Game Recap: Lakers Comeback Attempt Falls Short Against Nets Reviewed by Momizat on . [new_royalslider id="210"] The Lakers finally ended their home losing streak on Friday against the Boston Celtics. Now they look to start a winning streak as th [new_royalslider id="210"] The Lakers finally ended their home losing streak on Friday against the Boston Celtics. Now they look to start a winning streak as th Rating: 0
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Game Recap: Lakers Comeback Attempt Falls Short Against Nets

The Lakers finally ended their home losing streak on Friday against the Boston Celtics. Now they look to start a winning streak as they take on the Brooklyn Nets.

The Lakers welcome back Nick Young to the lineup and also have moved Kent Bazemore into the starting lineup. The Nets are without Kevin Garnett, but have been great since 2014 started. The Lakers will have to be at their best to get a win.

First Quarter

Paul Pierce got the Nets going from the start with a quick five points and an assist to Kirilenko as the Nets scored the first seven points of the game. Meeks would get two early three-pointers, but the Lakers defense struggled early as they trailed 14-8. The Lakers turnover problems haunted them early and Paul Pierce was on fire as the Nets pushed out to a 27-10 lead midway through the quarter. The bench came in and calmed down the Nets run and a Nick Young three-pointer cut the lead to 12 as the Nets lead 33-21 after the first.

Second Quarter

Kaman put in the first basket of the quarter and a Hill hook shot cuts the Nets lead to eight. A couple of quick baskets by the Nets quickly puts the lead back to 13. Jordan Hill added a basket but a Teletovic three, and some Williams free throws and a jumper puts the lead right back to 17. The Lakers continued to fight back behind their bench as Young and Hill continued to fight and cut the lead to 10. The Lakers continue to battle, but turnovers and defense continue to hurt them. Free throws by Blatche pushed the Nets lead to 16 at halftime.

Third Quarter

The Lakers turn the ball over to start the quarter leading to a Plumlee dunk. Meeks had a beautiful reverse layup and Marshall saved a turnover with another pass to Meeks for a layup to cut the Nets lead to 15. Free throws and a Gasol layup cut the lead to 12 as the Lakers refused to give up. Meeks cut the lead to eight on a runner but a Pierce jumper put the lead right back to 10. Bazemore with a great drive to cut the lead to seven. Brooks hit a three to cut the lead to six but Teletovic responded with two of his own and out of nowhere the Nets are back up to a 12 point lead at the end of the quarter.

Fourth Quarter

Farmar started the fourth with a three, but Anderson hit one of his own only for a Kaman hook to cut the lead to 10. Brooks with a flying putback off a Farmar miss and the lead was only six with eight minutes remaining. A steal and a layup by Young cut the Lakers lead to four. Young hit only one of three free throws after being fouled, but the Lakers rebounding issues popped back up at the worst time. A couple of Nets baskets later and their lead was back to nine. A turnover leads to a fast break layup for Farmar to cut the lead to seven. The Lakers had a number of opportunities to cut the lead to seven, but were unable to convert allowing the Nets to hold on for the victory.

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  • afs

    Ok, what I’m about to say is besides the point from this game specifically but more for the whole season….. One of the things D’Antoni is doing wrong is making some guys disappear into the bench. In the beginning of the season it was Jordan Hill, then it was kaman, and now it’s ryan kelly (I understand why sacre isn’t playing. For now, he should be treated like a prospect as he needs more development for his overall game). But ryan kelly? The dude was playing great and all of a sudden D’Antoni cuts him off.. And what does this do? It completely throws away Kelly’s rhythm and confidence! How are you supposed to get into any kind of groove if you don’t even know how often you’re going to play? Imagine if Kaman was in the rotation throughout the whole season. smh

    • Daryl Peek

      See this is the mess I’m talking about. No matter what MDA does fans wont be happy. Kelly has been stinking the joint up all of this month. Everyone was crying about Kaman not getting PT, he is now and Hill is also. What more can he do!?

      I’ll be the first to admit I hate Johnson at PF. MDA clearly says he’s gonna give the PT to the players that are playing good outside of Gasol, Kobe, Nash or Blake when they were here and healthy.

      Ryan Kelly needs to earn minutes period. MDA was very patient with him but you cat stay with a rookie like that who’s giving you nothing when others can and are giving you more.

      • C*HarrisTHEboss

        To be honest…at this point i’ll live with MDA. While i dont agree with some of his philosophies – I don’t know if anybody else could do a better job given the personnel. – That being said – Marshall, W. Johnson, Kelly and Sacre all need to GTF out. Especially Marshall – anybody who thinks he can lead an NBA team is a clown.

