Game Recap: Lakers Lose Final Game Of Home Stand To Nuggets Reviewed by Momizat on . After opening 2014 with a 110-99 victory over the Utah Jazz, the Lakers looked to finish their four-game home stand on a high note. While the Lakers are still d After opening 2014 with a 110-99 victory over the Utah Jazz, the Lakers looked to finish their four-game home stand on a high note. While the Lakers are still d Rating: 0
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Game Recap: Lakers Lose Final Game Of Home Stand To Nuggets

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NBA: Orlando Magic at Los Angeles Lakers

After opening 2014 with a 110-99 victory over the Utah Jazz, the Lakers looked to finish their four-game home stand on a high note. While the Lakers are still discussing a trade with the Cavaliers, Pau Gasol has played through the distractions and has performed well since returning from an upper respiratory infection. With a victory tonight, the Lakers can improve to 9-9 at home before they play their next 10 of 11 on the road.

First Quarter

To start the game, both teams tried to push the pace. Despite all the trade rumors, Pau Gasol established himself early and often in the paint. Midway through the quarter, the Nuggets had an early two point lead. After the timeout, Gasol made a couple shots to push the lead to 25-18. Unfortunately, the Lakers didn’t close the quarter and only held a three point lead after one, 29-26. Gasol had 12 points, 4 rebounds, 3 assists, and 2 blocks.

Second Quarter

In the second quarter, the Nuggets established themselves in the paint with numerous offensive rebounds, but couldn’t contain the Lakers on the other end. Midway through the quarter, both teams continued to trade leads as the Lakers held a one point lead. While Denver would establish a four-point lead, they weren’t able to extend the lead as the Lakers would continually close the gap. At the end of the first half, Kendall Marshall found Shawne Williams in the corner that gave the Lakers a 61-60 lead.

Third Quarter

To start the third quarter, the Lakers came out extremely flat. While both teams were going back and forth in the first half, Nuggets established a seven point lead midway through the quarter. After a timeout, the Lakers got within four points but couldn’t cut into the deficit any further. At the end of the third, Lakers trailed 93-83. Jodie Meeks led all scorers with 19 while Kendall Marshall had 3 points and 12 assists.

Fourth Quarter

The Lakers couldn’t stop Denver as the lead ballooned to 17 points two minutes into the quarter. After a timeout by Los Angeles, the Lakers tried to make a push but couldn’t make consecutive stops. Throughout the entire fourth, the Nuggets’ lead hovered around 16-20 points.

VIDEO: Nick Young Says The Team Is Starting To Lose A Bit Of It’s Swagger

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  • e3bonz

    The three-point line was the difference in this game.

    • kobe24

      Three point line as in from our side or there side??? Our offense wasn’t bad. 115 points (granted it was a really fast paced game)

      On the other hand our defense was terrible, I stopped watching because starting from 3rd quarter the outcome was obvious…137 points thats really sad

      • e3bonz

        3-21 vs. 12-29

        • kobe24

          Wow 14% shooting…but even then Lakers average (.370%) which means Lakers on a AVERAGE game would’ve made

          7.7- 21 3pt = 12~15 more points

          Wouldn’t have affected the game either way.. It would’ve made the game close but still would’ve ended up in a loss

          (Circa 128~133 – 137 L)

    • http://www.haveslot.com/ richard

      maybe… but the offensive rebounding by the Nuggets depleted the energy of the Lakers.

      • http://www.haveslot.com/ richard

        Faried was just too athletic and fast for Pau.

        • e3bonz

          Pau didn’t do that bad of a job on him, but he is a slippery one.

          • http://www.haveslot.com/ richard

            agree… Pau did an acceptable job… but he was just too slow for Faried. Sacre did the boxing out, I can’t fault him… but Pau’s man almost always got the O rebound

  • jimmie

    137 pts in a regulation game? to the nuggets? 2 mch lakers plz stamp

    • jimmie


  • Lakers Fan

    I’m far from mad about this game. I actually laughed my ass off. The Lakers completely fell apart and was once again terrible on defense in the second half. There was so many things wrong with this game that I don’t even feel like writing them all. All I can say is, Kendall Marshall is something special. I didn’t expect him to have the same game scoring wise, so I’m not surprised at that portion of his game. Don’t worry Laker fans, we are in a special situation. We can either go to the playoffs, which we know isn’t happening, or we can lose a large amount of games, which we know will happen. So lets just ride this season out and expect whatever outcome we get. #137points

    • kobe24

      If Kendall Marshall can be proven to be special (2 games and nearly 40 minutes of playing time just doesn’t make me comfortable just yet) we won’t need to look for a PG during the NBA draft.

