Game Recap: Lakers Reach New Low On New Year’s Eve

Game Recap: Lakers Reach New Low On New Year’s Eve


The Lakers got off to a slow start against Milwaukee. A couple of defensive mishaps coupled with a few offensive rebounds allowed the Bucks to get out to a 10-0 start. The Lakers weren’t able to get anything to fall early in the 1st. They missed their first four 3-point attempts, a pair of mid range jumpers and some shots around the rim. After about five minutes in, Mike D’Antoni called a timeout to gather the team for a potential shift in momentum.

Out of the timeout, not much changed. The Lakers recorded their first bucket of the game after Milwaukee extended their lead to 14-0. It was seven minutes into the game when the Lakers got on the board, and by the 2:30 mark in the 1st, the Lakers were down 21-4. The Lakers would close out the quarter on a mini run, but would only manage 12 points in the 1st.

1st Q Score: 23-12, Milwaukee

The Lakers offense started looking a lot better in the 2nd quarter starting 4-6 in the first 3:40 of the quarter. Much like the rest of the season, turnovers and offensive rebounds have allowed the Bucks to keep pace as both teams had nine points in the quarter at the first TV timeout. Kendall Marshall got off to a great start in the 2nd quarter with a nice driving layup to the left and a deep 3-pointer from the Staples logo to give him five points.

The Lakers would take better care of the ball in the 2nd quarter, but Larry Sanders did a great job altering Lakers shots as the team only shot 32 percent from the field in the 2nd quarter. Also, the Lakers struggled handling Brandon Night as he was 3-4 in the quarter, with all three of his makes coming from the rim. That would be a theme for the Bucks in the 1st half as they would shoot 12/18 at the rim and only 8/31 everywhere else.

2nd Q Score: 42-33, Milwaukee

The Lakers would shoot .550 in the third quarter, but the Bucks shot .600 from the field as they extended their lead by the end of the quarter. The Lakers would start off well, cutting the Bucks lead to five, but Milwaukee, or rather Brandon Knight, would go on a run to take away the Lakers momentum. Knight would go 8-12 in the 3rd quarter alone with 18 points, 3 rebounds and an assist. For the game, Knight had 33 points and seven rebounds after the first 36 minutes.

Jordan Farmar came out of the half with some tightness in his hamstring and left the game early in the third and did not return, leaving Kendall Marshall the only point on a depleted roster.

3rd Q Score: 74-60, Milwaukee

The Lakers took some time to come alive, but they started chipping away at the Bucks lead a few minutes into the 4th. Pau Gasol got things going with a baseline reverse dunk, the team started getting some stops and Kendall Marshall got a look at the rim. With 6:15 left, the once 20-point deficit was down to 12.

After the lead was cut to 12, the game got a little sloppy with the Lakers scrambling to cut into the lead and the Bucks fighting to hold onto it. In the next two minutes, the Bucks would keep pace with the Lakers, trading baskets and turing turnovers into extra possessions to keep the Lakers from further chipping into the lead. The Lakers would get the game within 10, but a few missed free throws and a few offensive rebounds for the Bucks allowed for them to close out the game in the final minutes.

Final Score: 104-79, Milwaukee

  • e3bonz

    I very much hoping for a win here to no avail, poor shooting and lack of defense, plus Knight scoring 37 didn’t help either. The team looked lost at times.

  • LakeShow


    Lakers are not going to playoff this year. Might as well, tank the whole season and get the next franchise player. I’ve said it many times here before even before the start of the season.

    Trade Gasol for Bynum + player + 2014 first round pick. Waive Bynum before Jan 7 and save cap. Use the draft picks to rebuild. Lakers can either get 2 players or trade that picks with the top 3 lottery team and get Jabari/Wiggins/Embiid.

    Let Kendall Marshall play more minutes to build his confidence. He’s looking good for the past 2 games. Even if he’s not a starter, Marshall, Henry and Sacre are going to be a good rotating players for the Lakers. Both are very young. And develop Ryan Kelly. He could be our Kyle Korver if develop properly.

    • GM Jack

      They don’t have to tank. They will loose.

      It is not easy to win in the west. Look At the Kings, they have Gay, Cousins, and Thomas. And they are still 10-20. That is a load of talent.

      • kobe24

        Lets not forget Jazz have been looking great with Trey Burke showign up

  • wakeupcall

    Get clue Kupchak. Fire D’Antoni. This should be the Lakers New Year’s Resolution!