        • Daryl Peek

          I’m not a huge Marshall fan but I’m good with him trying to prove his worth these last 25+ games. He’s struggling so far since Blake has been gone. Kelly I’m not that down on either. I can see him staying on and am willing to give him some leeway as a project bench role player for the cheap price tag. Johnson has a ton of upside! MDA is a fool for trying him at PF but Wes is a very good SF when he’s playing confident.

          Nick Young is the player I’d let go if he opts out. He’s too much of a defensive liability for as long as he’s been in the league. Brooks can do what he does IMO.

          We’ve just got to get MDA off the ultra small ball ISH and things will be OK.

          • DJ

            I agree with a lot of your points Daryl, Marshall I really watch due to the Lakers looking to see if he can lead so that they can focus on the 2,3 and 5… over the last 2 games one they won the other they lost, ive notice that Kendall gives perfect passes and I noticed where, Kent, Pau, Jodie and Hill (twice) either missed a lay up or fumbled the pass out of bounds, and I found out that turn over is charged to the guard. At 22, no training camp along with the ever changing starting line ups and players playing out of position it’s hard to get traction. Johnson has huge upside and playing out of position hurts his game, Johnson is a 3 not a 4… and with Kent, Brooks, Young and Henry all 6’5- 6-’7 MDA may continue to play him @ the 4. I’m praying that Nick opts out, he is a volume shooter who is at his best when plays break down or on a break. I’m also praying that next year in MDA final year they decide to move on from him… if MDA could play Kobe at the 5 and have the rest just stand at the 3 point line he’d be in heaven… smh.

          • Daspin

            Marshall has been struggling since Blake has gone? The correct conclusion is Blake’s leaving hurt a tad bit because Farmar is his replacement.

          • Daryl Peek

            Um, you’re kinda right but Marshall is the player they want to see the same way they traded Fisher so Session could get a look.

        • NickOld

          I agree that Marshall don’t have the ability to start, let alone lead an NBA team, his defense is the worst I’ve seen since SMUSH PARKER…(Facepalm)… Him and Kelly have some room to grow though and they do somethings well. But Johnson and Sacre are pretty much the best the can be I think, I don’t think they’re NBA material sadly, even though I like their hard work on the court.

        • Gregory Choa

          Well, color me clown because I do think that Marshall ultimately has the goods to not only continue to start for the Lakers, but continue to be groomed as the team’s future point guard. His defense needs work, to be sure, but that will come – all the other requisite skill sets are already in place and he’s still very young. He’s a keeper, IMHO.

          • DJ

            I agree Gregory, all of the guys need to work on there defense especially on ball defense, Marshall, Farmar both need to… though I understand that Kendall and Jordan Farmar can’t afford to get into any foul trouble being the only two players on the roster the can run the offense… so when I see the “lack of effort” on defense from both point guards I cringe yet remember that foul trouble for any guy on any given night can, has we’ve seen can be disastrous.

          • C*HarrisTHEboss

            Send me your PO box and i’ll mail you a rednose and some face paint – get real tho – Defense is something you either have the inclination and ability towards or you dont – KM isnt going to miraculously learn lateral quickness – tell me how his shooting “requisite” skills are already in place? He has much trouble shooting ANYTIME he isn’t spotting up from distance – and his ability to get to the freethrow line is pretty poor.

          • Daryl Peek

            Only thing I disagree with you on in the defensive theme is the ability to get better as a team defender. Magic was not a great individual defender but was very good at playing his role in team defense. Nash was the same. A young player like Marshall can make a career for himself if he finds his niche on a team and plays his team defender role.

          • C*HarrisTHEboss

            Those are two HOF players you are using in comparison….magic had strength and size to his advantage and nash had quickness/grit and immense IQ to his- KM has none of those qualities

          • Daryl Peek

            I really get tired of people trying to use the hindsight HOF or the were better players after the fact as an arguing point. Nash was not a HOF player in season one or two. Nash rode the pine behind Kevin Johnson his first few seasons the same way Kobe rode behind Eddie Jones.

            Magic was a beast from the jump but that’s not the point. The point is a player can develop team defensive skills and that where the comp stops. Stay on topic mayne.

          • Gregory Choa

            My belief in Kendall Marshall has mostly to do with his way above average; court vision, ball handling skills, passing ability, and three-point shooting accuracy – I’m not necessarily looking for him to create his own shot or get to the free throw line – what I AM looking for is for him to primarily afford OTHERS to get that opportunity as a quintessential “pass first” point guard who can get the Lakers into their offense quickly and smartly.