      Also, Marshall fits with Lakers because if we had a PG that liked to shoot it wouldn’t work well with Kobe because Kobe likes to handle the ball alot and a passing PG like Marshall would fit with Kobe.

      I think for the upcoming draft if Lakers are top 5 (Which honestly sounds really plausible) they should go for Joel Embiid. Great defender (still has alot to develop) and a great center with huge potential. Julius Randle is good but his wing span is really short he won’t be able to grab rebounds like he is in college (mark my words).

      That means Lakers would have a outside shooting with ball movement (Kobe, Marshall) and good rim/rebound with Embiid. The rest would be up to Kupcake

      • Lakers Fan

        I also stated that if Kendall keeps up this level of play that we Wong have to look for a point in the draft. Regarding Joel Embiid, I think he has all the potential. He can score the ball, and is great at defending the basket. He could also work with Kareem to really polish off his game.

        I have that issue with Randle as well. Another thing that comes into mind regarding Randle, is his inability to finish with his right hand. He goes to his left all the time, and that will be figured out almost instantly in the NBA.

      • Michael Hilton

        True man the Lakers seem to have found the Point Guard of the future Kendall Marshall.Grand Marshall keeps racking up tons of assists.Kendall has what it takes to be a All Star.Wait and see.

        • HHahaha

          WHat!!! Kendall Marshall is not a future all-star nor a elite starter. MIke’s system is a point guard system, especially without kobe playing. This means that anyone inserted into the system will excel for a few games until they come back down to Earth. For example, Jeremy Lin excelled on the Knicks for a half of a season but when he signed with Houston it almost instantly became apparent that he was an average starter at best(he know doesn’t even start anymore). Steve Blake also excelled in the system in the games he played this year averaging more assists than he ever has, that being said hes played over 9 years in the league and has 1 or 2 above average years. Raymond Felton also excelled in Mike’s system but like the rest of them has come down to Earth very fast. The only point guard to excel before Mike’s system is Steve Nash a future hall of famer, who would have excelled in any system. That being said all of these guards, unlike Marshall can shoot, which Marshall is awful at…they are also were much faster and quicker while playing in the system.

    • Jim213

      SMH, only caught the 2nd half (no use to watch whole game) but Marshall, Meeks, and Gasol’s TO’s second half killed the momentum they had going at the time aside of the coach’s bad rotations which at least would’ve kept the game closer. Gasol and meeks IMO are liabilities when holding the ball. Gasol always get stripped and isn’t a good ball handler as Meeks who couldn’t play the 1 once Blake got injured.

      Wes failed to step up again and though Pau played good his lack of ball management skills is a problem especially towards the end of games. Seems as Manimal man handled most of the opposition inside and yet Hill who can play against Manimal played 12 minutes while Kaman coach decision DNP.

      • kobe24

        I honestly don’t know what to say Gasol had alot of energy during the first half and even some of the 3rd quarter he looked really tired by the middle of 3rd quarter.

        I question why Hill and Kaman were not played, Hill was hte only reason Lakers were somehow in the game during 3rd quarter but the coach took him out.

        Personally I dislike Meeks playing style. I know he got better however he has to learn how to pass. Every-time he “sees” an open lane he just drives it and doesn’t look out for passes and usually gets it blocked.

        For nearly 40 minutes of play from KM 3 TO don’t seem THAT bad (granted any amount of TO is bad).

        Oh well…

        • Lakers Fan

          Meeks has an extremely low basketball IQ. He tries to do too much all the time. These last couple of games he has not played well defensively, and that is because he is doing too much and making stupid decisions on the offensive end.

          • nof

            Meeks is a shooter, he shouldn’t and hasn’t ever handled the ball at point guard before this season. Wes is sick and has been questionable for the last few games, which is why he has lacked energy and speed. Jordan Hill is very inconsistent and is not a good defender, although he hustles and gets rebounds our team makes him look much better than he is. THis is true because all of the rest of our big men dont rebound the ball unless it drops in their hands. Althouggh Sacre does try hes not a good rebounder either

      • Lakers Fan

        The Lakers were eaten alone on the boards tonight. I don’t know why D’Antoni does things like this. He refuses to play Hill and Kaman, who would have helped significantly on the boards. If I were Kaman, I would request a trade. It seems as tho D’Antoni will not play him under any circumstances. Pau refused to box out, and Faried took took clear advantage over it. Mozgov had yet another good game against our front court, Pau in particular. I really don’t care what Pau does on the offensive end. If he can’t pick up his intensity on the defensive end, he is useless to me. He’s 7ft and gets bullied in the paint. That’s inexcusable.