    • LakeShow

      Fire D’Antoni, then what? Hire whom? No coach can make Lakers a playoff team. At least D’Antoni is helping the young players to develop and build their confidence.

      Plus, with the losing streaks, Lakers future look bright because now they probably gonna get high draft pick – new franchise player after Kobe retires.

      • wakeupcall

        This season isn’t written off by loses. The players have confidence, but changing the lineup night in an night out isn’t building confidence! How can you play ball without a legitimate center. He had Kaman sitting at the end of the bench while teams outrebounded the Lakers. Gasol is a forward and he had him playing center and he’s never felt comfortable there. Did you ever watch the Knicks games? He did the same run and gun there and it didn’t work.

        • wakeupcall

          Hire whom? Byron Scott or Rambis would be an improvement.

          • GM Jack

            Byron Scott is good. He took the lowly to NJ Nets to the finals twice with only on star in Jason Kidd.

            Really, why did Mike Brown leave. He is no Super Star, but, he had a respectable tenure in Cleveland.

          • metalbass

            d’antoni is doing a bad job with a lot of things but mike brown was awful don’t you ever remind me again that we were coached by that overcoaching moron

        • LakeShow

          Well, MDA had to changed the lineup because of injuries. What else can you do with so many injuries?

          Kaman? Yes, he’s a good player but you don’t build your future around old player like Kaman when you have younger players like Hill and Sacre. Like I said, Lakers not going to get into playoff, MDA is giving young players more playing time to develop their game and chemistry.

          Gasol? Lakers are not going to extand his contract. The only reason why he is playing is because the Lakers are trying to get his value high in order to trade him. Again, Lakers are not going to build around Gasol.

          • wakeupcall

            How can Gasols value go up when he’s playing him out of position and all his stats are down? If you look at Hill and Sacre playing time, its not much at all. The Lakers aren’t trying to build around Gasol, but at least put a rebounder in the game. Is Meeks trying to do anything except score? At least Kaman play Kaman to rebound as he did for Indy and score as well. Kaman was brought to the Lakers to play center, not watch from the end of the bench.

        • Danny E. Pagan

          WTF, all Gasol talked about during the preseason was how much better he was going to play because he was going to play at his natural position of center.

          Also, D’Antoni coached the Knicks when they were in rebuilding mode. Isiah Thomas gave guys like Eddie Curry, Jerome James, etc huge contracts and they were shedding salaries left and right and making all kind of moves while he was there. I mean if you look back at the amount of trades they did during those years it was insane. At the end of it all they managed to shed enough salary to get Amare who had the best year of his career and was an MVP candidate on that 1st season and then got Carmelo ( while giving up W. Chandler, Felton, Mosgov, Galinari, etc) and Chandler and they were set to finally have a deep playoff run but then Carmelo got hurt and Jeremy Lin happened and Carmelo wanted none of it. He wanted the slow iso offense instead of Linsanity’s run and gun. D’antoni quit before he was fired, Linsanity was let go, and Mike Woodson has been running the slow iso offense for Carmelo ever since and the Knicks are a laughingstock. D’Antoni with a less talented team has won more games than the Knicks this year. Yeah, the losing is unacceptable in LA and yes I think Kaman should play more but I don’t get how people can think this team could be successful with another coach. Let’s face it, the talent level sucks and the best thing that can happen is actually happening ( losing!). Getting good players in the draft is the only way Lakers can get better due to Kobe’s salary only allowing the team to get one or two really good players.

      • C*HarrisTHEboss

        Please explain in depth – how D’Antoni is developing the young players and building their confidence? By simply throwing them in the game in random offensive schemes and giving them minutes? You are really saying nothing of value

        • LakeShow

          Sitting at the bench while watching the starters playing are better? How are they going to learn?

          • C*HarrisTHEboss

            Okay you have no idea what your talking about and seem real simple minded. Done.

          • LakeShow

            If you think you are so smart, why don’t you come up with better ideas than criticizing others?

            As far as I concern, Xavier Henry, Robert Sacre and now Kendall Marshall are playing well because they get more playing time.

            Yes, MDA system is far from perfect but when you have limited time with the players he have due to injuries, what more can he do?

          • GM Jack

            NBA is not about developing players during the game. It is about winning. I hope!

            The players are developed from College and during hard practice and training.

            Game experience helps, but, in professional arena not at the expense of loosing.

