Game Recap: Lakers Snap Losing Streak Behind Massive Fourth Quarter Reviewed by Momizat on . [new_royalslider id="276"] The Lakers went to Utah looking to snap a seven game losing streak and, behind Nick Young and a massive fourth quarter run, the Laker [new_royalslider id="276"] The Lakers went to Utah looking to snap a seven game losing streak and, behind Nick Young and a massive fourth quarter run, the Laker Rating: 0
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Game Recap: Lakers Snap Losing Streak Behind Massive Fourth Quarter

The Lakers went to Utah looking to snap a seven game losing streak and, behind Nick Young and a massive fourth quarter run, the Lakers coasted to a 119-104 win.

Young poured in a season high 41 points and the Lakers started the fourth quarter on a 23-6 run to blow open a tie game. Jodie Meeks and Jordan Hill added 23 and 21 points respectively while Kendall Marshall dished out 15 assists.

The Lakers surely disappointed some fans with the win however, as this win over the Jazz ended any chance of the Lakers gaining more ping pong balls in the draft lottery.

First Quarter:

Jodie Meeks and Jordan Hill got the Lakers going offensively scoring 13 of the team’s first 17 points, but the defense was not sharp in the beginning of the game. The Jazz had a very balanced output as Alec Burks, Gordon Hayward, Enes Kanter, and Derrick Favors all had multiple baskets as the Jazz took a 23-17 lead midway through the quarter. The bench would come in and provide a little spark for the Lakers with eight points, but the Lakers still trailed 30-23 after the first.

Second Quarter

The Jazz started the second quarter on an 8-2 run led by Gordon Hayward who the Lakers have always had trouble matching up with. Midway through the quarter the Lakers trailed 38-25 midway through the second. The Lakers offense really struggled early but the Lakers took advantage of some Jazz turnovers to stay within striking distance. After trailing 49-38, the Lakers would end the quarter on a 19-2 run behind Young and Meeks to take a 57-51 lead at halftime.

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Third Quarter

Jordan Hill came out determined to not allow the Lakers to fall into their normal third quarter lulls. Favors and Hayward continued to be problems for the Lakers as neither could be stopped. Ryan Kelly made a couple more baskets, but the Jazz quickly erased the Lakers lead and took one of their own. The teams would trade off the lead back and forth for the remainder of the quarter before a Nick Young three tied the game at 86 to end the quarter.

Fourth Quarter

The Lakers got off to a great start in the fourth as they scored the first 11 points of the quarter, nine by Nick Young including a bouncing three-pointer. The fourth quarter simply belonged to the Lakers, and Young in particular. The Lakers outscored Utah 23-6 in the first eight minutes of the quarter with Young leading the way. Johnson, Meeks, and Sacre had their moments as well, but Young could not be stopped as he led the way with 41 points as the Lakers ended their seven game losing streak with a 119-104 win.

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  • kookiebuger

    This is f*ucking b*llsh*t you had one job and you screwed it up Mike can’t even lose properly. The Lakers could of had the 4th worst record but now the best case scenario (kind of) is to tie with the Celtics at 5th.

    • Jim213

      Called it close to 7-10 days ago (standings) . Being Bucks, 76ers, Magic, Jazz, Celts, Lakers and Kings. However, regular season head to head games don’t apply or figure seeding wise as the overall record was slightly different too but on another note don’t like when these players mess around on the court (no diss).

      Act like you’ve been there before (tho it’s the other way around). The brand has nothing to be proud of this season. But IMO still believe the Lakers have a shot (lottery wise) to draft 4th or 5th. However, will forgive Jim if HE’S the one who shows up draft lottery time not Kupcake. That would say alot being that he accepts responsibility for their ineptness.

      • LakersHeatBeef

        Don’t forget about Aaron Gordon he is also a player projected at number six.Great young prospect he plays defense and has many Blake Griffin type moments almost a clone of his without the Hulk Hogan body Blake has but worth it he plays great defense drawing LeBron comparisons on defense this season

        • kookiebuger

          I have my doubts about Gordon he is to much of a risk/project for the Lakers.

          • LakersHeatBeef

            Yeah he is risky but the upside is off the charts but he could bust out and be a physically imposing player that just sits the bench like a Anthony Randolph type bust player.It’s always a crap shoot in any draft.No guarantees.

          • kookiebuger

            He is just to much of a project for the Lakers, the Lakers aren’t a patient franchise who is willing to give Gordon a good 3-4 years to try and develop into the next superstar plus him being undersized with no offensive game isn’t helpful. A player like Wiggins,Emiid,Exum, or Parker they have most of the fundamentals down it’s just a matter of them fixing their weaknesses getting adjusted and adding upon their game, with Kobe he can potential help them develop faster.

          • LakersHeatBeef

            Yeah true the Lakers are a win now type of franchise for good reason we all expect winning as a loyal fan base and we don’t have the patience to wait and rebuild.We have been used to winning championships and we have dominated the whole NBA for decades upon decades so this is the Lakers and we need the best NBA ready prospect.I wish we were guaranteed the top pick and Wiggins or Embiid or Exum was our options.Sadly it’s a crap shoot after the top 4 i am just hoping we get a steal somehow.Smart seems to have the most NBA ready game after the top 5 but Orlando might draft him in the top 4.

            I am figuring it goes down like this
            #1 Sixers Wiggins
            ,#2 Bucks Embiid
            #3 Magic Exum
            #4 Celtics Jabari Parker
            #5 Jazz Julius Randle
            #6 Lakers Marcus Smart

            Just a hunch.I hope we win the lottery but now the odds are stacked against us after tonight.I was 100% sure we would win the lottery but now i have major doubts because of the seeding sadly.I am a happy camper no matter what yeap we are in the top 6.

