Game Recap: Lakers Erase 19-Point Deficit To Beat Raptors

Game Recap: Lakers Erase 19-Point Deficit To Beat Raptors



After an impressive road victory against the Boston Celtics, the Los Angeles Lakers traveled to Toronto to face the Raptors. With Ryan Kelly making his first NBA start and Nick Young returning from his one-game suspension, the Lakers looked to win two straight games. While the Eastern Conference is weak, the Raptors have played extremely well since the Rudy Gay trade and are currently the third seed in the conference.

First Quarter

To start the game, both teams came out with good energy as Pau Gasol established himself early and often once again. While both teams went back and forth midway through the quarter, the Lakers took an early four-point lead. After a timeout by the Raptors, they made seven straight shots and went on a 16-5 run. With the Raptors making five threes, the Lakers found themselves down by seven after the first quarter. Pau Gasol led Los Angeles with 10 points, three rebounds, and one block.

Second Quarter

In the second quarter, the Lakers’ bench got off to a slow start as the Raptors established a double-digit lead. With no Laker able to penetrate into the paint, they struggled offensively as the Raptors stayed at home on their shooters. Unfortunately, the Raptors didn’t cool off in the quarter and established a 19-point lead led by Patrick Patterson’s 12 points. However, the Lakers made their own run and cut the deficit down to seven with less than four minutes on Wesley Johnson’s three. With the Lakers making shots, their defensive intensity picked up and found themselves only down by four, 58-54. Gasol led the Lakers with 14 points while Kendall Marshall had seven points and eight assists.

Third Quarter

To start the second half, the Lakers missed their first six shots and found themselves down by 14 points. After the timeout, the Lakers committed two straight turnovers and gave up numerous offensive rebounds. However, Gasol re-established himself and help the Lakers cut the deficit down to 10. Like the second quarter, the Lakers began making shots and the defense picked up once again. With a three-pointer by Nick Young, Los Angeles was only down by three late in the third. After a timeout by Toronto, Manny Harris drained a contested three to tie the game at 79 apiece and the Lakers eventually took the lead after free-throws by Young.

Fourth Quarter

The Lakers continued to play with good energy on the defensive end, but couldn’t capitalize on the other end. However, Young had five quick points and the Lakers held on a one-point lead. After a timeout, a quick 4-0 run by Vasquez put the Raptors up by three midway through the quarter. With both teams trading leads, a forced turnover by the Lakers led to another three-pointer by Young and pushed their lead to four. While the Raptors tried to make another run, clutch shots by Kelly and Young pushed the lead to five with less than two minutes remaining. With a defensive stop, Young’s free-throws sealed the game for the Lakers. Young led the Lakers with 29 points while Gasol had 22 points and nine rebounds as the Lakers defeated the Raptors, 112-106.

Pau Gasol On Halfway Point Of The Season, Playoffs, And Ryan Kelly

  • e3bonz

    On to Chicago…

  • kobe24

    Good win today just watched the 4th quarter but man did Ryan Kelly look good today. He had (for the most part) graet chemistry with Gasol.

    However they gotta step up the defense more (obviously) there are times when all the guys are focused and get goo stops but other times they let guys score in the paint way to easily (almost 50 points for the raptors!)

    Anyhow wins a win although I projected them to go 1-9, I’m guessing anything could be possible

    • e3bonz

      Fifty points in the paint isn’t too bad in a hundred plus game.

      • kobe24

        Well the fact that Lakers are dead last in allowing points in the paint still show that they have to tighten up their defense. And fifty isn’t horrendous but it could certainly be improved not just in this game but for allt he games

        • e3bonz

          No argument here about the improving the Lakers defense, but they did tighten up a bit, late in the game.

        • Daryl Peek

          Portland and the Suns are winning games playing the D’Antoni way. Both are bad defensive teams that just shoot lights out from three and run you to death. If you think those teams can do it, the Lakers can if they can get healthy, IMO.

          • cj

            they are healthyer and have better teams.

            the suns lose 1 player and are falling apart.

          • Daryl Peek

            If were healthy I don’t think neither is a better team. I’m not trying to oversell this Lakers roster but those two teams were not supposed to be as good as they are up to this point.

        • Al Haldie

          well it give you some thing to talk about – after foot in the mouth 1-9 your not a laker fan…

  • LakersHeatBeef

    Lakers won what do all the losers from other fan bases have to say now.

    Go Lakers!

  • LakersHeatBeef

    What do all those fans and media members saying we are the worst team say???

  • LakersHeatBeef

    Lakers are the old masters and we are still here.Go Lakers!Young Lakers winning!

  • Lakers Fan

    What?? The Lakers won two games in a row?? Lol!! But forreal, I didn’t watch the game but I’m glad they won. Can we just hand the 6th man of the year to Nick Young already? This dude been carrying this team on his back all season. I still don’t see them making the playoffs, but I’m happy with a win regardless. I hate to see the team so down emotionally when they are losing, so I’m happy they have put together two wins.

    • Daryl Peek

      Not expecting them to make the playoffs given the key players out that wont be back anytime soon but nothing is impossible. They’re only one game worse than they were last season at the halfway point, dig that?

      I’d like to see them win their next game and have their first three game winning streak of the season. The Bulls are beatable. Will need to be on our P’s and Q’s because the Bulls compete defensively!

      • Lakers Fan

        No argument here. If we had a full roster, we would have a very good chance of making the playoffs. But since we are a team full of injuries and aren’t good on defense, it will be very unlikely. The strength of the West don’t make it any better either.

        If they can limit the mistakes, I think it’s a good chance they can win the next game. We were hot from 3-point land today, so that played a huge part in our win. The Bulls are indeed extremely tough on defense, so Pau will have to work extremely hard against Gibson and Noah. If Pau don’t have a good game, we won’t win.

  • Corky Carroll

    What a crazy and confusing season when you aren’t sure if its better to win or lose, looking at the long term picture. Todays game was fun to watch and it was a good solid win against a good team. The second half of the season is going to be interesting.