            As for the defense, I believe the inclination is there, and I’m willing to give him an opportunity to get better in those areas…I just think it’s too early to simply say it’s completely beyond his capacity.

          • C*HarrisTHEboss

            He sure has been playing well! He does not get people easy shots – he gets people rhythm jumpers before the defense gets set – that is is his ONLY method of racking assists. If people aren’t knocking down jumpers he is a waste of space. He has average ball handling skills at best for a PG – and he can only drain a 3 if he is 5 feet behind the line or wide open. Get out of here dude

      • DJ

        MDA was ran out of New York for doing the same coaching job there, the injuries obviously aren’t his fault yet the arrogance of he not willing to change his coaching style is the problem Laker fans have. MDA can coach when he is playing without a big at the 4 and the 5, with the Suns, goes to New York were he wanted Melo as a stretch 4 but could because of Tyson he just imposed his philosophies on them and it cost him is job. Ryan Kelly wasn’t even supposed to make the roster this year but injuries and his salary dictated the he would make the roster, MDA would love to have Shawn Williams be the permanent starter at the 4, even though Williams isn’t a starter but a situational spot up shooter. Again, MDA coach style is best suited for oversees than the NBA.

        • Daryl Peek

          This is where you’re wrong. MDA quit because the Knick FO blew up the young roster he was grooming into good players for the Box office of Amare and Melo in some of the worst trade moves in NBA history. The Knicks are a hot mess and Woodson is about to be fired now. Melo is like out and the Knick now probably wish they would have kept Linsanity another D’Antoni made product.

          Jimmy and Mitch are actually cooperating with MDA by providing him with the type of players he needs to succeed. I wont even go into the other stuff you mentioned that I completely disagree with.

          • DJ

            I stand corrected on the firing, yet there is no reason to believe that MDA can build a championship winning team. MDA Suns were great to watch even when they were going home in the playoffs to watch a team that plays defense win chips, you cant disagree with that. The fact that he is still rolling with Nash who is day to day for the rest of the year and(thank God) Mitch said it would be difficult for Nash to come back to be a productive player (paraphrasing) was music to my ears, you cant disagree with that. and with Jim and Mitch providing MDA players 6’5 and all they have is offensive skills (isolation players) show that MDA wont be back after his final year 2015, Kevin Love, Kevin Durant, Melo or any other top FA wont come to a team that is coached by someone who refuses to understand you have to put players in position to win… and now the Lakers have a 40 year old pg who cant stay on the court and stealing money. Oh and the Knicks having a better record than the Lakers… idc what division it is… with the Knicks winning 50 plus games after he left hopefully he’ll resign because he’ll definitely wont be extended.

          • Daryl Peek

            No disrespect man but there are so many holes in your thinking I don’t know where to begin. Is MDA really going with Nash or did the FO make that a need given Nash was here first and is a HOF player? The potential of a healthy Nash and Kobe is box office. IJS

            The fact that they continue to bring in young athletic players that fit the mold of the prototypes D’Antoni usually grooms well shows the level of commitment the FO has to MDA going forward.

            The free agents you mention are best case scenario wet dream wish list Laker additions. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying it’s impossible to acquire them but that’s too far into the future to be firing a HC right now as we are in the present with this current situation. And Why would Love have a problem with D’Antoni when his style of coaching is perfect for his game? Love is D’Antoni’s life long dream PF type.

            Again, the Knicks are a hot mess and that 50 win season means absolutely nothing given they weren’t able to build on it. If anything it was a 1996 Dallas Cowboy situation where Woody won with MDA’s players he groomed the same way Barry Switzer won with Jimmy Johnson’s team only the Knicks didn’t win the championship. The Cowboys have been a complete mess every since and the Knicks are on that same path.

            Is MDA the coach to lead the Lakers to the promised land. Not likely but you can’t say never. What D’Antoni is good for is what Del Harris did for the Lakers from 95-99, grooming a young roster into a very competitive bunch. That may be all is is as our HC but given where we are right now that’s not so bad.

            No ones coming in to turn this team into a championship team right away. Were rebuilding from the ground up pretty much and patience’s is needed, that’s all.

