Game Recap: Lakers Keep It Close, Ultimately Fall To The Heat Reviewed by Momizat on . The Lakers have gone 2-2 on their road trip so far and now look to gain revenge on the defending champion Miami Heat tonight. The two teams met in a surprisingl The Lakers have gone 2-2 on their road trip so far and now look to gain revenge on the defending champion Miami Heat tonight. The two teams met in a surprisingl Rating: 0
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Game Recap: Lakers Keep It Close, Ultimately Fall To The Heat

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The Lakers have gone 2-2 on their road trip so far and now look to gain revenge on the defending champion Miami Heat tonight. The two teams met in a surprisingly competitive game on Christmas day with the Heat prevailing. Chris Bosh was huge for the Heat in their victory.

Tonight, the Heat will be without guard Dwyane Wade and have struggled as of late, going 3-4 in their last seven games. The Lakers are coming off of a tough overtime loss in Chicago two nights ago and need to turn things around quickly.

First Quarter

The Lakers got off to a slow start as the Heat were able to get a couple of easy layups. Ryan Kelly got the scoring going for the Lakers, but the defense struggled to keep up with the excellent ball movement of the Miami Heat. Chris Bosh got a wide open three off an offensive rebound and Ray Allen got another off of excellent passing. Nick Young and Manny Harris entered the game, but the Lakers are struggling to hold on to the ball. An excellent lob from LeBron to Chris Andersen put the Heat up nine early. A Nick Young three cut the lead to six and forced the Heat to use a timeout. Both teams brought in some bench players and the offenses stagnated for a bit. LeBron got a layup off an easy drive and Harris got an and-one. Jordan Hill got a great tip-in with two seconds and the Lakers trailed by three at the end of the first.

Second Quarter

Both teams had the bench in to start the quarter with the Heat bench being outplayed. The Heat started the quarter on an 11-2 run as Beasley threw down a jam on Jordan Hill, Oden got an easy jump hook, and Chalmers hit a three-pointer to push the lead to 10 out of nowhere. The Lakers continued to fight to keep the lead under control. Marshall hit Meeks on an excellent backdoor cut but the Heat lead was still nine. Bosh continued his great first half with a nice jump hook and a LeBron layup plus the foul pushed the Heat lead out to 13 as the Lakers struggled to keep the game within reach. Gasol has looked excellent offensively with 12 points and five rebounds, but is getting little support. Kendall Marshall hit a deep three late in the quarter, but Kelly fouled Battier on a three on the other end. At the end of the half, the Lakers deficit ballooned to 11.

Third Quarter

The Heat started the quarter with five quick points that forced the Lakers to burn an early timeout. Meeks and Johnson hit consecutive three-pointers and Meeks got a steal and fast break layup to cut the lead down to nine. The defense continued to fail them as the Heat got either layups or offensive rebounds for easy buckets. The turnover problem then came back to the Lakers as a LeBron steal and dunk got the entire crowd going and the Heat lead by 15 midway through the quarter. The bench came in and cut the lead down thanks to Young. Despite seemingly being dominated, the Lakers cut the lead to eight. A couple of Heat buckets followed by a Jordan Hill basket and the Lakers trail only by 10 heading into the fourth.

Fourth Quarter

A Gasol basket and foul followed by a Young steal and layup and the Lakers cut the lead to five points. Both teams traded baskets with Bosh and Gasol carrying each team. Young got himself another steal and layup, but missed the free throw to keep the Lakers deficit at seven points. LeBron checked back in the game and Bosh continued his excellent game as he pushed the Heat lead back to nine. A fadeaway jumper by Gasol, who has been the best Laker tonight, cut the lead back to five, and a Nick Young three had the Lakers trailing only by four before Ray Allen was left wide open, draining a three to push the lead back to seven. After a crazy play, Meeks hit a three and the Lakers trailed only by four with three minutes remaining. A LeBron three is matched by a Marshall layup. After a couple of empty possessions, the Lakers still trailed by five with just over a minute remaining. A missed shot and a Bosh jumper, puts the game away for good as the Lakers drop their second straight game.

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About The Author

Corey is currently a full-time staff writer for Lakers Nation. He is a passionate follower of the Los Angeles Lakers and Dallas Cowboys and can usually be seen arguing the merits of Kobe Bryant or cursing the decisions of Jerry Jones. He is also a former producer and associate producer for Sirius XM Sports Radio. Follow him on twitter @TheeCoreyH

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  • YesIt’sMe

    Word of advice; put the score somewhere in your article please.

  • e3bonz

    Missed the first half, the only time this year I haven’t seen the whole game.

  • Daryl Peek

    I hate to take a shot at Pau because he carried us offensively tonight but he cost us this game in one sense simply due to not knuckling up on Bosh. Bosh destroyed him! We knew LeBron would do his thing. Pau needed to keep Bosh in check.

    Good effort in not turning the ball over one of my two keys to possibly getting the win but they failed on the second key, protecting the three point line. We also need more from KM5 and Kelly offensively. Sacre is a waste of bench minutes. Kaman needs to get his PT! This is my only beef with D’Antoni.