          • LakeShow

            What can Lakers do with the current rosters and injuries? They can’t sign any more player and they don’t have enough asset to trade. Might as well use the time to develop these young players to equip them for next season.

      • Sylvia Ross

        How about Byron Scott? It might be too late for him to help the team this year but he would be in place for next season and he does know defense.

    • GM Jack

      History Fact Check:

      Kobe and Shaq came to the Lakers in 1996. 18 years ago. The GM was Jerry West.

      In 18 years Lakers have not had a real Star.

      79 Magic Johnson, Kareem

      82 James Worth

      96 Kobe and Shaq

      Laker have not added a new Elite star since 1996.

      Lakers missed on Lebron.

      Super Stars just don’t come by that often. When they come you have to plan for it right away from day one.

      I hear the Band Wagon, fire Mike. It is not his fault. It starts a little higher.

      • JohnSmith00

        Why don’t you get your facts straight before you started ranting, missed out on Lebron? when exactly was that. Last I checked when Lebron was a free agent the Lakers were coming off back to back championships and weren’t looking to acquire a superstar.

        Second the Lakers HAVE acquired a star since then, three to be precise; Paul Gasol, Chris Paul and Dwight Howard. In case you’ve forgotten Pau helped the team win two championships. As for the other two, both were lost out on because of unimaginable scenarios.

        You are about one thing in that “it starts a little higher”, the very top to be exact. Blame dictator Stern for vetoing the CP3 deal, for pushing a CBA that completely screws over franchises with overwhelming spending power like the Lakers.

      • Leo

        You are not right. Gasol was a real star and helped us to win 2 championships!!! “Give credit where credit is due” as Kobe said in his only MVP season…

  • wakeupcall

    Sit Meeks on the bench. The Lakers use to be defense minded and at least look good on offense, now its all about shooting 3pointers. When will the change come and start fresh before D’Antoni ruins the Lakers. The Staple Center is home to the Lakers and this is our home. We can’t let the bottom teams come in an shame America’s team!

  • C*HarrisTHEboss

    Above all – the Lakers do not look like they are having fun out there

    • e3bonz

      I think it starts with the PG or lack there of, every team knows to pressure the point and good things will happen.

      • C*HarrisTHEboss

        what did that have to do with what i said? We can make a deal out of who we have and who we dont – but chemistry, comradery, and defensive pressure/intensity are independent variables that don’t rely on talent – and right now the Lakers have none of that.

        • GM Jack

          Defense is a physical talent. Chemistry is a mental talent.

          • C*HarrisTHEboss

            Defensive intensity is also mental – chemistry is more etherial than just mentally applied

        • e3bonz

          My point was the lack of manpower at PG position, I also stated at the beginning of this tread, the team looked loss tonight. I would attribute that to the shortage at the point. You said they didn’t look like they were having fun, and I was expanding on that.

  • GM Jack

    Honesty, I think Mik D Antoni knows more about Basketball coaching than all of us here. But, is he the best. NO. Is this lakers’ roster worthy of a better record even if Phil Jackson was coaching. I do not think so.

  • wakeupcall

    Let the late Dr. Buss daughter run the team.

  • LakersHeatBeef

    Shucks lost to Bucks.

  • ra

    No more time to play chess with the players. The experiment was not much of a success.

    Dr. Buss legacy will take a lot more to get back to Championship level. Maybe that time is done. LBJ will have a few more years, a few more championships, whichever team he is with (Heat, Cleveland, Lakers, whomever).

    The future of the NBA is league parity, and ultimately, boredom. The NBA needs superstars and monolithic organizations like the Lakers to keep things interesting. That time is done for a while, if not for good.

    Sorry, not a very happy new year.

  • Banking On Tanking

    I love it the Lakers are finally just bottoming out in hopes of landing a top 3 pick.

  • LakersHeatBeef

    I was watching the Jazz telecast of the Lakers versus Jazz game and the announcers Matt Harping and Craig Bolerjack were saying that Ryan Kelly was selected as Mike D’Antoni as the team captain when he was turning the lineup card to the refs.The Utah announcers said that was a huge disrespect to the Lakers veterans like Nick Young and Jordan Farmar they said that they have never seen a lowly second round pick rookie ever represent his team as team captain and they said this was shocking and mind boggling.Lakers coach Mike D’Antoni is taking the Lakers places they have never been before and i will not elaborate further.

  • Leo

    MDA has no clue. It is tough when so many injuries happen, but still, I believe he is not managing it well. Players do not respect him.