          • DJ

            Oh no disrespect felt, I love seeing us Lakers fans wanting the best for the team, reading everyone’s post and debating their points of views. My point with K. Love is exactly what you stated in your 5th and 6th paragraphs… they have to be competitive and show that competitiveness on D, now D is more about effort than coaching, yet it seems that there is no real foundation to who the Lakers are on defense under Mike. I could be total wrong next year and eating my words, if the team comes in healthy, hungry and with certain moves they can be in the thick of things next year and a major run Kobe’s final year (maybe with K. Love the same color uniform as KB24). And I do agree patience is needed.

          • Daryl Peek

            I can dig that. I don’t expect all to agree with my outlook and I don’t have all the answers either. We are all passionate Lakers fans, I just take exception to what I see as blanket statement generalization about anyone who dons or coaches the purple and gold. I like to objectively look at the individual and all they’ve done and not wrap it up into a easy quick summary of general ESPN First Take pundit polarization.

          • DJ

            Hate to admit it but I am guilty of that ESPN First Take attitude… now I look at it as Laker fans just wanting the best for our team… in haste to make my point of view blanket statements come out ridiculously when I go back and read what I post…

      • afs

        he needs to put in kelly at the 3, but somehow get him in… And I’m not talking about the fact of him playing specifically, more about the fact that its inconsistent…. he puts in kelly for 10 games, then he’s on the bench for 10.. i wouldn’t be too happy if i were him

        • Daryl Peek

          That’s the whole point of earning your minutes. Nothing to be mad about. If you’re not producing you sit simple and straight. Kelly has been in at the 3 and that is when he faltered most. MDA was forced to use him there at a point in the season due to all of the injuries.

    • Jim213

      • Jim213


    • Jim213

      Too many excuses this year with regards not hustling, playing defense, turnovers, mistake after mistake etc… lack of fundamentals.

      • Daspin

        Defense is suffering because D’Antoni insist on playing defenseless specialist Meeks, Farmar and Gasol. Meeks also hurts the team with his 3 point bricks whose ricochets serve as the opponents outlet pass. Hog cheese point guard Farmar forgets his job is to get the ball to the guys who can actually shoot and attack the rim. Gasol, well he’s old. The Lakers just need a couple stops and baskets to be a playoff team and one elite player to be contenders. The team makeup isn’t as bad as many believe and is hurt from poor coaching more than a few like to believe.

        • Daryl Peek

          Defenseless specialist Meeks who happens to be one of the better defender at getting steals and has been asked to guard PG to over-sized SF like Melo and fared fairly well against them.

          • Daspin

            Meeks fared will against Melo? At what? Checkers?

          • Daryl Peek

            Miss me with the sarcasm. If you’re a true Laker fan you saw the game and what Meeks did when he was asked to check Melo.

        • Jim213

          Guess you believe Marshall is better at D than Farmar? smh Farmar is coming off the bench but not sure both Marshall or Farmar can undoubtedly win the starting role (don’t have enough all around game IMO tho Farmar helps to get the most out of the 2nd unit.

          Farmar is better at getting the overall team involved (ball distribution) than Marshall who’s a great passer. I’ve said Meeks has been off and on thru the season as IMO we’ve seen the best of Pau so don’t expect the Pau of the championship years to return. Those days are over IMO.

  • truth24

    This is the most terrible Lakers team ever!!! These guys are all bench warmers at heart yet laker fans love anyone who joins the team. No fing taste!!!! SMH

  • Lakers Fan

    Yoo I haven’t been able to watch the last couple of Laker games due to my work schedule, but it seems like this Bazemore dude can ball. Honestly, I think he didn’t get the chance to really show what he could do at Golden State due to the lack of playing time. Maybe he could be a steal for us, or maybe he is just a product of D’Antoni’s system. Who knows! But i do like his game, especially since he is a 2-way player. Don’t know if he will remain long term, but he has been playing good ball these last two games.

  • e3bonz

    This is one of those games, where you just comes up short. Hard to pin point what was off, unless someone else saw something I didn’t. League Pass was dropping in and out, missed most of the third and fourth quarters.

    • Jim213

      Missed the entire game mostly. Watched it at the start of the 3rd qtr Lakers down 15+ then towards the end of the game down by 10+. But looks like W Johnson and K Marshall had Bad games as starters. IMO, still need to find the next franchise PG,

      • e3bonz

        5-9 is possible, but I think that’s a best case, a lot of tough games ahead. 4-10 is likely with wins over the Pelicans, Wizards, Magic and Bucks. I was thinking Nuggets too.

        • Lakers Fan

          I wouldn’t be so quick to say they will beat the Pelicans or the Wizards. Those are two good young teams. I wouldn’t be so down on the Magic either. Considering we don’t play defense or rebound, it will be a freeway to the paint plus second chance points.

