA getting in players about why so and so is wide open and no ones there to contest the shot.

    I defend MDA and the team for being shorthanded but performances like this cannot be defended #Irony


      lol, well I wouldn’t be too motivated to play for MDA either tbh haha. And I bet the only thing MDA has taught them on defense is how to put your hands up. OH WAIT, that’s too advanced for him, sorry. I forgot

      • Daryl Peek

        Can’t blame it all on MDA. Rambis is his defensive coordinator. The players are expected to execute his defensive game plan. IJS

        • NODEFENSE

          haha but surely, MDA focuses way more on offense during practices. And it’s also during the actual games. You gotta learn how to make adjustments change schemes. And I doubt Rambis has chances to say anything during the game

        • Daspin

          Rambis is not creating the rotation and match ups. D’Antoni again and again creates physical mismatches in favor of the other team because of his small ball game.

          • Daryl Peek

            Small ball is not the problem. People really need to get over that because the majority of the NBA is running the same small ball system. How are we in match up problems via rotations if the opposition is doing the same thing we are personal wise?!?

            I really can’t understand that from folks? McRoberts is not a mismatch for Kelly in any world. Jefferson shitted on Gasol tonight bottom line. We stunk on both sides of the ball effort wise. I can’t fully blame the HC for that but I can’t absolve him either. What’s funny to me is how your giving Rambis a pass due obviously to you MDA hate when he’s responsible for setting the D up in the first place?!?

          • Daspin

            The Lakers are not every other NBA team. L.A. Is not competing to contend, the Lakers play for championships. Seven seconds and shoot small ball is not going to win a championship. The best teams attack the basket while small ball is happy with making the playoffs. Siding with Magic on this one that D’Antoni is not a championship coach.

          • Daryl Peek

            Every team is wants to win a championship. The Lakers have been the best at it the last thirty years but guess what? They have not won them all so save the rah, rah CHIP absolute. Dynasty building is a cycle that takes time. There’s a beginning and ending to every era. The Lakers were ring-less from 89-99. Dr. Buss and Jerry West coupled with HC Magic Johnson failed in the 90′s. Magic apologized and vowed to shut up about it likely due to the self realization of his hypocrisy. I’m a huge Magic fan and it hurts me to even say that about him. Jimmy is going no where so this pile on BS helps nothing! Magic is better than that. MDA may or may not be the guy but he’s in the chair right now so for me its GO LAKERS period end of story.

          • antzer

            1. would you stay w/mda for 2014 or would you prefer a new coach? if yes, who would you like?
            2. trade gasol or not?
            3. kobe plays or sits out rest of season?
            4. which bench players to keep for 2014
            5. most coveted player for 2014? via trade or fa

          • Daryl Peek

            Very interesting and relevant line of questions. For me, I’m somewhat conflicted on D’Antoni. I’m not a fan of his style of coaching but I’m not a complete hater who thinks he’s a failure like most. MDA is as successful as any other HC who’s had playoff success but has not won it all in a game where the most elite players usually lead their teams to the title. Teams like the Mavs or Pistons are glitches in the NBA Matrix. Keep in mind the number of championship proven head coaches is a very small pool so the we play for championship motto most try to evoke when bashing D’Antoni is a flawed argument.

            Most Lakers fans are stuck between eras. They yearn for a return of the triangle but want this current team to tank in rebuilding. Phil is not a team builder as a HC. Phil is done coaching and wants a FO position that he will not get with the Lakers so his worshipers need to move on…

            All of that said, to answer your question, I’d roll in the following direction:

            1. Given the FO seems committed to MDA I’d stay the course for the purpose of continuity in the plan to rebuild. A coaching change this year or next just sets the plan back even further. I can’t even formulate a new HC candidate given this.

            2. Gasol’s tenure as a Laker is done. I’m a huge Gasol fan and believe he has much left in the tank but he and we need to move on…

            3. Kobe plays when he’s healthy this season, period. He will not have it any other way first and foremost and he needs to play as soon as he’s healthy to get his game rhythm back. Sitting out the season would do more damage then good for a player like him. See the Derrick Rose theme.

            4. I’d keep Blake, Farmar, Meeks,Hill depending on how much we could sign him for going forward, Marshall just because he has potential and is such a cheap option, Kelly for the same reason as Marshall, X depending how he looks after he returns from injury, I’m torn on Young because he’s an exciting player as a scorer and good for team chemistry but still makes me cringe with his shot selection and may be too expensive to keep.

