Game Recap: Lakers Battle, But Lose In Final Minute To Cavs

Game Recap: Lakers Battle, But Lose In Final Minute To Cavs



The Lakers are back home to face the Cleveland Cavaliers in a game between two of the worsts teams in the NBA. The Lakers are coming of an embarrassing loss to the Los Angeles Clippers and are looking to get back on track with a win against the struggling Cavs. Pau Gasol was a game time decision and was able to suit up, but it looks like Xavier Henry will be out at least one more week.

First Quarter

The Lakers started the game with too many turnovers and gave the early lead to the Cavs. Cleveland was able to maintain its lead by aggressively attacking the glass and getting second chance opportunities. The newly acquired Luol Deng led the Cavs with nine points, three rebounds, and two assists. Gasol and Nick Young chipped in with six points each, but the Lakers were down 28-23 at the end of the first.

Second Quarter

The Lakers came out in the second quarter and hit some tough outside shots to keep the deficit close. The combination of Jodie Meeks and Young gave the Lakers a 9-0 run and the Lakers took the lead for the first time in the second quarter, 41-38. The Cavs were led by Deng and Anderson Varejao, who combined for 21 points and 10 rebounds. Young and Meeks scored a combined 34 points and the Lakers took a 63-57 lead into halftime. After only scoring 23 points in the first quarter, the Lakers exploded for 40 points and shot 13 for 17.

Third Quarter

The Lakers came out a bit flat in the third quarter and quickly relinquished the lead. The Cavs completely dominated the offensive glass. At one point, the Lakers were down by double digits, but were able to get it back to single digits by the end of the quarter. At the end of the third, Varejao controlled the paint and had 16 points and 15 rebounds. Meeks led the way with 23 and Young was not far behind with 19, but the Lakers closed the third trailing 88-85.

Fourth Quarter

More of the same in the fourth quarter for the Lakers. They continued to struggle defending the glass and the Lakers gave the game away to one of the worst teams in the NBA. The Cavs got hot beyond the arc and used a 12-0 run to grab an eight point lead midway through the fourth. The game started to get out of hand as it winded down and could not cut the Cavs lead. In the final minutes of the game, Lakers made a run and cut the deficit to three points. Unfortunately, Young could not convert on a wide-open opportunity.

VIDEO: Jordan Hill After Lakers Vs. Cavs

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  • pancakes

    With D’Antoni’s system, it’s live or die by the outside shot. When we made shots tonight, we went on big runs. When we were cold, we absolutely sucked. C’mon D’Antoni, throw it more inside then kick out or dish out. Don’t just jack up shots early in the shot clock. Oh well, I guess thats the way it is. Also, once again, really really poor defense. What can I say, we lost to the Cavs at home.

  • e3bonz

    Box out your man out on the boards and you’ll get rebounds, you don’t and it’s 16 offensive second chances for the Cavs.

  • Lakers Fan

    This team sucks, and it will only get worse. I just don’t understand how it’s the little things that hurts the Lakers every game, and yet they still don’t fix the issue. Hustle. That’s all they have to do! That’s the reason they suck right now. They get out hustled every game, and it seems as though the issue hasn’t been addressed. Oh well. This will only ensure we have a top 5 draft pick when this horrendous season is over.

  • LakersHeatBeef

    Lakers are losing winnable games because of bad defense and bad rebounding.Kendall Marshall,Nick Young,Jodie Meeks play like they are some of the best young players in the NBA and they still lose every game just about.Defense is a major issue that the teams needs to fix by the summer time.

    • Jim213

      They basically need some bangers inside @ the 5 aside of a PF. Kelly’s a rookie so it’ll take time for him to improve even for a bench player. At this rate don’t see them winning over 30 games which at best would be around 40-42.

  • Phil Jackson

    I simply don’t think this team is motivated to play. I think Phil could change that. haha

  • The Lakers Tank Commander

    Lakers lost and have the 7th pick.Up 2 spots from last game.Record 14-24.Tank.

  • Daryl Peek

    How does an NBA team shoot 77% from the three point line? Especially one that’s not a good three point shooting team in the first place?!? The Cavs average 95 points a game on the season. They hung 120 on us tonight? This mess is beyond embarrassing!

    Every team that sees the Lakers on their schedule is happy as hell because they already know they are gonna get all time highs individually and as a team against us. No fight no pride. WOW just WOW…

    • fantasyboy

      Sad to say but for fantasy basketball when I pick up players for waiver wire I check to see if they are playing against the Lakers cause I know they will get good stats cause Lakers got no D

  • The Little General

    Must be nice for the Lakers to have a promise for Andrew Wiggins and Andrew Wiggins has promised them right back.Lakers and Andrew Wiggins are a marriage.Go figure you lose Kobe Bryant and replace him with Andrew Wiggins.If all goes to plan that is what will happen.Tanking for Wiggins never was truer.

    • Terrence

      The ESPN draft predictions keep saying the Lakers will take Embiid. Wiggins and Embiid are both raw, but Embiid’s already showing some polish to his game and he’s a 7 footer. They’re both intriguing and with Marshall and Farmar looking like the Lakers try to keep them long term, Jabari doesn’t seem to fit the teams needs.

