Game Recap: Lakers Struggle To Score Against Warriors Reviewed by Momizat on . Being the only starter to appear in every game this season, Pau Gasol sat out tonight's game against the Golden State Warriors due to a respiratory issue. After Being the only starter to appear in every game this season, Pau Gasol sat out tonight's game against the Golden State Warriors due to a respiratory issue. After Rating: 0
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Game Recap: Lakers Struggle To Score Against Warriors

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Being the only starter to appear in every game this season, Pau Gasol sat out tonight’s game against the Golden State Warriors due to a respiratory issue. After being out of the rotation for many weeks, Chris Kaman started in Gasol’s place and looked to build upon his strong performance against the Timberwolves last night. With the Lakers playing well on the second night of back-to-backs this season, they had an opportunity to get above the .500 mark and supplant the Warriors for the ninth seed in the Western Conference.

First Quarter

The Warriors made a concerted effort to run the Lakers out of the building, but Los Angeles was able to withstand the initial push. While the Lakers gave up four early offensive rebounds, both teams simply couldn’t make a basket. After the first, both teams shot less than 40 percent from the field and the Lakers only trailed by one, 27-26.

Second Quarter

In the second quarter, the Lakers’ defense disrupted the Warriors and created numerous turnovers. Unfortunately, the Lakers couldn’t convert off those turnovers and continued to give up offensive rebounds. Although the Lakers didn’t have a field goal for nearly four minutes, Jordan Hill had six straight points to keep Los Angeles within striking distance. At the half, Hill led all scorers with 14 points while Chris Kaman had 10 rebounds. The Lakers trailed 46-42 heading into the locker room.

Third Quarter

To start the second half, Klay Thompson went on a 5-0 run of his own to push the Warriors’ lead to nine. When it appeared the Warriors were going to push the lead to double digits, they gave the Lakers opportunities to come back with multiple turnovers. However, the Lakers had their own problems handling the ball and the deficit eventually reached double digits midway through the third, 56-46. After the timeout, the Lakers couldn’t stop the Warriors as the lead ballooned to as much as 22 points. At the end of the third, the Lakers went on a 7-0 run and trailed 72-57.

Fourth Quarter

While the Lakers tried to make another run, the Warriors’ bench maintained the lead. With less than eight minutes remaining in the game, head coach Mark Jackson decided to insert his starting line-up back in the game and extended the lead to 24 points. After being confident that his Warriors would win, both teams emptied the benches with less than three minutes left. Despite 20 points by Young, the Lakers lost 102-83 and fall one game below the .500 mark.

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  • e3bonz

    Lakers looked out of sync tonight, they played hard and didn’t give up, but Pau was sorely missed.

  • Gregory Choa

    3-21 (14% shooting) in that abysmal 3rd quarter.

    Season low 83 points, 24 team turnovers, and 4-20 shooting from beyond the arc…’nuff said!

  • Gregory Choa

    2 blowout losses up in Oakland against on the back end of home/away back to backs coming off an emotional win…2nd game of the season and then this one… Coincidence? I think not! Damn those schedule makers!

    • e3bonz

      This game was winnable, but for the poor shooting in the third.

    • Jim213

      SMH, blah blah. You believe back to back games are a new thing, Schedules where more rigging in the past, didn’t hear players complain about back to back games in the past especially given that this was at least a 1 and a half hour flight.

      This was an ugly lost but given that the rotation wasn’t good IMO. It just seems like they arrived to the arena and played the game without warming up. IMO, better go back to Lakers facility and take a thousand shots given that IMO they’ll need to win in Phx (Monday) to stay near 500 avg while having to play a good executed game on all phases againt the Heat come Dec 25th.