            5. Of course K. Love first. The rest will depend on how things shake up after the trade deadline. As for trades, I’d pursue a three team trade right now involving the following:

            Laker, Pistons and Wizards; the deal would entail, Trevor Ariza, Josh Harrellson and Marcin Gortat to the Lakers.

            Gasol and Wes Johnson to the Pistons, and Josh Smith and Chris Kaman to the Wizards.

            The deal could work for all financially because all move salaries they are looking to move and keep cap flexibility for the future. The Lakers would save 7.1 mil bringing them under the salary cap creating a situation where the pressure to make a decision on Nash is pushed back til the summer where you can factor in who your gonna target as a FA pick up in what your gonna do with him.

            The Wizards were looking at Taj Gibson. I highly doubt the Bull give him up and Smith has basically the same skill sets as Gibson just a bit better offensively. Kaman is and expiring contract and can pretty much do what Gortat does. The only possible problem is the fact that they really like Marcin and want to move Nene’s contract.

            The Pistons are over Josh Smith already and would love to move him. The deal works for them based solely on that. Gasol would further clog up their big man log jam with Drummond and Monroe but he’s an expiring contract and would actually fit better next to Drummond than Monroe would as Pau is a better passer and would give them some much needed professional experience in the front court. Cheeks would love having Gasol as a rental for the rest of this season. Monroe could be trade bait as they need a better PG and SG and could easily flip him for draft picks.

            Bottom line. The team has to stick with a plan in this rebuilding mode were in and MDA is not a bad HC to have given that. Greg Popovich is the only HC in the league that does as good of a job at developing young players and that is where we are as an organization right now. I’d say MDA is better as his players usually move on and have better success once they leave the nest. Of course Pop is the better HC big picture, championships.

            Player development is where we are folks. Many of you have been begging for this as Phil never truly did that. Jimmy and Mitch hired both brown and D’Antoni with player development in mind. The triangle is over and we desperately need to get from under it’s shadow because we’ll continue to be divided in the FO and as Lakers Nation til we do so.

          • Daryl Peek

            On that trade Ariza works for the rest of this year because he’s familiar with Farmar, Young and Kobe and as we all know pretty much anyone fits the D’antoni system when their willing to run. Gortat is familliar with Nash and the D’Antoni system from his time in Phoenix with Nash. He had his best production as a pro those years and is still a very good pick and roll center on both sides of the ball. I liken him to Tyson Chandler with a better mid range jumper. Harrellson played for D’Antoni in NY and showed promise as a center/stretch 4 in limited minutes as a rookie under D’Antoni. He’s a big kid at 6’10″ 275 and could make up for the potential loss of Hill if we can’t afford to keep him like we couldn’t with Earl Clark.

          • e3bonz

            Good post, I agree with most everything, except of course the Pau trade. He puts up good numbers and works very well with Kobe. You’re right, he has a few good years left, so why not spend them with LA.

          • Daryl Peek

            Mainly because it’s just time to move on…

            Pau will not get the salary he deserves if he stays a Laker and his production will never be truly appreciated til he’s gone and Lakers fans see him playing well else where. Gasol is the Scottie Pippen of the Lakers only Dr. Buss Jimmy and Mitch didn’t screw him financially like the Bulls did Pippen. Scottie was on the trade block quite often also. In 97 Jordan threatened to retire if the Bulls had traded Pip for the rookie McGrady as they were planning and actually had done til Jordan forced Riensdorf to pull the plug on the deal.

            This is another reason it’s time to let go. Kobe has verbally given support to Gasol but never put it on the line like Jordan did. Gasol was traded for CP3, not that I’m insinuating it was a bad deal. Then we have this season where he would have been traded to Cleveland as a straight salary dump for the most part but the Cavs wanted Deng more.

            Gasol has remained loyal through all of the, Gasoft from the Laker fan base to the punch in the chest from Phil and the big boy pants, constant trade rumors, ETC…

            Gasol has at least 4-5 good years left and he might as well find a new home now to spend them in as the triangle is over, Kobe will be gone in 2 seasons and the direction of the Lakers is clearly minus him. Kobe new deal cemented that. This is why Gasol was so flabbergasted by it. Gasol in an interview all but said what does this say for me going forward. his reaction telling when asked of Kobe deal at first.

          • antzer

            Thanks for the thoughtful answer DP. Id like us to keep Pau if possible for the duration of KB’s extension but I wouldnt want to pay too much for him.

            Ive lost enough voice yelling at KB w/his 3 pumps and not sure if I can handle NY doing the same w/shot selection? This is a toss up for me and would be ok either way.

            I would be inclined to trade Meeks since his value is up and replace Johnson. Id keep Hill, Farmar, Blake, package Marshall n X for a better version of Johnson.

