Game Recap: Lakers Lose Heartbreaker To Chicago Bulls Reviewed by Momizat on . It has been a very disappointing season for the Lakers, but they have won two games in a row and are looking to turn things around. The Lakers beat the Raptors It has been a very disappointing season for the Lakers, but they have won two games in a row and are looking to turn things around. The Lakers beat the Raptors Rating: 0
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Game Recap: Lakers Lose Heartbreaker To Chicago Bulls


It has been a very disappointing season for the Lakers, but they have won two games in a row and are looking to turn things around. The Lakers beat the Raptors 112-106 in Toronto behind Nick Young’s 29 point performance. The Lakers went to Chicago to take on a tough Bulls squad and they have had their fair share of injuries. Although they are 19-20, they are in sixth place in the Eastern Conference and in good shape to make the postseason.

First Quarter 

The Lakers started the game out strong. Surprisingly, Ryan Kelly got the Lakers started and got them some quick buckets. The Bulls were able to keep pace with the Lakers and they kept trading baskets throughout the quarter. Protecting the paint continued to be a problem for the Lakers and the Bulls were able to string together a 10-0 run with three minutes left in the quarter. The Bulls were led by Joakim Noah and Carlos Boozer, each of them had six points a piece. The Lakers were able to maintain the game within reach and Jodie Meeks hit a three to cut the lead to 26-31 at the end of the first quarter.

Second Quarter

Nick Young took over at the beginning of the second quarter. He went on a scoring rampage, scoring back to back triples and the Lakers went on a 9-0 run. Young would go on to score eight points and the Lakers could reclaim the lead. D.J. Agustin and Tony Snell would knock down three point shots of their own and grab a one point lead. The Lakers only committed six turnovers in the second quarter, which has been an issue as of late. Simply, Young dominated the quarter and he has 17 points and four rebounds. The Lakers take a 52-49 lead into halftime.

Third Quarter

The third quarter was sloppy and both teams were battling with turnovers. The Bulls are known to be a very disciplined team,  but they played at a faster pace and at times out of control. Surprisingly, Boozer struggled with Gasol’s length and was not able to impose his will. The Lakers kept the lead until late in the third, the Bulls went on a 7-0 run and grabbed a one point advantage. The game has been fast paced and the Lakers ended the quarter with a 72-69 lead. Gasol has been leading the Lakers on both ends of the court.

Fourth Quarter

The game would continue to go back and forth, neither team could pull away from one another. Once one team made a run, the other team quickly responded. Both teams traded baskets this quarter and it looked like it was going to come down to the last few possessions. Gasol decided to take matters into his own hands by scoring seven points in the final minutes. However, the Bulls took a two-point lead late and Young missed on the next possession. With one final chance to tie the game, Noah fouled Young on a three-point attempt and he would convert on all three free-throws. After a timeout, Noah missed the potential game-winner and both teams headed into overtime.


To start the overtime, Gasol converted on a jumper to give the Lakers a 95-93 lead. After a couple misses, Young finished a three-point play to give the Lakers a five point lead with three minutes remaining. However, a 5-0 run by D.J. Augustin pushed the Bulls’ lead back to two points. Despite the late turnovers, the Lakers had a chance to tie or take the lead with 10 seconds remaining in the game.

After the timeout, Young converted on a jumper to tie the game at 100. With less than a second remaining, Gibson made a layup and the Lakers lost a heartbreak, 102-100.

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  • hoperhetoric

    Gasol is proven to be unreliable clutch player!!!! consuming too much time dribbling closer to the rim, w/opponents non foul body contact/resistance.with that he will always lose energy that leads to turnovers or him making the shot but very low percentage!!!! He is no Shaq or bynum that can overpower his opponents.
    No more post up in clutch games!!!!! bench gasol in the last 2 minutes to have a defensive center in the floor like hill!

    • Dragon7s

      With the exception of ‘have a defensive center in the floor like hill!’ I agree with what you said. Pau was playing great defense all night (abomination?).
      Why the Lakers were going to the post almost exclusively in OT boggles my mind.

      Stick with what was working, spread the floor and try to get open looks.
      It’s not like the Laker shooters had gone cold.
      Noah was determined to put a body on Pau and keep it there and Pau didn’t have an answer.
      Particularly aggravating was the play where Pau threw up that prayer as the clock expired and the other 4 Lakers could do nothing but stand and watch because Pau refused to pass it back out.

      Oh well, on to Miami…Go Lakers!

  • Juan

    Pau played great for mist if the game, but come crunch time in when refs swallow the whistle and let the guys play, he shrunk and was clearly in over his head when the Bulls turned up the physicality.

    • Terrell

      True, he then started turning the ball over and settling for long fadeaway J’s.

  • Jim213

    Good game, hustle there but unless TO’s get addressed don’t expect too many of these close games. Hopefully some athletic inside hustlers/bangers get picked up for next season. Heat up next… :) #tankmodebackon?

    • Sti1lmatic


  • Lakers Fan

    Don’t know if it was poor play calling or Pau just trying to do too much to get Noah fouled out, but those last series of plays from Pau cost us the game. He was playing great up until that point.