        • Jim213

          IMO, Gordon should’ve stayed an extra year @ U of A. Lacks leadership, game development, and growth to have an immediate impact in the league.

          Wouldn’t even take M Smart too given mentally he lacks focus and often times makes bad decision on the court that have ended costing the team a game or two from watching his play.

          • LakersHeatBeef

            I would take Marcus Smart for sure.But i slightly agree on Gordon.

      • kookiebuger

        That’s why this game was so important if they lost tonight and Wendsaday night they could have potentialy secured the 4th worst record giving the team a better chance of getting the #1 pick but the Lakers can still get it if the 2008 Bulls got the number 1 pick with a 1.8% chance and the 1993 Magic with a 1.5% chance.

        • Jim213

          If the Bucks, 76es, and Magic end up selecting first 3 certain the Bucks would select Wiggins or Embiid. The 76ers may likely select if available Wiggins or Parker as if Embiid is still available for the Magic they’d likely go with another big and if not Exum may be called up.

          Utah likely has their eyes set on Parker (if he opts out) but for the Lakers it’d be best if Randle moved up the board as still believe the lakers may end up drafting 4th or 5th (cross fingers).

  • truth24

    Umm Lakers where suppose to lose…… This organization is confused as hell. What a waste

  • F’Antoni

    this is the most depressing Lakers season ever and they have to add the rotten cherry on top by winning when utah didnt even try to win…my hope for this team is ever diminishing

    • Jim213

      Wait until lottery draft, but this team doesn’t build through drafts more so FA.

  • Lakers Fan

    I just KNEW the Celtics would win tonight going up against the 76ers. How wrong was I? I was HOPING the Lakers would lose, but in the back of my mind I knew they would go out and fight to win. Best case scenario we end up with the 5th worse record. We don’t know where we will be come draft day, because the ping pong balls still have to be drawn. Something just tells me we will miss out on a top 3 pick due to them winning tonight. If we do, I hope we get a player worthy and talented enough to be the future face of the franchise.

    • F’Antoni

      i hope so too but i dont think that’ll happen if they dont have a top 5 pick unless somehow exum slips, even tho hes just an idea since no one has seen him in extent

      • Lakers Fan

        Yea. Outside of Embiid, Parker, Exum, Wiggins, and potentially Smart, i don’t see any franchise players in this draft. I might be wrong, but i don’t see any. The draft aint as deep as I thought it was.

  • purp& goldpride

    Wow…thanks to “pride”, we might.have cost ourselves a top 5 pick. Nothing else to feel good about this season. Crazy…utah smartly throw thks game

  • LakersHeatBeef

    Lakers won tonight by 15 points against a tanking Utah Jazz team.Anyways if the Lakers lose to the Spurs then we will end up with the sixth pick in the 2014 NBA Draft and it’s clear as i discussed with one of my Lakers fan buddies tonight the NBA is clearly a Point Guard driven league and the Lakers clearly need a upgrade at Point Guard and my hope is that the Lakers draft Marcus Smart he was going to be the top pick last year if Orlando drafted number 1 but they would have taken at number 2 instead if Cleveland passed him up.I love his game.Exum will not be their for us at number 6 IMO.Smart is the Point Guard i love he plays great defense and Exum is not that good at defense more of a European style player but Exum is a great prospect that will impress millions of Americans.

    • Lakers Fan

      If we end up with the 6th pick and Exum is still there, the basketball gods are still on our side. Exum might be an international player, but his talent is obvious. I like Marcus, but would take Exum in a heartbeat. But we still dont know where we will be come draft day. We have to wait for the ping pong balls to be drawn. All i know is the Lakers need to lose Wednesday to give us a better chance.

      • LakersHeatBeef

        Yes i am a huge fan of Dante Exum i love that dude.His game is Penny Hardaway with some Michael Jordan mixed in.Fran calls him the next Michael Jordan and he stands by his word and i trust and believe Fran Fraschilla he knows he basketball better than most.Hopefully we somehow someway get Dante Exum if not i am all in with Marcus Smart.

    • Jim213

      Disagree, on Exum’s D he plays with the most effort aside of having quickness to keep up with the quicker guards which goes for lateral defense too. However, none of these top prospective college players has shown the talent to taken their game to the next level once they come out of the draft.

      So IMO, it’ll take time for them to develop their game. But it be best if J parker declared for the draft to deepen the pool more as most of all of the top prospects have declared before the 4/27 deadline.

      • LakersHeatBeef

        Well Dante Exum needs to work on his defense from what i have seen of him actually some of his teammates call him Ante since he plays some bad defense but he possibly could become a much better defender since he has the physical gifts to do it.I am not certain his defense is terrible i am more inclined to think he will be a average defender but a great offensive player and a franchise player superstar later on in his career.

        • Jim213

          IMO, many of these prospects would rather play for a winning competitive team rather than end up playing with inconsistent yearly bottom dwellers.

          Thus, if we don’t grap a solid top prospect now chances are high they’d be able 4-5 years down the line. But not sure if they’d be as good as they could’ve been if molded by the right team today.

          • LakersHeatBeef

            Yeah the Lakers are the ideal landing spot for the top prospects because the Lakers have the tradition of winning 16 championships and also a proud Org. that has legends in their lore of years past.Also the Lakers are building a state of the art practice facility that will attract top free agents hopefully.But the downside is lately we have been in flux.

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