Game Recap: Lakers Battle, Can’t Keep Up With Pacers

Game Recap: Lakers Battle, Can’t Keep Up With Pacers


The Lakers return home for the first time in two weeks and awaiting them is the team with the NBA’s best record in the Indiana Pacers. The Pacers boast the league’s stingiest defense and Paul George has blossomed into one of the best two-way players in the league.

The Lakers have lost four straight coming into this game and hope to turn things around. This game is the last of a five game road trip for the Pacers. Despite some concerns, both Pau Gasol and Jodie Meeks will start for the Lakers.

First Quarter

David West started the scoring for the teams with an easy three-point play as Ryan Kelly is not strong enough to handle him. Kelly would answer with a nice floater and Wesley Johnson got a nice fast break layup but Lance Stephenson threw down a filthy dunk to give the Pacers a 5-4 lead early. West is bullying the Lakers on the block and tallied seven points in the first six minutes. Harris, Young, and Hill were the first subs in the game for the Lakers, but the offense struggled to get going. George Hill hit a three-pointer and Gasol answered with a shot hook to cut the Pacers lead to three with three minutes left in the quarter. Neither team looked great down the stretch of the quarter and Kendall Marshall missed a layup as time expired as the Lakers trailed 22-19 after one quarter.

Second Quarter

Both teams started slow to begin this quarter, but the Lakers went on a quick 7-2 run thanks to Jodie Meeks to tie the score at 28. The Pacers would respond with a couple of easy baskets but a Johnson three would keep the Pacer lead at only one. The Pacers have dominated the Lakers in the paint, but the Lakers are fighting. A Gasol jump hook gave the Lakers a one point lead midway through the quarter. The teams continued to trade baskets as Gasol and Hill converted baskets for the Lakers while Paul George finally got going for the Pacers. Marshall turned the ball over which led to a Pacers layup, but followed it up with a beautiful drive and dish to Jordan Hill for a layup to end the half with the Lakers and Pacers tied at 49.

Third Quarter

Robert Sacre started the half for the Lakers as Gasol tweaked his groin, but Gasol was back in at the first dead ball. Stephenson got himself a couple of beautiful layups followed by George Hill converting an easy layup and the Pacers quickly gain an eight point lead. Gasol hit back-to-back baskets to cut the Pacer lead to four but he was obviously laboring thanks to his groin injury. Stephenson with a filthy dunk over Gasol followed by a Pacer steal and a great move from George for another dunk and the Pacer lead quickly rose to seven. The Lakers continue to fight to stay in the game as a couple of Nick Young baskets keep the Pacer lead at eight. The Lakers had some terrible possessions in this quarter as their issues in the third quarter continued. A Paul George three-pointer at the buzzer to give the Pacers a 10 point lead after three.

Fourth Quarter

The Pacers got themselves a couple of baskets to start the quarter but the Lakers responded with a run of their own to cut the lead back to seven. Unfortunately the Pacers would respond with nine straight points as they have taken control of the game. Gasol has put together another great performance as he will hit 20 points and 10 rebounds for the fifth consecutive game. The Lakers are struggling to get the stops they need as CJ Watson and Danny Granger continue to knock down shots to keep the Lakers at bay. Ryan Kelly and Kendall Marshall have also played well in the second half and the Lakers cut the Pacer lead to 10 with three minutes left, but they will need a huge run to complete this comeback. They tried but they can’t get it done as the Lakers lose their fifth straight.

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  • Jim213

    Allowing 58 pts in the paint is not an offensive issue as some believe. Another bad 3 pt shooting night (need starters) but can’t do anything about it given that they lack a serious inside game too. Although got out rebounded but the advantage came in second chance opportunities for the Pacers.

    Heard a prominent source say ‘the Lakers need a stimulus package’ lol totally agree. Night in an out keep losing the same way.

    • Daryl Peek

      “Lakers battle but can’t keep up”

      Indy only shot 42% from the field. Defense was not the problem tonight. Offensive rebounds and POOR OFFENSE lost this game PERIOD. If you watched the game you saw a team consistently missing wide open shots in the second half.