            Continuity is great but I think 2 season w/MDA is enough. I dont see Lakers staying w/him after his contract is up therefore might as well go for the change after this year or end of year.

            I guess the future of the Lakers will depend on those lottery balls and hopefully K.Love.


          • NickOld

            I don’t know in what world is McBob a mismatch for anyone, lol.

    • NickOld

      The effort is not there tonight, but I think it’s beginning to sink in to these players that they’re not going anywhere. I think a lot of them are thinking about just padding their stats and keep themselves healthy, and I can’t blame them for that. They’re young guys trying to find a contract in the summer. Guys like Marshal Johnson Young and don’t forget Gasol. I think they’d rather put up numbers than standing in to take a charge, that’s especially clear for Marshal, I don’t think wants anything to do with his man when they’re attacking.

      Also doesn’t help when your best defensive play is Jodie Meeks? Pretty sad right now. I think they can be a little better when the other guards come back, especially Henry. He is the best defensive player on the team and people forget that.

      • Daryl Peek

        EXCELLENT POINTS! I completely agree. They are just going through the motions right now it seems. D-League showcase ball is absolutely what were seeing right now. No rhyme, rhythm or reason to the offense and lack of defensive focus. Watch any D-League game and you’ll swear it’s a Lakers game right now.

        This is why Harris and Marshall are fitting in so neatly. Teams are playing down to us and cranking it up in the second half to secure the victory. This is how we’ve lost almost every game over the last twenty or so. WOW

  • The Lakers Tank Commander

    Lakers lost.Record 16-31.6th pick currently.1 game away from 4th pick.Tank!

    • Lakers Fan

      I find that tank hilarious for some reason.

    • michael

      I hope they’ll win lottery. Embiid would be nice

  • Dragon7s

    That. Was. Ugly.

  • iDontCare

    Its sad because we lose a lot of games and our draft pick isn’t getting higher

  • JHood

    With this kind of play continuing, we could be the second worse team, next to the Bucks. Well on the bright side, we can have a higher chance of having a pick in the top 5. But still, at least try to put some kind of effort in, like damn!! It’s just ridiculous giving up more than 105 points and letting the opposing team shoot better than 50%

  • LakeShow

    As long the Eastern Conference bottom teams keep losing, the Lakers are going to keep losing. Why? Because WE ARE TANKING! I’ve said it many times before the beginning of the season but some people here keep saying “We are the Lakers, we don’t tank!”. Take that! IN YOUR FACE…

    It’s a simple equation, D12 left, Nash injured & old, Kobe worst injury and we don’t have tradeable assets. Plus, if the Lakers are pushing for playoff, they would have already fired MDA and trade Pau for decent players who can play defense.

    Another obvious factor is how deep the 2014 draft. It’s true the Lakers doesn’t like to tank but the FO see the opportunity to land a superstar who is going to carry the team after Kobe with minimum risk because there are plenty of future stars to select – the Lakers don’t need to get no 1 pick in order to land a future star, top 5 would be enough to land Embiid, Wiggins, Parker, Smart or Exum. In a normal draft year, you need to no 1 pick to land the best player.

    Last but not least, no matter what the Lakers do, they can’t land a young superstar with the current CBA. All the young stars are RFA and their teams are just going to match the offer made by the Lakers. Even if the Lakers land a top FA, it doesn’t guarantee championship because the team need time to build chemistry and those top FA aren’t getting young.

    As for me, I don’t mind having ONE really bad season if we can get a star who going to play for us for the next 10 – 15 years. Even if you made it to the NBA finals but lost, you still lost. People are only going to remember the winners.

    • Jim213

      Disagree with regards to tanking… they just don’t have starters, and bangers aside of the mentality to play night in and out (W). Some players brought up that they need to win for the fans but if one can’t give their best effort for the team… just shows IMO they’ve accepted their mediocrity (go with the flow).

      Hopefully those who don’t bring in night in and out don’t return next season. Last thing we’d need is for some of those players to rely on others for success as opposed to relying on what they bring to the team.

  • Chyeah

    Not surprising that Lakers lost but if they do continue to lose and end up getting like around 20 wins D’Antoni will definitely get fired.

    • Jim213

      SW… they’d need to win more than 21 games to avoid being the worst
      team so more like 31 for an 82 game season. However, given Kobe’s
      comments about his dislike for small ball it be interesting if they kept
      the coach given he hasn’t shown the ability to adapt to his roster
      (tweak). Unless they paid Kobe the $48 mil for promotional purposes (to
      fill the seats and parking spots).

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