      • Jim213

        Other draft mock ups have the Bucks taking Embiid at #1. Watching many of the top 10 potential picks IMO Embiid, Gordon, Exum, Smart, and Wiggins may end up having more success (long term). Embiid needs to grow on both sides of the floor as he needs to learn how to utilize his body inside given he has trouble posting up and battling inside.

        Aaron Gordon reminds of Blake Griffin as he needs to evolve his shooting too but the potential is there. Dante Exum reminds me of a young athletic rookie Kobe. Aside of knowing his strengths and weaknesses he knows the areas of where he needs to improve while having a certain demeanor.

        He needs to improve his shooting aside of developing the ability to finish inside while driving to the paint. Another issue is that he’s an overseas player (Australian) thus there’s a lack of competitiveness he’ll need to meet and challenge head on aside of playing less of a Derek Rose style given that many believe he’ll eventually become a true SG (6″6) aside of his athleticism.

        Marcus Smart IMO seems like the most mentally prepared out of the top 10. Although, being aggressive he needs to develop his shooting. But a PG should be the last option for the Lakers in the draft IMO given the league is full of many suitable candidates.

        IMO, the 4, or 5 position(s) need to be addressed come draft time but best to go with the best potential prospect for the long term success of the brand. Julius Randle reminds me of Zach Randolph and though lacking athleticism he still gets his thing done.

        • richard

          As a draft rule… “teams should always go for a player with the biggest upside, regardless of position.” that being said, who do you think are the 5 players that has the biggest upside among the top prospects of this years draft?

          • Jim213

            Embiid, Gordon, Exum, Smart, and Wiggins. IMO, the player that may experience the most success AT THE START is Marcus Smart with Gordon following up. They just look more polished for the NBA as the other 3 players will require more time to grow though seem to have more upside.

          • richard

            thanks Jim… in your opinion, will you go for a more polish and NBA ready as oppose to getting the player with the highest potential?

            IMO, I will always go for the highest potential regardless of position.

  • The Little General


    • Terrence

      There’s just no improvement. Sure the team’s bad with half their roster out, but the TO’s and rebounding aren’t improving. Those are things that no matter if you have a good or bad team, you can have some control over. It’s on the coach to adjust and have the team practice to manage those and MDA’s just not doing it.

      • Daryl Peek

        Coach is not on the court. Coach can practice it preach it do his best to teach it, ETC… but its up to the players to go out and execute it. Rambis is on the coaching staff. I’ve watched Mad Dog Madsen work with the big’s on the boards in practice. Something is just missing in game time and that’s not on coaching…


          …First and foremost: Rim protection and rebounding, near or around the rim, is what is glaringly missing… Careless TO’s and weak/sloppy execution leading to TO’s, particularly in the post, is the other… That is clearly on certain players and how they approach the game.

          • richard

            agree… I was watching the game up till the end of the 3rd quarter…. and man, they just got owned again on the glass… I was pissed at Pau specifically for failing to boxing out and not grabbing the rebounds on numerous occasions… instead he just keep tapping the ball in the air. I second your opinion, this is no way a coach’s problem… there is something going on with this team that we don’t know about.

          • Daryl Peek

            Effort in competing on each possession. You hear it from them in the post game interviews. They all give the same game by game recycled answers to the problems but never put their words into action on game day? On the court leadership is the glaring issue. Someone has to lead by example and that someone is Gasol. He can’t do it all but if it starts with him others will follow IMO.

        • Dragon7s

          I’m surprised no one has mentioned Nick’s off-balance 3pt shot with 9 seconds on the clock while well covered.
          I wonder if the shot being taken that soon was by design (make a 3 to tie, foul TT and try to win it with 4 or 5 seconds on the clock) or did Nick try to play hero and take the shot too soon?

  • Tar Heels Thriller

    Kendall Marshall had 10 points and 16 assists tonight and his rival Kyrie Irving had 13 points and 4 assists.North Carolina beat Duke in the Point Guard matchup but the final score was on the wrong end for the Lakers.Kendall Marshall shutdown the hated Duke rival tonight.Kendall outplayed Kyrie Irving badly and Kendall has played great in the NBA and so has Kyrie Irving tbh.Both players play hard and have different styles as with Kendall Marshall he is more of a true Point Guard a pass first Point Guard and Kyrie Irving is a scoring Point Guard and he looks for his offense and both are still improving their overall game.Fun to watch them go head to head tonight.Go Tar Heels.

    • C*HarrisTHEboss

      Too bad he’ll be gone next year – dude can’t shoot or play defense

      • Tar Heels Thriller

        LOL yeah the Lakers whole team can’t play defense,mainly the big men are out of position on defense.

        Kendall has shutdown Trey Burke and Kyrie Irving this season.Kendall Marshall is only 22 years old and he will get much better on defense and for this season with the Lakers Kendall Marshall is shooting 46.9% FG% in his and 44.7 3 Point FG% and 85.7 FT% that is way better shooting percentages than most starting Point Guards he has improved a lot on his shooting man.