      • Jim213

        The Lakers allowing 2nd chance opportunities is a DEFENSIVE problem (we know this). Just watched the 4th qtr. Both teams only made 5 three pointers while shooting over 20+ 3PA. So what does every team do?… take it inside against them on a nightly basis.

        The Pacers also made 5 more shots than the Lakers 99/94. Pretty sure they would’ve done better by nabbing more rebounds and limiting second chance opportunities. The Lakers are 15th overall in scoring with an avg 100.8 PPG. Guess what INDIANA is 20th in scoring pts! WHY ARE THEY #1? DEFENSE! PERIOD! but the stats don’t LIE.

        • Daryl Peek

          I agree on the rebounds as I said offensive boards were a problem. I’m just curious as to why you ignore stuff like that?

          Now as the article said, the Lakers couldn’t keep up. Indy only shot 42% due our D, while not great was not that bad. Given this bad offense was the problem. How many wide open shots did we miss? Our leading scorer Nick Young was awful from the field tonight. Our starting PF, SF were also. Outside of hill we got nothing from the bench. Remember that crew that was once leading the NBA in scoring when we were actually over .500 before Kobe came back and all the injuries?

          Again, we lose most of these games in the third quarter. Why is this? The other team is able to make offensive adjustments at the half meanwhile were playing the best we can offensively & defensively in the first half due to being short handed. There is no adjustments for MDA to make when the D-Leagers are doing their best running on fumes.

          • Jim213

            Been blabbing about needing starters since the 3rd week of season. Injuries aren’t helping but given the season best if the injured players return when at full strength.

          • Daryl Peek

            Agreed on returning when fully healthy.

          • Dragon7s

            “…doing their best running on fumes.”

            It’s not like these guys aren’t gifted athletes but everyone knows that defense takes a monumental amount of energy and when guys get tired, there’s no way they can sustain the energy required to play help D. And in the NBA, the only successful defense is ‘help defense’.

  • Cmon

    We’re getting out rebounded, playing terrible D, and shooting outside shot after outside shot. Wow.

  • The Lakers Tank Commander

    Lakers lost.Record is 16-30.Current draft status pick #6.Tank position #6.Tank!

    • ass

      Oh look. Theres Jim Buss leading the tank and Mike D’Antoni steering it.

    • Jim213

      Kupcake: “what had happened was…”

      • e3bonz

        I see Pau is missing this time..

        • Jim213


      • Jack

        Serena Wintersss lmaoo

      • afs

        It’s not his fault lol .. he has to listen to listen to jim buss or else he’ll be fired haha

  • Lakers Fan

    Well, the Lakers are officially last in the West and should be DEAD last in defensive ratings/effort. Rebounding too. #LotteryBound

    • Jim213

      Guess you have the bobcats next game?

      • Lakers Fan

        It’s hard not to have the Bobcats when you have no faith in yo team winning lol.

  • e3bonz

    I expected a loss with this one, but they kept it close. Fourth quarter fatigue, too many shots didn’t fall.

    • Lakers Fan

      This would have been a blow out if the Pacers hit their freethrows.

      • Daryl Peek

        Agreed but it also could’ve been a Lakers win IF they hit some of those wide open shots they missed.

    • Daryl Peek

      Exactly! But some will say it was bad defense by the team

      • e3bonz

        I wish I could see stats on points in paint by quarter. I’m thinking it got higher as the game wore on.

  • Laker863

    Fire mike D plz

  • Daryl Peek

    Gasol is on straight beast mode lately in doing almost all he can to lead the team. I still wish he’d battle a bit more defensively but his number are off the charts the last five games!

    21 points, 13.4 rebounds, 3.4 assist and 1.8 blocks. He dominated Hibbert tonight. Roy could not stop him from scoring or rebounding. Meeks is right there with Pau on beast mode. We just need more players stepping up to help them. Marshall is doing an excellent job! Everyone else, #Inconsistent

    • NickOld

      I’m hoping his padded stats of late will attract some suitors. I appreciate the work he put in for the Lakers, the 2 rings, but I don’t see him figuring into the future plan. Him and KM for a 1st rounder and a 2nd rounder? I think some middle of the pack teams might consider it with the numbers they’re putting up lately.