Game Recap: Lakers Look Great In Blowout Win Over Pelicans

Game Recap: Lakers Look Great In Blowout Win Over Pelicans


Jordan Hill
The Lakers gained a lot of momentum with their win over the Houston Rockets last week. But two consecutive losses have taken away all of the good will from that victory. One of those losses came at the hands of the New Orleans Pelicans and tonight the Lakers look to exact some revenge at home.

The Lakers made a couple changes to the starting lineup looking to gain some energy. The Lakers will also be without Steve Nash due to a multitude of injuries. The Pelicans defeated the Lakers 96-85 the first time these teams played.

First Quarter

Lakers got off to a decent start with good ball movement, defense, and rebounding, no doubt due to Hill and Johnson being in the starting lineup. Turnovers reared their head again and led to eight straight points for the Pelicans. Gasol looks a little more spry tonight and put in an impressive up-and-under move against Anthony Davis. Once again the bench would get the Laker offense going as Nick Young scored eight quick points including a beautiful alley-oop finish on a pass from Jordan Farmar. Xavier Henry also chipped in a three-pointer, but a scramble at the end of the quarter led to a Greg Stiemsma layup at the buzzer, but the Lakers still lead 22-19 after 12 minutes.

Second Quarter

The Lakers got off to a quick start in the second as Farmer, Henry, KamanĀ and even Shawne Williams got buckets to push the Laker lead to 13. The Lakers continued their impressive play as the point guards, Farmar and Blake, did an excellent job of getting everyone the ball, totaling eight assists between them. Anthony Davis was not much of a factor in this half as he picked up three fouls and had to be taken out midway through the quarter with only six points and two rebounds. Gasol continued his good play this quarter as well a nice midrange jumper. Lakers look much improved from the first matchup. Wesley Johnson got a nice dunk and Jordan Hill made five of six free throws late in the second half. Jeff Withey would add two late free throws for the Pelicans but the Lakers defense has been excellent as they lead the Pelicans 55-39 at the half.

Third Quarter

Lakers came out strong to start the second half. Steve Blake continues to be a creator for the offense and Jordan Hill has already surpassed his career high with 19 points to go along with eight rebounds so far. Hill also attacked Davis, drawing his fourth foul and keeping him a complete non-factor tonight. Jodie Meeks finally got going, hitting a three pointer and a couple of free throws. This is the best the Lakers defense has looked so far this season as they rotated well and challenged shots that they have failed to do so far. Gasol finally knocked down some jumpers and fed Kaman with a gorgeous wraparound pass. Gasol just looks comfortable on the floor in general tonight. More defense lead to the Lakers pushing the lead out to 26. Xavier Henry absolutely POSTERIZED Jeff Withey to send the crowd into a frenzy. Other Lakers tried to join in, but were not as successful. Nonetheless the Lakers went into the fourth with a commanding 86-62 lead.

Fourth Quarter

There was a decided shift in momentum at the outset of this quarter as the Pelicans came out very strong and started the quarter on a 14-5 run. Young would hit a three-pointer, but the Pelicans matched it with a three point play of their own and quickly cut the Laker lead to 15. The Lakers compounded the issues by fouling and the Pelicans were in the bonus early in the quarter. The Lakers finally got something going when Hill and Blake re-entered the game. Another Meeks three and a Hill dunk off a beautiful pass from Kaman highlight a 9-0 Laker run that put the lead back over 20 points midway through the quarter. The Lakers were able to empty the bench and Ryan Kelly rewarded the fans with a four-point play to ice the game for the Lakers. On a dominate night, Lakers fans received tacos with a 116-95 win over the Pelicans.


VIDEO: Does Mike D’Antoni Think Jordan Hill Will Remain A Starter?

  • Gregory Choa

    Yup, Lakers looked great tonight, with guys playing with a lot of sustained energy and sharing the ball without hesitation. Loved Jordan Hill’s hustle, Blake and Farmar’s passing game, Pau’s bounce back effort, X’s hops, Nick’s stroke, and Wes’ defensive tenacity. I really think if he puts his mind to it, Wesley Johnson can really develop into that lockdown defender on the wing that the Lakers haven’t really had since Kobe in his prime.

  • taviyoung

    The starting lineup I’ve been wanting since day 1. Glad to see D’Antoni finally got it right.

  • Jim213

    Taco night…

  • Lakers Fan

    Got to give the whole team credit, including the coaching staff. We have been waiting to see what Jordan Hill could do in the starting lineup, and we got our wish. He brought much needed energy and defense ad just played an outstanding game. So glad to see Pau play the way he played tonight. We needed that Pau more than anything. Blake played excellent as well. i guess we see what the weak link actually was (Steve Nash). The bench was great once again. But thr most impressive thing that stood out was the defense. I just hope we can carry this momentum over into the next game casue we will need it. Overall, terrific job! Go Lakers!

  • Jim213

    Good win but let’s not get ahead of ourselves. Blake played solid at the 1 with Hill (pick and roll). The fact is whether they can translate this type of play on the road? Given they’ll be playing in mile high city (back 2 back) tomorrow the COACH should start Kaman with Hill given that Gasol looked like he was out of gas (2nd half).

    IMO, Kaman would play better with Blake in the starting lineup given that at times he didn’t seem to mesh in with the 2nd group too good. Gasol would play better with the 2nd group IMO especially if he distributes more rather than take awkward jumpers at times.

    It’s hustling on both sides of the court though some call it energy but the difference to take IMO with today’s game was better ball distribution and chemistry as a unit. The team also played good inside and out which limited their three point shooting attempts while getting more points inside the paint. Still need to limit turnovers (19) especially on the road.

    • Paytc

      Good point considering Blake and Kaman are slower players who play better in slower tempo. Farmar is a good change of pace as he will push the tempo and change the pace of the game from a energy standpoint. Because Farmar’s tempo is more risky he may have a couple more turnovers, but he usually grabs a steal or two to make up for it,and the scoring increases. Good play from both PG’s last night. It is tougher on the road and to maintain a high level for a long stretch. Just keep “STEPPING UP ” and keep us in the hunt till Kobe returns.

      Remember to not get too high in wins or too low in loses. Go Lakers !

  • joe23

    nice game keep it up lakers!!!! do you guy noticed that all the losing team todays game scores 95.

  • LakeShow

    I’m happy to see Lakers performance today but I still think we should tank the season in order to get the next franchise player. Because by the time Kobe retires, that player would be ready to lead the team.

    If Lakers playing like this every game, they will get into playoff and with Kobe, they might get into conference semi-final but they still can’t beat OKC or Spurs.

    • A Fan

      I prefer that they don’t. With solid role players and having the best bench in the NBA, I think once Kobe returns to this team, LA would be one solid starter short of becoming contenders (like 2008 before they traded for Pau Gasol). What better way to convince that potential starter to sign with the Lakers in the 2014 free agency than to make a solid postseason run? And you never know if Mitch can pull off a season-changing trade before the deadline, again just like 2008.

      Plus knowing that most of the players on this roster have a chip on their shoulders and are on a 1-year audition for next year’s Laker team (or any NBA team for that matter), I don’t think they’ll tank the season even if we beg them to.

      • richard

        Agree… we don’t necessarily need a superstar like the Lebrons of the world… we are just one solid contributor away from elite level… Deng would be a good start.

    • Jim213

      We Ain’t Tanking, but the team doesn’t have to given today’s max contracts. Lakers haven’t acquired a rookie franchise player since KB24 (1996, J West). FA is the key aside of being able to sell the franchise’s long term objectives (management) which they seem to have difficulties in doing.

      • LakeShow

        I don’t about you, but I’m proud having Kobe because Lakers develop him from a prospect into one of the best players of all time.

        Let’s say Lakers get LeBron, are you proud of it? I don’t because we didn’t develop him. We just take the best player in the league, put him in our team, surround it with other stars and then simply say, we are the best team on the league. What’s the point of that? The same reason why most legends prefer Kobe over LeBron because Kobe lead the team while LeBron just go to another team, to play with other all-stars in order to win championship.

        Tanking one season for the sake of getting a franchise player ain’t gonna ruin Lakers reputation. Plus, Lakers have enough money to tank a season. Once Lakers get someone like Wiggins, Jabari, Randle or Exum, fans will come back!

        • Jim213

          Ain’t saying the Lakers shouldn’t try to acquire a draft pick to mold for the future. Still hoping for some trades to take place that can help the team to draft within top 10. But it’s hard to assume of wh’ll be available come 2014 draft.

          Watched a little of the Kentucky and Michigan State game and many of the players from Kentucky need more growth. Even their coach believes the team will struggle given they’re trying to put on a show more so than play as a unit. I hear the team (Kentucky) has eight stand out potential early draft picks on their roster.

          I believe many but not all potential stand outs will enter the draft next season given that if they don’t have a good year their stock would drop which is why they’re playing a season only but if the dollar $ matters for some they may hold off for a season and try to raise their stock (value). .

          IMO, the Lakers should make some trades before the deadline to help acquire future talent that may include a possible draft pick but don’t see a benefit to tanking. However, this will be a long season if the team fails to show some consistency.

          • LakeShow

            Who do we have to trade? – Pau, Nash (both old, expensive, injury proned), the rest are on 1 year deal (can just wait next year when their contract expired).

            And which team stupid enough to give their lottery pick to the Lakers with nothing to give back?

          • Jim213

            Toronto has expressed interested in Nash (marketing purposes). If not a #1 pick for 2014 a future #1 for 2015 or 2016. Pau’s getting paid over $19 mil this season and may be harder to trade though they should go with a three team trade. It’d be best to make some trades given the issues that need to be addressed if management expects a quick turn around IMO.

      • richard

        Agree… tanking is not a way to build champions… they are sure way to build losers… and we are not it… we are the LA Lakers!!!

    • richard

      Yes, this lakers may not beat OKC or Spurs… but the experience that the new players will gain will be invaluable building blocks to a championship team. It’s not only about talents and skills.. there is maturity and consistency, as well as experience to count. You are looking at basketball from a gaming perspective if you don’t see it that way.

  • ra

    Up and down. It’s going to be like this all season long. Get used to it.

    Today it’s up. Let’s rejoice.

  • Elcid Martinez

    We all wanted this starting line up and we got it. Finally Dantoni listens! Lol

  • Paytc

    I know Hill like many of us are thinking it not easy to score from the bench. Glad to see Hill out there doing what we have come to expect from him. We need to make sure Henry also gets more playing time. It won’t be long before we get the right combo’s on the floor and make the adjustments in the roster to increase our playoff hopes.

    Go Lakers !

  • LakersHeatBeef

    Now i want to see some consistency from the Lakers.Build upon this win,go on a win streak.

  • Apex

    All this talk about tanking to get next years draft picks is only gonna be a natural result of how this seasons plays out for us. Meaning I don’t think the lakers would ever tank on purpose, this is the Lakers and this is Kobe’s team and that’s just not how they rock!! However I didn’t see any post offering up a different scenario where the Lakers do a sign and trade with melo for some draft picks…is this not possible, and if so wouldn’t this make more sense then purposely tanking????