        • kobe24

          Can’t really defend Pau here, he was looking (relatively) sharp on the defensive board though blocking shots and protecting the rim however 2nd half he just broke down..

          And reason to not play Kaman nor Hill…I would never know.

        • Jim213

          Been saying this for awhile as it seems more of a personal thing with Kaman and the coach given that Kaman could’ve helped put up points. But it’s the coach mostly (IMO) given that rather than adapt to the rotation he seems to be relying on his old ways in a stubborn way.

          Doubt he’ll return next season but given inept FO they’ll likely give him a lifetime deal. Although, criticize Pau’s game, off the court he’s a great person. Thus, if he doesn’t get traded and if I was in Gasol’s shoes I’d sign with another team. No point in Pau playing his last few year’s of his career with the Lakers while going through trade rumors on a yearly basis.

          That willl show inept FO something being taking players for granted believing that they’ll beg to remain with the team once they hit FA. Who knows you may see Pau playing with the Spurs or Heat if Bosh opts out b/c the other two won’t especially if the win a third straight ring. Thus, no point to opt out if they intend on making hx 4th championship run.

      • noa

        Gasol is the best ballhandler on the team and controls our offensive flow. This is evident because while he is out of the game and when he was sick the last few games, the lakers are awful offensively. All they do is get the ball to Nick and hope for an iso. While, when Gasol’s on the floor the team finds open shooters and is a bigger threat. Jordan Hill didnt play that much because although hes a good rebounder, he was taking bad shots, stopping the flow of the offense, and letting Mosgov score on him everytime. He thinks that if a pg drives he has to go defend him which leaves his man wide open. The guards have keyed in on this and almost every game they drive and kick to their big man which leads to an open dunk.

  • Apex

    well good 1st half, can’t say the same about the other half. Im liking Kendell Marsahll a lot, the boy can dish the dimes. But it’s just the same thing over and over again, our paint is so so weak, teams have been exploiting us all season. I mean we can score the ball, and are D isn’t too too bad, but our rebounding and defending the paint has hurt us all season long. But if Marshall does pan out then at least we know what we need to solve our problem. Get a PF who can score/play D/ rebound and run the floor and get a good centre.

  • Daryl Peek

    This team is losing it’s will. They’ve become complacent with losing. You can hear it in many of their voices in the post game interviews. I don’t know what it’s gonna take to turn it around but we’ve got major problems.

    • Jim213

      Duh really (no diss) but I’d have acquired Iman Shumpert and Jeff Green
      by now. Need some strength/bangers not players that can’t meet the
      challenge head on (no diss to players as they should know their roles).

  • Dominic Nicolas

    Hello 2014 NBA draft

  • Victor Sanchez


    • Jim213

      It’ll happen towards the end of season IMO.

  • Sweet Lou

    Kendall Marshall is a great young point guard,he does a wonderful job passing the ball around to his teammates.Ever since Kendall was in college he was known as one of the best passers in NCAA history.Lakers saw him put up Magic Johnson numbers two games in a row.Lakers got a keeper in Kendall Marshall he will lead the way for the future.Kendall is a awesome player.Point Guard personified.

  • Michael Hilton

    Man the Lakers are tanking.This will be a long season.Wiggins,Parker either one.

  • Daryl Peek

    Those pointing the finger at Pau. He’s averaging 25/13/5/3 since his return from the respiratory injury. Can’t be mad at that type of production at all!

    • Jim213

      I know you’re NOT TALKING TO ME! (pun). Agree Pau has produced double doubles at times but my issue is his lack of ball handling skills aside of getting outplayed by opponents (D). But if/when he gets traded it’ll be a clear sign that FO’s focusing on next season.

      Thus, things would possibly get worse given the productivity lost inside especially if the coach DNP Kaman for the remainder of the season (is that the plan?).

      • Daryl Peek

        Those numbers (the last three games) are way better than any current center in the NBA. 3 turnovers a game is not ideal but not bad given the production. Any team would love to have that. No telling what will become of Pau tho?

  • Purpleloft

    no defense = losing
    Over and over and over again. You would think they would have figured that out already.

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