    • e3bonz

      Bosh is a very talented player, and shot very well tonight even with a hand in the face.

      • Daryl Peek

        True but Pau cannot let his match up go off like that. Bosh rarely has nights like that.

        • e3bonz

          I think while Pau has more in his overall game, Chris has the younger legs. Plus, I don’t think Bosh has to work as hard with his team.

          • Daryl Peek

            Agreed but 15-22? You can’t let your match up shoot 70% from the field mayne. Pau didn’t have one blocked shot either. Gotta do better competing defensively

          • e3bonz

            Not dis-agreeing, but Bosh only had 1 block tonight. I don’t think his defense wasn’t any better, he just made more shots. Plus Bosh doesn’t draw a double team very often.

          • Daryl Peek

            Yeah but Pau just can’t let him make that many shots that efficiently. At some point you’ve got to realize I need to focus on slowing this guy.

            I take nothing away from Bosh. He’s very underrated on that team. I just want Pau to be more aggressive defensively for the team.Pau only had one personal foul. Hack Bosh or something? LOL

          • e3bonz

            I’m not sure Pau can guard Bosh, or that He can guard Pau, so it’s up to the other guys on the team to make up for them. Sir Charles was wondering why LA didn’t get the ball to Pau in the high post (If that’s the right term). Because he had that shot all night.

          • Daryl Peek

            The match up is a bit of a stalemate as you state but Pau allowed the battle to be tilted in Bosh’s favor. Pau can absolutely punish Bosh but did not do so. Pau has got to be more assertive on both sides of the ball. We missed a ton of shots in the first half. Pau could’ve easily come away with 15-20 boards tonight. That in itself would have tilted the battle in his favor.

            Kelly came up short also. Pau depends on his low post running mate too much for my taste. This is why he prefers to big’s. So he does not have to knuckle up against a Bosh.

            Pau was a force defensively in the last game. If he had brought that effort tonight we would have won.

          • e3bonz

            You’re right, honestly I think Pau has the injury bug in the back of his mind, and that keeps him from being too aggressive on defense. If you look at his defense in the Bulls game he played a lot harder. Notice he’s been picking more fouls as of late. He’s also stated he prefers two big, someone to do the hitting for him.

          • Daryl Peek

            I don’t know if you saw it but it was Gasol’s defense on a drive to the paint by LeBron that had Kobe shaking his head in disgust on the sideline. Kobe looked like WTH are you doing?!?

          • e3bonz

            Yeah, I saw that(lol)…but wasn’t sure if it was for Pau or LBJ. I think Pau is trying to just hang on this season and not get hurt. Once Kobe didn’t come back at the beginning of the season, Nash was out then Blake, that might of took some wind out of his sail.

          • Al Haldie

            I believe PAU knows his game a little better then u, its very easy to go on LAKERS NATION and run down the players Pau does what he can do he is only one man…

          • Daryl Peek

            Did I question his overall game? All I did was say Pau needs to fair better in his individual match up. I did nothing to run Gasol down. There is no bigger defender of Gasol than me on Lakers Nation. I catch pure hell for defending Gasol all the time.

            I hate to take a shot at Pau because he carried us offensively tonight. That does not preclude me from making my assessment of the individual match. Pau has the ability to do better, that’s all.

    • http://www.haveslot.com/ richard

      I am not disagreeing with you on Pau vs Bosh… but the game was not lost on Pau’s defense… it was failure to execute down the stretch oofensively that did us. We got the lead down to 4 with less than 3 minutes to go, but the ensuing plays was just bone headed… Young lounges an ill advice 3 point shot early in the shot clock after a time out instead of running the plays through Pau which was what MDA designed, then 2 quick turnovers… that resulted in 2 quick buckets for the Heat… that was the game there.

      • Daryl Peek

        Agreed on the offensive execution thing and Young’s shot selection. But on te other hand, if Pau had brought the defensive effort he had in the Bulls game, Bosh would not have been that big of a factor. Bosh carried them down the stretch also.

        Young is trying his best to play Kobe’s role. Kobe himself would take questionable shots like that also outside of the designed play. He has made more than Nick obviously but that’s not the point. I’m not bashing Pau, just making a season long point as he’s the clear leader of this group and the team success hinges on his lead with Kobe out. Lets not forget an opposing big has had a season or career high against us in a ton of games this season. A better showing against Bosh is the difference in this game IMO when looking at it like that.

  • LakeShow

    2 words: Miami cHeat

  • Al Haldie

    wHY IS IT that all calls go’s in JAMES favor – EVERY TIME HE GOES TO THE BASKET HE USES ELBOWS AND PUSHES OFF AND NEVER GETS CALLED ON IT – HE IS A GOOD PLAYER but he would only be half as good if he got called like the rest of them…?????

  • LakersHeatBeef

    The deck was too stacked against the Lakers.Another loss,it is what it is.

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