        So he will be on the team guaranteed next season IMO.But it’s cool you wanna say otherwise at least check out the stats before you talk about someone on the Lakers or for that matter ask if you don’t know.And that is why i had to state the facts from the ESPN stats central.Enjoy looking his stats up anyone who wants to confirm.

        • C*HarrisTHEboss

          Stats don’t translate to winning – and most of his numbers come in garbage time

          • Daryl Peek

            I agree with you on much of Marshall’s decencies but it’s kinda unfair to judge him based off the sample size with us. He’s absolutely overachieving as a Laker so far… that speaks volumes simply because were God awful this season.

            Marshall does miss shots in big moments and is a liability because he’s often afraid to take said shots at crucial times when the defense is daring him to shoot.

            I give him credit because he does show leadership skills and an ability to run a team he barely knows. Hard for me to make a judgement on his defensive prowess because we are so bad as a team in that area.

            Overall I’m pleased with his performance simply because he plays with heart. In better circumstances MDA might possibly be able to groom this kid into a solid player. His jump shot will have him out of the NBA if he does not improve. One player I compare him to is Rondo. Rajon is still a bad shooter but is absolutely dynamic everywhere else. Marshall has the passing skills of Rondo but no where near the other dynamics. In this NBA scoring PG’s are becoming the benchmark.

          • C*HarrisTHEboss

            Very well put. He definitely has exceeded expectations no doubt. He does show leadership skills on the floor – but i still question the collective chemistry between him and the other ball handlers – nick and jodie – it seems sometimes they get frustrated and don’t really know who is going to handle the ball in big moments. And when KM is trying to direct traffic – given he doesn’t have personal relationships with the guys. The one thing Rondo does that he doesn’t is drive to the cup with authority. I just wish he would get to the free throw line a couple more times a night. That wouldn’t make him so predictable. And it is unfair to put his D down that much – considering everyone is laying an egg there.

          • Daryl Peek

            Unfortunately he does not seem to have the athletic ability of a Rondo to get to the rack like he does consistently. He has the b-ball IQ to get it done like Nash but without the threat of a jump shot the defense can easily take the lane away from him.

            This is why I say he’s got to improve his jumper. Marshall has some of the tools to be really good but the combinations he has don’t mesh into what can lead to success on this level of basketball.

          • C*HarrisTHEboss

            Thats what im sayin – i just don’t see a composition of skills that lead to starpower. His jumper is really flat – he would have to retool his entire shot.

      • Big Black

        How can you think Kendall Marshall is the problem?Man this kid is a god send to the Lakers franchise homie.I am a Spurs fan and man i love watching Kendall Marshall play he is a throwback Point Guard.Shit you don’t want him on you’re team buddy then send him to my Spurs lol and we will have Tony Parker mentor him.C’mon man the kid Kendall Marshall is leading the god damn NBA in assists right now.And the dude Kendall Marshall is shooting the basketball much better than most guards in the NBA.

        The stats are exactly perfect so far,how can you hate on your own young player that is playing his heart out and putting up crazy numbers?Haters like you are a dime a dozen cuz.You on that HATORADE lol.C’mon now you just proved how stupid your comment is dawg.You must be a Clippers fan trolling lol ha ha ha.

        • C*HarrisTHEboss

          Did i say he was the problem? I made an observation and you go running your mouth. And if you haven’t noticed – numbers don’t translate to winning and most of his stats come in garbage time. Which is why nobody else wanted him. He’s fine on a shitty team like us this year – but he’s hardly an ingredient on a Championship caliber squad. The dude never gets to the FT line and misses timely shots all day. I would talk about how basic you sound with your ebonics but that would be stating the obvious.

          • Big Black

            You sound like a racist idiot.Go fuck your mom inbred.

          • C*HarrisTHEboss

            Not really. You just sound like you haven’t completed high school. How can anybody take you seriously?

      • Suns Fan Suns Man

        Actually Kendall Marshall is shooting much better this season and his defense is improving from his days as a Suns player.Us Suns fans would love to have him back in the future.But the Lakers got him and he is doing great for the Lakers.But you are wrong he will be back on the Lakers.They would be idiots to let him go ever.

  • Suns Fan Suns Man

    Man Nick Young and Jodie Meeks were scorching the net tonight.Kendall finds em.

  • MDA Quit In NY

    The only reason the Lakers suck is because Phil Jackson is boning the sister of Jim Buss.Otherwise Phil Jackson would have been rehired long ago.Screwy stuff.

  • OP_Albania

    I am rejoicing for every Laker defeat this season. This season is lost, just go for as many balls at the lottery. They need to lose, all good in the future could depend on it…

  • LakersHeatBeef

    Jack told Potato head Mike Clown Brown to get out of his way last night.

    There are few celebrity NBA fans more known that actor Jack Nicholson and during last night’s Cleveland Cavaliers/Los Angeles Lakers game, he was not too pleased with former Lakers head man/current Cavs head coach Mike Brown.

    With time running down in the second quarter of play, Brown can be seen obstructing Jack’s view for a quick second.

    Yes Jack ushers Mike to move out of the way: