Game Recap: Lakers Show Life Early, But Jazz Pull Away In Fourth

Game Recap: Lakers Show Life Early, But Jazz Pull Away In Fourth


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The Lakers continue to battle with injuries, but somehow they managed to win their last two out of three games. Tonight, they faced the Utah Jazz in a battle between two of the worst teams in the Western Conference. This was their second game in a six game home stand and a game that could have draft lottery implications. Before hosting the Jazz, the Lakers had lost five consecutive games at the Staples Center.

First Quarter

The Lakers started the game slow and the Jazz took an early 7-0 lead. Marvin Williams came out red hot and scored some quick buckets, but Shawne Williams had a responded with six points of his own and the Lakers went on a 14-4 run. The entire Lakers squad started to shoot well and the pace began to favor the Lakers. Chris Kaman and Williams were responsible for 16 of the Lakers 22 points. The Lakers would eventually go on a 18-0 run and would take a 27-16 lead into the second quarter.

Second Quarter

The momentum quickly shifted towards the Jazz at the beginning of the second quarter. They went on a 8-1 run and cut the lead to four behind Enes Kanter’s six points to start the quarter. Midway through the second, the game was tied at 28, but the Jazz took control of the pace and the Lakers didn’t play much defense. The shots stopped falling for the Lakers and the Jazz looked poised to enter halftime with the lead. Both teams traded baskets as the quarter winded down, but the Jazz were able to pull away late. The Jazz had a 48-37 at the half.

Third Quarter

Chris Kaman was a man on a mission tonight, he was the Lakers best offensive weapon tonight. The Jazz were sloppy early on and allowed the Lakers to score some easy buckets. Midway through the quarter, the Lakers were able to cut the lead down to one. Once the Lakers played better defensively, they slowed down the Jazz and got back into the game. The Lakers transition started to ramp up, but both teams warmed up inside the arc and traded buckets. The Jazz didn’t allow the Lakers to regain the lead and finished the third quarter with a 68-60 lead. Chris Kaman led all scorers with 19 points.

Fourth Quarter

A few Jazz turnovers got the Lakers going in transition early on in the fourth, but the Lakers were not able to cut into the Jazz’ lead. With ten minutes left in the game, the Jazz once again grabbed a double digit lead. The Lakers could not get stops on the defensive end and they could not hit beyond the arc, which would gave the Jazz a safe lead as time winded down. Alec Burks took it upon himself to give his team the victory, as he scored 10 points in the final quarter. The Jazz’s lead would extend to as much as 20 points.

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  • LAL

    Yessss we’re back! Bottom 5. Good job considering that we pushed Jazz to go above us!

    1. Embiid
    2. Wiggins
    3. Parker
    4. Exum
    5. Smart

    Pick one!

    • Jim213

      SMH @ lakersheatbeef

      • LAL

        You be shaking your head when we landed one of these players. #futurelakers

        • Jim213

          No, #rollwithit whatever happens happens. Not all of the top players of the draft will become all stars someday. They have potential but will end up in bad teams who can’t mold talent thus a bad situation for them though would be rewarded financially.

          So if we don’t land our guy chances are strong they’d be available 4-5 yrs down the line in FA. As doubt they’d want to stick around if their franchise fails to surround them with the adequate players to be successful though best to mold talent from the start. Ex. Kobe, Magic, J West.

  • Jim213

    Worst home team in the Western Conference (SMH) #rollwithit

    Hard to say they’re not tanking when they can’t beat the teams they’re suppose to beat (no excuses). After watching the Heat vs Nuns caught the game in the 4th. But Nash’s injury (smh) stretch provision (off season) no excuses.

    They’re some good role players on the roster for next season but IMO if FO takes a survey of the regulars at Staples I don’t believe they’d want more than 5 or 6 players on the roster to return.

    No diss to them but don’t see the mental toughness in some to meet the demand/ challenge to represent the BRAND. Things will get better down the line but not for the remainder of the season IMO.

    • LAL

      Leading by 15, suddently losing the game. Tank baby tank!

  • Daspin

    Kaman and Hill dominate the paint when they play together. Apparently this goes against the D’Antoni play outside of the paint philosophy.

  • The Lakers Tank Commander

    Lakers lost.Record is 18-34.Current lottery pick #5.Up 3 spots.Tank!

    • karasoon4

      I just laughed out loud at your screen name! Ugh, I was so ashamed to secretly want us to lose to Utah tonight, so they could go up a full game on us. SMH!

  • BlackMamba_From_Brazil

    This season is getting worse and not be pessimistic believe that things are not going change much, it will be until the end.
    My only hope is the FUTURE because everything goes good terms for choices
    next DRAFT and agent keep some parts of this current squad and contraction of one or two ALL-STAR’S and around KOBE believe we’ll be a good team for next season, but my only fear is keeping that Mr. Pringles as a coach! !

    • Lakers4Life

      No worries my man, we all know Dumbtoni will be eating his pringles somewhere beside LA next season and we can rejoice when Phil or one of his disciples leads the Lakers to a few more championships :-) Can’t wait!

  • Lakers4Life

    It’s called “tanking.” Simple. And while we’re at it, let’s hope the FO kicks Dumbtoni out of LA so that us Laker fans can finally be relieved of this historical misery of the franchise.

  • Mitch

    A coaching may be deemed necessary by the Lakers FO,i am just baffled at how bad this Lakers team is and yet the ignorant keep on defending the losses and coaching.Lets have faith yes but lets not be ignorant.

    Stop getting all crazy over these losses this coach needs no defense all he needs is offense and he loses most the time because of his ignorant stupid philosophy and he is carrying the burden of being a loser,well i know injuries have hammered the Lakers but this has gone way too far with the losing and the way the Lakers are losing is just shameful.He is trying to provoke me and everyone else with his attitude and tactics.What’s his M.O.?????

    What does he want from us?Why is he doing this to the Lakers?Is he being paid off to sabotage the Lakers?He is acting like the enemy,he is not coaching the game the right way,the big people in the Front Office are well aware of all this poor coaching and will fire him soon.Lakers have a replacement in waiting,at lease they have one in mind.Mike has zero integrity.

    Time for Mike D’Antoni to kick rocks and be fired,Maurice Cheeks just got fired recently after just 50 games yes enough is enough Mike D’Antoni must go now.We have all seen enough of his coaching in LA to know this will never work out for both parties,a mutual split would be best in this case.Or whatever it takes Mike just needs to be fired soon.He will not be here next season i guarantee it.Sell home.

  • Mitch

    That loss was by 17 points to Utah,that’s the worst home loss to Utah ever.Also this is the most consecutive home losses the Lakers have had since the early 1980’s.This is the most home losses in a row for the Lakers at Staples Center.SMH

  • Antzer

    Tanking or not we should develop Kelly by giving him as much playing time as possible but instead mda plays a player who got cut earlier the season? Will some one explain this to me?


    Dude Marshall started trying to act like he’s Carmelo Anthony. Pulling up for jumpers, shootin off the dribble. ur a spot shooter, stick to that. Hope we get the num overall pick. David Sterns’ tenure in office started with MJ and Hakeem going to 2 of the NBAs biggest teams. Let’s see if Silver’s starts with the Lakers getting that major player.

    • C*HarrisTHEboss

      He doesn’t know his role when Pau isn’t out there