      • kobe24

        Jim…I’m pretty sure he wasn’t being serious lol… I can’t believe you actually took his comment seriously

        But yeah agreed offense just wasn’t there and defense started to slack 2nd quarter

        • Jim213

          Being honest that’s all but hopefully they bounce back against the Suns on Monday. A 90 minute flight!… (pun)

  • Jim213

    Speculation rumor: Per Bradford Doolittle (ESPN) should the Nets try to trade for Pau Gasol‘s expiring contract in return for two years of a healthy Lopez? If this ever happened a future 1st rounder would need to come along IMO, possibility especially given the Nets don’t have anything to lose which goes for their cap tax.

    • Jose

      But Lopez is out with a broken foot for the rest of the season. If he were healthy I would say that’s not a bad deal but him being hurt and looking at his track record he is injury prone.

      • Jim213

        Seems that way (injury prone), I believe his twin brother (Blazer) has more success than Lopez given his overall health. However, three team trade if possible. Have to get the ball rolling or end up like the Clippers of old. Management, SMH.

  • ra

    um, who’s the guy who said ‘trade Pau trade Pau trade Pau’. Win, lose, or draw, some people here want to see Pau go. Really???????

    How about, ‘keep Pau’ unless a Kevin Love trade ever becomes ‘serious’. OK? Everything else is just … crapola.

    Keep Pau. Gosh, what did Pau do to you? Did he pass by your room at Children’s Hospital?

    • Jim213

      I believe you’re mentioning my (speculative post). IMO, Pau’s value has significantly dropped (inconsistency). However, wouldn’t mind keeping Pau but it’d have to come with a single digit salary range $$. Seems like the team is in rebuild mode though not sure which way management is heading towards the future so it either be retooling (shorter time frame) or rebuilding..

      If so Pau has expressed his interest in playing for a contender and given it’s doubtful he’d sacrifice a significant salary drop which to me equals his value (current play) IMO all options should be considered for the long term success of the organization. Just throwing some what if’s others view as viable options.

    • jeremy

      how is everyone else crap? young one of the best bench players out there,wes offense numbers dont show it but he great for the lakers on d and before blake got hurt he was playing at a high level avg about 8 assist a game

    • Apex

      THe problem with Pau is he is inconsistent. On the offensive end some nights he’s hot some nights he’s not, that’s normal. However basketball isn’t just about scoring it’s about defence as well. If Gasol is healthy and he is not gonna play D, he’s not worthy. I personally like Gasol but as laker fans and the laker organization goes we owe him nothing!! In the real world if you go to work and only participate in doing half your job tasks, chances are your gonna get let go. Gasol gets paid extremely well, there are people in this world who would kill to get paid what this guy does, he needs to realize this and go out there every game of his life with something to prove!! Gasol is an extremely talented big man offensively, as for his defence, he better step that up night in and night out. I ain’t counting the Lakers out yet I just think this teams success depends on his effort……

  • LakersHeatBeef

    Yeah Lakers lost the game and the wheels came off the Lakers in the second half.Nothing long term about this loss just move on from it and play 2 tough games in a row against Phoenix and Miami hopefully the Lakers win a game from the Heat since i hate the Heat but any win is appreciated at this point.

    With all these injuries and everything else like being 29th in rebounding and playing bad defense and having no legit starting point guard being 13-14,i will take that record.I won’t ever settle for mediocrity but sometimes teams just need to figure things out.I want the best for this team and winning is all i care about tbh.

    Go Lakers!

  • Apex

    I didn’t write on here after the game last night, because I was too tired. When we win we win same with the loses, it’s a roller coaster with this team!! But as far as counting this team out, I am not. If we make it to the playoffs (big if) the only team that is threat is OKC period. All our top players were out last night…..but in all honesty if we make the playoffs with everyone healthy we would probably have the best team. Why because your bench is clutch come playoff time, and this is the best bench in the league. The amount of minutes and exposure these players are getting will go along way come crunch time. But this is only useful if we make the playoffs……….I think us making the playoffs is gonna land on Gasols shoulders, if he plays good ball on BOTH ENDS of the floor we may just make it, if not then he is not worthy of the money he is getting paid,

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