    Another thing, we have to fix this rebounding issue. We have enough big bodies on this team, so being punished on the boards is not acceptable. This needs to be addressed, so do the turnovers.

    Although it was a great game on both ends of the floor, I’m not mad they lost. Next up, Miami.

  • lakerfan

    Honestly if Lakers make Playoffs They aren’t much of a threat unless they have Kobe and Nash at 100%… It would be best if they can go for a top 5 draft pick and go for Carmelo…

    • Jim213

      Per ESPNs Dana O’Neill: Joel Embiid Unsure if He’ll join the Draft in 2014.

      Like mentioned a few months back, no point in tanking for players so called experts believe will be available in 2014 Draft. IMO, two to three top prospects may elect to stay another year in college. Looks like Jabari Parker may be another player who may remain an extra year too as sources indicate.

      However, there are 2 to 3 potential franchise players in the draft next season IMO if they opt out of college though Marcus Smart is a senior (if correct). Although, if the Lakers finish with a top 5 draft selection it won’t be due to effort (hopefully).

      • kobe24

        Pretty sure Marcus Smart is a junior now, and it ain’t tanking we are just bad. Honestly anyone in the top 10 (counting embiid since he isn’t sure if hes gonna join or not) are pretty solid (except Dario Saric haven’t seen him play) now, we don’t know if they are franchise changing materials but if we want Kobe to get that 6th ring in the next two years realistically we gotta draft one of them to be a strong role player

        • Jim213

          Wasn’t sure if Smart was a senior but he decided to stay an extra year in college as opposed to opting out last season. IMO, not all organizations have the capability of molding prospective players so it doesn’t matter who ends up where. They’ll likely leave team’s like the Bucks, Jazz, Cavs, 76 ers. etc.. down the line.

          These teams are consistently bad for a reason as it starts at the top “FO’. Doesn’t have to do with being a small market team ex. Thunder, Pacers, and Spurs etc. IMO, it basically starts at the top so come 4 to 5 years when some of these potential franchise players contracts are up for renegotiation many may opt out for more $$$ or for the opportunity to contend for rings.

          So IMO Kobe won’t win a 6th ring by relying on a player from the draft more so than some top level FAs. Took Kobe about 4 years or so to become the consistent players he’s been so IMO it comes down to finding the right pieces to the puzzle foremost. Even if the pickup don’t look promising at first. Ex. Kobe, drafted 13th overall (1996) and IMO I’d doubt Kobe would be the Kobe of today if he would’ve remained with Charlotte.

          Possibly would’ve have a chance to contend for a rings but organizations don’t know what players to look for that fit their overall objective than as we see often many turn out to be bust’s as it’s not due to their skills mostly it’s just that they ended up in a team that don’t suit thgeir style of play or who don’t show consistency IMO.

    • Corky Carroll

      If my math is correct we have 40 games left. To make the playoffs in the Western Conference it’s going to take AT LEAST 45 or more wins, we have 16 at the moment. So we need about 30 more just to MAYBE get the eighth spot. Does anybody really see us going 30 and 10 the rest of the season? And then knocking off the top seed in the first round? And then winning the title? I am a diehard fan and would love to see all that happen. But kind of have to agree on getting a top pick at this point. Go on a ten game win streak and all bets are off.

  • Lakers96

    I was dumbstruck when the Lakers went to Pau 3 or 4 times in the post and each time Pau either MISSED or turned it over. They all messed up in some way, but I feel that Gasol’s mistakes (both offensively and defensively) outweighed the others, costing us the game. Very disappointing.

  • Aisrel

    Why clock is not ticking when the ball goes to the hands of gibson.

  • JohnC

    !!!! Pau Gasol had 20 points with 50% (Noah finished with 17 after a 33% NOT TOO BAD DEFENSE FOR PAU, or maybe Noah didn’t had his isotonic drink) + 19 rebounds + 5 block shots and I can read people blaming him for the loss and pointing to one or two anecdotes of the game as ‘evidence’. Amazing.

    Playing basketball does not consist of dunking with the elbow above the rim as much as being a teamplayer and being effective for your team, depending on what the team requires at different moments of the game. There is a term for it: Basketball IQ which defines what the game is about.

    You don’t win championships dunking and being in the Dunking Highlights every other night. And Pau has got two rings.
    He’s averaging 20/12 in the last 10 games + near 50% FT once he left behind surgery + health issues + rumours, no matter who he’s playing against (D. Howard, Cousins or Noah).
    These are arguments.
    The ‘Trade Pau’ rubbish is TIRING… someone did a POOR JOB putting Pau Gasol in the middle of every problem and every game lost, and now people repeat, and repeat, and repeat… 20 points + 19 rebounds + 5 blocks is MONSTER PERFORMANCE. Anyone else with Pau’s, AND MUCH SMALLER numbers, is being voted for the All Star Game… and Pau in the middle of rumours. CRAZY WORLD!!!!

    • Dave

      Please, your hanging your hat on him stopping a guy not known for his offense by the way, to 33%? Pau got what he’s been crying for all thus time. They pounded it to him relentlessly down low in crunch time, and he went belly up. He played good for the most part, but he came up small in the clutch.

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