          • e3bonz

            Wins against these teams is possible, but you’re right not a guarantee. The other teams that month Blazers, Clippers and Spurs (twice) and OKC (twice) is far less likely.

  • The Lakers Tank Commander

    Lakers lost.Record 19-37.Lakers have the 5th pick currently.Screw Celtank.Tank!

    • Jim213

      We’ll drop to 4th tomorrow b/c celts play the jazz.

  • http://www.haveslot.com/ richard

    This is why their is a thing called veterans and grizzled vets, rookies and inexperienced…. we can be disappointed all we want but this team as presently constituted does not have the veteran toughness yet, which can only come through experience and playing hard. Tanking does not help in that regard but creates a losers atmosphere. What I want to see is toughness from the get go, to battle for every possession, execution on both ends of the floor, diving for 50-50 balls… MDA talks about process, and that is the biggest issue here when we are even think about tanking.

  • roseducanna

    Stupid coach,still now he he change starter players.Hill can play PF.Fire coach MDA.

  • DJ

    The hiring of MDA wasn’t on Mitch, Jim or Jeannie… remember this article

    Before the Los Angeles Lakers decided to go with Mike D’Antoni as the new head coach of the team, Dr. Jerry Buss was consulted on the decision while in the hospital. Buss absorbed all the information, and the Phil Jackson possibility, but ultimately decided D’Antoni was the right man for the job.

    Jim Buss spoke with ESPN’s Ramona Shelburne about a number of different topics recently and explained his father’s desire to go with D’Antoni rather than Jackson:

    “We did the coaching search and interviews and fed him all the information,” Buss said. “And he said, ‘This is who I want. D’Antoni’s the man.’ Knowing that in the future we had to rebuild, he felt that Phil was not a guy to rebuild. It’s not fair to him. It was actually more of a respectful thought towards Phil.”

    All indications pointed to the team giving Jackson the cold shoulder as a result of hiring D’Antoni. Despite that seemingly being the case, Buss claims that it was a respectful gesture to Jackson not to hire him over D’Antoni. Buss and company didn’t want Phil to go through the rebuilding process during the post Kobe Bryant era and felt D’Antoni was more suited for that role.

    Apparently, Dr. Buss was for the move and believed D’Antoni was the right man for the job.

    Regardless of the team’s intentions, the hiring of D’Antoni had quite the backlash last season with the fans and media not exactly seeing the logic to the move. Not only were the fans baffled by the move to chose D’Antoni over Jackson, but Dwight Howard wasn’t particularly happy either and that may have led to his departure this summer.

    Only time will tell if hiring D’Antoni was truly the right move for this team with the veteran head coach being put to the test next season and throughout the rest of his time in Los Angeles.

    And let’s remember Jim and Mitch offered Phil the job and it was taken from him, basically, and the hire of MDA was from Dr. Buss the way MDA was hired the way he was without Phil even knowing about it.

    • Jim213

      “Only time will tell if hiring D’Antoni.”

      It’s been over a year and many didn’t see a benefit in him as the team’s HC. He was criticized last season too for the team’s lack of competitiveness. However, the coach didn’t get a full season start with an off season and aside of the team’s current situation ($) FO gave it another go and as we can observe he’s had difficulties in adapting to the roster too.

      A full season and a half has shown that he’s failed to adapt to his rotation while issues still remain in the locker room (tho keep on the down low). See lack of leadership in the coach as the issues that have plagued the team since the start haven’t been resolved which goes for lack of defense,

      TO’s, hustle, and transition offense/defense to name a few. Can’t totally blame him for the team’s condition but everyone which goes for FO! accept the situation given the team’s current stance rather than alter it for the better.

      • DJ

        You know Jim, I think that if MDA used the 4 as a stretch and that 4 can shoot the 3 and put the ball on the floor to create his own shoot like (L. Aldridge, Dirk) the team would be a little better off, my biggest problem is that, every 4 that weve had since MDA been HC, are one dimensional, Kelly is still a rook and may be that type of player, not to the status of the aforementioned but I wish MDA was committed to that type, heck even Ariza type player..

        • Jim213

          A Jamison is probably thinking ‘if I could go back in time.’ Opted to the Clipps believing he’d get playtime and as a result ends up being traded trade cutoff. Could’ve used him this season tho not long term.

  • RB

    Get rid of Mike D’Antoni and hire Byron Scott. No top free agents will sign with the Lakers as long as Mike D’Antoni is the coach. At Byron took two teams to th NBA finals.

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